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Default organic silica..this great cure being kept hidden?



Silica – vital mineral

Silica is one of the most abundant minerals in the world. It’s around you and inside you – but you probably don’t even know it’s there. All connective tissue contains silica, every strand of hair, every inch of skin, every millimetre of nail, every fibre of muscle and portion of bone. Whether they are all strong and healthy depends greatly on how much silica is present. Silica makes hair shine and skin radiant because it holds in moisture. It’s the filler that smoothes out the cracks that appear in our surfaces over time. It holds us together, makes us strong – and our very bones are dependent on it for their structural integrity. If you are concerned about osteoporosis now or possibly in the future this will interest you.

Where is silica found in the body?







Pelvic floor

Thymus and adrenal glands

Vascular lining

Liver, spleen and pancreas

All connective tissue

Silica from Food

There’s a lot of silica in oats, millet, onions, beetroot, wholegrain and potatoes but much less in meat and processed foods. So modern, junk food diets may leave us deficient in this vital mineral. What’s more, as we get older, our ability to absorb silica from our food decreases – just when we need it most. And we can’t replace it with mineral silica's found in the natural environment.

Can I get Silica another way?

Organic Silica OSG5 was discovered by Loïc Le Ribault during his career as France’s most eminent forensic scientist. Over the previous fifty years, there had been constant research into organic silica and some of this work had revealed possibilities for its therapeutic use. But organic silica had previous been used only for compresses applied to the body. Le Ribault succeeded in developing a drinkable solution that is entirely non-toxic.

What can Le Ribault Organic Silica do for me?

Skin, hair and nails

As we age, we expect to collect a few wrinkles, to battle with dull hair and split ends, with brittle nails and tired skin. Millions are spent on cosmetic surgery in an attempt to undo the marks of time from the outside. But it makes much more sense to provide the body with the building blocks it needs from the inside, to repair and retain our structures, both internal and external.

What happens when silica levels increase? Well, silica improves the strength and functioning of connective tissue and it is through connective tissue that nutrients are absorbed and waste are excreted. When silica is present in the tissues in ideal amounts, these processes function effectively, so the tone of the tissues will be better, with greater vitality and fewer toxins retained. Your skin will be better hydrated (as long as you are drinking plenty of water), your hair will have more lustre and your nails will become stronger. It takes about three months of silica supplementation to achieve this, but the dermis (the outer layer of the skin) has been shown to thicken with increased silica supplies. That’s important not only to help avoid wrinkles but also for protection against the harmful rays of the sun – although you’ll still need to slap on the sun cream, of course. By the way, as a compress, silica has long been used to treat sunburn and other burns and wounds.


Inflammation, intestinal ulcers, acidity, indigestion, diarrhoea, bloating, acid reflux: whichever nasty has triggered irritation in your intestinal tract, there’s a good chance liquid organic silica OSG5 will help – and it doesn’t even taste nasty! It relieves the discomfort there and then, soothing protecting, reducing inflammation, removing unwanted molecules and toxins, starting the healing process. The liquid silica will bind to inflammatory molecules or bugs that might have caused a stomach upset. It will coat the lining of the digestive tract, protecting it from irritation and thus calming painful spasms or symptoms of indigestion. Due to the nature of silica – necessary for constructing connective tissue – it will also provide building materials for the lining of the digestive tract.

Other health problems

Silica may also address :

Damage to vertebral discs




High cholesterol

Low immunity

How can one product help in such diverse areas?

Well, we know that it tones up connective tissue – and that includes blood vessels, such as those making up the walls of the arteries. The arteries carry oxygenated blood around the body and to the heart, so keeping their walls supple and healthy can help in preventing arteriosclerosis (where the artery walls harden) and the high blood pressure that goes with it. Good blood supply, especially to the head, helps avert dizziness and may even relieve tinnitus. Silica is thought to bind to cholesterol and carry it out of the intestines, so it could be part of a supplement programme for those prone to high cholesterol. Silica is also needed for the formation of white blood cells that make up the immune system. So, supplying silica improves immune function and can make you more resistant to disease. And when it comes to bones, silica is needed for high quality bone growth because it regenerates the connective tissue around which calcium can build.


Silica helps maintain fit and healthy joints and eases the miserable symptoms of arthritis – especially pain and stiffness. Take a look at our Silica and Arthritis leaflet to get the full picture.

Tell me again just what Le Ribault Organic Silica OSG5 does

It plays a significant role in the reorganisation of fibres of elastin and collagen, in the early stages of the mineralization of bone and in the general metabolism of the body

It is an anti-inflammatory

It accelerates the process of the manufacture of connective tissue and cartilage

It reinforces the immunising defences of the body

It instigates, protects and regenerates the cells of the whole body

It does not cause any side effect, even after use during several consecutive years.

It is compatible with any conceivable therapy before or during its use

How should I use Organic Silica OSG5?

For ulcers, acid reflux and general digestive mayhem, take it before meals – twice per day. Stir 15 ml into a glass of juice or water and drink immediately, 15 minutes before eating. You’ll find it works quickly.

For healing the digestive tract once things have calmed down, and for all those benefits to skin, hair and nails, take it once a day for at least three months.

For other health problems

Bear in mind that Liquid Health OSG5 is simple and safe. It’s non-toxic and made up of ingredients that occur naturally in your body, so you can’t react badly to it.

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