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Post Puppet Masters - The Papal bloodlines / The Jesuit

Puppet Masters - The Papal bloodlines / The Jesuit Order / Vatican & Rome

This video is really just a ramble, in the hope that the viewers will look into the information presented here.

I'm a little frustrated with the outcome of this video. Initially the background to this video was supposed to be of the sky in time-lapse and filtered red to give the video a more professional appearance.
But every time I tried to render the video like that my software wouldnt allow it. So, I eventually just gave up trying and accepted the video as you now see it.
So, I apologise for the way this video looks.
-- -

"Why would the Jesuits use their implacable enemy, the Jews, to further their designs for world dominion? The Jesuits never do anything out in the open where they can be exposed. If they are recognized as the culprits, they will be blamed and suffer the consequences, but if they can use someone else as the cause of the worlds problems, especially an enemy they can destroy in the process, then they have simultaneously accomplished two of their objectives. The Jewish people are the perfect scapegoat. Since the Rothschilds are Jesuit agents operating under a Jewish cover, using them [i.e., the Rothschilds] in forming the Illuminati back in 1776 effectively throws the onus of this conspiracy on the Jews. The Rothschilds are certainly not the only Jesuit agents that operate under a Jewish front."

- The following sources [Ed. Note: Bill Hughes lists a number of books in later paragraphs] indicate that [Jesuit] Adam Weishaupt and the Rothschilds were the brains and the wealth behind the French Revolution.
~ Bill Hughes (From his book The Enemy Unmasked)
- - - - - - -




Please research these families:

-The Farnese family
-The Aldobrandini family
-The Orsini/Maximus family
-The Breakspear family
-The Medici family
-The Borgia family
-The Somaglia family
-The Este Estence family
-The Colonnia family
-The Pallavicini family

Other Powerful Roman families


The pallavicini bloodline


Chris Whites YouTube channel = http://www.youtube.com/user/Knowwheretorun1984
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