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Default The 11 Recommendations Of The ‘Frankfurt’ School

The 11 Recommendations Of The ‘Frankfurt’ School


From a comment –
Common Purpose is basically sick, sociopathic Marxist control.
Please read this article: http://catholicinsight.com/online/fe...icle_882.shtml
Once you get to the list of 11 ‘recommendations’ the Frankfurt school suggested, ask yourself how many are now in force today:
1. The creation of racism offences.
2. Continual change to create confusion
3. The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children
4. The undermining of schools’ and teachers’ authority
5. Huge immigration to destroy identity.
6. The promotion of excessive drinking
7. Emptying of churches
8. An unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime
9. Dependency on the state or state benefits
10. Control and dumbing down of media
11. Encouraging the breakdown of the family … the answer, of course, is all of them. on What Is Common Purpose?


Seems more and more people are seeing marxism as the EVIL, even the ones that are called evil.


Political Correctness is the Communism of the 21st Century

More and more people are seeing how evil marxist/capitalist all came from the Rothschilds.
“We trade real labor for fake money to pay fraudulent taxes on stuff we don’t own.” Doreen Hannes

"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he doesn't exist." we live in satan world.
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