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Default J.C. Maxwell's Original Set of Ether Equations

The greatest theoretical physicist of all time, James Clerk Maxwell, formulated a set of original equations in 1861, which unfortunately have been modified by several scientists (Gibbs, Heaviside and Lorentz).

The most important scientific paper ever published: ON PHYSICAL LINES OF FORCE, by JAMES CLERK MAXWELL - the original set of ether equations, which are almost unknown to modern physics.


Dr. Frederick Tombe has undertaken a painstaking research in order to discover how the original Maxwell equations have been modified into their currently known form, and why it was done.


While Maxwell refers to twenty equations at the end of this section, there are in fact only eight equations as such. Maxwell arrives at the figure of twenty because he splits six of these equations into their three Cartesian components. Maxwell’s eight original equations,

will be discussed in depth in individual sections throughout this paper.

In Part I of his 1861 paper, Maxwell proposed the existence of a sea of
molecular vortices which are composed of a fluid-like aether, whereas in
Part III, he deals with the elastic solid that these molecular vortices
collectively form. Maxwell’s third equation is derived hydrodynamically,
and it appeared as equation (9) in Part I,

curl H = J (Electric Current) (C)

Once we realize that the vector A and the vector J are in fact one and the
same thing, it becomes clear that the two curl equations, (B) and (C), are
jointly pointing us to an aethereal sea in which closed solenoidal circuits
of magnetic lines of force are interlocked with closed solenoidal circuits
of electric current ‡. Part III of Maxwell’s 1861 paper deals with the
elasticity of the medium for the propagation of light and the physical
nature of the electric displacement that is involved in the electromagnetic
wave propagation mechanism within this medium. At the beginning of
Part III, Maxwell says “In the first part of this paper I have shown how
the forces acting between magnets, electric currents, and matter
capable of magnetic induction may be accounted for on the hypothesis
of the magnetic field being occupied with innumerable vortices of
revolving matter, their axes coinciding with the direction of the
magnetic force at every point of the field. The centrifugal force of these
vortices produces pressures distributed in such a way that the final
effect is a force identical in direction and magnitude with that which we
observe.” The magnetic intensity H therefore represents an angular
momentum or a vorticity.

A Lorentz transformation is an unfortunate product of Hendrik Lorentz‟s misunderstandings regarding the subject of electromagnetism, and these misunderstandings led to even greater misunderstandings when Albert
Einstein got unto the job. Neither Lorentz nor Einstein seemed to have been aware of the contents of Maxwell‟s original papers, while both of them seemed to be under the impression that they were fixing something that wasn‟t broken in the first place. In doing so, Einstein managed to drop the luminiferous aether out of physics altogether, claiming that he was basing his investigation on what he had read in the so-called „Maxwell-Hertz equations for empty space‟! But whatever these Maxwell-Hertz equations might have been, they certainly can‟t have been Maxwell‟s original equations. This is a tragic story of confusion heaped upon more confusion. The aether
was a crucial aspect in the development of Maxwell‟s equations, yet in 1905, Albert Einstein managed to impose Galileo‟s „Principle of Equivalence‟ upon Maxwell‟s equations while ignoring the aether altogether. The result was the abominable product which is hailed by modern physicists and known as „The Special Theory of Relativity‟. Einstein himself knowing that something wasn‟t right with his special theory of relativity, attempted to make amends in 1915 with his „General Theory of Relativity‟. But he only made things worse by virtue of spiking Newton‟s law of gravity with his toxic special theory of relativity. In later years, judging from his Leyden speech in 1920, Einstein realized that the aether was indeed needed after all, but by this time it was too late, because he already had a following.

Maxwell’s original works are pioneering works of enormous value which pointed us in the right direction, and any shortcomings within these works pale into insignificance when compared with the errors that followed in Maxwell’s wake. A series of derailments culminated with Einstein taking us into a mad world of relativity where two clocks can both go slower than each other, and where electromagnetic waves can propagate in a pure vacuum without the need for any physical displacement mechanism.

The Coriolis Force in Maxwell's Equations


Equations [A], [ B ], [D], [E], [F], and [H], would not normally appear in a modern day set of Maxwell’s equations. A modern textbook would combine equation [A] with equation [C] as per equation (112) in part III of the 1861 paper, and the combination would be referred to as the Maxwell’s displacement current equation. In a modern day textbook, the addition of Maxwell’s displacement current to equation [C] would not be explained in terms of total electric current as per Maxwell’s 1861 derivation, but rather in terms of adding on an extra term to Ampère’s circuital law, in order to retain the solenoidal nature of electric current in a capacitor circuit. Modern day displacement current is divorced from its dielectric origins, and it is explained as a time varying quantity that possesses some of the characteristics of electric current, but that is not actually a real current.

Modern day sets of Maxwell’s equations therefore only contain three of the original set, with two of these having been amalgamated into one. Added to these two originals in modern textbooks, are Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction, and the equation stating that the divergence of B is always zero. These two extra modern day Maxwell’s equations are equations (54) and (57) respectively in part II of Maxwell’s 1861 paper.

Also includes the appendix called Maxwell's Minor Errors discussing the wrong minus sign in equation D.

The Distortion of Maxwell's Equations


Maxwell was most certainly not a stepping stone for Einstein as is often
suggested, even by some anti-relativists. Maxwell’s most important work has
been swept under the carpet and a set of equations with a partial connection to
Maxwell have been promoted in his name and used in a manner which is far
removed from Maxwell’s theory of electromagnetism.

The Aether and the Electric Sea


E=mc2 and Maxwell's Fifth Equation


E=vBX and Maxwell's Fourth Equation


The Connection Between Gravity and Light


The Speed of Light


How Maxwell's original equations have been removed from the textbooks on physics:



SPINTRONICS, secret world of magnets, the most thorough work on the double helix theory of the magnetic field (double helix of the telluric currents):


Therefore, the truncated Maxwell equations refer ONLY to the temporary hertzian ripples in the ether sea, and NOT to the scalar/ether waves themselves:




Magnetic monopoles discovered for the first time:


In fact, no matter how many times the magnet is divided, the north and south poles remain coupled – even as far down as individual atoms, which themselves act like tiny magnets. This is reflected in Maxwell's equations, which say that isolated positive and negative electric charges exist but isolated magnetic charges do not.


"Brutally, not a single one of those Heaviside/Gibbs equations ever appeared in a paper or book by James Clerk Maxwell, even though the severely restricted Heaviside/Gibbs interpretation is universally and erroneously taught in all Western universities as Maxwell’s theory.

“Maxwell’s” vector equations taught in university are actually Heaviside’s truncated equations, and are only a simplified version of what Maxwell originally wrote."

"For the deliberate “fixing” of the already sharply curtailed Heaviside equations, see H. A. Lorentz, “La Théorie électromagnétique de Maxwell et son application aux corps mouvants,” [The Electromagnetic Theory of Maxwell and its application to moving bodies], Arch. Néerl. Sci., Vol. 25, 1892, p. 363-552. [Also in H. A. Lorentz, Collected Papers, The Hague: Martinus Nijhoff, vol. 2, pp. 168-238, esp. p. 168.] This is the work that Lorentz cites later (in 1895) for his proof of the symmetrical regauging theorems (the two equations of symmetrical regauging)."





A rigorous and extraordinary demonstration that subquarks = magnetic monopoles.


An in-depth look at the most recent discoveries in the field of quantum mechanics which DO PROVE the correctness of the subquark ether model.

A subquark is composed of strings of bosons and antibosons. A boson = a neutrino = a photon and does have mass.

Let us remember that in one extension to the Standard Model, left- and right-handed neutrinos exist. These Dirac neutrinos acquire mass via the Higgs mechanism but right-handed neutrinos interact much more weakly than any other particles.

Aspden calls the neutrino ‘a figment of the imagination invented in order to make the books balance’ and says that it simply denotes ‘the capacity of the aether to absorb energy and momentum’.

Maxwell's original set of equations can be used immediately to explain the levitation of large blocks of granite, especially the Baalbek monoliths (see http://theflatearthsociety.org/forum...399#msg1539399 ).

The weight of an object is a measure of the amount of DEXTROROTATORY MAGNETIC MONOPOLES/SUBQUARKS being subject to the pressure force exerted by the DEXTROROTATORY SUBQUARKS STRINGS (Steve Lamoreaux' negative energy).

The laevorotatory magnetic monopoles/subquarks ARE NOT subject to the terrestrial gravity law of pressure.

Therefore, any addition, by any means (torsion - Dr. Bruce DePalma, Dr. Nikolai Kozyrev, electricity - Dr. T. Townsend Brown, Dr. Francis Nipher, cymatics - Dr. Hans Jenny, tibetan acoustic levitation) of laevorotatory subquarks will result in an antigravitational effect.

Matter has a sound aspect, and when a vibration is caused it generates an acoustical wave which travels through the air working with it concurrently and resulting in oscillations of particles in the air and this causes the intermolecular space of the air to rise in vibrations and causes the atoms to eventually work into the first state of the ether.

First state of ether = baryons

http://www.scientificexploration.org...4_phillips.pdf (for a complete description of the atom - and how the concepts of quarks, antimatter, higgs boson/field were simply copied from the pages of the Occult Chemistry)

http://www.alliancesforhumanity.com/matter/matter.htm (diagrams of the etheric atom)


A proton is made up of NINE laevorotatory subquarks - an electron is actually comprised of NINE dextrorotatory subquarks (called now preons).

However, modern science has mistakenly named a SINGLE dextrorotatory subquark as an electron and has ascribed THE TOTAL charge of the NINE corresponding subquarks as the total negative charge of a single electron, thus confusing the whole matter.

TELLURIC CURRENTS are represented by double torsion waves of BOTH laevorotatory (antigravity) and dextrorotatory (terrestrial gravity) subquarks.

Second state of ether = mesons

Third state of ether = quarks

Fourth state of ether = subquarks

Fifth state of ether = aether, the very medium used by subquark strings to propagate/travel

Astral state of ether = bosons/antibosons



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With reference to the Origin of Man thread/discussion...

Biohomochirality and Terrestrial Gravity

Some molecules come in left– and right-handed forms that are mirror images of each other (i.e.: they are related like our left and right hands. Hence this property is called chirality, from the Greek word for hand. The two forms are called enantiomers (from the Greek word for opposite) or optical isomers, because they rotate plane-polarised light either to the right or to the left.). All biological proteins are composed of only left-handed amino acids. How this could have come about in a primordial soup has long been a puzzle to origin-of-life researchers, since both L (levo, left-handed) and D (dextro, right-handed) forms react indiscriminately.

Francis Crick, codiscoverer of the DNA structure, describes this strange characteristic of the molecules of living organisms:

It has been well known for many years that for any particular molecule only one hand occurs in nature. For example the amino acids one finds in proteins are always what are called the L or levo amino acids, and never the D or dextro amino acids. Only one of the two mirror possibilities occurs in proteins.

Linus Pauling, Nobel laureate in chemistry:

This is a very puzzling fact . . . . All the proteins that have been investigated, obtained from animals and from plants, from higher organisms and from very simple organisms bacteria, molds, even viruses are found to have been made of L-amino acids.

http://we.vub.ac.be/~dglg/Web/Teachi...nin-Reisse.pdf (origins of biohomochirality, an unsolved problem)

http://creation.com/origin-of-life-t...rality-problem (the best work on the problem of biohomochirality)

http://crev.info/2004/06/mystery_of_...roteins_solved (biohomochirality still unsolved)


The latest attempt to try to solve the biohomochirality problem (salt induced peptides formation and the more recent work on potassium ions http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23536046 ) has many unresolved major problems:



The best proofs from molecular biology and genetics which prove the theory of evolution to be just a myth:


http://lettherebelight-77.blogspot.r...irst-life.html (the best work on the proofs from molecular biology and genetics which demolish evolutionism)

http://www.uncommondescent.com/scien...comment-453060 (R. Shapiro debunks the Miller experiment and the RNA world)

The origin of biohomochirality is to be found in the physics of the subquark:

Dr.T. Henry Moray:

Further I realized that the energy was not coming out of the earth, but instead was coming to the earth from some outside source. These electrical oscillations in the form of waves were not simple oscillations, but were surgings --- like the waves of the sea --- coming to the earth continually, more in the daytime than at night, but always coming in vibrations from the reservoir of colossal energy out there in space.

Living tissue (with the exception of some bacteria) contains only L-amino acids (laevorotatory-left handed); dead tissue only D-amino acids (dextrorotatory-right handed).

Terrestrial gravity is represented by the dextrorotatory strings of receptive subquarks; antigravity comes into play once we can activate the laevorotatory strings of emissive subquarks (by torsion, sound, applying high electrical tension).

The physics of the subquark:

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Thanks! I have always wanted to see Maxwell's original equations and now I have. You are right he is a great genius.

I suspect that his death at 45 was murder because of these equations. He was in his prime and had just done his best work. Very convenient death from the point of view of the Illuminati. The last thing the "elites" want is for their secret knowledge to get out and Clerk had obviously just sussed some of it out.

Also, as a person who often posts long, well referenced threads, I appreciate it when others make the effort. I know how long it takes to put it all together and write it up and it is A LOT OF WORK!!

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But Maxwell's original equations tell us that the shape of the Earth could not possibly be spherical.

His equations mean that terrestrial gravity is a force of PRESSURE exerted by the telluric currents (magnetic monopole/subquark strings), and not an attractive force.

His equations inform us that the speed of light is VARIABLE and not a constant, which means that the Universe is stationary and not expanding.
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Hi there. I am probably not meant to post here, but feel obliged. I scanned quickly through your post, and looked at the link to the "original Maxwellian Equations" from 1861. You have done a lot of research. Unfortunately, these papers by Maxwell are not complete. The original treatise mathematically described the four species of electric energy with relation to the aether and the resultant energisation properties of magnetic vertexial forces or "molecular vortices". These four species are 1. Static energy. 2. Faradic energy. 3. Galvanic energy and 4. Dynamic energy.
It is only with dynamic energy that a suitable sphere of magnetic energy of high power can be achieved to engage with matter and entrain energy into it without reflection and a resultant Lorentz force. Maxwell termed this force the "Magneto-Motive Force". It's creation is by two equal and opposing fields of dynamic energy placed in motion. The resultant field's mathematical relationship to form is 4pyeR, where R is the radius of the coil extremity. The resultant displacement currents at the boundary, unbounded by a conductor, he termed "free electricity". It was this "natural energy" that Tesla experimented with and with it induced into matter the "Living Field". The state of "knowledge" today has so far skewed from the truth that when one hears the term "free electricity" they envisage an over-unity device of some form or other, instead of the physical truth of electric standing waves in the aether surrounding them, as Tesla demonstrated, and scared so many of his peers with, for they were unable to envisage the processes even then as they had not understood Maxwell's paper. Now, his original paper has even been corrupted, so as to hide even the possibility of realisation. Look within.
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Also, the motion of a calculable path for the moment of energy about a sphere he termed "curl". The description of this precludes errata derived from the obscuration of his work later, and the rise of quantum mechanics. The path of energy AND it's position in time CAN be known, and therefore matter CAN be raised in it's potential, as described by Tesla, entraining the "Life Force" into it and negating other energy input methods such as solid fuels.
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Was Maxwell's original work deliberately suppressed?


What matters most is this, a brief excerpt from my message:

Today, the tremendously crippled Maxwell-Heaviside equations --- symmetrized by Lorentz --- are taught in all our universities in the electrical engineering (EE) department. Note that the EE professors still dutifully symmetrize the equations, following Lorentz, and thus they continue to arbitrarily discard all asymmetrical Maxwellian systems.


Tyson has no idea whatsoever that the four equations shown by him, in fact, DO NOT belong to Maxwell at all.

Had he done the proper research, he would have discovered the original set of equations, Maxwell's ether equations, as published in the work On Lines of Force.

Einstein, 1905:

"The principle of the constancy of the velocity of light is of course contained in Maxwell's equations”



The Speed of Light


Even if the original equations are incomplete, they prove that the speed of light is variable, and that the present-day set of equations has been modified to eliminate the ether terms (ether = subquarks)
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