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Default Mind Control (?) Healing/ 3rd Eye

This thread concerns a close friend of mine who needs healing.

I'm sorry if this is rather long.

I know that many here are healers or have knowledge of healing and are open to things many doctors would debunk. I am looking for any thoughts, advice, anything you can suggest to assist me and my friend.

I'm not going to claim he's a TI . . . yet . . . .

He believes he was implanted with a microchip last year in the hospital. Has a scar on his arm; says in the hospital he was in a fight for his life with nurses, orderlies and they say he was cut then. He had 2 cuts - - one rather erratic, and believable it came from a fight. The other perfectly straight. The latter (microchip cut?) was taken care of properly in the hospital, the other not even bandaged or given ointment.

Taking everything he's said about the visit - - "fake" patients, attacks on his personage, break-ins to his apartment while he was in the hospital, possible attempts to poison, moving his bed remotely while in it, playing Christmas music all the time, which is utterly not SOP, etc., I'd say that SOMETHING happened.

He was in for a suicide attempt (overdose), which he does not recall. He was found surrounded by pills - - but says he didn't put them there.

I don't want to go into this TOO much, but he was in an accident when he was a child and suffered extreme bodily injury. (10+ operations) As a result, he has certain beliefs and fears and pretty strong PTSI and OCD, but is a brilliant individual.

I'd like to list some of his behaviors - - and see if any of you have any ideas on what might be the cause (mind control?)

He has "odd" arm gestures - - constantly moving his left arm as if looking at a watch, but he doesn't wear a watch. It's a very pronounced gesture, bringing his arm out in a crook, not a subtle "take a peek" gesture.

He also makes other gestures with his arms - - swinging down, hard, which are just not any sort of typical, or even social norm, in any culture. I don't define people or accept people because they are normal, it's just that this is so very strange.

He says he lives his life according to certain numbers - - that are related to cars. Like BMW blah blah or Porsche blah blah.

Has interests in scatological sex, perhaps may seek out women who were abused in some fashion, or themselves mind-controlled (?) , MKUltra (?).

Has obsession with the 3rd Reich. (Began to learn German all by himself at age 7.)

Is concomitantly obsessed with the EU. Believes in it strongly, while living in the US. Said last weekend that the EU is the Fourth Reich. I found this very telling. (Where does he get these ideas?)

Has made numerous visits to Europe, Canada, many quite long, to meet women, often. Has mentioned going to a clinic in Switzerland to have microchip checked out.

Has also mentioned going to Chicago to live, and see doctors he "trusts". (Of interest may be that he is/ was considering buying an apartment there with a view of the Ferris Wheel - - given the Illuminati symbolism there.)

Has absolutely phenomenal memory for things like CEOs of all major corporations, families who run them and the world, and began studying this at an early age.

When presented with the term "gaslighting" by yours truly, claimed to know nothing about it, yet is a master at psychological torture and twisting things around on people. Has a penchant for bringing ppl to their breaking point, and know what it is, exactly. (Has had this done to him?)

Is presently on Seroquel, among other medications. Seroquel is indicated for schizophrenia, but here it is used as an atypical sleep-inducing med, because he is often in great pain and cannot sleep. Last time I was AWARE he was taking it (doesn't do so every day), he showed abrupt shifts in personality, destabilizing the situation. I found it almost frightening, although he cannot hurt me physically.

Likes to have his forehead pressed, HARD, and I mean HARD. Would even want to press his forehead against mine, but as I have migraines, that's a no go. Doesn't do anything for me. Third eye? I am feeling that somehow this is very important, and a key to his healing.

Has a "raised bump", rather rectangular in shape, not that irregularly shaped, in the middle of his chest, over his heart. This gives him pain, he can scratch it during the night until it bleeds. Doctors can find nothing wrong.

I strongly feel that he is someone who experienced a profound loss of control, of the integrity of body and mind, when he was young. This has resulted in a need to control his existence down to the last detail. (Which fails, utterly.) AND, to control that of others.

Now, I don't want to go "all Steven King" on you, like Firestarter. But I do know that my friend is exceptional. Just having survived what he has marks him as an extraordinary individual. (As I recall, he sees himself as the incarnation, of a sort, of a German WWII pilot who died back then on the date he was injured. There is a race car driver who had horrific injuries close to the time my friend was first injured, and he closely identifies with him, too)

He is gifted beyond belief. Is he a "test case" for something? I don't know.

I am not sure how much I want him in my life. BUT, I believe that he is in my life for a reason.

That reason may well be healing.

I would like to know if anyone has any thoughts on the matter.

How to help him while protecting myself.

I am going away for a few days, and I often have trouble accessing the Internet from the country. However, I will be reading any responses, even if I don't contribute anything to this thread for about 5 days.
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i don't know much of this and i find it hard to believe the so called "experts"
but i always refer to it as collective subconcious and a friend calls it the dream world

i really believe in the power of love and that by thinking only positive thoughts and concentrating your energy just through imagination to heal all can help more than the best professional quack. When i want to help people i always wish i could bring them "back to nature" and work with them on the farm i work at. Hopefully some day i will own my own farm and realize that dream

i can't suggest this to mentaly unstable people but i have found a completly different side of myself when i smoke marijuana by my self and i see my sober self as a insane deranged creature but while "high" i feel very sane though i often do not.

Sometimes though you may want to help this person, becoming too involved can drag you down, it may be the best thing you can do is be a supportive friend and try to help him find his way, it may be hard to find it for him!
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