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Default Masonic ' Saturni Illuminati' Key links & Takeover

Some crazy site i came across


"Evolution and the Bible is the same story".

Α - Ω Time Lords
The secrets they don't want you to know.
Masonic ' Saturni Illuminati' Key links & Takeover of the planet.
Order of El's Phallus, Elohei sons of El YHWH .
(Order of big dick, father sons of first dick).

' Saturni Illuminati' Founded by Cronus 3000-4000 BC in Rome & ruled as Saturn.

This research is about how to view, link both evolution and the bible as the same story, how they are both explainable as the story of mankind.
It also should show who and what Satan is and what modern Satan plans for mankind, so be prepared to have your shock revelation.

Running notes & Updates: As this is an ongoing study and as more information turns up this page will be updated or be changes or corrected, it may also totally
change its current outlook or theme or direction. It is ongoing research and as research its expected that information will change from time to time.
Evil is Evil facts are facts. There is no intent here to make one race or group of people better or worse than any other or to diminish anyone or anything.
Copyright 2008/2009
Saturnism Saturnist are dull, grave, gloomy in temperament, preferring Red and Black colours, basically soul-less with very little real human emotion,
Lizard type thinking, enjoys lying, humour based on the bowl, foul spells and have a deep rooted control freak financial psychosis .

KNOWN AS: Tormenters of mankind, Black Sun, Black Robe, Brotherhood of Saturn, Sisterhood of Saturn, Black Square, Saturni Illuminati, [3-4000 BC] Time Lords, Saturn worship, Zeus, Cronus, Satan, Satanday, Saturnday, Baal evil, YHWH , Molech, moloch, Judah, Israel, Elohim, El, Elus, Elder, Elect, Elevated, Beelzebub, Lucifer, Iblis, Lucifer the Devil, Star's of David, Baalim, Baal evil, Baal-zebub Ba' al-zebub, ba'al of flies, Star of Saturn, Black Sun, Black Rob, Brotherhood of Saturn, Black Square, Black pillar, Red Lamp, Red Square, Red Pill, Masonic Square, Town Square, Mecca Square, On the Square, Elohim, Elohei sons of El, El sons of Cronus, [El is name of Ancient Greece], Elohei Haelohim, Zeus Of Elohim, Jezebel, Hasdrubal, and Hannibal, Greek Belos. Cult of Sin, Cult of the Moon, Sinai Volcano of El Sin cult, Taurus, Bull, calf, Ayres Ram, Horn Devil, Golden Calf, Abbadon, Angra Mainyu, Asmodai, Beelzebub, Belial, Iblis, Belial, sons of Belia, Belhor, Baalial, Beliar, Belias, Beliall, Beliel, Bilael, Belu, Matanbuchus, Mechembuchus, Meterbuchus.
Modern day references 'Bankers', 'Banksters'.
Hebrew Bible [200 AD finished] describes the Adversary (Ha-satan) as a servant of God [Saturni Illuminati] whose job it is to test [torment] human kind.
' Jesus himself acknowledged that although people are capable of wicked acts, he clearly identified the very source of evil as being Lucifer the Devil ', "beware the yeast of the Pharisees", they do NOT follow or uphold the law of Moses, instead preached the "traditions" of men [Saturni Illuminati] , - which later became the Talmud.
Wheel of TimeGenesis 1 - 2:3: Written anonymously 6th Century BC by "P" [in priestly traditions] 'Saturni Illuminati'.
In Ugaritic texts, Yam's special enemy Hadad is also known as the "king of heaven" and the "first born son" of El, whom ancient Greeks identified with their god Kronos (Saturn), just as Baal was identified with Zeus (Thor storm-god), Yam with Poseidon and Mot with Hades. Yam wished to become the Lord god in his place. In turns the two beings kill each other, yet Hadad is resurrected and Yam also returns.

And yet, cattle (people) can't see Saturn, this allows the Illuminati to takeover.

Israel = Is = Isis+ Ra = Sun God + El - Saturn
Is = Isis Ra = Sun God El - Saturn = Is- Ra -El
Venus Sun Saturn (Satan Elus/Kronos)
Israel = illumination of Satan, light of darkness Kronos child eaters
Is = Isis - Venus - light bringer of death (Seth).
Ra = Creator of the Sons of God, Sun light of the world, bringer of life. Apollo
El = Elus Saturn/Satan all seeing eye, Molech, Cronus Child eating murders.

RAEL ? Light of the first God - Saturni Illuminati - the first sun.
The great unwashed don't know they're and have been cultivated to love Paganism,
they are not Jewish, not Christian or Islamic but Saturnists, Satanist,
they are SATURN worshipers, ready for the great harvest of mankind.

Note: Satan/Saturn colour association is Red, Venus is Green, Earth is Blue.
Isis is a goddess in Ancient Egyptian mythology: Isis Venus mother to son of God. Amen, Amun-Re, Ra Amen (Amon-Amun also spelt Amoun, Amen, and rarely Imen, Greek Ἄμμων Ammon, and Ἅμμων Hammon) Hence 'Amen' after prayers.

Pharaoh Ra Sun God father of Horas Horus. Isis mother of Gods: Ra-Horus (son of God - golden boy) hence today the words: horoscope horizon, horror.
Horus birth rising is Sun rise, sun set is Horus Set for war with his brother Syn/Sin/Set. Also hour is Hora (Greek son of Zeus)' day was divided into 12 equal parts '. Set also is the god of the night, Lucifer bringer of the light - Light-Bringer the Morning Star.

Primordial father, Satan, Set, Red, Seth, Lord of the Rings, [3000 BC] Saturn is the all seeing eye or evil eye, considered to be the (first) Primordial Sun, Saturn's rings could be seen more easily in the old days than today and appeared like an all watchful eye. Today with good eyesight or binoculars you can just make out the rings of Saturn and it can look like an all seeing eye. - Eleia λις Ēlis, Doric: λις Alis , Elean : λις Walis, Beelzebub, Lucifer, Iblis Seth, Satan, devil, Diabo or Diabolus.
Elus god renamed from Cronus [ 1400 BC] El in Hebrew its the word for God king of sacrifice - El [ancient name of Greece] God of Israelite [1025 BCE] Pharisees also known as Saturn, Cronus, Kronos, [3000 BC] Elus, YEli or Izer, Baal El Molech, Astaroth (Astarte, Ishtar) all refer to the same God. They are linked to the symbol helix of Saturn with 6 points often scored like a star or an asterisk noting that Saturn also has a 6 pointed helix see Saturn's north pole photographed by NASA.

Psalm 82.1 says ’elōhîm ('God') stands in the council of ’ēl - he judges among the gods (elohim/Saturn).
Baal was renamed to YHWH from plagiarised stories of Uranus, Horus, Usiris, Cronus and Zeus.
Elohim: YEli or Izer El a Semitic god said to be a Super-being of Satan the father of mankind and all creeping creatures [clearly talking about bankers here?].

Moloch, Molech, Molekh, or Molek is often represented as an Owl or Wise Owl ever watching in the night reporting to the all seeing eye of Saturn (Satan), Taurus, Calf, Bull, Lord of the Rings, Baal Moloch all conceived in the form of a calf or ox or depicted as a man with the head of a bull. All a part of Egyptian, Canaanite, Phoenician and many other related cultures from North Africa surrounding areas.

Star of David - Hex [970 BC] Hebrew Bible chronology sets David's life c.1037 - 970 BC, his lean over Judah c.1007 - 1000 BC, and his lean hex over united Kingdom of Israel c.1000 - 970 BC. The Star is and then was represented as Evil spell, en-capitulate, entrap, to seal in, behold abominations, warning, six pointed helix Masonic order star of Saturn. This symbol was used in ancient customary times facing great crises, danger & ruin. It was shown to the rulers of a city or nation as a required order to give up their most beloved chosen ones, children for the orderly sacrifice and pleasurable Molech rituals, used more as a murder ransom for booty to the avenging the daemon past, apostate and those chosen ones thus were sacrificed in "great pleasurable mystic rites to Baál" on the Saturn day a Sabbath - Uposatha day to "cleanse the defiled mind", resulting in inner calm and pleasurable joyness. King David also enjoyed or participated in human sacrifice at the beginning of yearly harvests.

Alpha & OMEGA
Α - Ω & End

Has Electrodynamics Solved the Mystery of Saturn's Dual Hotspots?
hexagonal cloud

Tophet ("roasting place") to god Moloch.


Gai Ben Hinnom
Hebrew term for

satan from the cartoon network show lucy daughter of the devil

Ever Watchful.
Wise Owl?

Has Electrodynamics Solved the Mystery of Saturn's Dual Hotspots?
El Allah Ba'al

Tophet or Topheth a Tanit symbol (Hebrew:תופת ha-tōpheth) is believed to be a location in Jerusalem, in the Valley of Hinnom, where the Canaanites sacrificed children to Saturn Moloch by burning children alive.

"P" [in priestly traditions] 'Saturni Illuminati'

Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

Matching the Bible timeline of Albino Man creation.
Neolithic peoples "Shinning ones" were the first real 'farmers' (Syria Iraq Turkey Iran areas).

As it follows Kronos/Cronus was called by the Phoenicians & Canaaniteas as Bel, Elus, Eli, Elis,El, Elohim, YEli or Izer both who sacrificed infants to him. Noting that El was the ancient name for Greece of the fertile crescent and the populations often migrated with the seasons from lower Europe to the Indus Valley.

El/Cronus was king God leader and became associated with the Star of Cronos after his only begotten (chosen one) son's decease which sealed the start of his fall from demonic grace. EL = Eleia λις Ēlis, Doric: Ἆλις Alis , Elean : Ϝάλις Walis. Beelzebub, Lucifer, Iblis Seth, Satan or Diabo-lus

Saturn, Lord of TIME
Cronus thereafter was associated with the Baal evil, Star of Saturn or Star of Kronos/Cronus affixing it to be a demonic symbol, it was also picked up and used by King David thus the Star of David but avoided by others..

Cronos- Eli - Elus

Order out of Chaos
Kronos, Cronus, Elus, YEli or Izer had by a nymph (abnormal son) called Anobrt being his then only begotten son, whom in this account was called Iedud or Le-dude by the Phoenicians; (known today as dud or dude). It was customary that when great danger beset a country the King leaders paraded their only begotten chosen sons in royal apparel and prepared them for the Stur altar (Saturn altar), then sacrifice (murdered) them to appease the god of Abominations Dude was sacrifice to appease this golden god of Abomination.

Diodorus Siculus' account of the Carthagians There was in their city a bronze image of Cronus extending its hands, palms up and sloping toward the ground, so that each of the children when placed thereon rolled down and fell into a sort of gaping pit filled with fire.
Christ said about these Saturnist that they are an "Abomination to God that will cause terrible destruction and desolation of mankind" & " full of dead men's bones" .

Cronus the son of Uranus and Gaia and the youngest of the twelve Titans. His wife was also one of the Titans,
since he married his sister Rhea. Their offspring were Demeter, Hestia, Hera, Hades, Poseidon and Zeus.

http://www.bibliolution.com/photos/MolechFlame.jpg The original star of Saturn has its origins in dark symbiotic magic, occultism, witchcraft, astrology and human sacrifice, of which Cronus revealed himself in all that kind of occultist activity.

In an attempt to extend his life and to stop from being deposes by his own offspring as he did with his own father Uranus. Cronus murdered his children by eating them at birth and thereafter being defined in the symbology of the Star Satan as Evil ever since.
This child eating habit continued until his sister wife called Rhea understandably became unhappy at any loss of her children, she tricked Cronus into eating rocks instead of her new born Zeus, as some say, as symbolized in the Biblical Story of Baby Moses.

This Rhea was the mother to the first Olympians -mother of gods and kept Zeus hidden at Mount Ida on Crete, he was raise by his grandmother, Gaia, wife to Uranus until he was of an age to be self reliant.

'Saturni Illuminati'. When Zeus became of age he revolted against his father Cronus and the other Titans, defeating them all, banished them to Tartarus of the underworld.

Kronos/Cronus managed to escape to Italy, where Janus a King of Italy who helped him escape. In Italy he introduced the Saturi (first), Saturn Golden age cult. Templum Saturni [3000 BC] .

An example of a Saturni Temple can be still seen today at Capitoline Hill and has been dated be built about 42BC it has the six pointed star & symbols, as it has became associated with the worship of the beast of the underworld Molech, Ba'al & Satan. The Abyiss, Hell, Ara Saturni, Satan and his mark is the 6-pointed star & helix p666 and 32(2).

The Roman Temple was frequently serviced by the elite of Roman, Merchants, Money changers and Senators they all engaged in underage, orgies, child sacrifice, claiming it to "cleansed the defiled mind", resulting inner calm and pleasurable joyness. (Yuck!).

All this at first was done in secret & hidden from the unwitting general masses (the Cattle), these activities effectively bound the perverted class of human abusers & haters of life together in secrecy, like today membership and their activities are held in ransom so they can continue their status quo, in the end these fornicators cause of the collapse of the Roman Empire..

That is, keeps their control system going indefinitely. However nothing would pleasure them more so than having the wider population give up Godly, Christian & Religious ways and turn to Saturni/Satan or be guided to the Abyss of the Dark side.
Saturn, the Roman god of agriculture, was identified with the Greek god [Cronus], noting the Aryan Satori "Shinning ones" were the first farmers. Also in Roman mythology, Saturn fled Greece and settled in Italy after losing a battle with Jupiter [Zeus]
* Saturn became the king of Latium (the area of central Italy that includes Rome) and ruled over a
golden age of peace and prosperity. During this time, he taught the people how to plant and tend crops and how to lead civilized lives.

His festival was the Saturnalia, a celebration beginning on December 17 and ending December 25. During Saturnalia, businesses closed, people exchanged presents, and slaves were given the freedom to do and say what they wished.
Christians later honoured the last day of Saturnalia as the date of the birth of Jesus. Saturn also gave his name to the day of the week known as Saturday.
*Saturnalia is the feast with which the Romans commemorated the dedication of the temple of the god Saturn, which was on 17 December. Over the years, it expanded to a whole week, to 23 December. Forerunner of Christmas..

Hebrew Bible, the First Temple was built by King Solomon (reigned c 970-c 930 BC). Completed in 960 BC?.
King "Solomon built a high place for Chemosh/Golden Calf/Ba'al Moloch/Apis Bull the abomination of Moab, in the hill that is before Jerusalem for Molech/Molekh, the abomination of the children of Ammon." (1 Kings 11:7) The British Royal Family is said to be some of his descendants'.

God via Moses expressly forbade the Hebrews to do what was done in Egypt or in Canaan [Golden Calf worship]. "You shall not give any of your children to devote them by fire to Moloch (sacrifice) and to do so will profane the name of your God" (Lev. 18:21).

' Saturni Illuminati'To stop these creepy elitist creatures from totally taking over you must copy this info, send it to as many people as you can, time is running out, it is happening now today again. 98% of your friends, Jew and gentiles have no idea what their churches and synagogues have become, they have been take over by the cultists of Satan. - There back, expect to be marked with a personal R.F I.D indexed by '666'.

Themis In Greek mythology is the daughter of Uranus and Gaia as divine lineage of the Titans. She is also the second consort of Zeus.

On Olympus* shes responsible for ceremonies & feasts, on earth she is the goddess of justice and order.

Known for her wise & impartial advice, she even helped Zeus after he had married his third wife, Hera. Themis is equated with Justitia, the Roman goddess of justice and the legal system. Justitia is often used as the symbol of justice

'Saturni Illuminati'
Lord of TIME Carrying a sickle, an ear of corn [seeding].

Dragon Snake coiling or spiralling DNA. Omega= the End. Wings= return to higher levels of consciousness above clouds, six pointed wheel spokes of Saturn or Satan and the wheel of TIME.

Thus, if the Satan defiler worshiper's of hate were to get control of Israel and were successful in making Israel the world capital it would likely see itself as the Light of El Ba‘al , recommence these ancient Abominations & practices of worshiping Saturn, Baál Molech. And would Sacrifice or harvest the worlds children for Molech/Molech, consume infant pineal glands (inside the brain) in the hope to extend life just like the Satan Pharaisites did.

Baalim Ba'al of the Covenant - Ba'al-worship prevailing in Israel (Judges viii. 33), and particularly in Shechem (Judges ix. 4). "Ba'al" is the equivalent "El-berith" (Judges ix. 46, R. V.) to mean "the God of the Covenant". B'nai B'rith means "Sons of the Covenant", 'Sons of Satan's Covenant ' or 'Sons of Saturn's Covenant'.

Ba'al of the Covenant: Molech/Molech/Moloch/Malik, the Abomination of the Children of Ammon (Amon) Molech, whose name derived from Melech "king" and Bosheth, "shame", was one of the deities worshipped by the idolatrous Israelites, "Abominations of the children", "Ba'al Moloch G_d of the Covenant "..

Baal-berith was also worshiped in the shape of a fly, sick cultists carried images of Baal flies in their side pockets, often seen kissing it 'kiss of death' from time to time. Called Baal-berith because said cultists have a devotional covenant with it and unwilling to part with it.

Lord of the Flies 1 Kings 11:7 Referrers to Ba'al as "the abomination of the children of Ammon "(Baal Mammon) the primary means of worshipping him was child sacrifice or "to pass through the fire, cremations of care".

Solomon built a temple to this Ba'al Moloch God of the Covenant who has often been identified with Milcom, the god of the Ammonites and also identified with Baal of the Covenant and as a sun or fire god, he is also identified with the Assyrian/Babylonian "Malik", and at Palmyra "Malach-bel". Moloch and is identified with Baal Hammon in Carthaginian religion worship of Satan/Saturn.

Demon (Greek daimōn = deity) is the original designation for a God – later a being halfway between gods and humans – who can have a good or evil influence on human fate and cosmic processes. The Greek philosophers deemed it to be the divine aspect or the divine voice in a human being (daimōnion). Demons are characterised by their unpredictable, moody nature, and often seize humans' spiritual powers. The bible describes them exclusively as evil spirits – fallen angels who represent a force against the power of God. Demons are often crucial figures in later sagas, and appear as superhuman beings.

Noting that the PHALLUS is represented as columns at the front of buildings, church's and sometimes banks HQ's.

Ronald Reagan, Glenn T. Seaborg and Richard Nixon at the Bohemian Grove

Reagan, Glenn Seaborg Richard Nixon at Bohemian Grove

The Synagogue of Satan

TODAY: As seen at Bohemian Grove we can observe the Living Satan, his groupies and Moloch control freak junkies at work.

John Milton in Paradise Lost described Moloch as follows:" First Moloch, horrid king, besmirched with blood Of human sacrifice, and parents' tears. Though, for the noise of drums and timbrels loud, Their children's cries unheard, that passed through fire To his grim idol".

Bohenian Grove occult rituals appear on cartoon network

The Grove appears in TV cartoons modelled after the real thing, Alex Jones film ‘Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove

Judaism Talmudic Human sacrifice is said to have stopped and replaced with the sacrifice of animals as played out in all the variations of barbaric customs of Baal worshiping, "we're just keeping in practice", "yeah sure you are", the giving up of children to Moloch (child murdering) ended up as punishable by stoning as written in the Books of the Tanak. is said to have stopped and replaced with the sacrifice of animals as played out in all the variations of barbaric customs of Baal worshiping, "we're just keeping in practice", "yeah sure you are", the giving up of children to Moloch (child murdering) ended up as punishable by stoning as written in the Books of the Tanak.
The Skull and Bones Connection

The Skull and Bones Connection

Brotherhood of Death

SHADOW Bankers Illuminati

Aleister Crowley Worlds Wickedest Man connected to Jack Parsons JPL NASA creation

Then there's the Hellfire Club, created to provide male members with opportunities for "unlimited sexual debauchery", Black Masses, orgies of every sort and age, Satan or demon Worship mock rituals, items of a pornographic nature, drinking, whenching and banqueting, including rites and rituals of The Order of Death and all this continues today for Babylonian child eating descendents.

Satanic ritual abuse Allegations of crimes of violence with a Satanist background have appeared in industrialized countries appeared in the 1980s, mostly focusing on sexual abuse but also involving claims of ritual killings. Thus, there was a claim of a Satanist human sacrifice committed in the context of the early Norwegian black metal scene. These reports have largely been identified as part of a moral panic within the anti-cult
movement, and reports have mostly subsided in the 2000s. But! ????

The fact remains that Moses introduced the 10 Commandments which effectively replaced all Noahide Laws and outlawed all these barbaric customs like Golden Calf adoration. But the non follows of Moses and Christ continue to reject these Laws even today, they continue to play or act out these Abominations in the hope that they can commission a great harvest of souls, in their life time, so they may live forever.

Some secretive societies like those of Bohemian Grove are known places of plots and plans. They are on the record for plotting against all other religions; plan for Islam to clash with Christianity (2008-2015), hoping they will wipe each other out in a coming war. These weavers of death compete on the number of kills they can contriving in their business of control, finance, mass murder, Wars, Bomb and Bio Weapon creation.

In the "Abyss" rise of pornography, increase and sexual degeneration of every form and perversions doesn't just happen, it is contrived, planned and allowed and used as a control tool over the general population, it acts as a precursor to change, which always leads to the loss of civil liberties, increased power of the state who are unwitting agents and fall guy's to the planned control matrix.

The ultimate plan is to pervert all mankind make the Abyss arise, use technology and acquire absolute control over of all forms of power, create a system to enable selective passing of judgments upon every earthly soul that leads to the almost total demise and extinction of most of mankind by sacrifice.

In Christianity the foreshadowing of the sacrifice of Jesus, whom was God's only son and God Himself, gave up his life so sins could be forgiven.

However in Islam Jesus Christ is seen as a great messenger profit of God and was sacrificed because he was a serious political opponent to Roman leadership as the son of a God of JC, son of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra. But Christians have faith in the word of God, believe that Christ was sent to the cross by the Pharasites (Saturnists) and that his sacrifice was atonement of all their personal sins forever.

Idol worship: Some Christians, including Orthodox and Roman Catholics, believe they participate in the sacrifice at Calvary through the Eucharist which represents the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Protestants, however, reject a number of things like Idol worshiping, idol Statues of Christ and Mary, rather believe that the bread and wine of communion is symbolic, trusting that their faith in the word and message of the son of God Christ died for their sins. Islam The Quran strongly condemns human sacrifice, as a "grave error and sinful act" (surah 17 ayah 31) and an "ignorant, foolish act of those that have gone astray" (surah 6 ayah 140), and speaks of how the "pagans were deluded by their deities to kill their own children" (surah 6 ayah 140). The Quran instructs the believers not to kill their children for fear of poverty (surah 17 ayah 31) or because they are poor (surah 6 ayah 151). Some Arabs before Islam used to bury their daughters alive; Islam abolished this practice (surah 81 verse 8-9).

In the sirah (Biography of the prophet), the father of the prophet Mohammed, Abdullah, was about to be sacrificed by his own father Abd-Almutalib to fulfill an oath he had taken. He was saved from death and 100 camels were slaughtered instead.

The "Abyss". In Luke 8:31, the Legion of demons beg Jesus not to send them to the Abyss. "The Beast" of Revelation, will come up out of the Abyss (Revelation 11:7; 17:8). Satan will be thrown into the Abyss for 1000 years (Revelation 20:3).

Bibliolution: Evolution & the bible is same story.
The Bible appears to start at the same time as the coming about or creation of a new species of man, man with 1 less chromosome, slightly different than all other humanoids. Albino man evolved or arrived, became self replicating within that chromosome pool about 4-6000 years ago. It is thought that major climate changes brought on an increase of Albinos, they grouped together & inter-bread, their gene's adjusted for the condition resulting in new humans with little or no melatonin in their light, white or pink skin. The Bible is a detailed parable about the creation of the Albino pale skin humans and how they come to be [for better or for worst].


' Saturni Illuminati', 'First Illuminated', ' First Shinning ones', 'First Spiritual illuminatus', 'First enlightened.

"Order out of Chaos"

Aryan Satori, [Indo-European language] ancient name given the people of "noble", "spiritual", "Shinning ones", [illuminated or illuminati, illuminatus, "enlightened"] living throughout Iran/Ariya/Greece/Italy/Albania to the Indus Valley, are not Caucasian as claimed by modern day pretenders but they are the first of the Albino's Iranian Greeks after all Iran is named after them, this area is said to have spurned evolution and creation of the Albino race of humanity white pink people, symbolically expressed in the bible as Adam and Eve. Thus, "Order out of Chaos" !

Albino's peoples are in fact the very, very Ancient iAryan Greeks, most can be seen today as Germanic, Nordic,Kelt, Tiwestons also known as painted or sea peoples, northern Caucasians mixed with Albion's [Albion ancient name for British Iles] Nordics (Teutonic types) as all previous centuries accounted the same as this in their histories, they understood all are from the same peoples & have the same origins.

Extremely individualistic almost fearless, possessing advanced ambidextrous capabilities, naturally, fast learning, critical analytical thinkers, uses object orientation creativity together with oral traditions as a prime proven tool of survival and conquest and often creating more problems out of their own imaginations than otherwise should be.

Originally inhabiting areas from Mediterranean to China, Baifu, just north of Beijing, the southern Caucasus Mountains. Indus Valley and fields of Europe. After some rather dramatic climate & earth changes accruing about 9000 and 6000 and again about 3000BC, many peoples migrated North Eastward as the polar ice caps receded however, most headed north west. This allowed the Albino's to establish themselves without interferences from other peoples, not before spending about 1500 years fighting amongst themselves, just when the Albino or White peoples exactly & permanently evolve to their current state, no one is really sure.
"My father may not approve, but I am no longer his disciple, I am a master now, an idea transcended into life. And so this is my new path, which is a lot like the old one - only mine. To stay on that path I need to work harder, explore new rituals, evolve. Am I evil? Am I good? I'm done asking those questions, I dont have the answers - does anyone?"

-Dexter Morgan
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