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Default Be Aware of Tom Deckard

good read as prep to article below:



Be Aware of Tom Deckard

Be aware of someone who says they can predict with 100% accuracy.

If someone is 100% accurate that might mean they know the plan.

In Christian mythology they (want to) believe that a prophet must be 100% accurate, their criteria spelled out here:


But the future is indeterminate, so at best any predictor can do is assess probabilities that seem likely and then make enough predictions so that if 50% of the predictions with 80% probability come true, the predictor has .80 x .50 x100% = 40% accurate.

That's how I do it, I know there is no fixed outcome because we are creating our own reality and what we experience is simply the result of the choices we make.

So be aware of Tom Deckard the Jew turned Christian, he has Jewish blood and will always behave like a Jew.

There are two possibilities for his good "luck":

1. he is being told what to say by Israeli intelligence or Jewish insiders
2. he is psychically aware of the Jewish plan because he has tapped into the Jewish power elite morphogenic field or is being remote influenced

Many people know that America is being destroyed from the inside by the Jews. So is it surprising in order to dupe the Christian goy, an authoritarian Jew turned Christian prophet is getting the sheep to sit idle during the destruction of their own country?

1. do nothing the Bible says so
2. obey the authorities (Jews) that "god" has placed over you
3. America will be destroyed by a divine plan so do not resist
4. if you resist you are against god

If enough Americans wake up to their own destruction by Jews then the Jews could be stopped. This is why the Jews must actively engage the goy even now even though they have 100% control of American executive, the Congress, the courts and the media.

1. over 100 Holocaust centers
2. tax free status for Christian religion that preaches Jew memes.
3. corruption of Evangelical memes to Old Testament Torah memes.

Prophet Tom Deckard is predicted that his "god" is going to destroy America:

"There will be "dirty bombs" used here in America. In the end this nation will receive a nuclear attack that will destroy thousands upon thousands of lives."

If Tom Deckard was honest, he would tell you that Jewish operatives were going to set off dirty bombs in America, but Jewish Deckard is not honest, he is a fraud, a Jew masquerading as Christian prophet leading the sheep astray.

10 Jan 2010
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What about Bro Kapner?


BTW never heard of Tom Deckard


Watched the vid

Would not trust him as far as I could throw a black hole

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Default Brother Nathanael Kapner

Brother Nathanael Kapner who edits http://www.realzionistnews.com/ seems to be 100% legit.

He says the word Jew just as much as Zionist. He boldly outed Alex Jones Jewish connections, that's brave

Alex Jones says the conspiracy is an "offshore cartel". whatever that is and it doesn't seem to be offshore but in DC and NYC

Jeff Rense blasts Zionism nearly every radio show yet defend Judaism. I don't think practicing some old religion centered on hate of rival tribes is something worth preserving. I question the menorah as a phallus symbol, see http://menorahphallusworship.blogspot.com/

David Icke is coming around and zeroing in on Zionism as the primal force behind all this evil on the planet. He hasn't deleted my posts on this site.

I listen to Jones, Rense and Icke all of the time and I like what they have to say, all three seem to have very good positive energy. When I hear Bush, Cheney or any neocon or Obama's Rahm Emmanuel my skin crawls.
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