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Default NASA’s Spirit Rover finds skulls on Mars


A man like skull has been discovered in one of the pictures taken by NASA’s Spirit Rover on the surface of Mars.

The original photograph reproduced below is located on NASA’s official website, Australian photographer and a UFO spotter Michael Middleton zoomed in on the photo after discovering the bone colored object contrasted against the rest of the landscape, recognizing eye sockets and a nose pit while the lower jaw is embedded in the sand.

Another object to the right of the white skull could be an alien skull, it looks like a head, with a small chin and disproportionately large eye sockets.. the surface of both objects is unusually smooth compared to rocks in the photo,

The only credible explanation is the the alien and the man like being were locked into combat which took both lives, else explain how the skull of a human being, and that of an alien are found lying adjacent on surface of the Red Planet.


Scrutiny of the satellite pic identifies at least five more skulls, alien and human.

As well a foreground object resembles a Futurama alien!
Skulls is headbones and there are plenty in the pic, the ones with the wide eyes are the Tharg, the Futurama object at the front is a Tharg helmet there are more helmets and Tharg skulls visible in the original image below..

Spirit Rover :: Panoramic Camera :: Sol 1526 The Valley of the Battle for Mars!

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it's the startrek ep when data's head is found
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Could be anything, I would like to go and see for myself
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Check out the 26 page 'Life on Mars' thread, some great stuff!
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Default Datas head. In a crater. On the moon.

lordofangels, you mean this??


scroll down to about half way!!!
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