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jonas parker
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Default Fireplace logs - for free

I was just thinking about how cold things are "up north" and how I could heat a house with a fireplace without chopping up the furniture. Back 40 or so years ago, I was given a "roller-gadget" that made fireplace logs out of old newspapers.

I went to look it up on the internet, and found that now you don't even need the "roller-gadget". This might be a good way to prep for cold weather at little to no expense, just by saving your old newspapers.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Things You’ll Need:

* Stacks of newspapers
* Flour
* Water
* String
* Spray bottle

Step1: Make a paste of the flour and water. Mix 1/3 flour to 2/3 water to make a light, watery paste. The object is to use the water to soak the paper and the paste to glue it. It works a lot like paper mache.

Step2: Roll newspapers, coating every few pages with the paste. Spray a mist onto each page, not soaking the page, but dampening it so it sticks.

Step3: When you have a paper rolled, then tie it with string. Remember to tie it fairly tight, to allow all the roll to stick together. Don't worry if you have gaps. The fire will fill these in.

Step4: Set the newspaper logs out to dry in the sun. Let them sit for a week or so to ensure they are dry completely through.

Step5: Store in a dry place, neatly stacked, until needed.
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Thumbs up

Nice one

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rebel 66
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Excellent idea, have no chopped wood left but lots of newspapers and bags of flour, will try it out, thanks.
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cheers for that tip!
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Cool, sounds very useful, thanks for sharing
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Good idea, i always meant to get one of those gadgets and collect old newspaper in the summertime to lay in a supply .Coal is now nearly £10 a 25 kg bag double what it was last year this time .logs have increased to but not as much .I want to put a log burner in as opposed to the open fire i have now as log burner gives off far more heat
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