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Default WaveGenetics.

The history of wave genetics has been developing for more than 80 years. In 20s and 30s of the last century Russian scientists, A G Gurwitsch and A A Lubishev postulated that not only does genetical apparatus of living organisms on the Earth operate at material, physical level but also at certain waves/fields level and is able to transfer genetic data/information via electromagnetic (EM) and acoustic waves. The science has recently taken a major leap in its advancements of the theory and reproducible experiments and thus the theory of wave genome has been put forward.
One of the first attempts to rationalize and expound the wave genome theory in Russia had been made by P P Gariaev and A A Berezin from the department of Theoretical Matters of Russian Academy of Science, and also with participation of A A Vaciliev, a fellow member of Institute of Physics of Russian Academy of Science. As a theoretical foundation, principles of coherent physical radiations, holography and solitons, theory of physical vacuum, fractal representation of DNA and human verbal expression/speech have been employed to describe and substantiate the empirical results obtained through many experiments conducted.

The quintessence of the wave genome theory may be represented as following:

genome of the highest organisms is considered to be a bio-computer which forms the space-time grid framework of a bio-systems.

In that bio-system, as the carriers of a field epi-gene-matrix - wave fronts are being used, which are assigned by gene-holograms and so-called solitons on DNA – distinct type of acoustic and electromagnetic fields, produced by biogenetic apparatus of the organism/bio-system under consideration and being a medium of strategic regulatory data/information exchange between cells, tissues and organs of the bio-system.

It is also vital to note that the holographic grids/frameworks, which are also the elements of fluctuating structures of solitons, are, in fact, discrete simplest cases of code-originated information, anchored in chromosome continuum of an organism.

At present the dominant viewpoint in respect of genetics and molecular biology is that :
1. the genetic apparatus functions as a purely material structure
2. all the functions of genetic control of an organism occupy approximately 2 % of DNA of a bio-system and fulfill designated functions such as replication of RNA and proteins, so called coding DNA of an organism. The other 98% is considered to be “junk DNA” not carrying out any genetical functions, which may represent a graveyard of virus DNA.

The biologists and geneticists use the language of analogies and metaphors to explain how genetic apparatus operates. The genetic apparatus consisting of 46 chromosomes is viewed as a library consisting of 46 volumes or books. Each book (a chromosome), contains a text (instructions of how to build an organism) which consists of sentences (DNA) consisting of words (genes). And each word (a gene) consists of 4 letters (certain “chemical letters”), i.e. the “genetic alphabet” consists of only 4 “letters”. The material realizations of the DNA molecules are famous double helixes, consisting of segments which are genes. In essence, genetic apparatus operates as follows. The texts, written in the “DNA language”, are first translated by the organism into the “RNA language” and then into the “Protein language”. And proteins are the stuff that we are mostly made of (not counting water). Proteins perform two principle functions in the organism: they metabolize substances that we eat and participate in the morphogenesis, i.e. development of the spatial-temporal organization of an organism.

It is to be pointed out that the primary focus of the wave genome theory is on the remaining aforementioned 98% of chromosomes as being the key “intellectual” structure of all cells of an organism including the brain. It is those chromosomes that operate on the wave, on the “ideal” (fine-field) level.

It the ideal component, that may be called super-gene-continuum, is a strategic vital figure/formation that ensures development and life of humans, animals, plants and also their programmable natural dying. Along with that, it is important to conceive that there is no sharp and insurmountable distinction between genes and super-genes. Both these levels of encoding constitute material (physical) matrixes, however genes supply material replications in the form of RNA and proteins, whereas super-genes transform endo- and exogenous fields, forming from them super-gene-signal wave structures. Furthermore, the genes may be components of holographic grids/frameworks of super-genes and supervise their field activity

Particular attention in the wave genome theory should be devoted to substantiating of the unity of fractal (replicating itself on varying scales) sequence structures of DNA and of a human speech. In 1990 Jeffrey Delrow discovered four “letters” of the genetic alphabet (Adenine, Guanine, Cytosine and Thymine) in DNA “texts” form fractal structures.

Later on, a discovery of similar fractal structures in a human speech, not limited to multy-letter alphabets of Russian and English texts and including a sequence of words from those texts came as a promising surprise for both genetics and linguists. Nonetheless this is in accordance with a branch in semiotics named “Genetical Linguistics”, which studies incomprehensible and unexplainable precise application of laws of Formal Genetics to formation of interlingual and intro-lingual words-hybrids.

A group of scientists headed by P P Gariaev and M U Maslov, developed a theory of so called fractal representation of natural (human) and genetical languages. Within the confines of this theory it is said that the quasi-speech of DNA possesses potentially inexhaustible “supply of words” and, moreover, what had been a sentence on the scales of DNA–“texts” “phrases” or a “sentence” becomes/turns into a word or a letter on the other scale. Genetical apparatus can be viewed as the triunity of its structure-functional organization consisting of holographic, soliton and fractal structures.

This theory allows a refined quantitative comparison of symbolic structure of any texts including genetical. Thereby a possibility has been wide open to approach a deciphering of a lexicon of one’s own gene-code, and accordingly, more accurate composition of algorithms of addressing a genome of a human with an aim of potentially any type of programming of one’s vital activity such as treatment, increasing one’s life expectancy and so on and so forth.

Empirical tests of wave genetic theory in the light of “speech” characteristics of DNA demonstrate strategically correct stance and direction of the research.

Phenomenal experimental findings may be briefly presented here. For the first time in history of the science we successfully managed to obtain experimental evidences of abilities of the genetic data/information to function on more than simply one material level, for instance, in the wave/field (electromagnetic) form

Over decades, having been conducting extensive theoretical researches, we successfully managed to formulate theoretical biology and physics-mathematical description, explanation and substantiation of fundamental principles of genetic apparatus functioning on the wave/field level.

These principles allowed us to design and create a quantum bio-computer essential element of which is a specially tuned laser beam with certain wavelength and frequency characteristics.

The quantum bio-computer can perform:
i. Scanning and reading the wave/field equivalent of the genetical-metabolic data from the (stem) cells, tissues, organs of a donor’s bio-system employing photon of the laser beam;
ii. Conversion of the photons obtained into wide-wavelength-band preserving the scanned and read data;
iii. Precise and pointed introduction of such scanned and converted principal/dominant data radio waves into the organism-recipient, located at a certain distance from the donor’s bio-system (from few centimeters to 20 km);
iv. Strategic control/management of metabolism and postembryonic morphogenesis of the organism-recipient according to two vectors/modes:
a. “Do as/what I do” – that is holographic principle, and
b. Wave/field transmission of a signal that contains commands activating required programs in the stem cells of, for instance, rats; programs that direct/guide the stem cells development on their way of, as in our experiments, building pancreas gland in rats. These vectors/modes are intended to be used on humans.

At present we are able to program/manage/encode stem cells of various types by means of a quantum bio-computer. The quantum bio-computer initiates wave/field-based commands, given to cells and tissues of the donor/recipient, and accordingly the stem cells exposed to the waves/field will be prompted to guided cytodifferentiation leading to emergence and development of planned/projected new organs and tissues. This will bring us closer to the fact of substantially increased life expectancy.

Significant achievements in applying WaveGenetics have been made thus far in regeneration of pancreas in rats previously destroyed by chemical substance called alloxan

Three series of experiments with identical protocol were conducted by the groups of P. Gariaev in 2000 in Moscow Russia, in 2001 in Toronto, Canada, and in 2005 in Nizhni Novgorod, Russia. These are more advanced experiments based on the principles and technology of WaveGenetics. The goal of the experiments was to test new technology for regenerating damaged pancreas. Pancreas is an endocrine gland which has several vital functions, the major one being production of insulin, a hormone responsible for sugar metabolism.

A control group of rats was injected a lethal doses of a poison called alloxan which destroys pancreas. As a result, all the rats in the control group died from diabetes in 3-4 days. Then the same lethal dose of alloxan was injected to another group of rats. And when the rats reached the critical condition, they were exposed to light images/waves coming from a quantum bio-computer. Those light images/waves were created beforehand when the bio-computer read information from the pancreas surgically removed from healthy newborn rats of the same species as those used in the alloxan experiments.

One can explain the results of the experiment using the following analogy. The pancreas gland contains DNA-movies with information about healthy condition of the pancreas in its genetic apparatus. And this video morphogenic information programmed the stem cells of sick rats to regenerate their pancreas gland. Combined statistics for all 3 series of experiments is as follows. Altogether, around 90% of all the rats had their pancreas gland restored and their health recovered.

In some of the experiments the quantum bio-computer was modified to allow successful transmission of the healing information to sick rats at the distance of 20 kilometers. Note, that no known physical fields have the capability to transmit such extremely week signals with such unbelievably powerful results.

Furthermore, the WaveGenetics research and application has significant prospects of solving issues as regards ageing process in humans and increase of life expectancy. This view is grounded on the experiments we have been conducting with rats.

It is Opportunities of technologies of WaveGenetics are not limited to what has been outlined above. The development and application of the technology is far-reaching and is substantiated by experimental data obtained in numerous tests, experiments, observations.

In addition, it ought to be mentioned, such a technology – a quantum bio-computer, is capable of:
• treating oncological diseases on fundamentally distinct basis – without use of any chemical substances,
• eliminating pathogenic viruses and bacteria and agricultural vermin parasites – also without used of any chemical substances.

It may seem as a technology of another age, from distant future. However, a discovery of fundamental properties of living organisms is occurring today and it is our task to research and explain the phenomena and bring it to the service of humanity.

Peter Gariaev, Ph.D.,
Director of Wave Genetics Institute,
Russia, Moscow.
Email: [email protected]

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“AURA” apparatus-software device (AASD) is an innovational technical instrument to measure, analyse and process energy information (EI) properties of a human organism as well as other objects and substances. Such control enables people to increase essentially their vital capacity, the duration of active living, to improve physical and mental health, to achieve harmony and beauty in a natural way.
Far back outstanding scientists N.Bohr and F.Capra noticed the similarity of quantum physics and the ancient orient teaching (Daoism) about the Universe. Today the ancient ideas are being filled with new contents and come into life in modern machines on the basis of quantum information biophysics. A majority of existing technical diagnostic means which are used to form conclusion on organism vitality don’t register and don’t determine EI basis that is system-forming for an organism and is the fundamental principle basis of its information being (in other words – life on the contrary to the entropy being which reflects lifelessness). That EI basis was known long ago as chi, prana, Dao etc. People considered that different run organism systems (chakras, channels, nady, meridians) are bound up with it. But they had no adequate instruments to register, observe, analyse it except of the subjective feelings of some people who had rare capacities. It was impossible to collect statistical experimental date to spread this knowledge widely. Modern researchers could not reveal any physical structures or energy fields, giving the evidence of existence of the mentioned exceptional information phenomena. And it is not surprising because these phenomena are of different kind, of a hierarchical world that is not material one. But the existence of anomalous physical properties of bio tissues located in the places having to do with acupuncture points (for example, electrical conductivity). On physical level informativity shows itself through ordering and the decrease of the chaos of the corresponding physical structures. That is why the increase of informativity leads to the rise of electrical conductivity and other effects. Analogy with electricity is quite appropriate here. Electrical energy is more universal and organized than mechanical one. It’s properties were studied and came into use only during last 200 years. Earlier, the idea of electricity was not present in human consciousness. We cannot imagine our life in the modern world without this universal energy. Similar situation arises today with the concept of vital energy – information structures and flows. Hypotheses are made up concerning the carriers which form the initial sources of existence. They are chronal fields and microleptons. The consciousness of most contemporary people has not adequate mechanisms to regulate its psychophysics, EI balance namely, internal EI balance, because this process occurs out of the consciousness.
AASD registers EI structure (EIS) of the human organism through its influence on certain physical phenomena. The device reveals some peculiarities and changes of EIS in substances, objects, human organism, stimulating information process that is followed by quantum-information response. This response is being formed by the device signal. Basically, this process is close to natural generalized information process of cognition of the world by Consciousness. The part of information is extracted from the object and transferred into another state. So, a visual image is created within the device to analyse it. The image implies the quantum-information response and contains the informational essence of the object.
Information is not a material phenomenon, it possesses a higher hierarchical status in the real world. The universal concept of info quantity as well as the methods that reveal it with mathematic entropy of an object, system and effect is formulated by the information theory. Evaluation methods of information quantity through its mathematic entropy are universal and do not depend on the sort of an object or effect. This is a common method of comparative evaluation of the order level of all material and non-material phenomena. That is the main achievement of the information theory which enabled revealing the entropy-information process essence. This approach gave a certain mathematic apparatus (base) to a number of sciences that had no information instruments before. Those are biology, sociology, psychology, linguistics and others. By analog, AASD reveals the vital potential of a human being, the regularities of its dynamic under the influence of various nature occurrences and reflects the information on the deep basis, structure and properties of the human being in a handy and understandable way and gives recommendations on conscious informational perfection of these basic organism parts on the basis of the registration of vital energy-information allocation and processing it with the methods of nonlinear mathematics. Such recommendations are based on the earlier established regularities of the change of entropy-information status.
Modern technical solutions, advanced scientific approach, thousand-year experience, the knowledge of oriental medicine on the structure of energetic that represents living information of a being included in the AASD, open a qualitatively new level which has not been achieved nowadays with similar measurement means.
When people feel misbalance or lack of energy, in their everyday live they interpret it as a discomfort, uneasiness etc. They are not able to help themselves in a conscious way. That is why they try to fill the information energy vacuum or misbalance by the actions accessible to their limited consciousness. For example, it may be abundant and inadequate meal, information, food adds, medicines, alcohol, tobacco, conscious or semiconscious actions that are caused by the information energy misbalance. As a rule, such actions increase and deepen that misbalance, hide it for a certain time, causing stable violations, irregulations in psychic and physical state, shortening one’s life through increasing of the entropy.
Concerning all mechanisms of an organism to be unique with its individual peculiarities and qualities as well as complicated and delicate, that is initially based on energy information ground neither modern chemical medicines nor physical effects are able to regulate it without controlling its reaction upon their influence. It can only be legendary Graal or fabulous rejuvenating apples with their fantastic informativity. Without adequate control all of this may lead to energy information misbalance with ruining consequences. Each of purpose means alters EI of a human being, but and in a different way for a certain person. The main assignment of the AASD is to reflect this. Using information and recommendations how to reach this balance a human being renews itself as a child of nature. One can say people get a real EI basis to all psychophysical life.
Universality of the basic category, which lies in the base of the device’s work, - of a full value information as a fundamental component of a material object, determines a very wide sector of its applications. The use of the device in a business sector may create new possibilities to satisfy vital necessities of the people.
1.Health recovery and harmonic development of people.

Due to analysis of energy balance according to ELEMENTS software that is based on conception about transition phases and energy states accepted in oriental medicine AASD gives recommendations on the elimination of misbalance and possibilities to increase vitality, physical and mental health. That device function is especially actual for children. With AASD control you may gain the balanced physical and mental child development. Let us notice that wrong educational actions lead to the conflict between inside state with its misbalanced energy and social demands only. Even an adult, mentally developed person not always has a sufficient wisdom, strength and will to keep the principle of harmony and the laws of a higher expediency and to understand the nature of inside EI misbalance that is responsible for non-constructive social behavior and defects in physical health. With the help of the AASD there is a perspective to change the relation of society to individuals with socially dangerous behavior. Nowadays, it’s known that the penitentiary system has no effective technology to contribute to the transformation of a criminal personality into a useful (adequate) member of society. A person with balanced energy is able to live and work in full measure. Such a person is ingenuous, joyful, without depressions, psychoses, illnesses. All his EI levels are balanced and full of sense. People who have felt that state and remember it will never want to use any substitutes that replace the EI state of cheer natural being with an artificial stimulation and euphoria which are followed by abstinence (alcohol, drugs, hard rock etc). So, it is possible to use this technology to renew and maintain positive changes in it without ruinous behavior personalities and that may be interpreted as a specific social treatment.

A new stage of apparatus diagnostics is achieved to enable more effective principle of curing an organism before its illness show itself at physic level. The instrument is given for EI analyzing. The instrument works at the level which differs from traditional medical devices that analyse physical, chemical and electromagnetic properties of an organism. These properties by themselves are the material components of a living being only and the products of its information existence. AASD makes it possible to hold the entropy-information analysis of the whole organism and organs, systems as well. EI organism state, interacting with its environment, its initial in respect to its physicochemical and electromagnetic properties. So, such analysis gives a possibility of the preliminary prognosis of organism development and the detection of its illness through measuring the informativity of organs and systems and processing the changes dynamics before the negative changes show themselves at physical level. In addition to this, AASD gives light simulative effect to all organs and systems. It is possible to reveal the EI source that causes recovery or illness. The device gives the possibility to determine the index of health, stress, inter influence, early illness, effectiveness of traditional and nontraditional medicines, methods and means for revealing the damaged EI balance of certain man (on the contrary to the today methods of subjective average statistic evaluations), to predict possible allergic reactions to medicines, to forecast the process of pregnancy, to test energy therapeutics and other healers concerning their positive potential.

3.Customs and guard services
AASD may be used for revealing the persons who go across the borderline with illegal intentions. It can be done with express diagnostic that detects the increased level of anxiety or a modified state provoked by used medicines, drugs.

4.Mental and physical training. Sports.
• Revealing genetic gifts for physic and mental load
• Monitoring EI balance and recovery to develop more effective training methods
• Forecasting competition readiness
• Pedagogies.

• Revealing talent potential
• Controlling effectiveness of teaching methods through checking the growth of pupil integral energy potential and its structure, but not the subjective evaluation of this growth with limited and inadequate tests
• Detecting the influence a certain teacher onto a certain pupil

6.Customer’s examination
Detecting the bio value of food, genetic modified as well, EI (bio) quality of water and drinks, cosmetics etc.

• Finding geopathological and good areas, biophysical influence of nature and man-caused factors on people and environment
• Ecology examination of water environment through testing bioenergetics

8. Personal management
Professional testing, forming and optimizing working groups

9. Insurance
Express testing health for insurance tasks

10. Agriculture
• Checking the quality of sowing cultures
• Increasing effectiveness of selection on the base of more knowledge about selected objects
• Objective express monitoring of the development of cultivation plants and live-stock, early diagnostics of its illnesses

11. Criminalistics
Defining a violent death when it could be imitated as a natural one.

12. Marriage (conjugal) agencies
Testing positive EI inter influence of potential husbands and wives

13. Science

• Developing some normalizators of EI potentials of objects where there is no convincing results of the influence of various EI factors on people
• Research of new EI interactions in nature

Other AASD application sectors will be found as a result of a deepened research of its technical properties and market demands.
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The problem of creation of the DNA-WAVE biocomputer is considered, in which one the storage locations on genetic molecules will be used. In the basis of tendered idea are trusted to experimental and theoretical activities of the writers, in which one a) to be demonstrated capacity of DNA to the laser, b) capacity of DNA to generate solitonic waves with memory, c) the phenomenon of transition of the localized photons in radio waves is revealed, d) the phenomenon of spectral storage of DNA by the localized photons is revealed, e) the transport phenomena of the genetic information in polarization modulations of an electromagnetic field is revealed at transition of a photon - radio wave. On the basis of these data the theory of wave genes is built, in which one the dualistic explanation of the genetic information as unity of material and wave encoding functions of the chromosomes is offered. The hypothesis quantum nonlocality of genome of higher organisms is offered. The set of the obtained outcomes allows the writers to suspect, that artificial DNA computing cannot be carried out to the full without the registration of listed properties of the genetic apparatus. Key pattern of the DNA-WAVE computer will be the phenomenon of DNA memory on solitons and on the localized photons with participation of quantum nonlocality of such memory.
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The Journal of Non-Locality and Remote Mental Interactions

ISSN 1539-6576
a member of ICAAP

Volume I, Number 2
May 2002



Control systems, transduction arrays and psi healing: an experimental basis for human potential science
by Lian Sidorov
URL: www.emergentmind.org/sidorovI2.htm

Abstract: Based on the biophysical models of Becker, Popp and Gariaev, the present paper makes the argument that the study of exceptional human abilities such as self-healing and anomalous cognition (AC) should focus on biophoton emissions and conformational changes of biomolecules under the influence of focused intent. The central hypothesis is that practices such as qigong and yoga induce long-term structural and physiological changes in the body's semiconducting liquid crystal matrix, which maintain the system in a higher-than-average state of coherence, hence optimizing energy utilization (Bigu), sensitivity (AC, tohate) and regulatory DC current feedback loops which in turn control the expression of DNA and the "tuning" of sensory transduction arrays.

A comprehensive model of non-local mental interactions (Pitkanen's TGD) is also discussed within this theoretical framework, especially with respect to biophotons as a signature of macroscopic entanglement. Finally, a number of psychophysiological experimental approaches are described as an alternative to current directions in CAM and parapsychology studies.

A model for remote mental interactions
by Matti Pitkanen
URL: www.emergentmind.org/pitkanenI2a.htm

Abstract: TGD inspired theory of consciousness together with the notion of manysheeted spacetime leads to a theory of biosystems as macroscopic quantum systems. Quantum control is based on manysheeted ionic flow equilibrium: the densities of the superconducting ions control the densities of the ions at atomic spacetime sheets, and are in turn controlled by 'massless extremals' (MEs) distinguishing TGD sharply from Maxwell's electrodynamics. 'MEs' are topological field quanta of the classical radiation fields and ideal for both classical and quantum communications. The hypothesis of topological self-referentiality stating that the topological field quanta of classical fields form a symbolic representation for the system's properties (system contains in its own structure a theory about system) provides a strong interpretative tool. For instance, bound state entanglement is represented by negative energy MEs and the generation of macroscopic bound states essential for the binding of the mental images is accompanied by the liberation of the binding energy as a usable energy. Hence the ability of the system to behave as a single coherent whole and nonlocal quantum metabolism are different sides of the same coin.

MEs and magnetic flux tube structures seem to provide a royal road to the understanding of living systems as macroscopic quantum systems. The pairs formed by MEs and magnetic flux tubes define 'magnetic mirrors' serving as electromagnetic bridges between systems (not only living ones). By fractality, magnetic mirrors provide a common mechanism allowing to understand seemingly totally unrelated phenomena occurring at widely differing length scales. At molecular length scales miracle like molecular recognition mechanisms could be based on MEs serving as electromagnetic bridges between the molecules: the molecules recognizing each other would 'sing in tune' electromagnetically. In TGD framework sensory representations are realized outside brain in terms of magnetic mirrors and 'EEG MEs' are very closely related to this realization. The model of long term memories relies on magnetic mirrors: to remember what happened for a year ago is to look at a magnetic mirror at the distance of half light year. This mechanism gives rise to memories in entire hierarchy of time scales, even water memory could be conscious and realized in this manner. The transformation of p-adic ME to a real one in quantum jump provides a candidate for the transformation of intention to action and is a crucial element of remote mental interactions.

Magnetic mirrors can also serve as bridges between different brains, organisms, and also between living and nonliving systems. This provides a general mechanism for remote mental interactions like hypnosis, telepathy, remote healing, remote vision, identification phenomena, and psychokinesis. Magnetic mirrors make possible sharing of mental images and telepathy. Magnetic mirrors make also possible feedback so that the active participant (say the healer or the sender of a telepathic message) can gradually learn how to generate the desired effect. The role of the medium is to act as a relay station to which the audience and the sender of the message are connected by magnetic mirrors. The role of medium can be also taken by 'adjunct', an object owned by a healer or healee.

A model for biophotons
by Matti Pitkanen
URL: www.emergentmind.org/pitkanenI2b.htm

Abstract: The model of biophotons emerged as a natural application of TGD based vision about biosystems. Simple mathematical facts about the decay of the delayed luminescence induced by an external perturbation like light signal, lead to a model in which pairs of positive and negative energy MEs transversal to and moving in opposite directions along DNA strand and it conjugate generate coherent biophotons. What is important is that a rather detailed model for how MEs and supra current circuits interact results. Most importantly, it becomes clear that negative energy MEs, perhaps the most science fictive piece of the new physics predicted by TGD, seem to be there.

The search for mind in nanoneurology: implications for psi
by Keith A. Choquette
by www.emergentmind.org/choquetteI2.htm

Abstract: While materialism seems to be implied by the prevalent understanding of science, the traditional view has been called into question by new data regarding cellular microstructures and quantum coherence within these nanostructures. It has been suggested that even single cell organisms are capable of memory and sophisticated interactions with the environment. The study of such interactions has given rise to quantum biodynamics in biology suggesting new mechanisms through which organisms can respond to subtle changes in the environment, including stimuli from other organisms. Coupled with alternative versions of quantum theory that may be the basis for integrating consciousness itself into science, these recent developments clearly must be considered as a basis for understanding parapsychology.

Hierarchic model of consciousness: from molecular Bose condensation to synaptic reorganization
by Alex Kaivarainen
URL: www.emergentmind.org/kaivarainenI2.htm

Abstract: Hierarchic Model of Consciousness (HMC) presented here, is based on new Hierarchic Theory of Condensed Matter, general for liquids and solids (Kaivarainen, 1995; 2000a). In accordance to HMC, each specific kind of neuron ensembles excitation - corresponds to complex system of three-dimensional (3D) standing waves of different nature: thermal de Broglie waves (waves B), produced by anharmonic vibrations of molecules; electromagnetic (IR) waves; acoustic waves and vibro-gravitational waves (Kaivarainen, 2000b). Corresponding dynamic hologram may be responsible for large-scale quantum neurodynamics and for morphogenetic field.

In our model we consider the role of quantum collective excitations, produced by coherent translational and librational oscillations of water in the hollow core of the microtubules (MT). It is shown, that water fraction, related to librations, represent mesoscopic molecular Bose condensate (MBC) in form of coherent clusters. The dimensions of water clusters (nanometers) and frequency of their IR radiation may be enhanced by influence of rigid walls of MT. The
MBC is most ordered fraction of matter in biological cells. The increased frequency of coherent IR photons, radiated by MBC in MT, make possible the distant exchange interaction between MT of different neuron ensembles without absorption of photons by cytoplasmic water.

The Brownian effects, which influence reorientation of "tuned" MTs and increasing of probability of cavitational fluctuations in cytoplasmic water, stimulating [gel - sol] transition may be responsible for non-computational element of consciousness. Other models (Wigner, 1955 and Penrose, 1994) relate this element to wave function collapse.

The Wave, Probabilistic and Linguistic Representation of Cancer and HIV
by Peter P. Gariaev, George G. Tertishny, Katherine A. Leonova
URL: www.emergentmind.org/gariaevI2.htm

Abstract: The basic assumptions of our work include the following: 1. the genome has a capacity for quasi-consciousness so that DNA “words” produce and help in the recognition of “semantically meaningful phrases”; 2. the DNA of chromosomes control fundamental programs of life in a dual way: as chemical matrixes and as a source of wave function and holographic memory; 3. processes in the substance-wave structures of the genome can be observed and registered through the dispersion and absorption of a bipolar laser beam. The present article brings forward considerable theoretical and experimental evidence in support of this model, and discusses its practical applications with respect to cancer and HIV therapeutic strategies.

The role attention plays in building our subjective experiences
by Giorgio Marchetti
URL: www.emergentmind.org/marchettiI2.htm

Abstract: The phenomenon of qualia is explained by considering the organ of attention as the source of
the organism’s nervous energy (a kind of energy that directs all the other kinds of energy of the
organism), and attention as the nervous energy that gives the organism the possibility of performing
actions capable of directly affecting the state of its nervous energy. The attentional activity
performed by the organism involves a variation in the state of the nervous energy: it is precisely
this variation that constitutes the phenomenal aspect of consciousness.

Meta-rational thought
by Leslie Fieger
URL: www.emergentmind.org/fiegerI2.htm

Abstract: Albert Einstein once remarked, "The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them." The gift of rational thinking has brought humankind to a present threshold of almost unimaginable potentiality to self-actuate or self-destruct. The self-named creature, Homo Sapiens (wise man) must now somehow find the wisdom to transform the way he thinks in order to supersede and solve the problems he has created.

URL: www.emergentmind.org/lettersI2.htm

by Lian Sidorov
URL: www.emergentmind.org/paper_reviewsI2.htm

1. Self organization within complex quantum states by Andrej Detela
2. A model of consciousness an engineering approach by Emil Jovanov
3. On the methodology of EEG analysis during altered states of consciousness
by Emil Jovanov

URL: www.emergentmind.org/research_noticesI2.htm

URL: www.emergentmind.org/announcementsI2.htm

Erratum: in "The imprinting and transmission of mentally-directed bioinformation" by Lian Sidorov [JNLRMI 1(1)]: section IV, paragraph beginning with "One way, commonly found...", line 14 should read "sample to non-ionizing radiation produced radiographic film exposure...". The error was brought to our attention by M. Sue Benford, whose paper on the subject was published in the Journal of Theoretics Vol. 4, No. 1. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Topic for next issue (September 2002):

An experimental basis for psi - part II
genetic regulatory systems, psychophysiological approaches, brain imaging technology
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Crisis in Life Sciences. The Wave Genetics Response.

© P.P. Gariaev,
Acad. Russian academy natural sciences
[email protected]

© M.J. Friedman
Mathematical Sciences Department
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To create an organism, two genetic programs are required. The first one is geometric, i.e. a scheme, how to design the body. The second program is in the form of a meaningful text which contains instructions and explanations how to use the first program, how to understand and build the organism. These programs exist in the form of “DNA video tapes”, which are used by the genetic apparatus, acting like a bio-computer. When the bio-computer reads these video tapes, sound and light images appear that constitute the movie program of the development of the organism. When the creation of a grown-up organism is completed, the movie ends. Then the second movie starts, which contains the instructions for maintenance of the organism for indefinitely long time. Unfortunately, the videotapes containing information about a perfectly healthy organism, get corrupted with time, errors accumulate (DNA mutations). The instructions accumulate errors and the organism gets sick, grows old and dies. It is very likely that these DNA video tapes can be renewed and corrected. With this new understanding of how our genetic apparatus works, completely new technologies for healing a person and extending a person’s life become feasible. And this is the essence of Wave genetics and its practical applications to come.

1. Genetics and its problems
“Central dogma” of genetics

The genetic apparatus of every organism on Earth, including humans consists of chromosomes, where all genetic information of an organism, such as DNA or RNA, is stored. The paradigm or “Central dogma” of genetics and molecular biology states that:

1) The genetic apparatus operates as a purely material structure.
2) All the functions of genetic control of an organism are localized in approximately 2% of DNA, the so called coding DNA of an organism. The remaining 98% of the genetic apparatus code nothing, and are garbage or junk DNA, which mainly represents a graveyard of virus DNA.
The 2% coding DNA code proteins and RNA. Note however that genes of a human or genes of a fly or genes of a warm or genes of a plant are almost indistinguishable.

The biologists and geneticists use the language of analogies and metaphors to explain how genetic apparatus operates. The genetic apparatus consisting of 46 chromosomes is viewed as a library consisting of 46 volumes or books. Each book (a chromosome), contains a text (instructions of how to build an organism) which consists of sentences (DNA) consisting of words (genes). And each word (a gene) consists of 4 letters (certain “chemical letters”), i.e. the “genetic alphabet” consists of only 4 “letters”. The material realizations of the DNA molecules are famous double helixes, consisting of segments which are genes. In essence, genetic apparatus operates as follows. The texts, written in the “DNA language”, are first translated by the organism into the “RNA language” and then into the “Protein language. And proteins are the stuff that we are mostly made of (not counting water). Proteins perform two principle functions in the organism: they metabolize substances that we eat and participate in the morphogenesis, i.e. development of the spatial-temporal organization of an organism.

Here texts are 2% coding DNA, which are matter and matter only, like a physical book. And the analogy with a book ends here.

What genetics currently cannot explain

We point here to some important well established facts within genetics which “Central dogma” of genetics cannot explain. As everyone knows, huge biological differences between different species are transmitted from parents to children. In other words, there are huge genetic differences between different organisms. At the same time, genes and proteins are practically the same for different species. Hence can think about proteins as a set of “bricks” that can be used to build and maintain all kind of “houses”, i.e. organisms: plants, animals, humans. An unresolved problem: how to explain huge differences in the morphogenesis, i.e. in the development of an organism from an embryo, between different species?

Genome (total sum of all genetic material) of an organism cannot consist of 98% of garbage. This is nonsense from the perspective of evolution, which throws away anything unnecessary. Geneticists and embryologists discovered existence of special proteins which determine the shape and size of particular parts of an embryo, i.e. a hand, an ear, etc. However, this description contains a key unresolved problem, namely, some of these proteins are synthesized in one place of an organism, while their action in the form of a command is immediately expressed in another place of the embryo separated from the first one by hundreds of cells. There is no explanation for this immediate distant transmission of the command.

2. Experimental data questions “Central dogma” of genetics and the paradigm of life sciences

Some critical experimental data have been rapidly accumulating over the recent decades. This data unambiguously points to significant gaps and inconsistencies in “Central dogma” of genetics. Moreover, this data challenges us to find courage in ourselves to rethink and revise the whole premises of our understanding of the nature of life. We summarize here the highlights of this data.

DNA phantom effect

A DNA sample is moved from one location to another. And a trace, a phantom, is left in the air in the original location of the sample. This phenomenon was registered using the laser spectroscopy method by P. Gariaev in 1984 in Russia and by the group of R. Pecora in 1990 in the U.S.A. Gariaev also investigated the stability of the phantom and he found the following. After blowing the phantom away by the gaseous nitrogen, it comes back in 5-8 minutes. And the phantom disappears completely after 1 month. We remark that sound waves radiated by the DNA molecules were registered in these experiments.

In 2005 a group of P. Gariaev in Russia performed the following experiment. DNA samples were irradiated by electromagnetic fields in certain frequency ranges. As a result, various wave structures were created in the air nearby. They were recorded on film. These amazing phantom structures were found to move along complicated trajectories. Moreover, they mimicked the shape of the DNA sample and some objects surrounding it.

Phantom leaf effect

In 1975 V. Adamenko in Russia performed the following experiment. After a part of a living leaf was cut and the remaining part was placed into a high frequency electromagnetic field, a visual image of the whole leave appeared. In other words, a phantom image of the cut part appeared which lived for 10-15 seconds and could be recorded on film. The experiment was reproduced by the Gariaev group and many other laboratories in the world.

Cytopathic (cell pathological) “mirror” effect

During the period from 1980 to 1990 a group of V. Kaznacheev in Russia performed a series of experiments to investigate the following phenomena. Two identical cell cultures were placed into hermetically sealed glass containers separated from each other by a quartz barrier. A pathology was introduced into one of those cultures. Within 2-3 days the second cell culture displayed the same pathology.

Distant interaction between embryos

In 2000 V. Burlakov in Russia discovered the following phenomena. Two embryos of certain fish in different embryonic stages of their development were placed into hermetically sealed glass containers separated from each other by a quartz barrier. After several weeks the embryos started to display malformations. And what is even more interesting, the types of malformations were dependent on the differences in embryonic stages of development between the two embryos. In particular, for the same embryonic stage of one embryo, different embryonic stages of the other one induced different malformations for the first one. According to the established embryogenethis theory, and biology, in general, any distant interaction between embryos is impossible.

Holographic transmission and programming of the morphogenic information
In 2000 V. Budakovski in Russia performed the following experiment. He recorded a fragment of a tissue of a raspberry plant on a hologram using a red laser and then transmitted the hologram to a raspberry plant tumor (callus). And after several months the callus developed into a raspberry plant. The plant science cannot explain these results.

Wave genes heal diabetes in rats

Three series of experiments with identical protocol were conducted by the groups of P. Gariaev in 2000 in Moscow Russia, in 2001 in Toronto, Canada, and in 2005 in Nizhni Novgorod, Russia. These are more advanced experiments based on the principles and technology of Wave genetics, (see section on Wave genetics below). The goal of the experiments was to test new technology for regenerating damaged pancreas. Pancreas is an endocrine gland which has several important functions, the major one being production of insulin, a hormone responsible for sugar metabolism.

A control group of rats was injected a lethal doses of a poison called alloxan which destroys pancreas. As a result, all the rats in the control group died from diabetes in 3-4 days. Then the same lethal dose of alloxan was injected to another group of rats. And when the rats reached the critical condition, they were exposed to light images coming from a wave bio-computer (based on laser technology). Those light images were created when the bio-computer read information from the pancreas surgically removed from healthy newborn rats of the same species as those used in the alloxan experiments. One can explain the results of the experiment using the following analogy. The pancreas gland contains DNA-movies with information about healthy condition of the pancreas in its genetic apparatus. And this video morphogenic information programmed the stem cells of sick rats to regenerate their pancreas gland. Combined statistics for all 3 series of experiments is as follows. Altogether, around 90% of all the rats had their pancreas gland restored and their health recovered.

In some of the experiments the bio-computer was modified to allow successful transmission of the healing information to sick rats at the distance of 20 kilometers. Note, that no known physical fields have the capability to transmit such extremely week signals with such unbelievably powerful results.

3. A new paradigm for life sciences

The experimental data presented above represents critical evidence that forces us to conclude that some key elements are missing in our current understanding on life. In other words, our western scientific paradigm is incomplete. And we now articulate an extended paradigm which provides a natural and simple conceptual framework to account for those experiments. Of course, many researchers made contribution in this area and we do not claim originality. We hope that our emphasis on connections to experimental data will stimulate research in this new and exciting area.

We are guided by a famous principle in philosophy of science known as Occam’s razor principle. This principle says that one should always make the simplest possible or “minimal” theoretical assumptions to account for new knowledge being incorporated into an existing theory. We remark that the Wave genome theory, being developed by the group of P. Gariaev, is one of the first examples of a scientific theory emerging within this new paradigm. And it will be outlined below.

Postulates of the new paradigm

1) All living organisms consist of two substances: the material substance and the energy-informational (EI) (or subtle) substance.

2) The key property which distinguishes the EI substance, and the corresponding to it EI field, from all substances and fields known in modern physics is that the EI substance is omnipresent, i.e. it is present simultaneously at eat each point in space of our three dimensional material world. This means, in particular, that the distance between EI substances of any two material objects in our three dimensional world is always zero, no matter how far are they located physically from each other.

3) In agreement with Postulate 1), we assume that each living organism exists at two levels: the material level and the EI level.

4) The two levels of an organism are intimately linked with each other and affect the condition of each other as well as reflect the condition of each other. Moreover, the EI level is the leading one.

5) We define life as a dynamic exchange of energy and information between a physical organism and its EI (or subtle) counterpart.

Application of the new paradigm to explain the anomalous experimental data

We illustrate here that our extended paradigm can easily account for the experiments descried in Section 2.

DNA phantom effect. This experiment can be interpreted as follows. In the process of taking the laser spectroscopy measurements, a laser ray was sent to the DNA sample. During that time some information and energy was transmitted from the DNA sample to its counterpart at the EI level. After the (material) DNA sample was removed, the process of transmission of information and energy was reversed. Specifically, the DNA sample at the EI level was still at the same place, and it started sending information and energy back to the same physical location from which the material DNA sample was removed. And as result, a DNA phantom was detected at the same physical location.

Distant interaction between embryos. This experiment can be interpreted as an exchange of information and energy along the following chain (the first embryo at the material level) -> (the first embryo at the EI level) ) -> (the second embryo at the EI level) -> (the second embryo at the material level). Obviously the directions in the chain can be reversed.
Wave genes heal diabetes in rats. This experiment can be interpreted similarly to the previous one. One difference would be the following. To explain transmission of the healing information to sick rats at the distance of 20 kilometers without energy expenditure, we need to take advantage of Postulate 2), which in this case says that the distance between EI pancreatic DNA recording in the wave bio-computer and the EI pancreatic DNA of sick rats is zero, and hence we do not need energy to transmit the information.

4. Wave genetics
Brief historical perspective.

The concept of biological field has been developed by a number of researchers. Due to very limited space, we only mention two names. A. Gurvitch in Russia around 1920 pointed to a necessity to introduce the concept of biological field of a chromosome, as complimentary to genes, to account for special organization of an organism. According to R. Sheldrake, UK, creation may be viewed as a living organism. This ancient concept challenges the notion of the universe as a mechanism with God as the great mechanic. His theory of "formative causation" implies a non-mechanistic Universe, governed by laws which themselves are subject to change. The hypothesis of morphic resonance and morphic fields that he has developed is as an alternative to mechanistic thinking in biology. The concepts of Wave genetics of Gariaev and his group have been nurtured by the existing tradition that has facilitated their breakthrough in both experimental and theoretical directions.

Basic principles of Wave genetics

1) 98% Garbage DNA is not actually “Garbage DNA”, but is a supercode, and this code (or codes) are of a higher level than those coding RNA and proteins. This “higher level” is the “wave level”.
2) Genome is a quasi intelligent system.
3) The function of the wave level of genetic coding is to program the spatial-temporal organization of an organism.

Traditionally, genetics talks about DNA, RNA and proteins’ speech and texts only. The standard linguistic structures of genome are realized at the material level in the form of sequences of “chemical letters” in a DNA chain consisting of the 2% coding DNA.

In Wave genetics the texts are realized at the material level in the form of sophisticated dynamic holograms (gene-holograms) in liquid crystals of the chromosome continuum.
DNA wave bio-computer

Short term information on gene-holograms is the result of interference recording on the intercellular water structures of spatial light and sound images of the current condition of cells. And these images are read by the light and sound radiations of the chromosomes, transmitted to the neighboring cells informing them about the condition of the cell sending the information. Such an operation is performed by each cell in the organism, and there a billions of those. Thus all the cells in the organism form a combined unified informational space, which functions like a DNA wave bio-computer. This bio-computer processes, in real time, information about metabolic processes in cells.

Another type of bio-holographic information is of morphogenetic nature, and therefore it is fixed for a particular organism. It changes in time very slowly in the process evolution of bio systems and is inherited. The DNA wave bio-computer a quasi intelligent system, which operates with its own languages, similar to human ones, which we are only beginning to understand. The linguistic structures of genome at this level are true speech and true texts. By this we mean that quasi intelligent decisions are made regarding regulation of the structure and functions of an organism and its parts.

Genome: a quasi intelligent system.

Classical genetics has discovered experimentally that genetic RNA texts contain ambiguous words (homonyms) which may have more than one meaning, and the choice of the meaning is determined by the context. The significance of this discovery which was missed by genetics, is as follows. These words (homonyms) code critically significant molecules: proteins. If such a word-code has two meanings, and one of them is wrong for creation of a particular required protein, this will result in a biochemical accident and death of the organism. So, for example, the word 'ring' can code two different meanings: ‘a circle’ and ‘a place of competition’ of boxers. In order to give the precise and unique meaning to a homonym, the genetic apparatus must first ‘comprehend’ the meaning of the RNA text and only then make a decision, what precise meaning to give to a word-homonym. This example clearly illustrates that the genetic apparatus has quazi-intelligence and is capable to quazi-thinking at the molecular level and at the level the genome-biocomputer.

Wave genetics explains some puzzling real life phenomena

Telegony. This is a phenomenon known to occur among both animals and humans which cannot be explained from the perspectives of classical genetics. It consists in that when a female has her first sexual intercourse and then years later gives birth to a child from another male, her child may have genetic characteristics of her first sexual partner. For example, a white woman who had originally sexual intercourse with a black man, may later in her life give birth to a mixed race baby from a white man. The Wave genetics considers this as a real life example of DNA phantom effect, and views it as a striking confirmation of Wave genetics principles. In this case the first male leaves his wave signature i.e. he “imprints” his DNA phantom in the genetic apparatus of the female. It appears that this phantom is more powerful than DNA phantoms of other males.

Abortion. A similar explanation is apparently valid in the case when a woman after an abortion experiences something like birth contractions at the ninth month of pregnancy. Such sufferings, as well as some other negative health phenomena, may follow the woman for years. A possible explanation would be that that killed embryo leaves its phantom in the mother’s womb.


We now have a paradoxical situation in genetics, molecular biology, and medicine, in general, that is both grave and promising at the same time. Long ago, science decided to investigate the genetic codes of human beings. Science has recently completed the 10 years long effort, called the Genome, of mapping the DNA sequences of humans. All the letters and sequences of the DNA codes of humans are known by now.

Thanks to these results, the forces of trans-genetic engineering have been gathering momentum. Already, scientists have introduced artificial gene sequences into sets of plants, animals, and bacteria, which are being used as carriers of these artificially introduced genes. Such experiments have been thought to hold great potential in human health applications, promising possible cures for many diseases and disabilities, and in the creation of disease resistant food stuffs, promising a greater abundance of food.

Paradoxically, the more success we have in such genetics and molecular biology technologies, the farther we seem to be from understanding the actual foundational principles, the inner workings, of the genetic codes. So far, successes in this direction have mainly been concerned with functions of particular gene sequences that act to fabricate various proteins, which are building materials for cells. These particular gene sequences comprise only 2% of the genetic memory found in the chromosomes. The other 98%, the major part of the chromosomes, is not understood by genetics, and has for some odd reason been labeled as "junk" DNA. Many hypothesis have been brought forward to attempt to account for the reasons for the existence of this "junk" DNA; ranging from considering that this 98% majority of the DNA might be acting as "assistants" for the primary DNA sequences; to explaining that this 98% majority of DNA arises as a "cemetery of viruses", a rather difficult notion.

To ignore, or to, so critically, underestimate the role of 98% of the human genome, is an appreciable error. Moreover, whether we correctly see the true role of the genetic information represented by the known 2% of the DNA, is still an open question, especially in the situation where the remaining 98% of the DNA is presently "terra incognita", an unknown terrain. Presently, our understanding of DNA is very limited. With our present understanding, we cannot cure cancer, we cannot resist AIDS, we have not defeated tuberculosis, nor can we at present prolong significantly the lives of people. Initial promises of bright future, based on creations of trans-genetic research, have actually turned out to be only dangerous trans-genetic foodstuffs, hazardous to the biosphere on which our very lives depend. The cloning of animals has produced only ugly and useless creatures, or animals that grow old and die abnormally rapidly, as in the well-known case of the cloned sheep, Dolly. And it is quite natural that these results cause alarm within the scientific community.

A large group of Swedish scientists has recently produced the following example: http://www.psrast.org/defknthe.htm. How are we to escape from this condition of an abundance of flawed and dangerous experiments, where many inconsistent and hazardous results are caused by lack of proper understanding of 98% of the DNA sequences, and a dramatic deficiency in understanding the true foundational principles of the operations of DNA, the chromosomes, and the human genome? This same group of Swedish scientists has pointed that one of the principle directions for improving our understandings of DNA is represented by developments such as http://www.rialian.com/rnboyd/dna-wave.doc

The essence of our ideas, which have already found some practical applications, is the following. We proceed from very simple strategic reasoning. For success in our attempts to treat various medical problems and to sharply slow down the processes of human aging, it is clearly necessary to understand the languages by which cells communicate with each other. We have managed to accomplish this, to some extent. It appears that the languages we were looking for, are, in fact, hidden in the 98%, "junk" DNA, contained in our own genetic apparatus: http://self-managing.net/genetica/Zi...%20(Kniga).zip.

The basic principle of these languages is similar to the language
of holographic images http://www.self-managing.net/genetic...golografia.zip based on principles of laser radiations of the genetic structures, http://self-managing.net/genetica/Zip/DNK%20laser.zip which operate together as a quasi-intelligent system, as in http://www.rialian.com/rnboyd/dna-wave.doc. It is particularly important to realize that our genetic devices actually perform real processes which supplement the triplet model of the genetic code, as shown in http://rusnauka.narod.ru/lib/author/...p/2/index.html
In earlier publications related to these processes, some of their previously unknown organic properties are brought into play: http://self-managing.net/genetica/Zip/FROL.zip

At what stage of development is this new knowledge and what can it bring us? We are making the first steps in investigating the mechanisms of the relevant physical processes and developing mathematical descriptions of the informational processes, which occur in genetic structures. We have produced some laboratory equipment that allows us to accurately model the informational functions of the living cell and its DNA. Such devices represent the first quantum bio-computers. These devices have allowed us to carry out distant multi-kilometer transfers of some genetic/metabolic information; the introduction of this information into a bio-system-acceptor; and has allowed us to perform strategic management functions of bio-systems, biochemical systems, and actual physiological conditions: http://www.self-managing.net/genetica/Zip/SFR.zip.

In particular, we have found that it is possible to recycle endocrine glands in animals, and the same approach seems to be promising to considerably slow down the aging process in humans.

Peter P. Gariaev, Ph.D., Dr. Sci., Academician
Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and
Academy of Medical/Technical Sciences.
[email protected]

Mark J. Friedman, Ph.D., Professor
Mathematical Sciences Department
University of Alabama in Huntsville
Huntsville, AL 35899 U.S.A.
[email protected]

Ekaterina A. Leonova-Gariaeva, Ph.D.
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Prangishvili I.V., Gariaev P.P., Tertishny G.G., Leonova E.A., Mologin A.V.

Institute control of sciences Russian Academy of Sciences


It is offered the model of biosystems development, which is based on two-dimensional holography principals. The structures of flat layers are formed from liquid-crystals of chromosome continuum. They are capable to create holographic and/or quasiholographic lattices in the process of selfassemble and/or under influence of reference and object biosystems photon fields. The wave fronts arise under difraction of endogenous photonic fields on such lattices. Their gradients serve as vectors of biosystems morphogenesis. It is suggest the idea that besides holographic nonlocality exists as well as quantum nonlocality of higher biosystems genome wave information.
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Neighbouring nucleotide bonds nonlinearity influence on the dynamics of of conformation perturbations in the DNA molecules.
Berezin A.A, Gariaev P.P.,Maslov M.J,Reshetniak S.A.,Shaitan K.V..,Scheglov V.A.
The shugar-phosphate bonds nonlinearity in the chain of nucleotides on the dynamics on the conformative perturbations propagation process in the DNA molecule has been studied. The initial conditions for displaying considerable difference of behavior of the proposed model for linear and nonlinear bonds have been defined. Biosoliton laser hypothesis has been discussed.

In [1] there has been suggested a model describing the rotating-oscillatory perturbations in the chains of nucleotides for explaining experimental results on the hydrogen-tritium exchange in the DNA molecule. In accordance with this model the open states in a form of localized diclocations of soliton type can be generated and can propagate through DNA chain. The model of [1] (and [2,3]) describes interaction between neighboring nucleotides within the framework of linear potential. In our paper (differ from [1-3]) a principally new case is being considered, when this potential is nonlinear.
Well known that a DNA molecule represents a helix containing of adenine(A), thiamin(T), guanine(G), cytosine(C). Nucleotides in the chains display a certain genetic order and the coupling between the chains is realized through the hydrogen bonds between the complementary pairs (A T,G C).
In our study we simulate the DNA helix by an array of rovibrational (from the words rotation and vibration) vibrators, hanging on the weightless and stretchless rod. For simplify the spirality of the chain is not taken into account and the rovibrational degrees of freedom are considered "frozen".
In the considered case the hamiltonian for an "active" chain looks in the following way:
where: is the number of base pairs in a chain; is the hamiltonian, describing the own oscillations of the monomers ( rotation angles of nucleotides in a chain, moment of inertia of the basis), is the hamiltonian, characterizing nonlinear-periodical coupling between oscillators ( the elasticity constant of the chain, ), is the hamiltonian, describing the nonlinear coupling between the "active" and "frozen" ( ) chains of DNA molecule ( is the elasticity constant of the hydrogen bonds between complementary bases, coefficients in Eq. (1) are defined according to the following rule: for A T and T A pairs, for G C and C G pairs; is the parameter defined in [4] and obtained on the basis of the Sine-Gordon model and experimental data).
One should mention that at small values of the hamiltonian , which coinsides with the corresponding part of the hamiltonian, used in [2,3]. In this case the equations of motions for , obtained from (1), looks like this:
where the substitute has made.
In the case when , the system (2) can be transformed into dimensionless Sine-Gordon equation:
which represents a ”continuous analogue” of the system (2). The Eq.(3) has soliton solutions, in particular one-soliton solution, or kink, describing the dislocation propagation dynamics in the chain.
According to (1) nonlinear equations system can be given as follows:
As it can be seen, the systems (2) and (4) are considerably different. However we should mention that the numerical study of the (2) and (4) dynamics showed the following: if to take as initial conditions the single soliton solution of its "continuous analogue" (3) kink [2], one can see a similarity in the character of the solutions of (2) and (4). But when the initial conditions were taken like this
( is the ”step” function having the height of the step equal to and the inclining angle A),
the difference in the dynamics of both systems has been revealed as it can be seen in Fig.1 and Fig.2,3. Both systems (2) and (4) were integrated by the Runge-Kutta method of the 4-th power with the initial conditions looking like (5) in the interval with a step . Boundary conditions were "quasicyclic":

(poly-A-sequence). Parameter of the system . Parameter A was in variance (the inclination of the step function ).
The numerical study of the system (2) showed (Fig. 1) that the solution represents two solitary waves, moving from the right to the left at a constant velosity. The first wave has a quasikink form and the second has quasibreather form (breather is a double-soliton solution of Sine-Gordon equation). The first wave propagates faster then the second one. Both waves due to the ''quasicyclic" boundary conditions when reach the left end appear on the right end without changing their form. Quasikink propagating along the chain of pendula changes the co-ordinate of every pendulum by the angle (a pendulum makes a full turn). So passing the closed chain of pendula К times, it changes the co-ordinate of every pendulum by angle That explains the "shelf" form of the graph (Fig.1).
Fig.2 shows the results of integrating the system (4) under the same conditions. The graph displays same two solitary waves quasikink and quasibreather. Howewer it differs from already considered case. The difference is that at the very beginning the kink moves at negative accelerations wich results in its lower speed to compare with the quasibreather's one. Worth mentioning that the simulation has been done for done for homogenious poly-A-sequence so that the change of quasikink’s velocity can’t be explained by the influence if inhomogenity of the chain. This effect probably appears due to the nonlinear interaction between its monomers.
Fig. 3 illustrates the results of integrating the system (4) under the same conditions with the eonly exclusion that A=2. This time only quasikink is the case and it's negative acceleration results in reversing of the direction of it's motion. The system (2) being integrated under the same conditions results also in quasikink. Its velosity doesn't change to compare with the case shown in Fig.1.
Summing up, we would like to pay attention to the following circumstance. As it has been mentioned above in the systems of DNA type the overexcited rovibrotional states can arise. In quantum language it means that under certain conditions the overexited dynamics rotational states of nucleotides in one or both chains of the DNA molecule can be realized. A hypothesis can be put forward that there exists a principal possibility of creation a biosoliton laser on the DNA molecule. We partially proved it both experimentally and theoretically in our research on the biophoton excited luminecence of laser type in genetic strustures [5-10]). However the problem of dissipation in biopolimers makes the idea of developing a biolaser pretty problematic. At least to prove it we must fulfill the necessary conditions: where and are the width and the velosity of soliton correspondingly, is the dissipation time. If to take and (sound velosity), we'll have the following evaluation . It should be mentioned that the characteristic dissipation time due to the water hydrodynamic forces and the interenal molecular time of dissipation ( [13]).
So the dissipation effect plays a certain role in the act of dislocation forming process along the DNA molecule and it has been already considered as a viscosity parameter in DNA molecules, which depend on the presence of the structured water in the DNA molecule itself and in its microsurrounding (the dissipation magnitude) under consideration were taken 0.1 and 1 [3]. The dislocations are formed or not formed having no dependence on the values and only the ranges of parameters were taken into account. Under large values of the dislocation are being formed slower then under big ones. Much more essential point is influence of the DNA behavior through the other parameter and namely through the spirality step of the polynucleotide. As it follows from our model the change of concentration water molecules leads not only o the superspirality of the biopolimer but to the local decoupling of the DNA helix [3].
This work done on the financial support RFFI (projects N 96-02-18855 - a and N 95-04-12197 -a).

1. Englander S.W. et. al. Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci.USA, 1980, v.77, p.7222.
2. Salerno M., Phys. Rev.A., 1991, v.44, N8, p.5292-5297.
3. Благодатских В.И. и др. Кр. Сообщения по физике, сб. ФИАН, 1996 N3-4, с.9.
4. Fedyanin V.K., Yakushevich L.V., Stud.Biophys., 1984, v.103, p,171.
5. Гаряев П.П. и др., Кр. сообщения по физике. ФИАН, 1996, N1,2 с.54-59.
6. Гаряев П.П. и др., Кр. сообщения по физике. ФИАН, 1996, N1,2 с.60-63.
7. Gariaev P.P. et. al., Laser Physics, 1996 v.6, N4, pp.621-653.
8. Berezin A.A. et al., Laser Physics, 1996 v.6, N6, pp.1211-1213.
9. Berezin A.A. et al., Laser Physics, 1996 (in press).
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Cтатья размещена по адресу:

Authors:Boris I. Birshtein, Alexander M. Iarochenko, Peter P. Gariaev, George G. Tertishny, Katherine A. Leonova.
Moscow, Russia [email protected]
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Nature of HIV and cancer phenomena. Problems in interpreting.
The HIV and cancer nature and the Life essence both lie in a common plane. So far, we don’t understand the most crucial facts of the Life phenomenon: how did it appear on the Earth and in which way it is coded in chromosomes? Several hypothesis are available, and each of them at best represents just a piece of the reality. Here from the theoretical and biological difficulties in interpreting the HIC and cancer terms come and, therefore, mistakes emerge in treating respective diseases. The two morbiferous origins occupy the most vital part in any biological system, namely, its genetic apparatus, i.e. the body which contains organism’s accumulated “self-knowledge”. And this is a paradox: we seem to know good enough about chromosomes and DNA - oncogenes have already been found, the HIV genome has been studied, and it’s clear how these informational structures function in chromosomes. The genetic code and ribosome operation principles also seem to have been investigated in detail. But by some reason it’s not enough to develop universal methods for successful counteracting cancer and HIV development.
Half-truth is the worst lie. People get used to believe it, especially if this half-truth relates to the genetic coding “knowledge”. In this field, everything is an impregnable bastion for critics, and everything is ruled by dogma. Even the key definition, the strategic scheme of genetic coding (DNA® RNA® protein), is called “the Central Dogma”. Until recently, all attacks on this dogma seemed driftless and doomed to failure. And in vain, as it turned out. Accuracy and imprecision of HIV and cancer (and many other pathologies) research strategy depends on whether we orderly understand the genetic coding mechanism. The reverse transcriptase discovery smashed down the first breach in this dogma that automatically transformed into a hypothesis which is now described significantly more discreetly: DNAÛ RNA® protein. However, our ideas on protein biosynthesis are eroding, since each new model is just an approach to the truth, to the understanding of the genome language-image pluralism as a tool of coding the spatiotemporal structure of biosystems [32, 33].
What do we want to prove?
In this research we further explicate our ideas which are not aimed at final destruction of the so-called genetic code “canonical” triplet model, but at the development and establishment of its exact position in the knowledge of the chromosome operation principles. Yes, it’s possible to state that the triplet code is the truth. However, this truth is as correct as the statement that we could write a word using an alphabet. That’s right. But if we try, based on only this knowledge, to go further and avouch that by means of this alphabet we can compile grammatically-correct sentences, this new statement won’t be correct. Moreover, such a statement is incorrect in fact, because for the compilation of human beings’ speech laws of nomology, logic and grammar have to be applied. As for genome, it’s a very speech-like and logical structure, but its fundamental features are not the only way to express genome associative-semantic structures. Furthermore, we are inclined to admit V.V.Nalimov’s ideas [43] leading us to the idea that a genome possesses quasi-conscious abilities. The logic we use and the models we developed are only an attempt to obtain higher-level knowledge of laws pertaining to genetic text structuring or to other genome vital structures, i.e. the knowledge which is now just aborning. A.G.Gurwitch [38], V.N.Beklemishev [29] and A.A.Lyubitchev [41], the Russian researchers, laid the foundation of the science late in the 1920s.
What could be supposed to develop and enrich the common-accepted genetic coding theory and how this innovations can assist in resolving the HIV and cancer issues, in particular? Let’s assume, until getting a final proof, three statements which have already got definite theoretical and experimental confirmations [8, 32, 33, 37]:
1. DNA molecules, included in chromosomes, possess a substantially-wave duality which is similar to the dualism of elementary particles. In accordance with it, DNA codes an organism in two ways, both with assistance of DNA matter and by DNA sign wave functions, including the coding at its own laser radiation level [28].
1. Genetic apparatus is able to be illocal at the molecular level (holographic memory of a chromosome continuum) and at the same time quanto-illocal in compliance with Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen’s effect [4]. The latter means that genome genetic and other regulatory wave information is recorded at the polarization level of its photons and is illocally (everywhere and in no time) transferred (plays out) throughout the entire space of a biosystem by polarization code parameter. This helps to set a quick-response information contact among billions of cells constituting an organism.
2. Genome on the whole and individual nucleus of cells can generate and recognize text-associative regulatory structures with the application of a background principle, holography and quantum non-locality.
What’s the next step?
Let’s assume that final proofs of the above-mentioned statements have been obtained. Then the problem of HIV and cancer raises in absolutely another intellectual dimension. Let’s provide these ideas and facts with a theoretic-biological and medical explanation. For instance, what does the “DNA mater-wave dualism” mean and in which way it is linked with the chromosome numerous code functions which are dramatically differed from the known triplet genetic code? In some sense, genome operates like a complex multiwave laser with adjustable frequencies. It emits light DNA modulated by gene&sign by an amplitude, a phase, a frequency and a polarization. Moreover, genome is likely also a radio wave emitter converting a wide spectrum of coherent sign-polarized radio bands [37] (P.P. Gariaev, G.G.Tertyshniy, Ye.A. Leonova, etc. Radio wave spectroscopy of local photons: exit to quanto-illocal bioinformational processes. Transducers and Systems (2000, №9, pp. 2-13). Genome is also a mobile and changing multiplex quazi-hologram which is able to produce light and radio wave the gene-sign and other regulatory systems [37] upon its multi-wave auto-reading by its own photon radiation. These structures are the registers of electromagnetic marking schemes (calibration fields) of biosystems’ space and time organization. And finally, genome is a quasi-text formation with elements of a quantum non-locality, which can without any time delay “read” itself in billions of its cells and use information, thereby received, as a life activity guidance and as a method of its structure organization [8, 37]. Many biologists and genetics, let alone doctors, are likely to consider these new ideas of the genome information measurement as extremely complicated. However, not all of them. These thoughts whose roots first raised in Russia in the 1920s have rapidly been taking pace over the last decade.
This clearly shows that, while it isn’t too late, it’s necessary to change the strategy of searching the HIV and cancer treating methods, since traditional approaches to resolving the issue increasingly resemble a wish to produce a good harvest, having planted an asphalt road. A strategy to appear has to be based on fundamental investigations of substantially-wave and quasi-speech attributes of a higher system genome. Let’s stress once again that we consider a chromosome continuum as a sign laser & radio wave emitter [8, 33, 37], and direct experimental evidences allow to think so. For instance, to demonstrate laser abilities of genetic structures, we showed that DNA and chromatin in vitro could be pumped in as a laser-active medium for a consequent light laser generation [28].
If we know these vital characteristics of a genome, new specific issues arise: whether a sign character of chromosome laser & radio wave radiation changes when a xenobiotic HIV genome is building-in in them? And, at the same time, what happens to the radiation “semantics” during a transposition of oncogenes or any other mobile polynucleotide sequences as well as during B« Z or other conformational transitions in DNA in vivo? Whether these changes are linked with an alteration of quasi- and holographic programs, i.e. whether new programs are created and old ones are varied, or whether these programs are erased, and so on? Does the radiation polarization parameter retain, in semiotic sense, its dynamic properties in the process of genome reorganization? Do all these changes influence ribosome operation? Further questions may arise. The answer to any of them can play a key role in interpreting the HIV and cancer nature.
Theoretical structures - more details
Or let’s take another fundamental problem. Oncogene and HIV genomes, occupying certain positions in a 3D space of master cell chromosomes, do not produce themselves as pathogenic factors until a certain time. In this sense, the behavior of HIV in the infected man’s organism is unpredictable. HIV latent period may vary from a week to 10 years. The certain mechanism of HIV-infection induction from the latent (sleeping) condition is thought to exist, but this mechanism is still misunderstood and, therefore, an opportunity of making the HIV viruses sleep in a human’s organism for ever is been losing. Organism and cells simply “don’t notice” them or even, as in the case of oncogenes, use them for their own benefit as a reproduction factor. Why an organism adequately (rightly) accept them until a certain time X, and why they are semantically reborn, causing a management catastrophe in cell, after the X-time has come? Following our logic, it’s possible to think that both in the pathologic and normal state four factors are engaged, at least: genome “holography” and “linguistics”, genome background (context) self-organization, and its quantum non-locality.
Biosystem evolution has produced their own genetic “texts” and a biocomputing genome as a quasi- intelligent “subject” which “reads and understands” these texts at its level. The fact that natural human texts (it doesn’t matter what the language is) and genetic “texts” have similar mathematical & linguistic and entropy-statistical characteristics is extremely important for the genome elementary “intelligence” substantiation. This relates, in particular, to such a definition as a fractality of letters occurrence frequency density distribution (in genetic “texts”, nucleotides execute function of letters) [21].
American researchers obtained another confirmation of the genome coding function linguistic interpretation [20]. Dealing with the “coding” and “non-coding” DNA-eukaryote sequences (in the frames of old concepts of a gene), they came to the conclusion which was similar with ours’ and conflicted with the central dogma stating that sign functions are concentrated only in the protein-coding DNA sections. The researchers applied a statistical analysis method for studying natural and musical texts, known as Zipf-Mandelbrot’s law, as well as the known Shennon’s postulate of text information redundancy calculated as a text entropy (more information about text entropy and statistics of words distribution in texts is given in [1, 25, 27, 31]). As a result, they found out that DNA “non-coding” areas (space, intronic and others) had more in common with natural languages than the “coding” ones. Taking this for granted, the authors suppose that “non-coding” sequences of genetic molecules are a basis for one or more biological languages. Besides, the authors developed a statistical algorithm for searching DNA coding sequences; the algorithm they had developed demonstrated that protein-coding areas had significantly lower long-distance-acting correlations, as compared with areas separating these areas. The DNA-sequences distribution was so sophisticated that the methods the researchers applied stopped satisfactory working at the distance of over 103-102 of the base pairs. Zipf-Mandelbrot’s distribution for “words” occurrence frequency, where the number of nucleotides ranged from 3 to 8, demonstrated that the natural language had more in common with the non-coding sequences, than with the coding ones. It’s worth reminding that the authors therein considered the coding only just as a record of amino acid sequence information. And that was a paradox which made them state that DNA non-coding areas were not only a “junk”, but the lingual structures designed for reaching some still unknown goals. Despite the discovery of a growing complexity of non-coding systems in the process of a biosystem evolution, the authors didn’t understand the long-distance-acting correlations happening in these structures. They illustrated the process based on a family of genomes of the myosin heavy chain upon the evolutionary transition from lower taxons to higher taxons. The data presented in [20] are in full compliance with the ideas we had independently put forward [32, 33]; according to our point of view, DNA non-coding sequences, or appr. 95-98% of a genome, are a strategic informational content of chromosomes. The said context has a substantially-wave nature and, thereby, is multidimensional and functions as a holographic associative-image and semantic-semiotic program of the embryological origin, the semantic continuation and the logic end of any biosystem. Having intuitively understood that the old genetic coding model led to a dead-end, the authors [20] with a nostalgia said good-bye to the old and previously-valuable genetic code model, but didn’t propose anything to replaced it.
Homonymous-synonymous ambiguity of genetic texts. What does an organism need them for?
Text homonymy and synonymy are the common fundamental semantic-semiotic properties of natural and genetic texts. These features provide chromosomes, natural texts and a speech with over-excessive and multivalent information and, thus, ensure some adaptive flexibility. Polysemy of the same genetic texts gets a monosemantic meaning owing to a variation of DNA sequences position in genome space through their transpositions and/or a transposition of their surroundings. This situation resembles the situation with natural texts and a speech, in which homonymous-synonymous ambiguities of a semantic field are eliminated by the context (a background, the background principle is described in [44]). Homonymies of coding doublets are easily found in the traditional genetic code triplet model. The meaning of these homonymies is still misunderstood and isn’t estimated, with some exceptions [33, 35]. The unexplainable issue of information RNA (mRNA) homonymies of codons at once emerged upon the creation of the triplet model of amino acid coding in the process of protein biosynthesis. And immediately became a “time-delayed mine”, since the correct explanation of a biological (informational) sense of these homonymies automatically leads to the necessity of significant rectification or complete revision of the triplet model. How codons homonymies are produced? A set of different amino acids is coded in mRNA codons by similar doublets; the third nucleotides in codons can relocate chaotically, they are wobbling and may become any of the four canonical ones. As a result, they don’t correlate with the coding amino acids [3, 11]. That’s why semantic ambiguity of ribosome’s choice of anti-codons of transportation RNA (tRNA), carrying amino acids, appears. For instance, each synonymous codon of the standard code of higher biosystems (AGT and AGC) codes serine, while each synonymous AGA and AGG codon codes arginine. Since the third nucleotides of mRNA codons in combination with a sign doublet don’t have exact amino acid correlates and despite the first two sign codon nucleotides are similar with one another, they at the same time code different amino acids, the ambiguity in selecting tRNA anti-codons is brought about. In other words, a ribosome with an equal probability may take serine or arginine tRNA; such an outcome can initiate synthesis of abnormal proteins. In fact, this mistake don’t occur and the precision of the protein synthesis process is extremely high. These mistakes appear only in some metabolically abnormal situations (the presence of some antibiotics, a lack of amino acids, etc.). Usually a ribosome somehow correctly choose the tRNA anti-codons out of the homonymous doublets.
We think that the correct choice out of doublet anti-codons-homonyms is realized through a resonant-wave or context (associative, holographic) and/or the so-called “background” mechanisms. Amino acid code homonymity can be overcome in the way which takes place in natural languages - by the placement of a homonym (as a part) in a full system, i.e. into a completed phrase; the homonym decodes the context and attaches a unique meaning to it, thus establishing the unambiguity. That’s why mRNA, being a kind of a “phrase” or a “sentence”, should operate in the protein synthesis process as a functional coding integral system (illocaly) setting the sequence of amino acids at the level of tRNA aminoacylated associates which complementary interact with the entire mRMA molecule. Macrosteric disagreement between mRNA- and tRNA-continuums could be eliminated due to a conformational lability of macromolecules. The A-P sections of a ribosome are responsible for acceptation these associates, predecessors of protein, with a consequent enzymatic sewing of amino acids in a peptide chain. In this case, a context-oriented unambiguous choice and obviation of the doublet-anticodon homonymy will occur. Considering the above, it’s possible to predict that the interaction of aminoacylated tRNAs with mRNAs has a collective phase character and is effected by the type of re-association (“annealing”) of one-string DNA upon the temperature reduction after melting of a native polynucleotide. Do any experimental data, which can be interpreted in such a way, exist? Yes. A great deal of such information is available and collected in the analytical review [45]. Herein we just present some of the data. The correctness of terminating codons recognition by tRNA molecules is known to depend on their context surroundings (that’s a confirmation of our theoretical models), in particular, on the existence of an uridane after the stop codon. For example, in Paper [9] the following information is presented. The insertion of a line consisted of nine rarely-used CUA-leucine codons in the position after the 13th one in the compound of 313 codons of the tested mRNA results in active inhibition of their translation and doesn’t notably influence on the translation of other CUA-codon-containing mRNA. Here, the translation context orientation is clearly seen. A strategic influence of the strictly-defined codon insertions in mRNA, located far away from the peptide bond formation point, on the inclusion (or non-inclusion) of certain amino acid in the composition of a protein, being synthesized. This is a remote influence, connected with the protein synthesis continuity (it’s also an example of genetic apparatus’ functions non-locality) when protein-synthesizing apparatus recognizes mRNA not only in parts (by nucleotides, locally), but in one piece (non-locally) as well. However, in the work being cited this key phenomenon is only stated and remains misunderstood for the researchers; and probably by this reason they don’t even discuss it. The number of similar works is increasingly growing. In the work under discussion the authors refer to a half a dozen of analogous results in which interpretation in this way is rather difficult. This is obviously explained by the imperfection of the genetic code triplet model. The model also isn’t correct due to the existence of unusually swollen anticodons. When they are involved in the protein synthesis, the number of base pairs in the ribosome A-site exceeds 3 [45]. This means that the dogmatic postulate of code tripletness in this case also fails. Results of the research of tRNA-tRNA interaction on a ribosome are presented in [45]; they completely confirm our hypothesis in which we consider an amino-acid-loaded tRNA associate (continuum) as a predecessor of a protein. In [45], an important idea, very close to our’s, was put forward: the influence of the mRNA context on monosemantic incorporation of amino acids into a peptide reflects some basic, still practically unstudied, laws of genetic information coding in the protein synthesis process. It’s worth reminding that genetic information about protein synthesis occupies only some 1% of a chromosome total volume. The rest 99% of the whole contain programs of a significantly higher level.
Prions: the last blow to the molecular biology central dogma
As we can see, the previously-existed hypothesis on a genetic code and a sign operation of a protein-synthesizing apparatus were simplified. Prion phenomenon is likely to be the last quietus in favor of a final revision of the molecular biology central dogma. Prions are the low-molecular parasitic proteins (PrPsc) hitting brains of animals (cow madness) and human beings (Alzheimer’s disease, Kreitsfeld-Jacob’s syndrome, etc.). Virus-like strain-specificity is an unexplainable feature of prions. This strain-specificity is only attributable to microorganisms or viruses which have a genetic apparatus. At the same time, it’s thought that prions don’t have a genome, since all affords to find traces of DNA or RNA in them have always failed. An acute contradiction, which once again discredits the molecular biology central dogma, arises: prions don’t have a genome, but genetic signs are present. Some scientists, not being able to explain this phenomenon and trying to “save” the central dogma, nevertheless suppose that DNA or RNA traces are hidden in prion molecule’s wrinkles [10]. However, investigations, carried out in this field over decades and marked with the Nobel prize awarded to Stanley Prusiner in 1997, reliably demonstrated that prions neither had nucleic acids, nor a genome [23]. How to overcome this contrariety? If to admit that the central dogma does exist, it’s impossible. Having rejected this dogma, we cam imagine the following prion biogenesis scenarios [34]. Herein, “prion virtual genome”, i.e. a provisional genome mutually lent from master cells for some time, is a chief sign figure. To put it more exactly, this is a protein-synthesizing apparatus of master cells. Prions are likely to have retained the paleogenetic way as a way of their reproduction; in some cases this breeding method enables prions not to use genes, coding them in chromosomes, and to self-reproduce in another way, ignoring the central dogma of molecular biology and genetics statements. To synthesize prions, a cell has to address to their genes; it’s rather a progressive, but, at the same time, organizationally and energetically difficult method. Prions can simplify the procedure. We suppose that NH-groups of peptide bonds PrPsc can enter into reaction with OH-groups of ribose remains of accepting CCA-sequences of respective tRNAs. In the course of hypothetical fermentative reaction, an emerging poly-tRNA-continuum, the collinear PrPsc, pairwisely in space draws together anticodons and forms a covalent and discrete “information RNA similarity” (iRNAs). This stage is practically a reverse process of the protein synthesis on a ribosome. The process is likely to take place on the ribosome’s A- and P-sites. Then, the synthesis of RNA on iRNA passes. For this purpose, a respective RNA polymerase, which can work with an iRNA covalently-discrete matrix, is required. That’s the mechanism of “mutual usage” of protein-synthesizing apparatus during the prion reproduction period. This impermanence creates an illusion that prions don’t possess a genetic apparatus. In this process, prion peptide chains are used as matrixes on which poly-tRNA-continuum in pairs arranges on the ribosome’s A-P sections, forming discrete polyanticodons. The latters, joining in pairs, either directly become a matrix for the RNA-dependent prion’s mRNA synthesis, or (in the other case) polyanticodons through a specific slicing are cut off and then alloyed in a covalently-undisrupted mRNA matrix of prions. Thereafter, prion’s mRNA polymerizes prions on a ribosome. That means that ribosome operates in the reverse direction, being a “prion-polyanticodon-dependent mRNA polymerase” in the process. And, therefore, violating the dogma, information is transferred from a protein to RNA. Thus, the scheme of the dogma completely changes: DNA® RNA® Protein. In this case, it isn’t the dogma any longer, it’s just a working model which needs further clarification, perfection and development. In accordance with this view on prion biogenesis, the prion stain-specificity is explained by peculiarities of reverse operation of ribosomes, temporary recruited during the synthesis of each prion strain. These peculiarities reflect a taxonomic position of prion-producing biosystems.
Now, back to the basic postulates of the genetic code model, still widely-accepted: genetic code is a triplet, unoverlapped, degenerated formation and doesn’t have “commas”, i.e. codons are not separated from each other. Information flows from DNA through RNA to a protein. And finally, code is universal. What’s now left out of the initial postulates? Nothing, in general. Indeed, code is likely to be a multi-letter fractal and heteromultiplet structure coding both individual proteins and functionally-linked protein associates. It has overlaps formed due to a shift in ribosome’s reading frames. It has commas, since heterocodons can be isolated from one another by sequences with another functions, including punctuation functions. The code is not universal: in 14 cases, it is differed from a standard code of higher-level biosystems. The mitochondrial, leavenous, microplasm, trematodian and other lower organisms’ codes are included in these cases [5, 6].
And the last: a protein can be a matrix for RNA, as we can see from the prion example. How should we understand an actual genetic, or protein, to be more exact, code, taking into account all the above-mentioned contradictions and in line with our theory? It is possible to postulate qualitative, simplified, initial version of substantially-wave control over the amino acids lining-up order dictated by the associates of aminoacylated tRNA, predecessors of proteins. Having admitted this assumption, it’s easier to understand the operation of the protein code and consider it as a hierarchically-structured program of the substantially-wave biosystem organization. In this sense, the code is the first stage in a chromosome’s plan of building a biosystem, since the genome language is multidimensional and pluralistic and is capable not only to set up the protein synthesis task. The basic statements of the initial model of substantially-wave sign processes in protein biosynthesis we propose are as follows:
1. Multicomponent ribonucleoproteid protein-synthesizing apparatus is a system to generate highly-organized sign radiation of acoustic-electromagnetic fields which strategically regulate its self-organization and the order of inclusion of amino acids in a polypeptide chain.
1. Aminoacylated tRNAs are associated in sequences, the predecessors of synthesizing proteins before the contact with the A-P site of a ribosome. The continuum of the tRNA pool anticodons is complimentary to the entire mRNA, excluding dislocations determined by the availability of non-canonical nucleotidic pairs.
2. Sequence of aminoacylated tRNA variation in associates, protein predecessors, is determined by sign collective resonance of all the participants involved in the amino acid sequence synthesis. In this process, pre-mRNA and mRNA, which functions as an integral continuum (macrocontext) of heteropolycodons variously-scaled by length, including an intronic fraction pre-mRNA, are the key wave matrixes. The main function of the wave matrixes is an associatively-context orientation of the aminoacylated tRNA sequence; orientation in a large degree, rather than F.Krick’s “wobble-hypothesis” ignoring the rules of canonical pairing of nucleotides in the unidimensional space mRNA-tRNA. Laser-like radiations, emitting by the participants of this process and correcting the order of insertion of the amino acids remains into a peptide, also function on a ribosome in addition to and/or together with the resonance regulations of a mutual dislocation of the codon-anticodon continuums. A ribosome enzymatically-covalently “de jure” fixes the peptide bonds of amino acid sequences, selected “de facto” in a polyaminoacid-poly-tRNA-associate, the predecessor of a protein.
3. The resonance-wave “censorship” of the order of inclusion of amino acids in a peptide chain emends a potential semantic disorder in the creation of false protein “proposals” following from the homonymy of codon families, and ensures their correct “amino acid conceptualization” due to the context lift of the homonymy of multisided even doublets in codons. The same mechanism is engaged in a higher-ranked ambiguity when the number of codons is (n+1).
4. Genetic code degeneration is necessary for pre-mRNA-mRNA-dependent, contextly-oriented exact matching of aminoacylated tRNAs, determined by the nature of wave associative resonance interactions in a protein-synthesizing apparatus.
5. The mechanism of generating the correct sequences of aminoacylated tRNAs on the wave matrixes pre-mRNA-mRNA may be considered as a particular case of a partially complementary re-association of one-string DNA-DNA and RNA-DNA or, in general, as a self-building process known for ribosomes, chromosomes, membranes and other molecular- and super-molecular cellular structures.
6. Ribosome can facilitate RNA synthesis on a protein matrix.
Thus, the role the mRNA plays is many-sided and dualistic. This molecular, like DNA is a cornerstone in the evolution process and is marked by mutually-adding synergetic unity of material and wave gene information. An ambiguity of material (substantial) coding is set off by the precision of the wave one, which is likely to be realized through the mechanisms of collective resonance and laser-holographic (associative, contextual and background) effects in a cellular-tissue continuum. A jump to a more developed level of the wave regulation of the RNA®Protein translation is accompanied by a partial or complete refusal from the canonical laws of pairing of an adenine with an uracil (thymine) and of a guanine with a cytosine, attributable to the early (and more simple) evolutionary stages of the DNA replication and RNA transcription. Such a refusal is informationally necessary, unavoidable and energetically preferable at a higher biosystem level. It’s worth stressing once again that the context associative-holographic mechanisms of operation of an organism’s protein-synthesizing system are tightly linked with the so-called “background principle” [44] and also with a multivector and multisided logic of a sophisticated system management (Gerhard Thomas’ kenogrammer) [26]. From this point of view, macrocontexts of pre-informational and contexts of informational RNA might be considered as a background which in this particular case is an “information noise source”. This allows to significantly amplify a signal under which the correct choice (wave identification) of one in two homonymous aminoacylated tRNAs, with only of the two is to be build-in in a protein correct “phrase” and “word”. This selection is only become possible after a ribosome managed to split a coherent component in the form of the repeats of the same “conceptualizations” (identifications) of one of the two similar doublets in codons. The following simplified example can explain the situation. Let’s suppose that it’s necessary to select one of the two words (analogues of codons with doublets-homonyms). The words are “a branch” and “a ranch”. It’s clear that the choice depends on the entire sentence, or on the context being here a background (noise) which helps to identify a signal, the correct word. If the sentence is “I saw a big branch on a tree”, then the replacement of “a branch” with the word “a ranch” is equal to noise generation and to losing a signal. Pre-informational RNA and introns are likely to play similar part; they are different levels of contexts which a live cell and its ribosome apparatus have to read and conceptualize to take a precise decision on tRNA anticodon selection in homonymy situation.
A family of various solitons (optical, acoustic, conformational, rotable-oscillating, etc.) excited in polynucleotide can become an apparatus for continual (non-local) “reading” of context RNA sequences on a whole. These solitons facilitate to gather semantic information on RNA contexts and then associatively regulate codon-anticodon sign interrelations. Biocomputing genomes of cells carry out semantic estimates. Soliton reading, scanning the RNA surface, is a method of polynucleotide continual reading. For instance, the solitons of running torque vibrations of nucleotides on a sugar-phosphate axis we physically and mathematically considered for one-string RNA-like DNA sections [30, 36]. These solitons respond to the nucleotide sequence alteration by the modulation of their dynamic behavior which acquires sign features and can probably be transmitted remotely, or over the distances significantly exceeding the hydrogen bond length. Without a remote (wave, continual) migration of a signal containing information about the whole system, i.e. about pre-mRNA-mRNA-sequences, it isn’t possible to realize associatively-context protein synthesis regulations. For this purpose, the wave capability of solitons (as well as of holographic memory) to deal both with separate parts and integral system as a whole, is required. This continuity or non-locality (what’s the same) ensures that the ribosome apparatus recognizes and correctly chooses an actual codon of the two available doublet-homonymous ones, the codon, pseudo-noised with a background (context).
How to use the nature of linguistic ambiguities of genetic texts in practice?
After all the above-mentioned discussions, here comes again the question of the linkage of the matters discussed with the HIV and cancer issues. Obviously, the linkage is direct. The HIV genome and oncogenes as well as other DNA structures, pseudogenes for instance, “are silent” (as factors of destruction), and this silence continues till a certain time. This key moment for initiation of a genome pathologic condition in cells, potentially inclined to abnormal reborn, is determined by transpositions of oncogenes an the HIV genome or by transpositions of their polynucleotide surrounding in the chromosomal space and time structure. In both cases, context surrounding of genomes and HIV genome changes. The latter is no longer homonymous, unrecognizable or acceptable as a normal one by a cell. Other signals aimed at HIV reproduction are turned on (“are read and conceptualized”). A cell under the new context recognizes oncogenes as factors having other (pathologic) command functions. The changed background (context) identifies and amplifies in the new polynucleotide situation potential signals and other meanings, which were hidden so far. The situation looks like that taking place in protein synthesis (choosing a correct codon out of the homonymic codons). Under this new context, cells are “confused in giving meanings” of DNA sequences and take-in wrong “decision” as correct; this results in the complete rebuilding of a metabolism and its re-adjustment to a “cancer way” - to reproduce HIV. Here, the dualistic situation occurs: the new decisions are wrong in relation to the organism, but are right pertaining to the HIV reproduction. That’s how pathogens identify themselves and uncover their real “targets”, keeping and multiplying themselves as allogenic particles through the destruction of a biosystem as a whole. The problem of the DNA sequences migration in chromosomes may be discussed more globally (oncogenes, HIV genome or any other transposons whose purposes are still unclear for us). Moving along a genome like over a context continuum, they obtain new and new senses and another semantics which depends on their location in a 3D space of interphase chromosomes. The same discussing logic is also true for “genetically-engineered” transgenesises of plants and animals. A growing number of artificial transgenetic organisms threatens with a global and rapid degeneration of all creatures living on the earth, because an uncontrolled automatic sign reconstruction of higher-ranked genetic codes, occurring after the introduction of foreign DNA molecules, isn’t taken into consideration. Practically uncontrolled intertaxonic transfer of foreign DNA-sequences, an avalanche-like semantic chaos in chromosomes and a metabolic chaos in all biosystems (including human beings) will be the result of these genetic-engineered manipulations. It’s becoming hard to slur over the first alarming signals.
The abstract enough theoretical structures of genetic material transpositions we propose are confirmed not only by the example of transgenetic biosystems, but also by R.B.Hesin’s fundamental work [47]. Euchromatic genes, moving to an intercalar heterochromatin, produce a positioning effect, i.e. they are inactivated in one somatic cells and continue to function in others. Oncogenic cellular sequences are able to build-in in retroviral structures which didn’t originally have their own oncogenes. As a result, relatively non-hazardous viruses sometimes become tumorigenic. For instance, the RaLV rat virus might transform, having included master’s determinants in the genome, into the RaSV sarcoma virus. Cellular oncogenes, like viral ones, acquire a transforming activity if the lengthy repeated viral end sequences (LTR) are alloyed to oncogenes’ 5’-ends. Under an appropriate surrounding, proviruses including HIV viruses (as we think) are converted into latent (“silent”) genetic elements. They can retain in a master’s genome without making any harm to it namely owing to the cellular DNA’s neighboring sequences repressing their activity. Taking into account this Hesin’s statement, it’s possible to imagine a reverse situation, namely, the HIV genome activation in a surrounding of other DNA sequences when a cell in another DNA context already interprets HIV as a hostile semantic structure, but can do nothing to defend itself. However, as Mr. Hesin stresses, both peculiarities of the chromosomal DNA adjacent sections and operational principle which determine a provirus activity, are still a mystery. The mystery will remain unresolved, if not to apply new measurement criteria (semantically-vocal, wave or image measurements, i.e. the criteria we propose) to genome. In this aspect, an interesting comparison of chromosome semantic and holographic information appears. A higher biosystem genome have several levels of information non-locality, “smearing” and redundancy, with a chromosome continuum holographic memory being one of them. Information locality and unambiguity of genome’s mobile elements, the transposons, is contraposed to it; however, the multi-vector meanings of this information are developed dependent on a changing context of the transposon context surrounding; at the same time, transposons themselves are the triggers initiating the appearance, disappearance and repetition of the texts. A context “game” (combinatorial analysis) depends on current metabolic requirements of cells, tissues and an organism. The difference between a text and a context is conditional and depends on the domain of a part and an integer in a genome. The boundaries between the part and the integer are conditional and are likely have a mortho-functional character which depends on an organism’s quantum differentiation by a cell, a tissue, an organ and a biosystem levels. A more fine ranking - by functional and metabolic areas of a cell which are controlled by certain chromosome sections (up to protein-genetic and exon-intronic splitting) - is also exist. Each of these quanta is an integral system in relation to itself, and just a part if the splitting rank is higher. Isn’t here metabolic pathologies and herontologic manifestations are rooted when a biosystem stops identifying and differentiating many-sided patterns of a part and an integer? The HIV genome, like a transposon and like a conditional part, under some DNA context of master chromosomes might be invisible for a cell. That’s the way how molecular-semantic mimicry of pathogenic chromosome structures is produced. Each coding-noncoding homonymous (and synonymous as well) and any other DNA sequence can be considered as a potentially multi-meaning pseudo-noised signal (signals) or like an image (images) which have to be identified and understood on the background of other dynamic gene images. The genetic apparatus amplify each image signal and pick up the amplified signals out of the background (context, noise) not through the noise suppression procedure. On the contrary, a cell, a tissue and an organism use the background changing context as a means of extraction, amplification and understanding the meanings of each these available image signals. It’s also logic to discuss in the same way the role of 3’- and 5’ - flanking sequences of protein genes highlighting one or another meaning. If we realized that the proposed mechanism of the dynamic game of genetic text meanings could play an important role in HIV and cancer development and in an organism’s entire metabolic status on a whole and if we accepted an idea that the comparison of a genome with natural texts and images wasn’t just a poetic metaphor, then real opportunities for creation of a new biosystem management strategy, including management of viruses and oncogenes behavior, emerge.
Is it possible to apply a probabilistic approach for identification of individual, including pathogenic, meanings in a changing polysense continuum of a genome?
We have already mentioned some similarity between the Background Principle and Gerhard Thomas’ multi-vector logic (keno-grammar) and the prospects of these methodologies for the extraction and recognition of genetic or even metabolic vectors of multicellular organisms’ live functions. There’s another one direction in the natural languages theory, which, as we hope, is applicable to genetic linguistic. This direction was developed by V.V.Nalimov and is linked with a probabilistic approach to understanding a language [22, 43]. V.V.Nalimov considered that the semantic of each actual text (including a genetic one, as we think) could be described by its own distribution function (probability density), r (m ). Text revision and evolution are linked with a spontaneous manifestation of the filter r (yl m ), multiplicatively interacting with the initial function r (m ), in a certain situation y. We consider an “y-change” in a genetic text as the natural transpositions of the DNA mobile elements, recombinations, the slicing and the alloying. The wrong (for a biosystem) transpositions of own (or foreign) DNA mobile elements, mutations and artificial transgenic manipulations are considered as “unnatural changes”. An introduction of viral genomes, the HIV genome for instance, into a biosystem’s chromosome material, relates to a “specific class of unnatural changes”. The interaction of the r (yl m ) filter with the initial function r (m ) is ruled by known Buys’ formula:
r (m l y) = kr (m )r (yl m ),
r (m l y) distribution function determining the semantic of a new text after the “y-changes”
k normalization constant.
According to V.V.Nalimov, Buys’ formula comes forward as a syllogism: based on the two statements - r (m ) and r (m l y), a text with a new semantic r (m l y) comes to life. Let’s assume that Buys-Nalimov’s logic is applicable to genetic “texts”. Then the “idea” of these “texts” taken as a whole is determined by 3 weight correlations which the r (m ) function specifies. “Meanings”, being a qualitative parameter in nature, obtain a new quantitative characteristic. With the help of the conditional distribution function r (m l y) V.V.Nalimov presents new, somewhat different from that used in Buys’ statistics, interpretation. In his theory, r (m l y) shows the distribution density of a random value y under the given value m . Therefore, not y, but m can be considered as an argument of the r (m l y) function which plays a role of a filter. We think that the “y-changes” factor, initiating and exciting a new semantic situation, is a key element in this model. And namely this factor unpacks “understanding and re-understanding” of increasing number of new meanings as well as of holographic and other images in a variable semantic space of mobile DNAs in a multicellular organism’s genome. Genome purporting continuum passes through the dynamic filters r (yl m ) responding to it by dramatic “y-changes”. Significantly, that V.V.Nalimov had been puzzled by the question what made reproduce the non-trivial r (yl m ) filters, but didn’t find an answer. Nevertheless, at the same time he put forward an idea about the role the environment played and about the variety of situations as a source and a reason of adequate filters formation. Here, V.V.Nalimov practically came up to the above-discussed Background Principle. After the unification and combination of Nalimov’s model and the Background Principle statements it’s logic to consider that the y-factor is nothing but a context (background) mechanism of switching on the r (yl m ) filters. These filters pick up those semantic loading and meaning which are determined by an actual metabolic, including genetic, situation. For instance, the necessity for a cell to synthesize a huge amount of catalase at the moment, the process which is accompanied with a choice and expression of catalase gene from a gene multi-meaning continuum. Herein another, and may be the key mechanism of genome differential activation to produce different proteins, is seen. Therefore, the Background Principle and Buys-Nalimov’s logic became linked by identical in nature definitions. G.Thomas’ keno-grammar [26], which is largely based on context orientations in choosing priorities to manage complicated situations, is likely to adjoining the above-said ideas.
Now back to the “genetic engineering”. Let’s also remind of the “chromosomal engineering”, when large blocks of a genome are used for production of useful hybrids. From the probabilistic approach to the mobile polysemantic chromosomal continuum, these “engineering” seem rather gloomy. Any manipulation here is an instant (as compared to the evolution pace) creation of new y-factors by people (and not by the evolution) and therefore, a mutation of the r (yl m ) purporting filters, unhampered by any time (evolutionary) frames. That’s the Earth’s genetic fund forthcoming chaos.
Genetic apparatus paradoxiality
Genetic apparatus paradoxiality in the combination of two imaginably alternative properties - the information stability transferred from one generation to another, and a genome violatility [47]. Genome’s mobility is provided by polynucleotide transpositions, soliton-like non-linear dynamics (electric acoustic), and conformative and halogen restructuring. These non-occasional (programming) movements of a chromosome continuum in live tissues are sophisticatedly distributed in a biosystem space and time. The said dynamics is a means of the wave management of re-dislocation of an organism’s parts against each other. At the same time, it’s a way of metabolic event sequences organization. These strong sign chromosomal non-linear dynamics, which is easily found even in vitro, is realized through its isomorphous image in an organism’s space and time structure [32]. As a result, in a chromosomal continuum, as in a polysemantic and multiplex & holographic formation, permanent and variable semantic “game” of meanings goes. Some kind of “endogenic semiotic shows” of optically-acoustic regulatory (sign) images, which also have variable meanings, passes. One of these chromosome images was experimentally found in many laboratories and known as a phantom leaf effect (ref. to [32]). The phantom leaf effect theory is based and is developed on the holography principles [32, 37]. It’s possible to say that the “game of meanings” is a function of a sign dynamics of interphase chromosomes. This is a prerequisite for storing and processing vast information volumes when a super-small volume of zygote mesomorphic chromosomes is able to operate a multi-vector and many-sided logic of development of extremely sophisticated biological systems. Herefrom comes an idea that a principally new strategy of approaches to the HIV and cancer treating presumes the understanding and the possibility of managing a multi-vector genome logic. If we master, applying genetic engineering methods, to purposefully (right in the target) introduce certain context DNA sequences to the 3’ and 5’ ends of oncogenes or HIV-genome, then it’s worth expecting the inactivation of their pathologic origins. On the other side, if we know the principles of ribosome operation in a context orientation mode, then we can successfully fight with HIV in a ribosomal wave (laser, solitonic, polarization and radio wave) regulation zone. Ribosomes, synthesizing HIV proteins, must have thin wave vectors for management through context-background paths. Knowing them, it’s possible to suppress viral protein synthesis by external artificial modified fields similar to those normal cells use.
Genetic apparatus non-locality levels. Preliminary experiments.
Now, let’s talk about another genome operation phenomenon. We mean a supposed effect of quantum non-locality of chromosome sign conditions, which we more or less experimentally confirmed [8, 37]. The idea of quantum non-locality was proposed by Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen [4] (EPR-effect). This effect is good in line with the quantum physics explanations. In short, the sense of the EPR-effect is that elementary particles, two photons for instance, initially been in the so-called “entangled” state, retain the interbonds (this bond may be called “informational”) by quantum parameters (for example, by polarization), even if these elementary particles are removed from one another at any distance. If the polarization of one of the particles has changed by any reason, for example, the photon passed through an optically-active layer and recorded the polarization modulations, then this photon disappears, but it manages to instantly (over a zero time) transfer the recorded polarization information to another photon. To be more correct, it’s not a “transfer”, it’s a transition of one photon into another by means of a permissive teleportation mechanism. The first changed photon turns into the second one, independent of the distance between them. The second photon becomes a completed analogue of the first one. If this situation is in some a way reflected in the genetic apparatus, then we rocket to new higher orbits in understanding a metabolic process and the Life phenomenon as a whole. In strictly physical terms, the EPR phenomenon as a fact of photon teleportation was correctly confirmed only in 1997 [2].
Thereafter, other researchers soon obtained similar results, and not only based on photons. Multi-frequency physical fields are now teleported. Based on this data, it’s possible to suppose that photon fields, emitted by chromosomes as sign fields, can be teleported within or even outside the organism’s space. The same is true for wave photon fronts, which were read from the chromosome continuum similar to reading from a multiplex hologram. If photons are transformed into radio waves (the situation we found - ref. to [8, 33, 37]) through the EPR-mechanism, then this phenomenon is vital. In fact, the importance of quantum non-locality existence for a genome is hard to overestimate. We put forward and published this idea when we found with the help of the equipment we’d developed, probably, a more sophisticated variant of the EPR-effect. The said equipment includes a specially-designed laser which is capable to transform own photons into radio waves [46, 37, 8, 34]. The laser is featured with a unique light beam dynamic polarization which could in some a way simulate a dynamic polarization of chromosome laser radiations. It converts its photons (l =632.8 nm) into kHz-MHz-band radio waves upon the interaction of its beam with a matter and the introduction of probing photons back in the laser resonator. Under these conditions, we suppose, pairs of entangled photons aborning in a gaseous phase of the laser optic resonator are transformed during their splitting and interaction with any body, including the laser mirrors, into radio waves. Photons were found to be able to localize in fractal clusters of the laser metallized mirrors. If photons are probing an outer object, then the mirrors “store” its spectral characteristics. In such a way we have managed to record polarization & radio wave information of DNA preparations. This information carries morpho-genetic signals. This fact enabled us to develop a fundamentally new type of dynamic polarization laser-radio wave spectroscopy and to investigate quantum-illocal (teleportative) genetic processes.
We’d like to express some additional statements on the importance of a quantum teleportation of genetic & metabolic information for biology on a whole. Quantum non-locality of genetic (chromosomal) information as a method of manifestation of its wave total distribution (continuity) in the space of multicellular biosystems seems to be just a particular case. In biosystems, there are 6 non-locality levels, at least.
The first level is a constitutional (organism) level. Here, non-locality is produced in the ability of regeneration, planarium worms for instance possess. After cutting any part of worms’ body is capable to reproduce an entire organism through regeneration. In other words, in this case there’s no link point between the genetic information common pool and a part of a biosystem. The same is also applicable to vegetative breeding of plants.
The second level is a cellular level. It’s possible to grow up an entire organism from each cell (not only from a zygote). Despite the difficulties, it’s also possible for animal biosystems. Each cell is a potential continuum of an organism.
The third level is a cellular-nuclear level. Enucleation of nucleus from somatic and reproductive cells with a consequent introduction of other nucleus inside doesn’t impede a normal organism development. Such kind of cloning has already been carried out at a higher biosystem level, on sheeps for instance. Each nuclei of a cell is also a potential continuum of a biosystem. There’s no localization of genetic potencies at the level of individual cells.
The fourth level is a molecular level. Ribosome “reads” informational RNA either by individual codons, or on the whole, with the consideration of context, i.e. non-locally and continuously.
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The fifth level is a chromosomal-holographic level. A genome possesses a holographic memory [37] which in nature is a typically-distributed (non-local) associative memory. At this and the next level non-locality obtains a new feature - a dualistic substantially-wave character, since electromagnetic and/or acoustic fields, bringing out geno-wave information outside chromosome matter, “read” holograms as a substance. A physical field (or fields), marking organism’s prospective space (calibration), comes on scene. Brain crust’s holographic memory, establishing mental, semantic and image spaces calibrating potential actions of higher biosystems, is likely to belong to this category. That’s the way of realizing social and genetic processes.
The sixth level is a genome quantum non-locality. At the levels of up to 6th, genetic information non-locality is realized in an organism’s space. The 6th level is of a special nature, since it acquires a new quality. It’s manifested within the frames of one of the quantum non-locality forms, namely, in permissive form we postulate in the current paper. In this case, non-locality is realized both by biosystem space and by its own, shrinkable to zero, time. Geno-wave programs, instantly spreading in such a way, simultaneously operate in an organism “here and there” and therefore, the semantic construction “now and then” loses its meaning. And this is a strategic factor and a vital evolutionary achievement of multicellular biosystems. Billions of organism’s cells have to instantly “know” a lot of information about each other. Without the “wave information instancy” phenomenon, a giant multicellular continuum of higher biosystems won’t be able to completely coordinate a metabolic process and its physiological and other functions. The intercellular diffusion of signal substances and nerve processes are too inert for this purpose. Even if to assume, that sign electromagnetic fields are involved in an intercellular transfer process passing with a speed of light (this assumption is quite reasonable), it’s not enough. A quantum non-locality mechanism, applicable to genetic apparatus and which can act as an instantly-distributed quantum (wave) object isomorphous with substantial chromosomes, is required. Using non-locality, genetic apparatus of higher biosystems creates an unparalleled phenomenon, when in certain periods of time the “here and there” and “now and then” structures operate within the biosystems’ “closed” space and time as a continuity providing the organism with intrinsic super-coherence, information overredundance, a super-informativity and a linkage and, as a result, proper integrity (survival). The ability of lower organisms’ (hydros, worms, amphibian, lizards, crustaceans) tissues and organs to regenerate (people have lost this ability in large) is a manifestation of this phenomenon. But, considering the biosystems wave self-organization principles we are developing, it can be re-activated. The world’s first successful adaptation of donor tissues implanted to a blind man, which helped to return a sight to the patient, is a good example of regeneration. The ideology of this surgical operation and regeneration processes is described in [33-35].
At the same time, theoretical and experimental researches in this field are just emerging and need further physical and mathematical understanding and development.
Possible mechanism of recording information on laser mirrors
Now, let’s return to some features of the phenomenon of a long-term recording of dynamic photon-polarization-radio wave information on laser mirrors. We think this is linked with the phenomenon of photon fields localization (compression) in the system of correlated dispersers of laser mirrors. Given that the disperser material possesses a low radiation absorption ability, the external light field is capable to retain in the system within a long time without the dissipation in other forms of energy. The reason of localization is connected with the interference of many times diffracted waves. An external electromagnetic signal (in our case, it’s a laser beam modulated by polarization, for instance, by a DNA preparation) is localized (“recorded”) in the system of non-uniform laser mirrors. Later, the signal can be “read” without a significant loss of information in the form of isomorphously (in relation to photons) polarized radio waves. Theoretical researches on a strain state of localized photons [12, 14-19, 24] say in favor of these thoughts. If this opinion is correct, then a chromosomal apparatus may also be considered as a fractal medium of localized photons accumulation, creating a coherent continuum with a quantum-illocally-distributed polarization radio wave genetic information. To some extent, this is in correspondence with our idea of genome quantum non-locality existence in one of its forms - ref. to [8, 34, 37]. It’s possible that the apoptose phenomenon, which is likely to be involved in the regulation of multicellular creatures’ life time, is connected with an abnormal compression of photons by a nuclei of a cell, which are accumulated to a maximal value and then destroy the nuclei. The background principle of gene operation (including anti-oncogenes) may be another supplemental apoptose regulation mechanism. For instance, an anti-oncogene coding the p53 protein could be controlled through the introduction of the DNA artificial flanking contexts from 3’-and 5’-ends of the p53 gene.
Analysis of experimental evidences of gene wave forms existence
We are unaware (with some exceptions, of course) of modern publications on wave genes theory and practice, available in the disclosed scientific journals. In the 1920-1940s, A.G.Gurvich, A.A.Lyubitchev and V.N.Beklemishev, who developed the first theoretical models, were the pioneers in this field; their ideas are described in detail in [32, 33]. In this paper, we are trying to produce more developed opinions of some possible synthesis mechanisms and functions of wave genetic structures, attributable to higher biosystems, as well as of the methods applicable for simulation of sign wave processes in chromosomes and model units simulating chromosome field functions and transferring wave genes. A publication and a patent, granted for the development of a device for the transfer of wave genes from a donor biosystem to an accepting one, are worth mentioning as an example of a rarely-appearing event. The said researches were carried out by Yu.V.Dzang Kangeng [39, 40]. Kangeng’s device for a directed wave transmission of oncologic, including genetic, information to change hereditary characteristics of a biological accepting object is of a special interest. Unfortunately, there’s no theoretical interpretation of the device operation principles. Kangeng’s device has some common functional features with the equipment we developed and whose operation is based on similar principles. Kangeng’s device includes space elements (forms) which enable to split the radiation of a high-frequency SHF electromagnetic field generator into two orthogonally-polarized beams which repeatedly, as in our installation (in our case, it’s a laser beam transforming into radio waves), were passing through a donor biosystem and an accepting biosystems. Dzang Kangeng used a hexahedron, a cone, a sphere and a parabolic-reflector aerial as a kind of special forms. These forms provide a specific spinning (polarization) of the SHF field electromagnetic vectors. In our laser design, one of the mirrors used also had the form of a parabolic-reflector aerial directed to a resonator. During numerous repeated passes through an optically-active (an electromagnetic wave polarization rotating plane) hetero-mesomorphic donor biosystem, organism’s tissues modulate the radiation (in our case, this is laser-radio wave radiation) by polarization, which is strengthen owing to repeated passes and is repeatedly and over a long time delivered to the accepting biosystem. In this process, the generator electromagnetic field, “stored” the donor biosystem gene-sign polarization modulations in its “memory”, resonantly interacts with gene-sign polarizations polarization of the accepting biosystem electromagnetic fields. If the donor biosystem is at an early morphogenesis stage accompanied with an intensive fission of cells, it can’t be excluded that the supposing polarization resonances are also of a holographic nature. Many times-amplified signal, carrying the wave information that was “read” from the donor biosystem chromosome continuum, passes through a substantially-wave structure of the accepting biosystem and makes it execute new polarization-gene-wave programs by means of the variation of their differential polarization structure. Change in the accepting biosystem polarization-gene-wave structure induced by the donor in the process of the field integration (“wave heterosis”) leads to a restructuring of its morphologic (genetic and phenotypic) characteristics. Shear wave correlations of polarization angles during the donor-accepting mixture of physical waves, resulted in acquiring new morpho-genetic and biological properties from the accepting organism, are one of the most important quantum-electrodynamics events of the “wave hybridization” process. This fact allows Dzang Kangeng with the help of the wave method to transfer genetic information from ducks to hens, for instance. Hybrid chickens of hens have got typical features of a duck - a flat beak, an elongated neck, increased internal organs (a hard, a liver, a stomach, and a bowels). A weight of a one-year-old hen-duck hybrid is 70% higher, than a weight of hens grown up from irradiated eggs. The second generation of the hen-duck hybrids saved all changes, which were obtained in the first generation, even without further re-radiation. A wave transfer of peanuts’ features to sunflower seeds resulted in the change of a form, taste and odor of a hybrid plant, which became similar to those of peanuts. Productivity grew by 1.8-fold; new features are transferred from one generation to another even without further re-radiation.
Let’s highlight some common features of the experiments Dzang Kangeng and we independently carried out; they demonstrate the possibility of genetic information existence in a wave form. This similarity is in the polarization modulation of the radiation orthogonal beams with intensity re-distribution in primary orthogonal beams with a frequency secured in the radio wave spectrum we register, by a donor organism. The spinning polarization planes here act as gene-semiotic structures whose biological meanings are identified and coded by angular and intensity shifts by a frequency spectrum. Similarly-polarized waves are known to be able to interfere, while orthogonally-polarized waves do not interfere at all. Waves with a partially-coincided polarization produce, dependent on their polarization coincidence degree, a more or less contrast interference picture. In other words, an angle cosine of each vector in relation to their registration plane or to the wave interference plane is a crucial factor.
Biology, including genetics and embryology, has already come to a turning point in its development, which is similar to the period when physics first admitted an idea that the properties of waves and particles didn’t contradict each other and even were compatible in quantum objects. A huge number of facts and scientific research outcomes available in modern molecular biology, genetics and embryology, can’t be understood without such a definition as physical fields, for instance, or without the application of quantum electrodynamics principles. The idea of lingual attributes of higher biosystems’ genome is a kind of humanitarian counterweight to an apparently excessive physical interpretation of Life functioning basic phenomena. Paces this idea is admitted by society are not high, and this idea faces furious resistance. Current situation is easy to explain: the issue of Life existence is too complicated. Nevertheless, time has come. If we are late with the understanding of wave gene-sign functions of biosystems including the human one, then such diseases as cancer and HIV we’ll destroy our society. We’ll lose an opportunity of a mighty jump in biotechnology and biocomputing. In the end, we’ll also lose an opportunity to purposefully, rationally and positively influence sociogenetic and demographic processes. Following the above-described logic, we are coming to the conclusion that human speech structures, which provide the major information influx for the mankind, possess fractally-scaled supergenetic properties. Evolution of the society is similar to organism’s morphogenesis. Books, libraries, movies, computer memory and people’s live speech in the end are the functional analogues of a cell chromosomal apparatus. The aim of these chromosomes is to control the creation of the society space (houses, roads, oil- and gas pipelines, telephony, the Internet) and to arrange relationships among people inside it. Chromosomal sign properties, which have a lot in common with organisms’, have a substantionally-wave nature. For instance, a movie showing an ideal model of a social structure and people’s relations within its frames is a substantional formation (video tapes). However, it uses a mentally-wave method to input information (light, sound, speech, idea, image). That’s the method chromosomes apply. The latter produce marking and calibration fields to arrange organism’s space and also control information & metabolic relations, using, in particular, quasi-speech methods (let’s remind context orientations in the protein synthesis and functions of oncogenes and HIV). Therefore, people are worth carefully studying the operation principle of their own genetic apparatus and the “tricks” HIVs play to “mislead” our chromosomes. Such kind of a study is especially crucial today when Russia, and not only Russia, could face a demographic and social collapse within the next 5 to 10 years. We have declared the theoretical approach to describe the logic of sign speech-wave relationships between HIV genomes and a master cell as well as the oncogene behavior logic. However, it’s not enough. We must get a set of key tools which would enable us to follow up at least the simplest wave command biocomputing functions of our chromosomes1 and the reprogramming of our chromosomes by nucleotide sequences of HIVs and oncogenes. We have already developed this set of tools - it’s a laser uniquely reflecting coherent polarization-laser-radio wave (PLRW) quantum-non-local sign processes in chromosomes. Physico-mathematical formalism characterizing the PLRW-quantum processes in such appliances is presented in our research2. PLRW-spectroscopy is the basis of wave information record to laser mirrors - the phenomenon we have discovered. We have also managed to record information from specially prepared mesomorphic DNA matrixes, to broadcast it in a waveform at a distance of 1 m and to introduce it in accepting biosystems. As an accepting biosystem, we took plant seeds. Using this phenomenon, we effected a “wave reparation” of a genome of radioactively-damaged old seeds of Athaliana gathered in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant area in 1987, and initiated drastic changes in stem and tuber phenotype in the second generation of the Solanum tuberosum plant. These biological influences don’t have the nature of mutations, they only have a sense meaning and are just another evidence that genetic information can exist in the form of electromagnetic field. Not less important that genetic information can be recorded, stored, read, transmitted and introduced in accepting biosystems. Here, two vital factors emerge. The first one is that the record of vast information volumes, including the genetic one, is an unparalleled event which confirms that it’s possible to develop principally new carriers of the dynamic super-capacity analog memory (images, texts). This is rather important for future biocomputing. The second factor is that owing to the PLRW phenomenon we enter a huge area of genetico-metabolic wave sign processes. Numerous and unclear events of distant “recognition” of the pairs antigene  antibody and transmission RNA anticodon  information RNA codon, as well as complementary mutual recognitions of DNA single chains, self-construction of ribosomes, recognition sites of ferments, careful piloting and landing of transposons in the DNA and so on, are also embraced within the frames of these processes. Nothing of these phenomena can be explained by only Brownian movement and adjacent angstrom van der Waals, ion, hydrogen and electrostatic interactions. And finally, the most important thing for us in the context of the ideas we propose is a wave and sign behavior of viruses, HIV or influenza, for instance. Viruses can be considered as “orphaned” cells which retained minimum of chromosomal information required for a wave search of a site of landing on a master cell and exact place to cut-in own DNA as a transposon in the master cell’s DNA with consequent possible precise re-transpositions. Wave “languages”, which viruses use during the information contact with a cell’s surface and its genome, are the most vulnerable parts of a virus. Viruses use these “languages” to enter semantic space of a cell and then to “mislead” the cell; after that, they undergo mimicry and are reprogrammed, reproduced and thus survive in the end. Cells are likely to be able to “mislead” viruses as well, creating a kind of “wave immunity”. That’s why certain balance of powers in the fight exists; the said balance can shift in favor of a virus - for instance, in favor of influenza virus if the temperature starts fluctuating. Cooling of a blood circulation in nose mucosa capillaries changes the temperature of liquid crystals in chromosome blood cells. At the same time, protective wave programs recorded on high topologies of chromosome mesomorphic phases can only be slightly distorted. As a result, the “cold temperature information breach” appears and is used by influenza virus to reproduce. As a response to this action, a compensatory reaction is evolving in the organism, i.e. the body temperature goes up to a sub-lethal level of 41° C. As we think, this reaction is designed to “submelt” mesomorphic phases of the virus nucleic acid and, therefore, to produce noise or completely erase virus wave programs which it needs to attack organism’s wave semantic space and to kill the growing number of it’s cells. Virus genome acoustic fields tightly linked with photon ones might act as wave bioprograms. Using method of correlative laser spectroscopy, we demonstrated drastic changes in acoustic performance of the DNA liquid crystals in vitro at temperatures of 40-41° C; the results obtained partially confirmed our suppositions. And that’s only an example of wave sign processes in the relationship influenza virus  human organism. Similar sense relationships exist between HIV and man’s cells, and the same issues raise - how to correctly find a site of landing on a cell’s surface and precisely build-in the DNA (reverse transcriptasal copy of a viral RNA) as a mimicrying transposon into the master cell DNA. Thereafter, the task is to get accurately re-transposed in a proper place of a chromosome and to detect and realize itself as a reproducing pathogen. Now we can initially list the bottlenecks of HIV wave programs and name countermeasures to eliminate the problems:
1. Searching and recognition of HIV on a landing site (by altering the radiation nature of a virus and/or sites of landing on a cell, it’s necessary to distort the system of resonance-wave recognition mechanisms).
2. Searching and recognition of a viral DNA on the site of landing to the master cell’s DNA (altering the radiation nature of a virus and/or sites of the landing on the cell’s DNA, it’s necessary to distort the system of resonance-wave recognition mechanisms).
3. Searching and mutual recognition of protein iRNA: HIVHIV RNA (wave distortion of this process).
Any violation of even small wave sign resonances in this triad will result in the loss of infection ability of HIV and other viruses, and the Nature has created an example. As it was already mentioned, it’s an organism’s temperature mode. In a way similar to the one found by the Nature it’ll become possible to design a simple “wave” vaccine against HIV and other viruses and bacteria. Our goal is to study “alphabet” and “grammar” of wave “languages” of viruses’ genome. And the foundation for this study has already been laid. A laser capable to “read” PLRW-wave genetico-metabolic information has been developed. However, the research in this field is rather difficult due to intrinsically natural inertia of the material understanding of genetic and metabolic information. Technical issues also exist. The laser we use generates only red photons, while the chromosomal apparatus of human beings and viruses uses a wide spectrum of coherent radiation ranged from 250 nm to 800 nm. Therefore, it’s necessary to design lasers which function in a full span of the spectrum visible area. This aim is technically feasible, but significant investments are needed to achieve it. In our point of view, all attempts to produce a material vaccine or other drugs to fight against HIV or influenza virus will fail. Viruses continuously change its antigenic composition and thus bury all attempts of immunologists engaged in the vaccine development. Efforts to chemically block certain stages of virus morphogenesis are inefficient and only poison human organisms. Wave vaccine is a reality. This vaccine provides non-invasivity and environment friendliness, since it touches a narrow area of wave sign relations between a virus and a cell.
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clearly you have too much time on your hands. might i suggest getting an allotment and growing your own food so you can take care of your loved ones when the shit hits the fan.
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Originally Posted by talkingchimp View Post
clearly you have too much time on your hands. might i suggest getting an allotment and growing your own food so you can take care of your loved ones when the shit hits the fan.
Not so hasty there Chimpy!

It's a lot of information to digest, but I just spotted a reference to biophotons, for example.

I heard some fascinating thngs about biophotons last year!

Thanks Wavegenetic!
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Originally Posted by anthony65 View Post
Not so hasty there Chimpy!

It's a lot of information to digest, but I just spotted a reference to biophotons, for example.

I heard some fascinating thngs about biophotons last year!

Thanks Wavegenetic!
Aye! +1
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You used the word "brief" to describe the length of your "introduction."

I do not think the word means what you think it means.
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it is a set of publications

did read?

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Originally Posted by wavegenetic ru View Post
it is a set of publications

did read?
Why did you post the bulk of your site here, instead of just links to and summaries of the relevant pages?

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the English version of site is in development
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Originally Posted by wavegenetic ru View Post
the English version of site is in development
So you choose to spew the content that will eventually go on the English version of the site onto other forums. Wouldn't you be better served by dedicating your efforts to finishing the English version of the site first?
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Originally Posted by halleyscomet View Post
Why did you post the bulk of your site here, instead of just links to and summaries of the relevant pages?

Im glad he did! A lot of the time I cant be bothered to click on links with this slug of a pc, I like to read it on here so thanks!
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Originally Posted by halleyscomet View Post
So you choose to spew the content that will eventually go on the English version of the site onto other forums. Wouldn't you be better served by dedicating your efforts to finishing the English version of the site first?
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