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Default Mindguard - Linux Anti-Mindcontrol software

MindGuard is a software for Amiga/Linux that detects mindcontrol frequencies and sends anti waves. For obvious reasons, it is not available on Windows.

It is available here


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Don't tin-foil hat's work any more?
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Originally Posted by xpleet View Post
MindGuard is a software for Amiga/Linux that detects mindcontrol frequencies and sends anti waves. For obvious reasons, it is not available on Windows.

It is available here


Surely this is just so much horse shit? Anyone here with some experience in engineering that could convince me I need to install this?

Does it strike anyone that many Linux users are Linux users because they don't trust Windows and that playing their paranoia so they install some useless software that could be used as a gateway onto their computer could be a viable option here?
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Lol, this is cool:

WARNING: DePsych screenshot is for illustration purposes only and not for actual DePsych use. Only look at it glancingly. Prolong staring at this static DePsych display may result in memory fragmentation and involuntary hypertelekinesis.
Wouldnt want to have our memory fragmented would we

Also lets have a look at the features:

MindGuard's Features

All versions of MindGuard have the following features:
Biorhythmic synchronization
Birthname based numerological functions
Support for all known psychotronic carriers
Modular carrier system for easy upgrades
DePsych mind deprogrammer removes post-psychotronic empagrams
Automatic signal deciphering
Dishevel-Bippsie, PsyDET, LZI, and LZII algorithms

Amiga MindGuard v3.10 has these additional features:
Commodity support
Speech abilities

MindGuard X has these additional features:
Scalable biorhythm graph
Log Viewer
Speech abilities? This was built into the amiga to begin with

Biorhythmic synchronization
Birthname based numerological functions

lol So its can use our birthname with its numerological functions, neat... And syncronises with our biorythm...

of course if any of it is actually true, then it would explain a few things, but it just doesnt seem at all likely. Im sure its possible to make simple device that could affect mind controlling frequencies, but software installed in computers that havent even been modified

The most sad thing about this program is if anyone actually believes it, and begin fearing mindcontrol. There probably is alot of that going on to some extent, but it seems more likely to be more stationary and installed into something that is already making microwaves, radiowaves or something of that kind.

At least this is simple logic to most I guess, but I do feel sad for the victims of this. Because there probably are those with some level of paranoia who would think it safer to try it.

I like his witty remarks though:

MindGuard is free software for all non-evil users (don't think you can fool me, I'm on to you all!)
I feel much safer now

Oh no, my paranoia is in fact sky high, so I better try out this program on my amiga It seems like it would be great for making it look sofisticated and futuristic. All those meters and graphs running over the screen makes it feel great again.
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