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Default Reptilian Bloodlines

The Illuminati (In this time period, they refer to themselves as The Moriah, The Brotherhood, or via TV shows like the X-Files - The "Shadow Government"), invisible to the general public, yet controlling every aspect of the direction of this world, are Genetic Hybrids - the result of inter-breeding between a hostile reptilian extraterrestrial race and humanity thousands of years ago.

Their center of power is not located in the third dimension. It is in the lower fourth dimension (or lower astral plane). It has traditionally been the home of the demons of folklore. This center of power is also more commonly referred to as "Lucifer".

Ancient Mormon manuscripts define that while Lucifer and Jesus have been portrayed throughout the bloody history of this world as being "adversaries", they are in actuality *Brothers* from the SAME family, who have been battling for ultimate control of this planet, long before recorded "biblical" historical accounts began.
Their longstanding struggle for domination will ultimately result in the familiar Armageddon (the place where the final battle will be fought between the forces of good and evil) battle, or Apocalypse (which translated means "the lifting of the veil - a cataclysm in which the forces of good permanently triumph over the forces of evil.") on or close to 2012.
There is much more support to back the assertion that Jesus and Satan are brothers, both sons of the Most High God, and both sat next to his throne in Heaven, on the right and left sides respectively, prior to Satan's rebellion and the 'War in Heaven'.

The Book of Enoch as well as other ancient texts dating back to the Atlantean culture attest to this fact. It makes sense that Satan should be a direct son of God, since he is described as God's "Most Beloved Angel", and "The Brightest Star in Heaven." The Book of Enoch refers to the Watchers, or Nephilim, as "stars," with various "watchtowers" in the houses of the Zodiac, since the ancients saw the sky above as a giant "Sea," the waters of which were kept at bay by the "Firmament of Heaven" - that is, until the Flood.

Grasping this long concealed fact is consoling in a strange way, as it serves to logically explain the current condition of this world - the pain and suffering that one evil being perpetrates - while the other equally as evil being idly stands by and allows all of the pain, suffering, and devastation to occur ad infinitum.

These fourth-dimensional reptilian parasites work through specific hybrid bloodlines, because they have a vibrational compatibility with those specific souls, which they have established and have been cultivating (actually 'harvesting') for thousands of years. That is why the European Royal and Aristocratic families have inter-bred so obsessively, as have the so-called "Eastern Establishment" families of the U.S., which produce the future leaders of America.

As well as an obsession with inter-breeding to preserve their genetic structure, the illuminati are also obsessed with symbolism and ritual. Conventional science has documented that the reptilian part of the human brain (the R-complex) is the source of the following traits: obsession with ritual, cold-blooded behavior, territorialism ("this belongs to me") a belief in top-down hierarchical structures. This sums up the illuminati mentality perfectly. If you have more of the R-complex, or if it is activated more than normal, you will manifest these traits far more profoundly.

But their ritual is not merely for ceremonial purposes or gratuitous horror. Their rituals are designed to "rewire the energy fields and grids of the planet" to fundamentally affect human consciousness. The rituals these bloodlines have performed in the ancient world are the same as the rituals they perform now. They have a detailed annual calendar of events on which they perform their sacrificial rituals, which fall in line with key lunar, solar, and planetary cycles, to harness that energy for their sick agenda to take complete control of Planet Earth in the near future.

All over the planet, you find the ancient legends and accounts of "gods" from another world, who interbred with humanity to create a hybrid network of bloodlines. The Old Testament, for example, talks about the "Sons of God" who interbred with the daughters of men to create the hybrid race, the Nephilim. Before it was translated into English, that passage read "the sons of the gods", as in *plural*.

The Sumerian clay tablets, found in the middle of the 19th century in what we now call Iraq, tell a similar story. It is estimated they were buried around 2,000 BC, but the stories they tell go back long before that. The tablets talk of a race of "gods" from another world who brought advanced knowledge to the planet and interbred with humans to create hybrid bloodlines. These "gods" are called in the tablets, the "Anunnaki", which apparently translates as "those who from heaven to earth came."

The ancient accounts tell us that these hybrid bloodlines, the fusion of the genes of selected humans with those of the "gods", were put into the positions of ruling royal power, especially in the ancient Near and Middle East, in advanced cultures like Sumer, Babylon, and Egypt. But it happened elsewhere, as you will find, in the information provided by the African Zulu shaman, Credo Mutwa. He tells the same story from the black African tradition.

The accounts of the "serpent race" in ancient cultures are simply endless wherever you look and the serpent/reptilian symbolism in relation to the Anunnaki and other versions of these "gods", is equally widespread. We see this in the Bible, with the serpent in the "Garden of Eden" - a story which clearly comes from the Sumerian accounts, as does the story of Moses in the bulrushes, a story told about a Sumerian king long before the Bible.

From these bloodlines came the origin of the "divine right of kings" - the belief that only certain bloodlines have the "god-given right" to rule others. In truth, this is not "divine", nor is it representative of God. It is, however, the reptilians demented and self-imposed authority to rule by their reptilian "gods" - using your hybrid genetics!

These bloodlines later became the royal and aristocratic families of Europe and, thanks to the "Great" British Empire and the other European empires, they were exported to the Americas, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and into the Far East, where they connected with other reptilian hybrid bloodlines, like those, most obviously, in China, where the symbolism of the dragon is the basis of their culture. These reptilian-human hybrid lines became the political and economic rulers of the lands occupied by the European empires. They continue to rule these countries to this day.

The United States has been home to hundreds
of millions of people since 1776 and they have
come from an amazingly diverse genetic pool.
Despite this fact, the 43 who became president
are ALL related! This is no mere coincidence.

33 of the 43 presidents can be traced to King
Charlemagne - monarch of what is now called
France. He is a major figure in the Lizard gene
of these bloodlines, and their expansion out of
Great Britain and Europe to the United States.

19 presidents are directly related to England's
Edward III, also of the 'Lizard Gene' bloodline.

Burkes Peerage (a genealogy guide in London)
has proof that every presidential election since
and including George Washington in 1789, has
been won by the candidate with the most royal
genes. Now you can understand how and why.

U.S. Presidents are not chosen by public ballot.
They're chosen by their Lizard gene bloodline!

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The Rothschilds, Rockefellers, the British Royal Family, and the ruling political and economic families of the US and the rest of the world come from these SAME bloodlines. This is why the so-called Eastern Establishment families of the United States interbreed with each other as obsessively as the European royal and "noble" families have always done. And similar families across the world. It is not because of snobbery. It is to hold on to their genetic structure as best as they can -- the reptilian-mammalian DNA combination which allows them to "shape-shift".

"Shape-shifting" is the phenomena in which witnesses have reported seeing people (most often those in positions of power), transform before their eyes, from a human form to a reptilian one and then back again. Once again, ancient and modern accounts support each other. The ancient gods of the Indus Valley, the Nagas, were said to have been able to take on either human or reptilian form.

Former president George H. W. Bush is mentioned more than anyone else regarding eye-witness accounts of Shape-Shifting.

Al Gore, his Democratic opponent in the actual one-party political system, is also from this reptilian bloodline. Look at anyone who is in an important position of 'significant' power in the United States and throughout the world and you will be able to identify the same reptilian bloodline connection, the extent of which is incalculable. The reptilian symbolism you see around you, such as gargoyles, in coats of arms, in advertising, and so on, is all part of this vile reptilian lineage.


Read for your SELF.

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