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Default Two people drop dead in sweden after swine flu sho

Two people drop dead in sweden after swine flu shot: Tip of the iceberg

two people have dropped dead in sweden after taking the „swine flu“ vaccine, the swedish newspaper aftonbladet reported yesterday.

Gunillla sjolin-forsberg from the sweden’s medical product’s agency (läkemedelsverket) said that a man in his fifties died 12 hours after receiving the pandemrix „swine flu“ shot, which is made by glaxosmithkline.

A 65-year-old women died two days after receiving the „swine flu“ jab, according to aftonbladet.

The deaths were reported within days of the launch of the country’s mass „swine flu“ vaccination programme.

Glaxosmithkline’s pandemrix vaccine, which contains the adjuvant squalene, is classified as bioweapon by eu and us regulators according to a biopharma databas.

According to the swedish newspaper expressen, 190 nurses reported suffering serious side effects after receiving the „swine flu“ shot. Side effects reported include extreme pain in the arm at the point of injection, an inability to sleep after injection; profuse and continuous nausea and vomiting; falling blood pressure, severe headaches, fainting, fevers, muscle aches.

A swedish nurse who took the shot wednesday a week ago told expressen:. "my whole body was shaking. It was so bad i couldn’t even hold a glass of water in my hand.”

another nurse, jennaly, could hardly walk five meters after being sick following the “swine flu” vaccination. She was completely health before taking the shot but the following day she had a fever of 39 degrees.

“i could hardly go five meters to the bathroom,” she said.

The fever lasted three days. Many of her colleagues who took the jab suffered from similar side effects.

“i know of at least ten who got fever. We are 80 people where i work.”

rebecka andersson, the first person in sweden to be vaccinated, said she got a fever and felt sick.

„i lost all my strength,“ she said. „i am never sick so it was the vaccine in my case.

Her classmates were vaccinated at the same time. Five of the 19 became sick through the „swine flu“ jab.

Sjolin-forsberg said in a phone interview with theflucase today, friday, that the agency had officially received only100 reports from doctors and another 100 from patients so far about side effects, but she admitted that the agency’s data on side effects were not up to date and collected on a weekly basis and that the agency relied on „spontaneous“ reports.

Six of these reports were classified by the agency as serious, she said. Among this group were people who were hospitalised as a result of allergic reactions to the jab.

She indicated that the "swine flu" jab was not responsible for the death of the man in his fifties but that heart disease was.

However, the jab was targetted at sick people on the grounds that it is supposed to help people not kill them.

There is no clinical data on the impact of the jab on pregnant women and children even though these are also target groups.

It is not clear how many people in sweden have received the swine flu jab so far.

Sjolin-forsberg said that 500,000 doses of the vaccine had been delivered, but that the agency had no data on how many "swine flu" shots had actually been administered.

The swedish infectious disease control agency, smi, responsible for collecting the data of vaccinations said that their system for tracking vaccinations, svelak, covered only some hospitals, and there was, therefore, no system in place for collecting comprehensive data.

The smi press spokesperson aase sten could not be reached by phone at the time of writing this report.

Pandemrix, like all other swine flu jabs, has been given approval by the emea under special emergency pandemic regulations that do not require the drug to be tested for „safety and efficacy“ before it is administered as long as studies are carried out after it is administered.

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Originally Posted by always_rebel View Post
Two people drop dead in sweden after swine flu shot: Tip of the iceberg


Great post. I couldn't find this information on the so called mainstream 'news'.

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Must stifle this report!

Cannot let it get out to the public!

...too late.

God, this whole swine flu thing is the biggest fiasco for them. It's hilarious...

although people dying is not hilarious.
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3 now
The truth will out.
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Ah well

This is what happens when you kill defenseless Bunnies.

Next on the list KBR...then Blackwater
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