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Default Are the Reptilians behind Climate Change?

A few years ago I was employed as a Purser for a well-known international airline, flying mainly long-haul. Being fluent in a few languages and having some years' service, I had the security clearance to access the in-flight surveillance equipment. This technology is something to which no airline will admit having, and about which very few cabin crew (except positively vetted senior staff and Air Marshalls) even know: basically, it enables sounds and conversation in every seat and every area of the plane to be monitored in real time. Something to remember next time you are tempted to join the "mile high" club!

During a flight from Europe to a major American city and being bored, I decided to eavesdrop on the First Class passengers. One pair had attracted my attention immediately they boarded - both had dark hair, dark suits and looked more or less to be the business/diplomatic type which normally took the flight. I was intrigued by their air of indefinable "strangeness", and by the fact that they were travelling in First when they looked like they should have been travelling in Business.

I cannot remember the exact words of their conversation, but the gist of it has remained with me ever since. Basically, the period of climate change which we are going through has been and is being promoted actively by the US Government, certain European governments (I remember they mentioned Belgium, Switzerland and the UK), and their Middle eastern "client states" (their words, not mine). The eventual aim of this is to give as much of the planet as possible a tropical or semi-tropical climate. When the planet has been "justified and rectified" (again, their words, not mine) then it will be suitable for their leaders to manifest themselves fully in material human form and "resume" (their words) ruling humanity. Although it was not mentioned directly, I formed the impression that the climate was being changed to one more suitable to cold-blooded, possibly reptilian, creatures

From what I could understand, they have agents working on both sides of the climate change debate and have set a date of 2011/2012 for completion of their project.
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That's very interesting indeed. Sounds stranger than science fiction doesn't it. And as we lurch seemingly endlessly from one panic station to another in the stage-managed show, they cooly and steadily unveil their plan, in secrecy and stealth. The smoke and mirrors are there for that, and to entrap us in hopeless tail-chasing. And time seems to be short for them, they are worried that they will not be ready "in time". So a big unveiling could be not so far away.
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Sounds like what Credo was saying he thought they were but they need our help to do so.
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