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Default Pro Wrestling And The Illuminati

i've been thinking this for a while now as someone who LOVES pro wrestling (not so much the new world order!)

a wrestling company has a Booker (the guy who writes everything and decides how the show is gonna happen) and the wrestlers (obviously) who do as the booker tells them.

although there are a few wrestlers who are inbetween, most wrestlers are either a Face (good guy) or a Heel (bad guy).
anyway it's a classic "good vs evil" battle. the generic set up is always "the good guy gets beat up by the bad guy and his mates and if the good guy is too good the bad guy just cheats to win". if they play the story out right then you've got a load of fans at the arena and purchasing the PPV to see Good conquer Evil. KER-CHING!
now, sometimes the fans refuse to accept what is being presented to them, and will boo the shit out of the face regardless (maybe their gimmick is old / needs changing, they can't work a good match, aka they're just not believabe etc.) so then the booker has to come up with something to change the fans opinion of the Face or put a new guy in his spot (position). either way, the booker decides, but he can't just do as he pleases 100%. he has to please his audience otherwise he's gonna be out of business. things may change and the new guy is accepted well by the fans and they route for him. but regardless of all this, we're being sold a story by the booker ( the hidden hand).
this sound familiar to any one?????

here's a few wrestling tricks too.

example. mick foley has plans that he wants to do a storyline with melina the following year, so while they're at a film premier, mick gets his picture taken with melina, acting all pally with her. then he's on the next show and makes a comment on them two having a great time at the premiere.....therefore, when they do the storyline the following year (which wasnt even certain, they did this just incase it was needed), the idea of them being onscreen together wouldn't be completely illogical and would have some background....sow the seed.

if you wanna put your championship on a guy, but aint overly certain:- have him win the title, with his oppenent's leg under the rope (which shouldnt count)...so when/if you change your mind, you can use this as the excuse to take the belt off him....logically

wrestlers will communicate what they want to do during a match (some guys are good enough to go out there with just a finsih, and make the rest up on the fly) and play off the crowd, and change accordingly.

what makes pro wrestling such a close resemblance, and so much more so than a tv series, is that it's subject to change at any time, and it is all based on suggestability, mind manipulation, and illusion...... brought to you by the pawns off the puppet masters who call all the shots.

even if you don't watch pro wrestling, i'd encourage people to just watch a show and just observe how the audience is manipulated. wwe aint that great at the moment (i prefer TNA anyways) but all of what i've said is still evident.

oh and...

"when i say "New World Order", i'm not talking about hulk hogan/
i'm talkin' bout those who use the "war on terrorism" as their slogan/"

thanks for reading. replies appreciated.


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