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Default A poem for all lovers in a storm.

The storm inside our minds.
Is like some of our Kinds.
The storm is ruling ahead.
And follows the humans to lead.

But the storm inside.
Is taking power world wide.
He is circling around the clock
And his eye(s) beginn to glow.

The storm inside is swirling around.
To all the Topics that are found.
We can find out what is meant to be healed.
For all the common Things we felt.

The problemes ringin like the phone
And everyone seems fightning alone.
No one seems to listen.
But one day the good life is missing!

Are we in the way to particulate
Or do we only have to hestitate?
To hesitate the time of Events?
That our time is the Thing that currents?

Our time is the factor
And the storm is the attractor.
We are there to choose.
So we have really nothing left to loose.

A storm inside ur head.
Is a wink to lead.
To lead your life in the garden.
Without all the borders and the burdens.

If the wink to Change is affected.
Your voice can be dialected.
If you see the Chance to ride.
Youve got nothing left to hide.

If the storm is pulling you Close.
You can choose whatcha want to suppose.
If you want to win.
So beggin for a sign.

A sign that gives a lead.
And all the burdens will defead.
Nothing will disturb your mind anymore.
And the Kind of love will take over Control for sure.

The storm is more and more the entrance.
For you and ur self to get a new Chance.
To watch your life from a new dept.
With a brilliant life concept!

Your tears will running down to fall
And your colours will be painted on the wall.
Your voice wont Close the eyes.
It just sees that it can realize.

Dont follow Things to Control.
Thats not good for your Soul.
Let the colours and Things explain.
For some of your life you want to gain.

The Beauty and the beast.
Is nothing better than at least!
When we stand togehter in every Nation.
And enable the power for the solution.

If we dont Adept to Control the Things.
With time our melody of hearts sings.
The brilliant melody of our live.
And the new sight we found will arrive.

The storm inside or minds will loosing track.
And it goes in his power back.
Then we will find our lucky heart.
That was colded and throwed every Thing apart.

The Things will slow down.
And drive slowly through your town.
They take a stopp in your vains.
And eliminated all your pains.

Dont get back in the way u found.
Thats not good for your heart beat Sound.
Let it lead your side the way.
Its fantastic here to stay.

Just listen to your heart below.
What is it, what its wants to Show.
Wants it to Show the pain?
Or is it the Anger to loose again?

Stop the polution of loosing.
And get in the way of choosing.
Choose what you can feel.
And this melodie will become real.

Take a trip to a finest trap.
With your Soul and your heartbeat map.
Come and tell me if you found your truth.
That will be good for you!

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