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Default Egyptian Art, The Grid, and Sacred Geometry

I was watching a show about how the human body was depicted in ancient art last night. After a segment about the grid ancient Egyptians used in drawing the human body, I felt really weak and tingly all of a sudden. Did a bit of searching on this subject and found some interesting stuff relating to the grid (or net) in sacred geometry. There's a link below to the full text.

Anyone know of other sources of info about the significance of 19 in the grid referenced below?

"Modern Physics teaches that the essence of creation is not Matter (despite what you may have learned in school); it is actually a flexible geometric energy grid behind matter, the "Matrix of Space-Time." Matter actually warps this background space-time grid; you can find this illustrated metaphorically in many Physics texts, by a picture of a squared grid printed on a rubber sheet, distorted by the weight of a bowling ball on top of it (which represents, for instance, a planet distorting the space time matrix.)
This same energetic Matrix of Creation was known in ancient times, when it was called THE NET. Similarly to how it is shown in modern physics texts, this NET of creation was shown as a squared grid, often metaphorically as a physical Net being used to catch birds or fish inside of it. Such illustrations were extremely common in ancient Egypt.

In cultures all over the world, the spiritual knowledge of this energetic NET (the geometric matrix both behind all of creation and within every created being) was one of the highest levels of their Temple Science and Spiritual Initiations. For instance, in India it was referred to as the "Jeweled Net of Indra", and was part of a detailed initiation system which included learning to activate the power potential (Shakti) within geometric forms in the 'Yantra' practice. In Egypt, the Initiates of this knowledge were known directly by the name The Masters of the Net.

Below is a very short introduction to the appearance of the NET initiation in a series of Western cultures, leading up to the story of how this knowledge has appeared in a new form in Modern Egypt. Each of these cultures has a wealth of knowledge and practices which go beyond the brief descriptions below.

Egyptian spiritual texts and Temple wall illustrations are filled with explicit references to the Net, and to the Initiation process of becoming a Master of these geometric energy patterns. Human Initiates are shown in Temple illustrations learning how to use Nets to "Catch and Cast Magic." The spiritual beings who serve the Initiator of the Egyptian Culture, called the "Baboons of Thoth", are shown casting their Nets into the water to catch fish; the hieroglyphic texts which accompany the illustrations give the true meaning of these Temple teachings. Their hieroglyphic texts refer to uninitiated human beings "caught in the Net" in the spiritual world after their Death, and not capable of free movement, whereas the Initiate understands the Net well enough to be able to use every part of the Net (all the geometric blueprints of Creation) and move freely in the spiritual world.

Thoth himself was shown on the Temple Wall at Karnak in the act of "stretching the cord", which is the act of moving from a spiritual center outwards in order to create forms in the physical 3-dimensions of space; the great hermetic Egyptologist Schwaller de Lubicz labeled this Temple illustration "Thoth, Master of the Net".

Chapter 153 of the Egyptian Book of the Dead (in Ancient Egypt this text was known by the much more beautiful title The Book of Coming Forth into the Light) has a long description of every part of the Net which the Initiate has mastered. Having mastered the Net, the Initiate in the text constantly refers to himself as Osiris, having merged in Resonance with this divine being who has conquered death and knows how to navigate the higher spiritual realms.

When the Egyptian high spiritual culture began to decline with foreign invasions, its knowledge went in two prominent directions: to the Jewish culture in Israel, and into the Greek tradition.

One key representation of the NET of creation in the Jewish Kabbalah is called the "231 Gates": this arrays the 22 Flame Letters of the Hebrew Alphabet (each a divine force from the Godhead) around the periphery of a circle or sphere; a line of energy connects each letter with every other letter, creating the NET.

This tradition also holds essential knowledge of the Energy Blueprint which creates the human being: the well-known 'Tree of Life'. However there are many layers of the Tree of Life which are not well-known. To give just one very important example, the Kabbalistic text Sepher Yetzirah ("The Book of Formation") emphasizes that the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet break up into three sets:

3 "Mother Letters"
7 "Double Letters" and
12 "Elemental Letters"

What even most modern Kabbalists do not know, however, is that these numbers represent the actual coding pattern of the human subtle bodies. There are THREE key anchor positions for the human soul (astral body) at the head, heart, and hara (belly area). The human life body (etheric body) anchors at SEVEN positions, and the human physical body at TWELVE specific locations. This coding system — the secrets of which are also part of later medieval alchemical manuscripts — also includes details on the sources of power for these parts of the human subtle body, at the planetary and star levels.

With this knowledge, now take a look at the well known Kabbalistic Tree of Life diagram (if you don't know it, a picture of it can easily be found on the internet): it has THREE horizontal lines, SEVEN vertical lines, and TWELVE diagonal lines. Within these sacred geometric patterns there are deep secrets of the spiritual construction — and potential healing — of every human being.

In Greece the NET was referred to very directly, as it was in Egypt. There was a famous Greek Gnostic text bearing the title of "The Net." Ancient Greek coins depict Apollo (the Sun Being) sitting on the Foundation Stone of Delphi; beneath him a Net of energy covers the Foundation Stone of this spiritual city. Interestingly, modern esoteric energy research has shown that the Sun does indeed create critical energetic networks and effects on the surface of the Earth.

The term "The Net" was also integrated directly into the Greek temple designs. Greek (like Hebrew and other languages) has a system which exchanges every letter of the alphabet for a given number: the Greeks called this system 'Gematria.' Names thus have a specific vibratory number quality, in addition to the power of the vibrated sounds of the name. In Ancient Egypt the 'REN', the name of the person, was understood to be so important that it was considered to be one of the levels of the human subtle body. [6] The Egyptians and Greeks knew that the 'Names of Power' carry the true Vibrational Code of the being they name, and can access the power of that being through the Name.

Just as similar sounds will resonate together (one tuning fork, struck and brought close to a second tuning fork of the same musical note, will create vibration in the second fork), so similar number qualities will resonate together also. A Greek Temple for example may have the name 'Apollo' translated into a number, and the name "The Net" also translated into a number, and those numbers become then a particular measurement used in designing the Temple. This hidden practice is also related to the power of specific sacred measurement systems — The Egyptian Royal Cubit, the Remen, etc. — used in the ancient world.

Spiritual references in the New Testament are derived directly from a combination of Jewish and Greek esoteric Initiation teachings. References to the NET can be found in the New Testament, and are also embedded in the later Holy Grail Tradition. Examples include Christ telling his disciples to cast their Nets into the ocean for a miraculous catch of fish; this is the same image as found in the aforementioned Egyptian temple wall illustrations of the Baboons of Thoth casting nets into the water, to catch the "fish" of human souls caught in the 'Net' of the geometric space-time energy matrix. Reference to their being precisely 153 fish caught in the Net (in the Appendix of the Gospel of John) is a direct reference to specific Sacred Geometric numbers taught in the Greek mysteries.

Islam has extremely deep spiritual initiation teachings, which tragically are rarely represented in the media outside of the Middle East; as in Christianity, it is the intolerant fundamentalist sects which appear most often in the news. Islam actually contains within it many classical secrets from the Middle Eastern traditions, especially Ancient Egypt.

One example is that Islam is one of the only world traditions to focus on the Power of the Holy Number 19. [9] The power of the number 19 and its proper use was a fundamental teaching in the Ancient Egyptian Temple Science. One of the primary grids used in Ancient Egypt to lay out designs on the Temple walls was the grid based on 19 vertical divisions; this is known to Egyptologists, but they have no idea of the significance of this fact.

In brief, the number 19 is built into the spiritual blueprint of the human being and all of creation. It is related to an energetic grid surrounding every human being, which contains within it the precise positions and functions for all of the spiritual energy centers in the human being (not only chakras, but a large number of power centers not taught publicly by any tradition even today.) The Egyptian priesthood knew that the Grid of 19 was in reality the background of the human archetypal energy blueprint. They also knew that the correct use of the 19 in design (as 19 design elements, or by building the number into measurement and proportional systems in design) creates a very powerful emanation of beneficial energy; this is the Golden light often referenced in ancient Egyptian texts as essential for spiritual development and for consciousness after death."


Here's a link to the segment about the grid used in Egyptian wall art


"We patronize animals for their incompleteness, for their tragic fate of having taken form so far below ourselves. And therein we err, and greatly err. For the animal shall not be measured by man. In a world older and more complete than ours, they move finished and complete, gifted with extensions of the senses we have lost or never attained, living by voices we shall never hear." - Henry Beston

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They used a grid purely as an aid to standardise their drawings so that they would be of the same dimensions whereever they were painted. There is nothing more to it than that. Cant see why that should cause a reaction in anybody.

The idea of a net is to catch things in the waters of the mind, ie. to fish within ones self for thoughts that may otherwise not be easily noticed. It is the power to draw things up out of the depths consciousness.

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Originally Posted by marpat View Post
They used a grid purely as an aid to standardise their drawings so that they would be of the same dimensions whereever they were painted. There is nothing more to it than that. Cant see why that should cause a reaction in anybody.

The idea of a net is to catch things in the waters of the mind, ie. to fish within ones self for thoughts that may otherwise not be easily noticed. It is the power to draw things up out of the depths consciousness.

Have to disagree with you there.

On a terrestrial level i thought aruru was referring to the earth grid (and the placement of megalithic sites thereupon) which along with euclidean geometry and by extension plato's solids are the easiest way to "standardise" any graphic,or geographic representation of phi. It, in itself, being the magic number behind any vortex controlling energy flow within, below and above.
Prof Dr Jenny in his study of cymatics proved without doubt that form creates vibrations, hence the reaction (if attuned).

..but maybe i completely missed the point.
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Very important info, I believe the Chinese acupucture and meridian lines also comply with the grid.
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Macrocosmically speaking, the Net is our prison. I believe it may be a reference to the Earth's Magnetic Field, which several Project Camelot witnesses have said was placed here to keep us "in quarantine".

I posted this in the "Reality is an Illusion" thread:

Originally Posted by Thrice Greatest Hermes, Vol. 1, pp. 58-62
The name of the Temple of Thoth at Khemennu, or the City of Eight, was Ḥet Ȧbtit, or “House of the Net”—a very curious expression. From Ch. cliii. of the Ritual, however, we learn that there was a mysterious Net which, as Budge says, “was supposed to exist in the Under World and that the deceased regarded it with horror and detestation. Every part of it—its poles, and ropes, and weights, and small cords, and hooks—had names which he was obliged to learn if he wished to escape from it, and make use of it to catch food for himself, instead of being caught by ‘those who laid snares.’”
And that this idea of a net is very ancient, especially in its macrocosmic significance, is evidenced by the parallel of the Assyrian and Babylonian versions of the great fight between the Sun-god Marduk and the Chaotic Mother Tiamat and her titanic and daimonic powers of disordered motion and instability—both Egyptian and Babylonian traditions probably being derived from some primitive common source.

“He (Marduk) set lightning in front of him, with burning fire he filled his body. He made a net to enclose the inward parts of Tiamat, the Four Winds he set so that nothing of her might escape; the South wind and the North wind, and the East wind and the West wind, he brought near to the net which his father Anu had given him.”

Now in the Hymns of the popular Hermes-cult found in the Greek Magic Papyri, one of the most favourite forms of address to Hermes is “O thou of the four winds.” Moreover, we may compare with the rope with which the Fishers “rope the abominable fiends of earth,” the passage of Athenagoras to which we have already referred, and in which he tells us concerning the Mysteries that the mythos ran that Zeus, after dismembering his father, and taking the kingdom, pursued his mother Rhea who refused his nuptials. “But she having assumed a serpent form, he also assumed the same form, and having bound her with what is called the ‘Noose of Hercules’ (τῷ καλουμένῳ Ἡρακλειωτικῷ ἄμματι), was joined with her. And the symbol of this transformation is the Rod of Hermes.”
In the list of titles of the numerous works belonging to the cycle of Orphic literature, one is called The Veil (Πέπλος) and another The Net (Δίκτυον).

In the Panathenæa the famous Peplum, Veil, Web, or Robe of Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom, was borne aloft like the sail of a galley; but this was the symbol only of the Mysteries. Mystically it signified the Veil of the Universe, studded with stars, the many-coloured Veil of Nature, the famous Veil or Robe of Isis, that no “mortal” or “dead man” has raised....

Eschenbach is thus quite correct when, in another of its aspects, he refers this Veil to the famous Net of Vulcan. Moreover Aristotle, quoting the Orphic writings, speaks of the “living creature born in the webs of the Net”; while Photius tells us that the book of Dionysius Ægeensis, entitled Netting, or Concerning Nets (Δικτυακά), treated of the generation of mortals. And Plato himself likens the intertwining of the nerves, veins, and arteries to the “network of a basket” or a bird-cage.

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