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Default Proof - Jesus' blood has 24 Chromosomes

The Ark of the Covenant was discovered and blood was found that appeared to have dripped from the cross site above, this was recorded in the scriptures how the earth opened and closed again, the blood was analyzed and found to have 24 chromosomes, 23 from the mother, and one extra 'y' chromosome to make Jesus male... excerpt below sums it up a little:

One reason that there isn't much said about the Ark is that Ron has died. Another is that most of the rest of the info is being kept quiet until the Ark's unveiling unveiling to help convince the Jews that Jesus is who He said He is. The ark cannot come out until God is ready for it (remember, everything in God's perfect timing).

But HERE'S the clincher folks. Remember Ron had samples of the blood from along the cracks in the rocks above the cavern and from the Mercy Seat itself below the crack in the cavern ceiling. What he found was amazing to say the least. This is very similar to the Shroud of Turin story. The significance of the Shroud was not known until the age of photography and a negative of the Shroud revealed all the detail God had placed there for us. Well in the 1990's a man named Mason in France came up with an electron microscope that could make out detail in microns; a millionth of a meter, and he made a discovery that blood never dies. No matter how old it is, how battered ,whatever it's condition - it never dies. There are things called somatids in blood that are alive forever. These are like 1/10 of a micron in size but looking at them under this extremely powerful microscope, you could definitely see the activity and the fact there was life there. Well, in the US another gentleman picked up where Mr. Mason left off and made an even better micron microscope. Somehow he got wind of Ron's work and came to see him. Ron took some of this dried blood he had been saving for several years in for testing using this gentleman's super microscope. They reconstituted some of the blood and sure enough, the somatids appeared on screen and very active. The microscope was so powerful it could also see the genetic structure of the chromosones on the DNA molecules.

Humans are made up of a certain number of chromosomes (46). You get 23 from each parent, right? Well, this blood was very unique. It was identified as human blood for sure but there was a difference. This blood only had 24 chromosomes! What this means is that there was 23 from one parent (Mary) and one additional "y" chromosone gene to make Him a him! Sounds confusing but think about it and it should help you to understand. You can hear the story for yourself in a video from Ron's archeology group called "Ark of the Covenant Update" ; www.prophecyclub.com has it also. This finding disproves all the non believers who claimed Mary was impregnated by the high priest Gabriel at the Temple School before being handed over to Joseph in marriage. This DOES prove the immaculate conception and that Jesus WAS fathered by the holy spirit.
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Yes, wow ... I should think this story of 24 chromosone blood is proof not only of the immaculate conception, but also that Jesus is real and who He says He is
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I do not believe this.
For one thing amongst many, blood is not alive forever.
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two for every disciple
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