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Default Chalice Well & St. Michaels Ley Line

Peace peoples
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Lovely video clip !

I went there a few years ago and the place is truly amazing. No other place quite like it. Watching that clip makes me want to go back again.

I love the commentator's "comment" about Mother Earth starting off as a soul. Very inspiring.

On the subject of Glastonbury, I remember reading something many years ago about a "stale cave" in the vicinity of the Tor which had been deliberately blocked off by the druids as the energy inside was rotten. Can't seem to find the article again, despite quite a few random searches on the 'net.

Anyone heard the same story by any chance ?

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I managed to find this quote..

There are stories about secret tunnels radiating in many directions from the Abbey, one of which links directly with the Tor. The limestone in the White Spring is geological evidence of tunnels under the Tor. Some of the Abbey’s assets may have found their way into these tunnels, and may even still be there. Legends say that when the secret treasure is found again, it will herald a new age of peace and happiness. This treasure may not be the old booty from the Abbey though.

There are stories about monks who found these tunnels, but were 'insane' or 'unable to speak' when they returned. Maybe something in the experience unhinged their sheltered monastic minds. Maybe their accounts sounded so weird they were dismissed as mad. Or maybe destroying their credibility by calling them mad was a wily ploy to keep certain things quiet. The tunnels under the Abbey and the Tor may still hold forbidden secrets no one knows to this day – or speaks about.

From Starr, a practising Druid who has contacted us:

"The historical story, from a very old source, 17th century, says of a large tunnel leading into the Tor which had a large cave in it, with two pools of natural spring water that flowed underground to the Chalice Well. It is said the cave was part of a druidic initiation, a journey into the dark and the inner self. There were also steps leading down from the top into the cave, which was rediscovered, then promptly covered up (for reasons unknown).

"As for the cave under the Tor, it was bricked up by the local water board and [only re-opened recently – now the 'White Spring'.] A local who was very interested in the history of the site relayed to me that in the 60s his dad was part of a project to hollow out the Tor further and place a water tower inside, to harness the natural spring, thereby hiding a potential eyesore, though ruining the cave and profiting at the same time. This same person showed me one of the mentioned tunnels which still lead into the Abbey from outside of town. The bit I walked was, or at least seemed to be, several hundred yards."
It cam from here http://www.glastonburytor.org.uk/mysterytor.html

Surely if the water board were involved there should be more substantial records somewhere ?
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i love it mate,gone mad for holy wells at the moment.The balancing power of the creator,the holy mother and father,goddess.Call it what you like,everyone should adopt a local holy well and reinvigorate it.The secrets of all these places are nearly all gone thanks to the industrial revolution but from small beginnings we can learn it all again over many years,all holy wells should have a guardian that can interact with the spirits coming from it.
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The Chalice Well is an amazing place, it's almost as if time stands still when you are inside the gardens, so peaceful & calming. I love it there & had an urge to go back again now I've seen the vid.

Also interesting to read about the tunnels at the Tor. Thank you both for sharing
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The Chalice well was made by Frederick Bligh Bond who wrote THIS.
“This is the secret of secrets, denied again
and again! And yet the charge remains. For plague,
cholera and all epidemics can be let loose on the world
at a word from the Hidden Masters!”

Edith Starr Miller - Occult Theocrasy 1933

Cromlech of Rennes
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I was at the Chalice Wells gardens for Samhain this year, and it was a beautiful experience. I can totally agree with you about the sentiment of time standing still - the only thing that shows time passing there is the gradual disappearance of sunlight.
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