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Default My content below was stolen by “ Horselover Phat ”

I recently did a search on my own blog via google and I was alarmed to see the following:


None of this work is 'stolen' from any of David Icke's work, lectures, tours or books...not one single aspect is derived from Icke. This is clearly my own work and work that (imho) far outreaches anything that Icke has ever been able to tackle.

"Reptilian Busines Model?"

WTF is that supposed to imply or mean? How can my own blog be put into the realm of 'business' when that is the last thing that the blog actually is! There are no charges to view any of my material...not one cent, one penny or whatever has been exchanged in relation to any of my work...and it will remain that way. Charging for this sort of information is obscene and disingenuous.

Are there any mods or admin here that are able to cast any light on what I've found...and the ridiculous claims of 'intellectual property' regarding film/media etc as a parody/metaphor for real life...that is not a copyright issue and never will be.

hosting site...

Apparently I'm also a 'FORUM TROLL'...much to my amusement, of course.

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