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Thumbs up UK Police Raid Private Safety Deposit Boxes

"UPDATE, 7.30pm UK time, 3rd June 2008: This is clearly a huge operation. This afternoon there was heavy police presence in the Park Lane area, with streets adjacent to the big hotels cordoned off. Physical removal of the lock boxes, including massive walk-in vaults, to a secret location, indicates that British police have taken the special precaution of making it impossible for the 'crime scene' information to be tampered with. By removing the lock boxes in their entirety from the addresses that have been raided, it is impossible for intelligence/organised crime desperados to interfere.

That this would be likely arises from the fact that, following this posting, we have established that it was indeed in Mayfair, Central London, that many of the stolen assets et al. used as the basis for launching the open-ended fiat-financial criminality in the second half of the 1980s, were located.

Given that Safe Deposit Centres Limited was established in Mayfair at around that time, there can be little doubt that this police operation is indeed DIRECTLY CONNECTED to the ongoing cleanup offensive that has been 'in the works' for two years, at least. Moreover the timing of the UK raids can be interpreted as signalling to the intelligence-linked criminalist cadres that the international financial community, however compromised itself in part by these criminals, has had enough of this free-wheeling organised crime hiding behind arrogant, over-powerful official structures.

That the timing is especially significant will become evident in the near future, we believe.

And that in turn should be interpreted as a signal to the den of iniquity at Langley to 'clean up its act' because it has blown not only its cover, but the patience of the Rest of the World as well.

"LONDON, 3rd June 2008: The British press reports this morning that UK armed special police have conducted mass raids on three safety deposit box depots in Park Lane, Central London, Hampstead and Edgware, both in Northwest London. Yesterday, more than 300 officers and staff were involved in simultaneous armed raids at the three lock box locations.

The total number of safety deposit lock boxes raided is 7,000.

Police officers have secured the concrete and steel vaults, and will take several weeks to remove each box, using angle grinders, to a secret location where they will be prized open with diamond-tipped drills. This is an unprecedented blow against UK and global organised criminal operations, and will have decisive implications for the criminalised sectors of intelligence services, especially the vast intelligence criminal underworld associated with the Central Intelligence Agency.

Press reports assert a view that a top tier of criminalist masterminds are believed to have rented out most of the boxes from the firm, Safe Deposit Centres Limited, which has been operating for more than 20 years. Two directors of this firm were arrested yesterday: Jaqueline Swan, 44, who was arrested at the Mayfair address, and Leslie Sieff, aged 60, who was detained in Hampstead. A third director, Milton Woolf, 52, is reported to be abroad, possibly in Israel.

Sieff and Woolf, originally from South Africa, have been residents in Britain since the 1980s.

While not yet knowing how many of the safety deposit boxes are being rented, British police believe that 90% of them may hold criminal assets. Scotland Yard said that the Met's Specialist Crime Directorate raided seven properties in all: the three safety lock box depositories, an office and three residential addresses. This was the biggest raid of its kind in the Met's history.

The Assistant Commissioner at Scotland Yard, John Yates, told the press that 'each box will be treated as a crime scene in its own right'. Named Operation Rize, the police offensive is 'a money-laundering investigation, one of the biggest ever undertaken in the United Kingdom', John Yates said. 'In the past, safety deposit boxes have been searched on an individual basis, often resulting in the recovery of guns, drugs and cash. We believe that this operation has the potential to impact upon many layers of serious crime'.

Translated into the vernacular, this last sentence by Yates will send tremors down the corridors at Langley, that den of open-ended iniquity, and other US nests of intelligence criminality, warning the perpetrators that when we and others say that 'the game is up', this statement is accurate.

Significantly, this investigation has been running for two years, indicating that it started just as our exposures of US intelligence-related criminality hit the ground running. Mr Yates elaborated:

'This is an unprecedented operation, and my officers have worked tirelessly and methodically, advised throughout by leading counsel, to ensure that this is the right action to take'.

In other words, this is not America, where the Rule of Law has decayed and almost collapsed, but Britain, where the police still take meticulous care to operate within the framework of the law. Mr Yates explained that the raids were part of 'a huge undertaking to tackle criminal networks who we believe are using safe deposit facilities to hide criminal assets. It is in the public interest that we target this particular business to stop any criminal activity'.

Scotland Yard is reported to believe the operation may unlock clues and links to every layer of serious crime in Britain, including murders, shootings, drug trafficking, paedophile gangs, and fraud. Senior officers said there is a potential to recover stashes of diamonds, jewellery, stolen computer data, artworks, you name it.

Some boxes are no larger than a sheet of paper in length and width. Others are 'walk-in' vaults.

Members of the public who have innocently and legally stored their valuables with Safe Deposit Centres are 'inevitably' going to be affected by this disruption, police said.

But the police have provided a freephone telephone number (free in the UK, at any rate) for such people to claim back their goods. The number is: 0800-030 4613.

As always, the sigificance of important events is often indicated by their timing. Despite the focus on 'visible' criminal behaviour recognisable to newspaper readers, the underlying implication here is that the criminalist intelligence Dark Forces have received a further powerful kick in the pants, representing another decisive move in the offensive that has been running for two years now, to defang and put an end to their aberrations.

Of course lock boxes held at firms like Safe Deposit Centres Limited (or Mail Boxes Etc.) are not the primary location of safety lock boxes where the proceeds of criminal operations, especially of intelligence-related organised theft, are located. The other venue for safety boxes is of course the banking sector. It will be interesting now to observe whether, in due course, Scotland Yard follows through with armed raids on banks specialising in offering safety lock box facilities.

That would be the logical next step in this huge operation against the criminalist intelligence rats.

Note: This report will remain up for 24 hours and will then be replaced by the report dated 26th May 2008, which exposed the tip of the Cheney corruption iceberg. Contrast the above report with the news from last week that the Unterreichsf├╝hrer visited Richmond, VA, accompanied by a colossal Gestapo presence, to protect him from his enemies.

In the United States, the resources of the state are deployed to protect the Number One Gangster-in-Chief. In Britain, where the Rule of Law still applies, the resources of law enforcement are busily unravelling the chaos perpetrated by the likes of the Unterreichsf├╝hrer. Something's got to give.

Christopher Story report:

Get the bigger picture here and start looking at the archives
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I expect that the police were after more of my lyrics 'recovered stolen computer data'. Oh no I forgot the police officer T**** told me that 'we have a computer' when I gave my statement back in 2004. They jacked the computer I expect and got a famous NLP disc jock to implant a false memory in my head. Kept me in a NLP daze for days. I wonder if there's any pic's of Icke meeting this NLP bloke...
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Today the world awakened to the sight of 100,000 ninjas sitting atop their parliamentary steps...
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How do they get access to 'Safety' Deposit boxes ... i mean
is that not private information?
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Members of the public who have innocently and legally stored their valuables with Safe Deposit Centres are 'inevitably' going to be affected by this disruption, police said.
...i.e., the intelligence agencies and police are 'inevitably' going to record/ catalogue the privately deposited assets of members of the public under the guise that they 'suspect' 90% of the boxes hold criminal assets. How long until they raid the entire bank accounts of individual banks looking for 'criminal assets'.
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