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Exclamation -Ringleaders of the Circus-

I thought it might be a good (or really bad) idea to create a list of the past & present global elite & their organisations that shape our laws & control our lives.

-Illuminati Bloodlines-

-The Astor Bloodline.
-The Rockefeller Bloodline.
-The Rothschild Bloodline.
-The Reynolds Bloodline.
-The Russell Bloodline.
-The Van Duyn Bloodline.
-The Bundy Bloodline.
-The Collins Bloodline.
-The Dupont Bloodline.
-The Freeman Bloodline.
-The Kennedy Bloodline.
-The Li Bloodline.
-The Onassis Bloodline.
-Merovingian Bloodline(European Royalty).

-Past & Present Players(no particular order)-

-Queen Elisabeth II.
-Duke of Kent(Masonic Grand Master).
-Prince Phillip.
-Tony blair(Bilderburger, 33rd° Freemason).
-Al Gore(33rd° Freemason).
-Gerhard Schröder(33rd° Freemason).
-Lee Teng-hui.
-George Bush(Illuminati, Skull n Bones).
-Prescott Bush(Illuminati, Skull n Bones, Trilateral Commission, Committee of 300, CFR).
-John Kerry(Skull n Bones)
-Bill Clinton.
-Hillary Clinton.
-King Hussein.
-Saddam Hussein(33rd° Freemason).
-Allan Greenspan(Federal Reserve, committee of 300).
-David Rockefeller(Illuminati).
-Edmund de Rothschild(Illuminati).
-Peter Wallenberg(S-E Bank of Sweden).
-King Carl XVI Gustaf.
-Prince Bertil.
-Ronald Reagan(33rd° Freemason, Knights of Malta, Rosicrucian Order)
-Helmut Kohl(Committee of 300).
-Francois Mitterand(33rd° Freemason, Grand Orient Lodge)
-Shimon Peres(33rd° Freemason).
-Yasser Arafat(33rd° Freemason).
-Jack Kemp(33rd° Freemason).
-Bob Dole(33rd° Freemason).
-Colin Powell(33rd° Freemason).
-Newt Gingrich(33rd° Freemason).
-Jesse Helms(33rd° Freemason).
-Barry Goldwater(33rd° Freemason).
-Baron Guy de Rothschild.
-Lord J. Rothschild.
-John D. Rockefeller Sr.
-Michail Gorbatjov(33rd° Freemason).
-Otto of Habsburg.
-Lord Peter Carrington(Committee of 300, Bilderburg).
-Lord David Owen(Committee of 300, Instituto real de relaciones exteriores).
-Carl Bildt.
-Willy Bandt(Committee of 300).
-Pehr G. Gyllenhammar(Volvo).
-Giovanni Agnelli(FIAT).
-Gerald Ford(33rd° Freemason).
-Henry Kissinger(P2 Freemasonry, Committee of 300, Knights of Malta, Bilderberg).
-Richard Holbrooke(Committee of 300).
-Jimmy Carter(Trilateral Commission, CFR).
-Saint Ignatius Loyola(Founder of the Society of Jesus)
-Adam Weishaupt(Jesuit Priest/Doctor, Founder of Illuminati).
-Aleister Crowley(Golden Dawn, Grand Master of OTO).
-Count Peter Hans Kolvenbach(Jesuit General).
-Prince Charles of Whales.
- Billy Graham.
-Winston Churchill(Druid Order, Grant Orient Lodge, 33rd° Freemason).
-Otto of Habsburg.
-Helmut Kohl(Committee of 300).
-Cecil Rhodes.
-Walt Disney(33rd° Freemason).
-Olof Palme.
-Walter Freeman.(Illuminati).
-Percy Barnevik(ABB Sweden).
-Col. James "Bo" Gritz.
-Virgil I. Grissom.
-John Glenn(Freemason).
-Edgar D. Mitchell(Freemason).
-Buzz Aldrin(Freemason).
-Josef Mengele (Dr. Green).
-Robert McNamara.
-Irenee du Pont.
-McGeorge Bundy(Illuminati).
-W. Averell Harriman(Illuminati).
-Ted Kennedy(Illuminati).
-Benjamin Franklin(33rd° Freemason).
-Albert Pike(Illuminati).
-Andrew Carnegie(Illuminati).
-McGeorge Bundy(Illuminati).
-Benjamin Netanyahu(33rd° Freemason).
-Franklin D Roosevelt(33rd° Freemason).
-Neville Chamberlain(Committee of 300).
-Bertrand Russell(Illuminati).
-Fredrick Engels(Grand Orient Lodge).
-Leon Trotsky(Grand Orient Lodge).
-Karl Marx(Grand Orient Lodge).
-J Edger Hoover(33rd° Freemason).
-Joseph Stalin(Illuminati, Grand Orient Lodge).
-Adolf Hitler.

-General Organisations-

-Jesuit Order.
-Vatican(with the papacys power to pass papal bulls).
-Sovereign Military Order of Malta.
-EU('New Tower of Babal').

I know this list is far from complete, I particularly want to fill the gap of the Jesuit Order. If anyone can help?. Not even going near sub-organisations or assets.

If they come for me, I'm not here!!!

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Default The Big List

Why did no one ever add to this interesting list?
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There are some of these that puzzle me:
-Al Gore(33rd° Freemason).
I did not know that! He is the one who made the film An Inconvenient Truth. Obviously, he is obviously a shill; we all know that air pollution is a myth. But was he 33rd degree before he was VP or after?
-Pehr G. Gyllenhammar(Volvo).
-Giovanni Agnelli(FIAT).
-Percy Barnevik(ABB Sweden).
Who are these people? I mean - why are they on the list?
-Josef Mengele (Dr. Green).
What does Dr Green mean? I know who Mengele is. A serious Nazi war criminal.
-Leon Trotsky(Grand Orient Lodge).
-Karl Marx(Grand Orient Lodge).
-Joseph Stalin(Illuminati, Grand Orient Lodge).
-Adolf Hitler.
We all know that these are Freemasons - but did they ever meet on a Masonic Lodge together?

A fascinating post!
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