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Default VeriChip-Google-Microsoft Connection!

1) VeriChip hit the market with an implantable chip that was aimed at helping people track their pets in case their pets were lost.

2) VeriChip then turned their ad campaign towards the benefits of human's receiving implanted chips that would contain people's medical history and their health records.

3) VeriChip buys out a company called Steel Vault, which specializes in identity theft security. This means that VeriChip now owns all of Steel Vault's clients, who never signed up for any type of health or medical information service - and vice versa with VeriChip's clients. (In reality, VeriChip has bought out several companies whose clients had no interest in subscribing to VeriChip's services.)

VeriChip announces the completion of Steel Vault acquisition

11. November 2009 00:29

VeriChip Corporation (NASDAQ:CHIP) ("VeriChip"), a provider of radio frequency identification (RFID) systems for healthcare and patient-related needs, and Steel Vault Corporation (OTCBB:SVUL) ("Steel Vault"), a premier provider of identity security products and services, announced today that VeriChip has completed its acquisition of Steel Vault to provide unique health and security identification tools to protect consumers and businesses. In conjunction with the merger, VeriChip has changed its name to PositiveID ("PositiveID" or the "Company").


4) VeriChip has now changed its name to PositiveID. Identical company, with a different name. Maybe the word "chip" in the company name wasn't helping their cause?



At the PositiveID website, notice how the sales pitch has now changed to "health" AND "security identification tools". This was the benefit of buying out Steel Vault.

VeriChip/PositiveID recently gave a presentation to their investors at the Rodman & Renshaw Annual Global Investment Conference, regarding VeriChip's purchase of Steel Vault:


And here it is. A tidy graph that was included in their presentation called, "Patient-Centric Personal Health Record."

Notice who's in charge of the "Central Repository", where all your personal information will be stored:

Google Health and Microsoft Health Vault.

But now remember, VeriChip/PositiveID has recently purchased Steel Vault, a security company. So this graph still doesn't show their full intentions. Here's another snippet from their presention - "PositiveID Advantages":

-Cross marketing opportunities: cross-sell the NationalCreditReport.com customer* base the Health Link personal health record and vice-versa.

-Expanded product offering - creates "stickiness"; increases life-time value of customers.

-Differentiates PositiveID in the identity security market place as the company that also secures your health and personal information.

-Differentiates PositiveID as the only personal health record that offers identity theft protection.


And here's a promo video from Google Health. They list all the so-called benefits of signing up with Google Health; they tell you only you will be in control of your personal information; etc. But they never say one word about Google working in co-operation with VeriChip and Microsoft.

Also, notice how he says that when you sign up with Google Health, you don't have to give any personal information like first and last name; address; etc. But now look at the graph again. What good would it do for employers, doctors, hospitals, insurers and the government to have access to your personal records if they can't tell which people the records belong to?

*A company called NationalCreditReport.com is mentioned in VeriChip's presentation (above). NCR is a company that Steel Vault had purchased. And now, since VeriChip owns Steel Vault, then they also own NCR as well, inlcuding NCR's client base.

Acts 2:38

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