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Default Tanya Head - Nutbag or Something More?

I am sure most of you have heard about this woman. I watched the recent documentary on C4 and was interested to find out she is essentially a Spanish aristocrat.

One of the members of the 911 survivors group said some interesting things how at meetings she would arrogantly talk down to lower class suvivors and how out of the blue she could get anyone she wanted in positions of power to help her out. She would have all the cell phone numbers of the main political players.

Makes you wonder if her arrival on the scene was to suss out survivors who might have witnessed something they were not meant to have seen on that terrible day. We are talking about people who were right in it at the WTC.

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i reckon shes a classic case of a juiset(illuminati spy, from Vatican)
now your thinking, what Vatican got to do with it.

read my"Religion and 9\11" thread...

yup a juiset.(sorry 4 spelling)

she aint normal, lets put it that way.
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Well what set off alarm bells for me was apart from her being a Spanish aristocrat from an "influential old family" was during the documentary some of the real survivors claimed they would get a massive amounts of emails from her asking them for everything they saw, experienced and felt in the WTC the day of the attack. She wanted to know every detail.

This is simply not the behaviour of a deluded fanatacist. The reason being such people only care about their own made-up drama and have no interest in other people's suffering. They will change the subjuct back to their story. Tanya Head wanted to know every little detail of other survivor's experiences and the sheer amount of emails she sent to surviviors would suggest they were coming from more than one person.

The media instantly played down this story as soon as it broke, and all the law enforcement officials were so quick to say she has broken no laws - so no point in charging her. But this is simply not ture. She solicited large amounts of money under false pretense and yet she has vanished back into the world without a trace except for an email from a Spanish ISP which claims she committed sucide.

There has been absolutely no follow up by either the media or anyone else. This is nothing more than a ploy to make the world forget about her and that she ever existed. Why? What is the rationale behind this neglect to trace her down and have her answer for what she did?

Even if you look at the Wiki page on here the whole thing reads like "oh never mind about her she was nut..." but I think she is more than worthy of investigation. She seems way more than an attention-seeking nut to me, she simply had to much access to all the right people and achieved amazing results as soon as she came into the scene.

Tanya Head is a huge can of stinky worms if you ask me.

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Originally Posted by endlessvista View Post
Tanya Head is a huge can of stinky worms if you ask me.
And I imagine she's still alive and kicking.
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