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st jimmy
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Default Mass slavery in prison (USA)

A quarter of all prisoners in the whole world are locked up in the United States, while the USA counts only 5% of the world’s population. In 2008 the USA had 7.3 million adults in prison or penitentiary supervision, about 1 out of 31, making it by far the highest in the world: http://thinkprogress.org/justice/201...oners-in-2013/
For some reason since 1980 the amount of prisoner in the USA exploded. Since 2008 (because of reducing population levels?) the amount of prisoners has gradually declined.

The USA has (by far) the highest percentage of prisoners in the world.

The chance that - a black man in the USA ends up in jail, is: 32%, for Latino men: 17% and for white men: 6%. There are now more African American men in prison (or in provisional release) than black slaves in 1850 (the beginning of the civil war): http://www.globalresearch.ca/america...gal-system/885

Of course I wouldn’t mind if only “real” criminals are put in prison, but I have the strange idea that if somebody breaks a law without a victim, this should not be punished too harshly. The writer of the following story has similar views: https://mic.com/articles/8558/why-we...ion#.C5X0CKTOV

When I think about laws prohibiting drugs, I see this as a ploy to keep the prices high, while it makes it easy for a corrupt legal system to punish targeted individuals.
More than 40 million arrests over the last 40 years were drug-related. In Texas, a person can be sentenced to two years in prison for possession of 4 grams of marijuana. In New York State even 15 years to life for possession of 4 grams of drugs.
A large number of prisoners in the US are victims of the Three Strikes law, giving an extra long imprisonment for a third conviction (usually 25 years to life). This leads to situations like life sentences for crimes such as stealing food.
It gets even worse when people simply get arrested because they cannot afford repairs, so in turn violate state health laws: http://billmoyers.com/2013/12/16/lan...its-prisoners/
Over here in the Netherlands I’ve heard a lot of homeless people telling me about being locked up because they cannot pay fines for “crimes” like sleeping outside...

I’m probably not the only one to think that locking up completely innocent people is even worse than locking up “criminals” that don’t have the money to repair their septic system.
According to the following story in the USA some 2.2 million people are actually locked up, of which around 2 million have never been to trial. Of all federal criminal cases, less than 3% went to trial; thanks to attorneys: http://thefreethoughtproject.com/due...eceived-trial/
Samuel Gross estimated that 4.1% of the people who are sentenced to death are in fact innocent. Of course this means that for “normal” prisoners the rate of false convictions is even higher: http://phenomena.nationalgeographic....s-do-the-math/

An important question when investigating a crime is - motive.
The prisoners in the USA are forced into slave labour for the company Unicor (if they do not work “voluntarily”, they are put in isolation cells). In 2012 they earned 23 cents per hour (I’ve computed that they make less than 500 dollars for 52, 40-hour work weeks).
The US Department of Defense is the biggest “employer” for the prison slave labour; companies that use them include: IBM, Boeing, Motorola, Microsoft, AT&T, Texas Instrument, Dell, Compaq, Honeywell, Hewlett-Packard, Intel and TWA: http://www.alternet.org/story/151732...t_prison_labor

While most people avoid being arrested, some activists think it’s smart to show for what ridiculous reasons you can be arrested.
Feeding the hungry: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDD6FtNMpNw
Selling lemonade (for 10 cents): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocZFsQgbIjM
Dancing in a public area: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWeF6lwg4aY

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What I would like to know is how many of those incarcerated are innocent people or petty criminals, because it seems like the hard core criminals are always being released so that they can prey on more victims.
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st jimmy
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I don't think you want to start a philosophical discussion on what is "criminal".

According to research by Samuel Gross (in 2014) 4.1% of the people sentenced to death in the USA are innocent.
It's certain that sentencing people to death won't be done as easily as a prison sentence. So the percentage of wrongfully imprisoned is even higher.
Originally Posted by st jimmy View Post
Samuel Gross estimated that 4.1% of the people who are sentenced to death are in fact innocent. Of course this means that for “normal” prisoners the rate of false convictions is even higher: http://phenomena.nationalgeographic....s-do-the-math/
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st jimmy
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Default Prison in the Netherlands

I am afraid I cannot understand how “justice” in the USA can be even worse than over here in the Netherlands (10 times worse?). We don’t even have jury trials, but are sentenced by corrupt judges appointed by the King.
According to our state media we – together with the UK - are about the most perfect example of a democracy in the whole wide world.
I have looked at the numbers on law enforcement in the Netherlands, with some surprising discoveries.

I haven’t found old numbers on the amount incarcerated, but since 1994 (8735) to 2005 (17,600) the amount more than doubled, and then levelled off again to 9145 in 2015.
Also bizarre is that only about 5% of all prisoners are women (I guess this is similar around the world – cops are only interested in men).

Maybe the amount of prisoners in the Netherlands is relatively so low because of a bookkeeping trick.
In the Netherlands poor people are put in prison because they can’ t pay fines or taxes (this is labelled taken hostage - gijzeling). These people are locked up to a few weeks at a time maximum, which sometimes makes them loose their (bad-paying) job or welfare.
In 2013, 25,000 people were locked up for not paying their “debt” to the government (more than double the amount of “prisoners” of 11,170).

Since April 2014 there are more prison wardens (9914) than prisoners (in Dutch): http://www.volkskrant.nl/binnenland/...enen~a3633573/
The wardens are only a small amount of the people working for the Justice department.
In 2015, 10,500 people worked for the courts (of which 2360 judges and councillors (raadheren)).
At the start of 2016, there were 17,343 attorneys.
In 2012, there were 60,000 full time police officers.
In 2012, law enforcement cost the Dutch taxpayer €12.65 billion (if the official number of 17 million people is correct, that costs us €744 per year per person).

In February 2015 Rein Gerritsen estimated that 15% (about 1 in 7) in prison is innocent (in Dutch): http://nieuws.nl/populair/20150227/s...ht-gevangenis/

In the following figure you can see that the amount of US federal prisoners has exploded from 1970 to 1990 and 2005.

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vancity eagle
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Interesting that the incarceration rates drastically increased in 1980.

That was when Reagan came to power through the Council for National Policy, who were involved in Iran/Contra and shipping in cocaine to mainly black neighbourhoods.

Also on the behest of the CNP, Heritage Foundation and the Mont Pellerin society Reagan began the massive Neoliberal program of trickle down economics, massive tax cuts, massive cuts in social spending, which destroyed not only black communities but also the American middle class.

Trump has now been brought into office by the same powers with the exact same agenda.

Notice how Trump talked up the police, and bringing in "law and order".

His attorney General is a known racist, and Trump is bringing in the police state. He has referred to Black Lives Matter a "terrorist" organization

There will be an escalated police war on blacks and everyone else in general, thanks to the same dark forces he were behind Ronald Reagan.
Question the MSM, then question the alternative media
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The nice is that in US to increase the number of imnates they create traps to make people do a false step, for example a policewoman puts an announce of pay for sex, a wallet in the street etc. With the future involvement of the private societies in the management of the prisons, a system where there will be more interest to ruin the persons also for bullshits is going to prospere.

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I can tell you why, the supposed war on drug's. The biggest scam ever perpetrated on the American people.
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