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Default Michael Hemmingson linked to killing of Khris Neal

Temple of Set Asset Michael Hemmingson Linked to Killing of MK ULTRA Whistleblower Khris Neal

On February 12, 2013 Project MK ULTRA whistleblower Khris Neal left the world. Although the cause of death was understood to be suicide by gunshot, the circumstances leading up to that point lead to the overwhelmingly strong probability that Khris’s death was a premeditated agency hit.

On February 6, 2013, one week before the supposed suicide, the Former White Hat blog posted a blog entry titled “Khris Neal Clones in Body Bags”.

Isn’t that an interesting coincidence, that a blog set up for the sole purpose of spreading disinformation about MK ULTRA whistleblowers would have foreknowledge of the premature death of one very dedicated whistleblower? Especially one who they had specifically gone after in writing publicly? And isn’t it interesting that prior to that, Khris Neal just so happened to have exposed the real identity of the author behind the Former White Hat and idylwild blogs immediately prior to his “suicide”?

The author of Former White Hat appears to be Michael Hemmingson, evidence of which was exhaustively researched and written up in a blog post by Khris Neal, titled “Michael Hemmingson is Former White Hat and Louis Kahn Nin-Period!” http://clandestineragerevealed.wordpress.com

In the post, Khris ties Revolution Radio host Michael Hemmingson to military-intelligence agencies as well as the Temple of Set, an occult group that has been implicated in the Presidio satanic ritual abuse scandals as well as numerous first person accounts of MK ULTRA torture and mind control. Khris pegged Michael Hemmingson as a disinformation agent working to discredit MK ULTRA whistleblowers, also noting that he went by the pseudonym Chuck Norris. Well, look what we have here:

The Death Threat

Following the post is a comment from “Chuck Norris”, stating “We are watching you, Khristine. We know every thought you have … T-time will be soon. Expect the messy spaghetti in Oregon.”

This appears to be a not-so-subtle death threat — directed straight at Khris. What does messy spaghetti look like? To be blunt, it looks rather like brains with blood mixed in, a lot like the way Khris would have looked when his body was found. The mention of “T-time” uses a term taken from interviews with Duncan O’Finioan and Miranda Kelley, where they stated that their alternate personalities used the term “T” to indicate terminating someone.

Khris responded to the written threat by stating “Bring it and bring enough bags to put the bodies of the people I’ll double-tap inside too.” In other words, he was well aware that the comment from “Chuck Norris” was a death threat. Once again, he revealed the identity of “Chuck Norris” by tracing the IP address of the comment back to San Diego, which happens to be the home of Michael Hemmingson.

Let’s review: Less than a week before the death of Khris Neal, the Former White Hat blog posted an entry titled “Khris Neal Clones in Body Bags”. Clearly the author, Michael Hemmingson, was responding to Khris’s threat with a threat of his own, a threat that seems to have resulted in the planned assassination of a talented whistleblower who had become dangerous to the military-intelligence agencies his work exposed.

Want further proof that something is not quite right about Michael Hemmingson? As demonstrated in Khris’s meticulously researched post, Hemmingson uses the pseudonym Louis Kahn Nin to write pornographic stalker blogs about victims of Monarch (mind control) programming. He makes a mockery of the sexual abuse history of whistleblowers, which serves two very important purposes. It helps discredit their testimony and also is used as intimidation (i.e. ‘This will happen to you too if you talk’) to prevent other survivors from coming forward.
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Consider this history when viewing these screenshots of Michael Hemmingson’s Facebook photostream, which include dozens of photos of his prepubescent daughter, an image of a man forcing a woman’s legs apart amongst other pornography with rape themes, bondage pornography, a picture of someone being strangled, a woman and child cowering in a corner in front of a soldier brandishing an assault rifle, references to TSA “molestation”, and a photo of a dead squirrel with its crotch caked in what looks to be either shit or blood, or a combination of the two. Your average crack whore would have the common decency not to portray their child that way, but in any case, the juxtaposition of these images is extremely disturbing.

Here's a screenshot of Hemmingson defending accused pedophile and Temple of Set founder Michael Aquino, who worked for the psychological warfare division of the US Army. The Former White Hat and Idylwild blogs Hemmingson has authored are an application of some of the psych warfare methods developed by Aquino. This fact is demonstrated by the way that Hemmingson routinely accuses whistleblowers of mental illness while stating that they are in need of forced drugging and forced incarceration in psychiatric facilities.

It’s entirely probable that Hemmingson is a military-intelligence buddy of Aquino, since Hemmingson himself is an alumnus of Naval War College who majored in game theory, a field of study that has many psychological applications. Considering that Hemmingson has co-authored a book with Don Webb, former Grand Master of the Temple of Set, the possibility is far from unlikely. Interested parties are encouraged to observe the number of people associated with pedophilia on Hemmingson’s photostream to get an idea of what this guy is into. The first example is science fiction author Samuel Delany, who is an outspoken supporter of the pedophile rights organization National Man Boy Love Association. The second is Woody Allen, who was himself accused of pedophilia by his former wife, Mia Farrow. Observant readers can put two and two together and figure out exactly what’s going on here. In my opinion, even people who believe pornography is protected by the First Amendment should recognize that the photo collage assembled by Hemmingson qualifies as sexual exploitation of a child. Far from being an isolated coincidence, this documentation should be taken as evidence of Hemmingson’s collaboration with military-intelligence agencies complicit in both child sex trafficking and the same trauma-based mind control projects he has attempted to cover up on his blogs.

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Here is some background on the story from the website of another MK Ultra whistleblower, Duncan O'Finioan:

The Murder of Khris Neal

By Miranda Kelley

Khris Neal was a friend of ours and a fellow blogger. Until now, we have not publicly talked about the circumstances of his death and the things we know, as well as the things we discovered upon further investigation.

In our small community of MK ULTRA survivors and those who knew and interacted with Khris, no one knew anything was wrong at first. That is, until the early hours of March 2nd, when our good friend Randy Maugans, host of Off Planet Radio, received this comment to the Off Planet website. The comment was never approved, so this is the first time it is being made public.

At first glance, Randy thought it was just another post by Former White Hat/Michael Hemmingson/ The Idylwild Group and his coterie of lackeys, who have run an organized effort (poorly executed, but organized) to smear our names with outrageous, libelous claims on a regular basis. And Randy was right — it was (more on that later).

However, after paring away the usual onslaught of ridiculous lies about Duncan, a search found the funeral home page which confirmed that Khris Neal was dead — in fact he had been dead nearly a month — quite possibly the only true thing this group has ever posted.

Now, we had to ask ourselves, how was it that someone(s) in this group of extremely overenthusiastic and dedicated smear campaigners would know about Khris’ death before any of us, his friends and colleagues did? Or a single solitary other person in this internet community? Very curious.

We were all hit very hard emotionally by the death of Khris. It was certainly a blow, and a hard one. We knew and have always known the stakes of what we are involved in, but it doesn’t make it hurt less when someone you care about is killed.

The details of his death, after reading his obituary, were minimal. We put out some feelers to various friends and acquaintances of Khris, trying to track down someone who knew him, friend or family member, in order to not only share what we knew but try to obtain more details regarding his death.

We finally got a break weeks later when, of all people, Khris’ own mother called me (Miranda) directly on my cell phone. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. When I called her back, it was one of the most difficult phone calls of my life. Only those who know the pain of losing a child can even begin to know what this confused, horrified, and grief-filled mother was experiencing. For her, Khris’ death was still a completely open wound, compounded by the fact that she could not make sense of why it happened.

The first thing she told me was that the police had found my phone number in Khris’ wallet. It was evidently written on a folded piece of paper and said ‘In case of emergency, contact’ followed by my name and phone number. At the time, I had no idea how Khris had gotten that paper or my number because I never gave it to him, but Duncan and I later found out that one of our friends, another MK ULTRA survivor and close friend of Khris, had been concerned enough about his safety that she had given him this information in case of emergency. How prescient she was.

Duncan and I find it very interesting that, despite it being a very clear emergency contact number in Khris’ wallet, no one from the police department up in Oregon bothered to use it at any point, which is usually standard operating procedure. Khris’ parents only found out about the note’s existence when the police called them and asked them about it. We find it very telling that they did not call me.

The Scene of the Crime

My eyes were burning with tears as Khris’ mother began to recount to me how the police found Khris’ body. According to her, Khris’ house had been completely trashed. Not just things knocked over and cushions flung, but she said that someone had taken the time to open bottles of liquid and pour several of them out all over the carpet. Doors were kicked in. She said that even the burners were ripped off the stove.

There was no suicide note. She told me that Khris had been found with a single gunshot to the head. The police, she said, had ruled it a suicide. Really. She told me that she did not believe it was a suicide, but that she had no idea what really happened and was not getting any answers.

It seemed that there was indeed a cover-up of Khris’ death, and not a very good one. To say the police’s conclusion was overly hasty would not be a stretch, given the evidence and what we now knew.

I made a difficult decision. I knew that Khris had kept a part of his life separate from his family, particularly information having to do with his struggle to learn about his past as a child being involved in MK ULTRA government projects similar, and certainly tangential to, the ones that Duncan and I were involved in. This is not something that is easy to talk to one’s parents about in the best of circumstances. I filled her in as best I could, concerned that I might be compounding her grief but just as certain that it was the right thing to do — she needed the information we had and could then make her own judgments from that.

I appreciate her talking to me and more than anything want justice for Khris, which is obviously problematic since his murder seems to have been covered up.

Sloppy Work, Boys

Based on what Duncan and I, Randy, and a few other people have found out, we have some theories about what happened to Khris, who did it, and why he was, we believe, murdered in cold blood.

At the time of his death, Khris Neal had been investigating the identity of our harassers, the very ones who seemed to be behind the later comment to Off Planet Radio informing us of Khris’ death.

Khris was an extremely intelligent and resourceful individual. On his blog, he had exhaustively researched and made the connection between couple of specific anonymous disinformation blogs and pseudo-gonzo-with-a-side-of-pedophilia writer and self-professed former asset of ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) — one Michael Hemmingson.

In fact, this exposé was the very last article Khris Neal ever posted on his blog.

We cannot rule out the possibility, even the likelihood, that Khris was murdered because of what he was investigating regarding Michael Hemmingson’s identity and connection to the blogs by “Former White Hat” and Idyllwild Group. Based on the research one of our other colleagues, a computer forensics expert, has done on this group (more on that in another article — there are more people and groups connected to this that we’ve found), Khris may have uncovered even more information that he never got a chance to release. We will never know.

Duncan and I believe that Khris was not taken out by a professional or directly by any agency. The work was too sloppy, and that’s not how things of this nature are normally done — there are procedures that are followed and certain protocols that were obviously not observed in this case.

We believe, based on the scene and what we know of it, that someone was probably sent just to scare Khris into stopping what research he was doing, but that things got out of hand and the person or people sent ended up bungling things, panicking, and killing him. That’s our opinion, again, based on how we know things like this to work and how they have historically been handled as well as information we have picked up regarding the situation. This is something we are in a position to know about because of what we used to do.

Further Taunts About Khris’ Murder

Not too long ago, we got this email — directly from none other than Michael Hemmingson himself. It would appear that we, and this certainly includes Khris Neal, were correct — Michael Hemmingson is the person hiding behind the Former White Hat name, and evidently no longer feels he needs to.

Please notice a couple of things here. One — Randy, Duncan and I discussed this and none of us ever remember coming across this particular photo of Khris Neal predating this email. We haven’t been able to say conclusively that this is the first time we had seen it, but we are pretty sure. So then, how did Michael Hemmingson obtain it? It looks like it’s from some form of identification card.

Second, you may also notice the second attachment is the seal for the aforementioned Office of Naval Intelligence. The e-mail is subtly titled “a reminder”. It would appear that Michael Hemmingson sent us this e-mail to gloat about his involvement in the murder of Khris Neal, and perhaps to imply further that his actions will be protected by none other than one of the least known but largest spying arms of the government, the ONI, since he used to work for them, apparently. Good luck with that. They just love when you do stuff like this and then use their name. Publicly.

The Deeper Game
Many people not familiar with this situation or how these things work might be saying to themselves, well, I’ve seen the White Hat blog and it’s ridiculous lies and anyone who believes that crap is crazy. This is true, to a point. It is filled with poorly constructed science fiction fantasy and puerile writing, and Duncan and I have a hard time keeping track of how many clones of him there actually are according to it, but there is a deeper game at play here.

Those of you who look at blogs which write blatant lies about us (and other whistleblowers) and dismiss them as absurd are missing the point. The point is that this is an organized group of individuals who are carrying out orders. This is a concerted effort to not only destroy our credibility, but to bury the truth under a mountain of lies and half truths so that no one can find it.

This is done so that when people search the internet trying to find out information about MK ULTRA, or gods forbid supersoldiers, they are bowled over by articles deliberately containing lies that sound like they’ve been written by a crazy person, or articles written at at least a high school level but composed by people who have decided to just make up their own experiences, never caring that they dilute the few crumbs of truth that manage to get out there.

And when someone gets too close, they get killed. Like Khris did.

Khris threatened their whole system, not just the truth suppression itself, but the method for suppressing the truth – the very mechanism that throws up the chaff leading truth seekers in the wrong direction. His path led to a name that now directly connects to these two websites that were supposed to be anonymous – Michael Hemmingson.

Is Hemmingson the head honcho on this, the big fish? Oh, hardly. From what we can figure, he’s big enough to have some other people under him following his guidance on things and letting him tell them what to post on their own sites. But he’s small enough that he can be jettisoned from the organizations he is affiliated with – disposable, you might say. And he appears to be unbalanced enough to not quite realize this, or perhaps he just doesn’t care.

We will go into further detail in other articles regarding who is really behind this organization who was likely responsible for his murder. We have amassed a fair amount of data, but it’s a fairly twisty path and will take more than one article, which we will publish soon. This one’s about Khris because he deserves to have the world know how brave he was.

For now, know this. The push to keep truthful information suppressed is real. The threat to those who speak out or who uncover information that they shouldn’t is equally real. We know it. Khris knew it. He died trying to uncover it.

Khris, you were a very sweet man. You were trying to help others and you were trying to do what was right. You are a warrior and a true hero and we salute you. You will be greatly missed.
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Here is a screen cap of Hemmingson making more threats under the Former White Hat persona, while also admitting to working for Naval Intelligence. This image comes from an entirely separate source, the blog http://creatingclare.wordpress.com/ which was written by another MK Ultra survivor. The evidence above should be more than sufficient to prove that Hemmingson is part of a coordinated disinfo campaign targeting whistleblowers whose work threatens to expose perpetrators of human rights violations occurring under MK Ultra and its various sub-projects including Project Monarch.

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Whistleblowers Duncan O'Finioan and Miranda Kelley have since been issued death threats for their role in exposing the killing of Khris Neal. Here is the update from their website:

Yep, that’s a death threat.

(Here it is a little larger):

This little gem came in to the comments section of our site yesterday.

We deal with various threats, attacks, and attempts on our lives on an appallingly regular basis. Normally, we don’t talk about them too much or make them public. But we have decided to do so in this case, specifically because this threat is very similar to the death threat made to Khris Neal shortly before he was, as we feel the evidence shows, murdered.

Here is the death threat made to Khris:

Khris Neal got the above threat as he was investigating the connection of Michael Hemmingson to the Former White Hat and Idylwild blogs — in fact the threat came in a mere four days after he had published his conclusion that Michael Hemmingon himself was the author of the rambling, libelous, nonexistently veiled smear campaign calling itself the Former White Hat blog. This evidence, and this connection, was obviously very damning to Hemmingson.

We got this death threat just as we went public with a mound of evidence that we feel links Hemmingson to the murder of Khris Neal and to the Former White Hat blog, and after we provided further background on the nature of Hemmingson’s deeply disturbing … proclivities.

We take all threats seriously. That is our nature and that is how we were trained. Given the situation, we feel it’s important to have a public record of this one. Also, we feel that this gives even more weight to the initial death threat against Khris having been absolutely for real.
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Here is a photo of Don Webb, the former Grand Master of the Temple of Set.

The following Amazon link is to a book that Hemmingson co-authored with Webb. http://www.amazon.com/Judas-Payne-We.../dp/143441194X
This is a screen cap from Hemmingson's Facebook, which identifies Hemmingson as Former White Hat.

Here is another screen cap linking Hemmingson to the idylwild blog. These are only a few of many details Khris dug up identifying Hemmingson as the author behind the Former White Hat and Idylwild blogs. Interested readers are encouraged to read the entire post. Here's that link once again. http://clandestineragerevealed.wordpress.com/http://clandestineragerevealed.wordpress.com/

Why is Hemmingson's connection to the Temple of Set so important? First of all, the founder of the Temple of Set, former Lt. Colonel Michael Aquino, has been repeatedly accused of having played a central role in organizing criminal mafias involved in child sex trafficking. Aquino is also open about his history of having worked for military intelligence while developing psychological warfare techniques. He authored a military paper titled “From PSYOP to Mindwar: The Psychology of Victory".

Here is an excerpt from part 3 of Dave MacGowan's Pedophocracy series:

The photographer, Rusty Nelson, also has said that King told him that Aquino was part of the Contra guns and cocaine trafficking operation run by George Bush and another notorious Lt. Col., Oliver North. Aquino has also been linked to Offutt Air Force Base, a Strategic Air Command post near Omaha that was implicated in the investigation by the Franklin Committee. He was also claimed to have ordered the abduction of a Des Moines, Iowa paperboy.
This was certainly not the first time that Aquino had been implicated as a key figure in large scale pedophile/child pornography rings. In July of 1988, not long before the King and Spence cases broke, the San Jose Mercury News ran a lengthy exposé on the Presidio Child Development Center run by the U.S. Army in San Francisco.
Allegations of abuse being perpetrated at the center first emerged in November of 1986. Alarmed by accusations made by her child, a parent had sought a medical examination which confirmed that the three-year-old boy had in fact been anally raped. The boy identified his rapist as ‘Mr. Gary,’ a teacher at the center named Gary Hambright.
Even with the conclusive medical evidence, “it took the Army almost a month to notify the parents of other children who had been in ‘Mr. Gary’s’ class that the incident had taken place.” Within a year, at least sixty victims had been identified, all between the ages of three and seven, and further
“allegations would be made by parents that several more children were molested even after the investigation had begun.”
Amazingly enough, the center remained open for more than a year after the first case of abuse was reported, though the Mercury News noted that “day care centers under state jurisdiction are routinely closed when an abuse incident is confirmed.” And this was considerably more than a simple abuse incident that was confirmed.
The stories told by the children implicated many other perpetrators besides Hambright. They also told of being taken away from the center to be abused in private homes; at least three such houses were positively identified. They also told of being forced to play “poopoo baseball” and the “googoo” game – ‘games’ that involved the children being urinated and defecated upon, and being forced to ingest urine and feces.
Many of them also spoke of having guns pointed at them and of having been told that they and/or their parents and siblings would be killed if they told anyone what had been done to them. Despite the mounting number of victim/witnesses, and the numerous crimes alleged by these children, it was only Gary Hambright who was arrested – on January 5, 1987 – and he was charged with abusing just a single child. And even then the charges were dismissed just three months later, in March of 1987.
There is little doubt that literally dozens of children were in fact severely abused at the center. There was irrefutable medical evidence to document that fact. Five of the children had contracted chlamydia, a sexually transmitted disease; many others showed clear signs of anal and genital trauma consistent with violent penetration, which authorities chose to ignore. One mother complained to the San Francisco Chronicle that the FBI never interviewed her or her son, even after doctors had confirmed the boy’s abuse.
There were unmistakable psychological signs as well. As The American Journal of Orthopsychiatry noted in April of 1992: “The severity of the trauma for children at the Presidio was immediately manifest in clear cut symptoms. Before the abuse was exposed, parents had already noticed the following changes in their children: vaginal discharge, genital soreness, rashes, fear of the dark, sleep disturbances, nightmares, sexually provocative language, and sexually inappropriate behavior. In addition, the children were exhibiting other radical changes in behavior, including temper outbursts, sudden mood shifts, and poor impulse control. All these behavioral symptoms are to be expected in preschool children who have been molested.”
The journal article, written by Diane Ehrensaft, Ph.D., also noted that: “The Presidio case has confronted both the public at large and the mental health community with an extraordinary and abhorrent situation of grave psychological proportions: the willful molestation of young boys and girls by representatives of the most patriarchal and supposedly protective arm of the American government – the U.S. Army.”
The article further noted the nearly homicidal rage provoked in the fathers of the children abused in this way, as they saw the investigations of the crimes perpetrated against their children stonewalled and covered up. One father is quoted as saying: “When something about the Presidio comes on TV, I want to blow someone away.” Another father echoed this sentiment: “I was ready to blow the army base away.”
One of those who the fathers would have liked to blow away was Michael Aquino, along with his wife Lilith. One child positively identified the pair, known to the kids as ‘Mikey’ and ‘Shamby,’ and was also able to positively identify the Aquino’s home and to describe with uncanny accuracy the distinctively satanic interior of the house. The young witness also claimed to have been photographed at the Aquinos’ home.
On August 14 of 1987, a search warrant was served on the house. Confiscated in the raid were numerous videotapes, photographs, photo albums, photographic negatives, cassette tapes, and name and address books. Also observed was what appeared to be a soundproof room.
Neither Aquino nor his wife were charged with any crimes, nor have they been to this day – a fact that Aquino claims proves his innocence.
The next month, a fire – which the Army deemed to be accidental – destroyed the Army Community Services Building adjacent to the Presidio’s day care center. Strangely enough, “the fire occurred on the autumnal equinox, a major event on the satanic calendar,” as the Mercury News noted. The fire also destroyed some of the center’s records....In January of 1988, Aquino filed suit against the Army to have it cleared from his record that he had been investigated as a suspected pedophile. According to court records, he also had the gall to charge “Captain Adams-Thompson [the father of a victim] with conduct unbecoming an officer because the Captain reported the allegations of child abuse to the San Francisco police.”
In denying Aquino’s motion, the court concluded that “there was probable cause to title Aquino with offenses of indecent acts with a child, sodomy, conspiracy, kidnapping, and false swearing,” despite the fact that “the San Francisco police department (SFPD) closed its investigation and filed no charges against the plaintiff or anyone else.”
Aquino and various of his defenders have consistently claimed that no one was ever prosecuted in the case due to a lack of evidence – proof that the entire affair was no more than a ‘witch hunt.’ Of course, the failure to prosecute the federal charges could also be due to the fact that, at the time, the U.S. Attorney in San Francisco handling the case was Joseph Russoniello.
Russoniello would later be identified by reporter Gary Webb of the San Jose Mercury News as a player in the Contra cocaine smuggling operation led by Lt. Col. Oliver North and company, just as witnesses would later identify Lt. Col. Michael Aquino as an operative in the very same sordid affair. It always helps when your legal ‘adversaries’ are actually on your side. (end of excerpt)

Aquino's victims are still coming forward. Ritual abuse survivor David Shurter has alleged to having witnessed Aquino molesting and murdering children. Here is a recent post from Shurter's website, which can be found here: http://davidshurter.com/?p=3859

Anyone who tells you that I have not sacrificed to get all of this investigated does not adequately know the situation. I have been targeted for so long that it has become a common occurrence to me. My car has been trashed by my family- I have had a myriad of death threats- I have had dead animal parts left at my house- and people who have tried to help have only had their livelihoods threatened. It all has been an attempt to isolate and quiet me. The sad part about it is that it is effectively working.
I have lost everything I have held dear- and am now a stranger in a strange land trying to make my way as best as I can. I am no longer in Omaha- as there is nothing left for me there but a collection of incredibly bad memories and my father’s family- who won’t leave me alone. I have been harassed to the point where I have lost many of those closest to me. People are afraid for me- but more than that- they are afraid to be around me.
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Are the Former White Hat and Idylwild blogs an attempt on behalf of the intelligence community to suppress personal testimonies about their own trauma-based mind control projects? The fact that the blogs' main author, Michael Hemmingson, has targeted MK Ultra whistlblowers including Duncan O'Finioan and Miranda Kelley is a strong indication that this could be the case. Both O'Finioan and Kelley have been outspoken about their own history of having their minds and personalities deliberately destroyed through trauma as part of military-intelligence operations occurring under the MK Ultra project. These horrific practices qualify as crimes against humanity and there are many individuals who could be prosecuted under the fullest extent of the law if this information were to reach the public domain.

MK Ultra survivor Anya Briggs claims that self-proclaimed MI6 agent James Casbolt is another author behind the Idylwild group. Duncan O'Finioan has also stated that Hemmingson was likely responsible for arranging Casbolt's entry into the U.S. Here is what Briggs wrote about the subject:

Note: Many of you are finding me via a disinformation blog called "Former White Hat". FWH is an amalgam of disinfo agents, including, but not limited to, a man by the name of Michael Hemmingson. Guest contributors have also included Michael Prince, aka James Casbolt. While I can excuse the ongoing disinfo and smear campaign against me by Prince/Casbolt due to mental illness, I cannot excuse the actions of Hemmingson. I am clearly not a member of the "black cabal" nor am I their "Illuminati puppet". If anything, I abhor this. I hate that I feel a need to mention this as a note, but some of you are too damned gullible for your own good. As always, use discernment. Don't believe me if you don't want to, I pray I am wrong in this below listed prediction, but I swear on all I hold dear, whatever fallibility I own is through honest mistakes and not the deliberate malice of someone as delusional and sick as Michael Hemmingson or Prince. Blessings, Anya

What follows below is Casbolt's interview with Kerry Cassidy, where he blatantly admits to being a propaganda agent for the NSA. Here is a direct quote from their conversation:
James Casbolt (JC): I've got the go ahead to talk about certain things.
Kerry Cassidy (KC): Ok, why would they want you to talk about this?
JC: Um, they just want to make people aware of certain things that are going on.


James Casbolt has also written what amounts to an instructional manual on how to rape someone, which was published on James Rink's website. What he describes is standard operating procedure for for Project Monarch, a sub-project of MK Ultra. Here is an excerpt followed by the link. Screen caps have been taken, in case anyone tries to sweep this little embarrassment under the rug.

"So the subconscious mind takes orders from the conscious mind. All the hypnotist is doing is putting the conscious mind to sleep. Now his verbal commands act as a substitute for the conscious mind and he is able to take control of the subjects body. You can put the conscious mind to sleep with drugs, trauma and many other things. To give you one example of a case to close to home, a young CIA programmed sex slave travelled from San Franscico to England and was denied entry into the UK as part of an agency sting operation. As she boarded the plane back to the US she was told the by an air hostess that one of the guys at the departure desk thought she was cute and has upgraded her seat. She was taken into business class and sat in the middle of a group of men travelling together to Nevada. They offered her drugged candy but one of the men attempted to trigger her too early before the drugs had taken effect and said “leave your body” too early. The young woman replied “leave my body?” confused and the brain hacking agent recovered with “no I said can I eat your pudding” as a meal has been served ( a classic NLP method to make one word or sentence sound like another ). When the drugs kicked in they triggered her alternative personality, had her give them all blow-jobs in the private area of the plane the put her to sleep afterwards. She woke up and one of the men said “did you have a good sleep?”. The young woman didn’t remember a thing about what had just happened."

"I bet some of you guy are thinking i wish I had that power. It can be learnt it just takes balls to pull it off. One brain hacker showed me a technique of saying a blatantly sexually offensive remark in a friendly way and short circuited the woman’s conscious mind temporarily. The intensity of the statement makes her primal subconscious mind take over and she goes along with the conversation. After that you can take it further. My friend and I were in whole foods and he spotted a little cute blond cashier. He told me to watch closely as we checked out as he told me he was going to take control of her sexually. She was wearing a lot of badges on her blouse and he says “You’ve got a lot of badges on”. She just giggled and then he goes “you better watch out you don’t pierce those little udders” and as copying her body language and looking right into her eyes. That was enough and she goes “I sometimes catch my skin in them when I take my top off” and “I haven’t got those ( udders ) pierced yet”. Then she starts telling him about all her other body piercing then they start talking about her vagina and how she might be interested in having that pierced. There was a line full of people and he is making it seem like the most natural conversation in the world. We walked away and she is looking confused, scratching her head with a look like “what the fuck just happened there”.

Let's get what is hopefully obvious out of the way. Erasing a person's memory to force that person to have sex with a group of people should be legally classified as rape and criminally prosecuted as such. Forcing a person to have any kind of sexual contact without that person's knowledge or consent is one of the qualifications of rape. But is Casbolt simply describing something that he's witnessed and is opposed to? The following passage from the same article makes it crystal clear that, no, in fact, MI6 agent Casbolt not only sees nothing wrong with sexual assault, but he also believes the “weaker” elements of the population (specifically, blacks, gays and the homeless), should be exterminated.

“...the brutal animalistic personalities are more real than the ‘good’ ‘kind’ front personality we present to the world. Everything is reversed and upside down. You need to erase your good, kind side and embrace hate and darkness. Only then can you be free. Everyone in the mind control deprogramming community is going about it backwards, they are attempting to erase the real personalities and strengthen the fake personalities. Again social engineering by the controllers of that movement to stop people remembering. What did Crowley say? Something about give me rape and murder as long as its pure. Get involved in blood ritual by whatever means, so many ways nowadays you could join the military. Get involved in sexual perversion, swinging etc, rent your wife out as a prostitute whatever. I say hail murder!.....Satanism is a religion for the elite, it’s not for everyone. Why do you want to save everyone? The world is overpopulated with talking monkies bumping into me everywhere I go with not enough space. How do you expect to help the diseased, the homeless? Colonise other worlds and spread their infection there? Nowhere in nature does a stronger species give charity to a weaker species. IE- A stronger species of bird will not help out a weaker diseased dying species of bird. Nature will find a way to cull that species so they become extinct as quickly as possible. Nature supports the strong and eradicates the weak. Extermination is good. The homeless in America will eventually be rounded up, put in camps and shot. Blacks will start to become extinct in the inner cities through similar methods. Extermination processing centres have already been set up in America for homosexuals etc......There is no such thing as a soul. When you die and your body rots, the end. The horrific truth which none can except is that equality and love is the biggest lie that has been pushed on you. Through involvement through the Jesuits and security arm of catholic church I discovered the idea of soul was made up by that organization to control the masses. The horrific truth is most will cease to exist while others will have physical life extended indefinitely through cyrogenics, life-extension, and AI singularity through the movement.....I also spent time at the Armoury porn studios on Mission Street which is a CIA lab for social engineering ….I also met film-maker Oliver Stone’s son Sean Stone for lunch in Beverly Hills and we discussed San Francisco and Haight Ashbury as well as many other fascinating topics. Interesting how the porn stars at the Armoury calls themselves ‘non-civilians’.....The album would draw the young female white hippies out of Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco. Black men would be deprived of white women in the area, which the communist equality political changes had made available to them in the 1960′s. Without an outlet for their frustrations, the black men would lash out in violent crimes against whites left in the area and Helter Skelter would be sparked in Haight-Ashbury.” (end of excerpt)

Another reason at least some of the information Casbolt is disseminating here seems credible is that Peter Acworth, the founder and CEO of the Armoury porn studios he mentions, is the son of a former Jesuit priest. Acworth was recently arrested for possession of cocaine. Other mind control survivors have accused the Armoury of being involved in mind control experiments, so the business (Kink.com) definitely deserves more attention. According to the kink.com wikipedia entry, many of the porn stars and directors that work for Kink came directly from a company called Insex, which was shut down by the FBI on account of their violent and extreme BDSM practices which included military torture techniques. Kink has continued many of these same practices at their Armoury studios, particularly the use of torture devices used by the Chinese government. Kink has done numerous movies depicting actual waterboarding, a practice that has been demonstrated to cause brain damage, lung damage and other injuries. Here is a direct quote from one of their performers " Ive been a porn star for kink.com in the past and I can say they are very hush hush and will do anything to keep it quit about how they treat the porn stars.  What they do behind closed doors will make you sick... this place doesn't care about your safe well being." That quote can be found in the comments section of the following article: http://www.sfweekly.com/2013-02-20/n...any-kink/full/

Here's more information on James Casbolt from Anya Briggs. Some of what Casbolt says might seem completely ridiculous, but it is intended to appear that way to prevent the public from taking testimony about trauma-based mind control seriously. Obfuscation of this type is a very common pattern in professional disinformation.

So this is weird. As soon as I just updated the latest IBIS post with the Kerry Cassidy (and MI5) reference (http://anyaisachannel.blogspot.com/2...ost-about.html), my computer screen opened a new window by itself and I found myself looking at a Youtube channel for Richard Hell, the musician and poet/writer.
This video was the first one you see on the video list.

I thought this immediately funny, strange, and not a coincidence since Casbolt is always going on and on about his detatchable, replaceable cyborg head. Call me crazy, but I had a feeling it was one of his people responsible for that lil' computer glitch.

It seems the MINUTE I even so much as utter the word "MI5" or "Kerry Cassidy" lately, all kinds of strange things start happening. Hmmmmmmmm! I hope you are enjoying this, boys. I certainly am. If they are threats, they don't, won't and can't stop me, and if you are goading me on to find more and talk about more, it's unnecessary but really funny.

Another relevant detail: both Duncan O'Finioan and James Rink have alleged that Casbolt has recently been sending around revenge porn of his ex-wife. According to O'Finioan, this occurred right after Casbolt's ex-wife filed domestic violence charges against him, which is why Casbolt is no longer able to gain entrance into the United States. Now, does it seem unlikely that Casbolt and Hemmingson could be working for the openly satanic Temple of Set cult to cover up ongoing crimes the organization has been involved in? In all likelihood, this is exactly what has been occurring on the idylwild group blog. Given Casbolt's promotion of satanism, his affiliation with the intelligence community as well as his recent presence in San Francisco, the city where the Temple of Set is based, the possibility that he and Hemmingson are not involved with the Temple of Set seems far more improbable.

Here is a direct quote from James Rink: Please Note: H , Michael’s X-wife has reported to me none of the allegations Michael Prince is claiming about her and her son are true. Additionally she would like to request that he would stop messing with her head this especially in light after Michael Prince’s was caught sending inappropriate nude photos of her all over the internet including to me after their breakup. All of these reports are very troubling and I really wish they where untrue as I have known Michael for many years and don’t want to see him going off the edge like this. Perhaps Michael would like to explain these recent allegations so that all of his friend can move on with the enormous task of bringing disclosure to the truth movement . http://supersoldiertalk.com/2013/11/...ichael-prince/

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Michael Hemmingson has interviewed Super Soldier Summit speaker James Rink and Lorien Fenton, organizer of the summit, on his radio show, the Art of Dreaming. Hemmingson's involvement in the summit, and his involvement with promoting their guests, suggests that the summit is being used as an intelligence-gathering operation. Even the phrase “super soldier” seems like military propaganda, or an advertisement for G.I. Joe action figures. What it definitely doesn't convey is the abject trauma and debasement that MK Ultra projects are founded on.

Here's another image that is clearly meant to turn the ugly reality of trauma-based mind control into a fun little joke that programmers can laugh about amongst themselves, while they attempt to convince the rest of the world that MK Ultra survivors are all delusional schizophrenics. Stuff like this could almost seem funny, but only if you didn't know about how so many MK Ultra victims were abused to the point where they're completely unable to function on the most basic level. The problem is that Michael Hemmingson most certainly does know about that part of the story. Much of the abusive material Hemmingson has posted will not be reproduced here, but it will suffice to say that one of the main purposes of his blogs is to stalk and harass those who speak out about their history in the projects. This also serves the dual purpose of preventing other survivors from coming forward, because they see the abuse others are subjected to and don't want it to happen to them. Hemmingson has used the pseudonym Louis Kahn Nin to write pornographic stalker blogs about MK Ultra survivors, and for obvious reasons those posts will not be displayed. As Khris demonstrated, Hemmingson's own wiki bio lists Louis Kahn Nin as one of his pseudonyms. http://www.thefullwiki.org/Michael_Hemmingson

Here is a video Khris made linking Former White Hat to Louis Kahn Nin.

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Let's take a look at the origins of the Former White Hat blog, how it was promoted and how the blog gained its audience. The screen cap below shows Kerry Cassidy's post about FWH, which she wrote a day after the blog went online. Numerous other examples of her promotion of FWH have been documented on Khris's blog.

Considering that Kerry Cassidy has broadcast many interviews with MK Ultra survivors, one can only assume she would not lend her support to the sexual exploitation of children or the murder of MK Ultra whistleblowers. Why, then, would she promote somebody like Michael Hemmingson? Is she aware of Hemmingson's alleged past in Naval Intelligence? Duncan O'Finioan and Miranda Kelley have gone on record stating that they were informed by Cassidy that her own son works for Naval Intelligence. Given this information, it seems highly probable that someone in Cassidy's own camp connected her to Hemmingson as a way to use Project Camelot for spreading military disinformation.

The following Project Camelot interview with Michael Hemmingson (as himself, not “Former White Hat”) was intended to be an interview with Douglas Hagmann, a supposed “truth seeker” who, in reality, uses “insider sources” from The Department of Homeland Security for his research.


Hagmann has written about how there are Islamic paramilitary training camps in the U.S., and how the Bush Administration didn't do enough to adequately address this problem. This ridiculous attempt at journalism is a far-right fever dream, of the sort that justifies the worst encroachments on civil liberties. Here is what Cassidy said as she was waiting for Hagmann to call in: “We have had at Project Camelot other people who have sort of blown the whistle from behind the scenes, at the Homeland Security. And, uh, and so, not everything, and not everyone, who works for that, I imagine it's like a humongous organization at this point, is, uh, is, is a bad person....I have this, you know, I have this law enforcement friend, or this friend who has former ties to law enforcement, I guess you could call it...”

As she continues to wait for Hagmann to call in, Cassidy takes a call from Hemmingson, who proceeds to discuss how Chinese troops have been assembling on the U.S.-Mexico border. None of the information Hemmingson discusses is new. Just about all of it can be traced straight back to mid-90s threads on online conspiracy forums frequented by the U.S. citizen militia movement. The far-right militia movement, and the paramilitary community from which it's derived, is itself a product of the intelligence community and the military. Therefore any supposedly objective “insider info” the militia movement promotes should be subjected to close scrutiny, considering the nature of the source. Details on how intelligence operatives have shaped and directed U.S. paramilitary communities can be found here:
And here:

The real question Kerry Cassidy should be asking is who benefits from whipping the already reactionary American public into a frenzy about planned foreign invasions? The correct answer is the arms industry and the military-industrial complex which benefits from its expansion. In case Cassidy's affiliations with the intelligence community haven't already been made apparent, here is a revealing chat room conversation with Bill Ryan from Project Avalon. Bill Ryan is the co-founder of Project Camelot, along with Kerry Cassidy.

Kerry is in full destruct mode at the moment. She deleted the Anglo-Saxon Mission video without my knowledge or consent. She did that TWICE - once before it was published.
Because Camelot has been infiltrated. Read my 27 Feb Camelot update. Take a look. All the info is there.
You think I'd delete my own video when it had received 25,000 views in 36 hours and was all set to go viral?
Look at the 27 Feb update. Read carefully. The infiltrator is John (Jack) Burns. He works for Australian intelligence. He's got in very close with Kerry and David WIlcock.
He wanted to sack all the volunteers, move Camelot to a central office in Australia, make Kerry a star, have only paid staff, and have him as the co-coordinator. Kerry wanted to do it. I said no way, not ever.
You have no idea what's going on behind the scenes. Camelot is being taken down.
27 Feb update on Camelot. On the blog. Read it carefully.
The problems are huge.
Of course... it's a classic intel ploy, straight out of the book.
It's SO obvious.
Re Camelot being taken down, I'm going to quit fairly soon and will re-establish Avalon as Camelot 2.
I have drafted major statement called BLOWING THE WHISTLE ON PROJECT CAMELOT. I think we're at the stage now where PR and careful political statements won't heal anything - the only thing that works is the truth.
No... the only way the forum will be re-opened is either if the hosts will reveal the new passwords, or if we can move everything to a new server. That's under way but will take several days.

The entire thing is a sting operation against Camelot. Everything started back in the summer when we were attacked in multiple ways (Rense, Eagles Disobey, etc). Soon after that we were infiltrated by John Burns. Kerry bought his story and so did David WIlcock. He's an agent. I have audio recordings and 100% proof. Kerry will not hear it.
David WIlcock has been trying to help... he's a good guy. But he has bought the John Burns story. I tried to warn him
If you think that was a fear mongering video, you can't have watched it to the end
You think I badmouth Kerry? Read the Camelot blog. I've done nothing but praise + honor her publicly - on the forum, too. But here we have someone who shut down the forum and deleted a video and has been taken in by an Australian agent whose Facebook profile shows they are friends of Gordon Brown and Bill Clinton, and they support the Likud party. Go figure.07:28[02:55] Enough already. I'm not going to put up with this anymore. If you care for Camelot, realize that it's being taken down.
Do your own analysis. Look at all the facts. Read everything we're written.

The full text of the conversation can be found here: projectavalon.net/forum/showthread.php?t=20496
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Revolution Radio has reported that Michael Hemmingson is deceased. Wikipedia states that he died of a heart attack on January 9, 2014. He was 31. Whatever the cause of Hemmingson's death may be, the undeniable certainty is that he had a death wish. Why else would he get so sloppy with his own safety by bragging about a) his connection to the intelligence community and b) his involvement in child abuse and targeted assassinations? Just about anyone who talks about these subjects in conjunction knows that there are a whole lot of guilty people out there willing to do whatever it takes to maintain silence. Did Hemmingson value himself so little because of his own participation in organized child abuse? Carrying around the knowledge of having harmed an innocent human being is certainly a heavy weight to bear. Rest in peace Michael Hemmingson. Hopefully his daughter will be provided with a more responsible guardian.

Here is a tweet from the public relations director of Kink.com, Thomas Roche, where he refers to how sad he is about Hemmingson's death. How many of Hemmingson's friends knew about his connection to at least one political assassination for the intelligence community, as well as his history of making death threats to at least three separate bloggers who disagreed with him? Hemmingson gained a lot of attention after he started making revenge porn about an incest survivor who chronicled her healing process on a series of Youtube videos. He photoshopped her image along with some sexually explicit text and then turned it into a porn novel cover, all using the Louis Kahn Nin pseudonym which Hemmingson has published under. The particular target of his harassment made it very clear to him that she didn't appreciate the attention and was not comfortable with being presented in a pornographic context. However, since revenge porn is essentially legal except in a few circumstances there was nothing she could do to get the images removed. She had talked about her history of having been ritually abused by a cult group that was connected to the NSA and the Freemasons, and appeared to be visibly traumatized in the videos.

There is absolutely no excuse for forcing a person into pornography which is exactly how revenge porn needs to be understood whether there are existing laws to address the problem or not. Given Hemmingson's history of having co-authored a book with the former grand master of Michael Aquino's Temple of Set group, what is the likelihood that his repeated cyberstalking of ritual abuse survivors was an assignment given to him by the military-intelligence community for which he worked? Former Colonel Aquino has gone to extensive lengths to deny his participation in ritualized child abuse occurring in a cult setting, despite a great deal of of personal testimonies and court record indicating that the military protected Aquino while concealing evidence of child abuse.

Meanwhile, alleged victims and witnesses continue to accuse Temple of Set members of ongoing crimes including cyberstalking, assault and battery, rape, forced drugging, and kidnapping, all of which are allegedly taped for an underground network of illegal porn made for sick people with lots of money. Considering Hemmingson's history of having forced at least a handful of people into starring in his pornographic stalker blogs, it seems highly probable that he would have been involved with a group that liked to force people into pornography just like he did. Who was he working for in addition to the Office of Naval Intelligence? Whatever the answer, Hemmingson's friends will naturally be sad about his passing while those of us who witnessed the results of his military intelligence career will recognize Hemmingson's inability to cause further harm in this world for what it is, a blessing.

Self-proclaimed “super soldier” James Rink appears to have been in communication with Hemmingson shortly before the time of his death, when Hemmingson emailed him the following statement “she was Sindicactura, sort of federal internal affairs, went after crooked cops…that is how I met her five years ago when I was beaten and robbed by crooked Tijuana cops and I reported it…then she ulled me out of a cantina that was about to be raided, she was ding recon she saw me…we were friends for a few years, then when I was woring wuth D|ino di Laurnetiis on a flm proect in Ensenada she joined me and one thing or another…she was supposed to be yaken off recon and unercover work as a mother but she is a gun tooting adrenaline junkie…not oo fr from ALIS Mexican style…I suspected two months ago she was copromised as she suddenly had a lot of money…then she disappears for 7 days, no word…she is alive, have heard from her…but two guys were following me…kidnapping is big business in Mexico…so I tok off out te back way with two bags and a kid, guys coming after us firing .22 pistols…hpped in taxi…But since she was intel she was privvy to safe houses and bogus businesses that CIA and DHS has in TJ, going after arabs and chinese disguised as Mexicans…I already had my spook contacts down there from my journalist days and when they had me on sset payroll, I passed on info on drug cartels…too much spook world for my child....”

Here's more info on Hemingson's buddy and self-proclaimed “super soldier” James Rink, pictured above, which was posted on the Duncan O'Finioan Facebook page by Erin Green Hicks: “...Rink has left a trail behind him of total chaos. He took and 'primed me' for a couple years-getting me to like him, trust him, etc. Then came the 2nd SS Summit where I spoke at. Afterwards he decided it was time to make me his victim. He put an interview I did with him on YouTube after he and the other fake SS, Jay Collins, came to my home. Shortly after putting it up I started getting death threats-not only to me, but also to my children. I implored to him to take the video down-or at the very least turn off comments. He would do neither. it took as series of threats and having others go to him to FINALLY take it down. Rink has a record of victimizing women. He has left many women devastated by what he's done to them. He also went with Collins to a woman's home here in California and regressed a 6 year old child-what moral person does that?!?!?! He also found out about his SS time through a minor child in a chat room-he was in a chat room with minor children. I'll let that one speak for itself.”
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MK Ultra survivors Anya Briggs, Duncan O'Finioan and the idywildgroup itself have identified James Casbolt as one of the main authors who contributes to the idylwild blog, along with Michael Hemmingson. Hemmingson also interviewed Casbolt on his radio show, the Art of Dreaming. Given these affiliations, let's examine Casbolt's claim that the porn company Kink.com is a CIA social engineering operation. Because ,as it turns out, there is quite a bit of evidence to verify that statement. The crucial take-away is that Khris's targeted assassination traces directly back to a network of individuals affiliated with military intelligence. Some of these individuals have utilized established behavior modification experiments in commercial bdsm pornography (otherwise known as torture porn), not only through the physical assault and psychological abuse of performers, but also through conditioning the audience into accepting said abuse. It must be emphasized that much of what goes inside Kink headquarters is not simply kinky sex but instead the kind of activity that has left many Kink employees with post-traumatic stress and permanent disability. The details that follow may be upsetting for sensitive readers, who are encouraged to exercise caution while reading this material. The following pages contain details of sexual abuse and torture.

The Kink porn studios are housed inside the SF Armory (pictured above), a building the size of 3 football fields which housed the National Guard until 1976. The Armory previously functioned as an arsenal as well as a rallying point for the National Guard's suppression of the 1934 San Francisco General Strike. The building's history has been preserved through maintenance of old National Guard jail cells, while modern additions include a medical exam room, padded cells and a cold war-themed interrogation room. In an editorial ublished on Huffington Post Peter Acworth writes “ Kink.com's mission statement is "to demystify and celebrate alternative sexualities,".....Since the Armory was purchased in late 2006, Kink has become the largest fetish porn production company in the world. Acworth has state that the company's goal is to provide “safe spaces for exploration and interaction”.

Here's what really happens:

I usually don’t post this kind of stuff, but I really don’t like to see talent get taken advantage of.
A close friend of mine worked for Kink for her third time recently, and had the most traumatizing experience of her life. (No, she didn’t do the Training of O everyone is always talking about) Her injuries after the shoot include numerous lumps in both breasts (from being slapped, whipped with a bamboo cane), bruises and rope burns from head to toe, bleeding from both her vagina and butt, and soreness everywhere from being constantly shocked when she made it known she didn’t want to do it. On top of that, it was shot in a room with running water flowing through the room that was so cold that during the shoot you can see the talent’s breath. On top of that, she can’t sleep because of the pain and flashbacks from the scene in her dreams. She officially quit the business right after the shoot. I’m sure she’s not the only one they’ve driven to leave. It seems as though once they get you in that building, they torment you as much as they can get away with until the talent won’t work for them, or at all, anymore.

People in this industry know the hush money they pay talent to shut the fuck up. I know quite a few girls that they’ve taken advantage of and felt the need to give them extra money after the fact. I’ve talked to producers, directors, and talent… the only people saying positive stuff about them are the ones making money off them. I know what people will say, this girl is looking for attention: if she was looking for attention she’d post here herself. And no she’s not a drug addict; she had some medical issues as a child that would kill her if she takes almost any recreational drug. This is just a warning to any girls looking to work for them and people looking to push traffic to them. I just hope you’re okay with promoting sites like there’s with people like that.

Former porn producer Rob Black comments:
Black has talked to a number of girls who’ve worked for Kink.com. And he went on to describe the famous Kink.com consent tape as a smoke and mirrors stunt with clever editing and a pre-packaged script that forces positive answers [what, you’re going to say no? says Black]on a girl the same way a sleight of hand artist forces an Ace on you in a card trick.

“'We’re going to electrocute you, are you alright with that? Yes.’

"You go through that and look like a Vietnam camp war prisoner. If the girl starts crying they zoom out and yell cut because they can’t show tears. Then you would be hearing somebody forced against their will. When you get done with the scene and they clean you up, then what they do is put the camera on back in your face.” They tell you what to say [you’re not allowed to use the word pain] "They coach you and tell you the specific words to say. Do they do it in every instance? No. This same organization led by Princess Donna, they have 70 year old men urinating on crying talent. ….Black’s suspicion is that Acworth will roll over and make deals with the Feds like Steve Hirsch and Marc Carriere did. “

The reason Kink follows a formula of editing out crying and heavy bruising is because a large number of Kink employees came directly from the former bdsm website Insex, which was shut down by the FBI on account of its extreme content. Some of this content included asphyxiation, water torture and electroshock. Insex's owner, former Carnegie Mellon professor Brent Scott, has said he was inspired by to start the company after watching bondage shows put on by Japanese geishas while serving in the military during the Vietnam war.
Brent Scott:

A documentary about Insex has been made by a former Insex performer who alleges that the company left her with a permanent physical disability. Here's a blurb written by the producer:
XXXEXPOSE.COM, a new reality based documentary that takes you through the stories of eight "models," victims of mind control, cult tactics, electro torture, operant conditioning, thought reform and behavior modification originating with MKULTRA and the Nazi mind control experiments during WW2.
My nickname is Moonshine, I am a 23 year old activist and recovering trauma survivor who has just finished filming a new documentary with my partner Ammo-deus called XXXEXPOSE.COM. It covers mainly the subjects of mind control, hypnosis, behavior modification (ex.electro torture, operant conditioning, trauma based programming) and cult tactics which are employed by perpetrators to subvert the sovereign autonomy of the "model" victim. We have obtained and compiled hundreds of interviews from leading PHD's, mind control researchers, and cult specialists for audiences with a higher intellect so that the information may be passed on. I am not much of a writer so I have included pieces from a recent interview so you can get an idea of who we are and what the film's about.
M...this is technology of conditiong that the nazis really refined after ww2 after they had all those people to experiment on freely with no one watching them and its been passed down
A.....right ......passed down to all the nefarious groups and this has been spreading......and actually the site you have been modeling for hah.... i shouldnt say model ....victimized on ....is like a teaching tool for people want to learn cult tactics
M if you look at the videotaped sesions of torture it's made apparent that he is showing and pointing out different methods for his members.... and the girls dont know this cause they cant even watch their own films...so know one ever finds out what he is doing.... you have to study the films you cant have them just floating in the background you really have to study them
A right theres a whole esoteric language going on,symbols,techniques then talking about your personal life in the actual shoot
M right these are techniques the nazis perfected and the cia as well to make operatives programmed to do specific tasks, id say this guy is doing this on the most extreme level without having gotten the person from age 3, the (mk ultra survivor) we emailed had been of victim of cia mind control and had been conditioned from the age of 3 looked at it basically said this...."this is a new experiment trying to condition people of the age of 18 and see how far they can get" ...i did the gag till you vomit thing where they are chocking you (with their penis)....i spit up blood...i have a chronic ear infection now that comes and goes every couple months.... and i think got paid like $500 bucks for permanent damage(physical)and pyschological damage....”

Behavioral conditioning techniques have a decades-long history in the porn industry, according to Deep Throat star Linda Lovelace. She reported that her husband, porn producer Chuck Traynor, was a pimp who used hypnosis to coerce her into unwanted sexual activity. Lovelace stated that Traynor held a gun to her head during filming and arranged gang rapes. From wikipedia: “in the second commentary on the DVD of "Inside Deep Throat", one member of the production crew of Deep Throat backed up Boreman's allegation of a brutal beating that she claimed left bruises that are visible in the film...Deep Throat, Part 2 actress Andrea True said that most people did not like Chuck Traynor and sided with Boreman as to her allegations.” Little background information on Traynor is available, however the Linda Lovelace website does provide evidence that he was a member of the Republican Presidential Task Force:

The Linda Lovelace website also displays Chuck Traynor's certificate of graduation from the American Institute of Hypnosis.


Here is an excerpt from a discussion about the XXXexpose documentary found on the Rigorous Intuition forum:

“As the maker of the film and also as as trauma victim and survivor, I would like to address the extremely insensitive remarks that were made by the previous poster. First off I wuld like to say that this is NOT a marketing scam, I am putting my own life at risk and have also put everything on the line including everything that I own to complete this project.....This "guy" that you so casually and carelessly refer to as though I have no identity or feelings whatsoever is a WOMAN and trauma survivor who was personally involved with ALL THREE companies featured and the sight and is still in the process of healing from being shocked, tortured, porgrammed, conditioned and permanentaly scarred from the experiences I had with these predators”...understand that I have uncovered a VERY DEEP conspiracy, something that has branches reaching out to VERY powerful places that DO NOT want this information to get out....the use of cult tactics on the site insex.com has been thoroughly documented and verified by a cult specialist Ford Greene who won an 8 million dollar case against Scientology and wrote the California state law that allows people to sue brainwashers. There is also an interview with a mind control researcher Ron Patton who publisizes the largest mind control publication on the net MKZINE.com and has been studying the topic of mind control for over 12 years” In response to commenter who says girls “consented”: “if the writer chooses to bring up the topic of consent, then so be it: The nature of an informed decision is exaclty that, the person has to be properly informed. If you had actually watched the free clip on my site you would have noticed that in every case the girls had no idea what the shoot's content was until it was actually happenning to them and by that time they were so disscosiated from the shock of what was happening to them that they had no way of being able to step back for a minute and decide how they wanted to deal with the situation. In the case of facialabuse.com the owners put up a fake add claiming to be a glamour modeling agency that hires for Maxim. Girls contacted them thinking that they were a legitimate glamour porn company that hires actresses to play a part with a set and a plot. They are not told the real name of the site that they are going to be on or what the intention of the shoot will be, gagging them forcefully with their penises until they violently vomit. The girls are forced to sign the model release forms before the shoot begins and before they get paid (which doesn't happen until the end of the shoot, in fact I was told that if I stopped the shoot at any time or caused any "problems" I would not get paid). You have to understand that the majority of these girls are poor, they do not have their own transportation and are usually picked up by the site owners to a place that is unfamiliar to them and that they have no way out”..
another commenter: “Many of the women in the film talked about how they had been willing to participate in what they thought were acceptable forms of BDSM when they began in the industry and had taken assignments that would involve this. You have to wonder why they were willing to do even this. What kind of societal conditioning has made this so commonplace and acceptable? Then, they explain that what they had been subjected to, after being taken to locations where they had no escape possible, or in a hotel room with several men when that had not been a part of the original agreement - and how they had felt trapped, needed to comply just to get out alive, how they had tried to figure out if saying "no" and resisting was only making the abuse and torture worse and so compliance might make the ordeal end more quickly. And then how having been violated in this way, the damage done to their psyche, had left them feeling this was all they were good for. The experts comments were very enlightening about the systematic methods that are used to bring this about which enables the perpertrators to hide behind the false claim of this all being "consensual". The perps know these forms of torture and abuse will create a "willing" subject.Where did these methods of torture and destroying "the core" and will of an individual originate? As Moonshine points out - these methods have been perfected in our own govt.'s MKUltra program. ”

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Here is a blogger's commentary on a different documentary made about Insex, Graphic Sexual Horror:
“When he breaks a limit on camera,” Bell is specifically talking about the time he hit a model across the face—even though she had established the action as a hard limit before she started the live feed. And he doesn’t just hit her, either. In the documentary, Scott is documented antagonizing her as she cries....In another torture scene with a different model, titled Hydrophobia, Scott submerges a woman – who is in a cage – into a deep pool of water. After she comes up the first time, she tries to catch her breath. As she utters “uh uh,” which sounds very similar to the Insex safeword, he lowers her again. And keeps lowering her, before she can even catch her breath. During the follow-up interview, she says the experience was scary, a “nightmare” even...One model, the one that lived at Scott’s compound, was addicted to drugs.

Cyd Black, a former Insex employee who went on to work for Kink.com, shares a story about his ex-girlfriend. She didn’t like BDSM at all, but was addicted to drugs and needed money.Instead of being a stand up guy, he encouraged her to be an Insex model, knowing she’d accept even extreme abuse if she was getting paid...Sadly, if you look at other responses to Graphic Sexual Horror, whether from professional media outlets or no-name bloggers, they say similar (and sometimes worse) things. They’re especially keen on pointing out the “victimization” of Insex by the FBI*. But it’s not a good sign that figures in the sex positive movement look at this documentary as enlightening, especially when it comes to matters of consent.
*I don’t agree with using anti-terrorism laws to take down pornography sites. There should be very strict laws in place to help out actresses/models who are abused in pornography and to punish pornographers/porn companies that abuse these women. But I haven’t come across any criticism that meaningfully acknowledges how people like Max Hardcore and Brent Scott got away with raping women through “freedom of speech” laws and the porn industry.”

more from Rob Black regarding former Insex model and current Kink employee Princess Donna:
“Princess Donna could give two shits about any of the talent whatsoever. She does privates on a regular basis, and is the boss-lady at Kink.com. Under her direction they do some of the most violent, egregious and dangerous things to men and women. Why would she give a shit about anyone on the set?”...“Kink.com does not give you the option to fake anything. They cattle prod people. Katie Summers was cattle prodded and her ass was slit open. Why does a cattle prod have to bleed you?”

When Insex was shut down, many of its employers went to work for Kink, and were conditioned in how to avoid prosecution for obscenity charges by covering up evidence of bdsm “play” that could legally qualify as aggravated assault. Here's an excerpt from a recent SFWeekly article concerning Kink's alleged labor law violations:

.The company attracted unwanted attention last summer when it abruptly switched its cam girls' pay rate and sparked a debate about its commitment to models' rights...Now, two former models allege they were denied workers' compensation when injured on Kink sets, one of whom further states she was coerced into a performance that left her with long-lasting injuries and was offered money in exchange for keeping quiet about those injuries. Other workers claim to have been terminated or chose to resign when they questioned Kink's business practices, including the use of an erectile dysfunction drug called Trimix…Like Viagra, Trimix provides a long-lasting erection; however, unlike the popular pill, Trimix is injected directly into the penis and the results are immediate. In normal doses, the injections are safe, but higher doses can result in priapism, an erection that lasts for longer than four hours and requires medical attention in order to be reduced.

A former Kink employee who requested anonymity expressed concern over the dosages and reported that at least three models had experienced health complications, including priapism and fainting, as a result of Trimix use. Keys says that though he has used Trimix in the past, his experience was without incident. He also claims that Kink had stopped relying on the injections approximately four to six months ago because of the risks involved....….Last summer, Maxine Holloway found herself at the center of a debate about fair wages when she tried to organize her fellow cam girls in protest of a sudden pay decrease...Kink abruptly switched its cam girls from earning a base rate to earning a 30 percent commission; when Holloway took action, she was promptly fired...Holloway observed that other cam sites she'd worked for typically offered a commission between 60 and 80 percent...

....Alexander also attributes the new commission system with creating a cutthroat environment in which earning a living wage meant pushing her boundaries, something she felt Kink's shooting rules should have protected her from doing. These rules state that models' limits must be respected at all times. One limit Alexander typically set was not subjecting herself to electric shocks, one of the fetishes Kink portrays. However, she claims she used an electric zapper (a toy that delivers small shocks) at the request of a customer in order to generate more revenue. The zapper misfired, leaving her with a small burn on her inner thigh instead of the red dots typically left by the toy. She claims the toys aren't tested as often as they're supposed to be, because they only fire on skin contact, and most production assistants don't want to zap themselves every day....

Avatari says she was never offered workers' comp for injuries sustained during the virginity shoot. "It took me months to heal after I lost my virginity," she claims. "I had to have vaginal reconstructive surgery. There was no compensation for that. Honestly, I was lucky I had insurance at the time."....She claims to have often performed for free on The Upper Floor, and that when she was asked to represent Kink at the Folsom Street Fair last fall she thought her chance at a casting had finally arrived. On stage at the fair, she estimates that she was caned and whipped for 35 minutes. "I've never received a beating like that before in my life," Alexander says. "I have permanent scars up and down the backs of my thighs. It was all things that I had consented to, but I didn't know quite the brutality of what was about to happen to me until I was in it."

The comments below follow the same article:

“I am Brenn Wyson former kink gay porn star. ..The Stars working there and making money will never disclose the bad behavior of the porn stars they throw to the trash. The drugs the lies the penis injections which is against the law in San Fran to give to a porn star. ...This place is a cesspool for HIP, Hep and what other STD is around. Drugs, Rape and whatever goes on behind closed doors. The injection to you penis to keep it erected. This place only cares about the dollar. If you are thinking about being a porn star, please think twice. It is your choice to be a porn star. But this place doesn't care about your safe well being. ...Whether good or bad, it seems their shooting rules regarding marking have more to do with PR. In the scene marks are incredibly common, and whips can easily leave marks that appear permanent but fade after several months. I've had them. There is no ethical question about whether this is okay so long as the bottom has consented to it. Kink has a shoot - I believe the models were Lorelei, Princess Donna, and Sara Scott(?), where Sara took a caning that left very deep bruising.

It violated the shoot rules but Sara continually affirmed her consent, so the shoot continued. However, her body was blurred out in the video available from the site to hide the marks. This leads me to believe this rule is to prevent opponents from being able to find "shock" photos, not something Kink deemed an ethical line they will not cross....Also ask around about Fucking Machines injuries...I've known people who work there and interviewed there twice. They asked at the interview moronic pop psychology questions,….Most normal, well-adjusted women I know don't have sex with machines, but I know a girl who was talked into doing one of those videos while drunk and after kink bought the site her video was on - she started getting recognized.….. A girl who decides to lose her virginity on camera is clearly unstable. She did consent. At what point is consent not enough if we know the person who is consenting doesn't have the real ability to do so? …..”

Kink representatives brag about owning implements used for torture in countries like China, yet also claim their activities are “safe, sane and consensual.” The following comment was made about a model who is alleged to be a pimp for Kink.com.

"Even when she is portraying a submissive bottom, being cattle prodded, nipples clamped down and attached to electric cords, you can tell she is absolutely in control," says Lovemonster. "She shows us that our dirtiest, scariest, and wildest sexual fantasies can come true through healthy communication and BDSM play. She rescues us all from a world where sexuality is suppressed and made shameful." http://www.sfbg.com/2011/09/20/because-princess-says-so

From the wikipedia entry on erotic electrostimulation, this one should speak for itself.

Electrostimulation, in general, can cause tissue damage or even death if misused....Even at relatively low current and voltage, there is also risk of interference with normal heart function (potentially including cardiac arrest), and this risk is higher for those who use an artificial pacemaker or similar device or who have heart conditions.[3] Because of this, it is not advisable to place the electrical contacts in such a way that current passes through the chest cavity.[4]...
Among the most important places is the chest, for electricity should not interfere with the electrical impulses that affect the heart. … Another principle was that of voltage versus amperage. The thing which causes danger is the level of amperes. The lower the amperage the less danger there is of causing damage.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erotic_electrostimulation

Kink follows standard cult indoctrination tactics such as systematic depersonalization of their “house slaves”, who are assigned numbers instead of names. The method of assigning numbers to models is also adopted from the Insex company. Many of the torture methods practiced at Kink are virtually identical to those practiced by the CIA such as waterboarding and the use of stress positions. These “ordeals” are required for the “slave” to “earn rank”, in a similar manner to the hierarchical ranking system of the military or secret societies like the Freemasons and the Jesuits. The Jesuits were also known to be comprised of members who volunteered for torture as part of their inititation. Given that the Kink CEO's father was a Catholic priest who belonged to the secretive Jesuit order, rumored to be the military arm of the Vatican, the influence cannot be a coincidence, especially considering that Kink's official training manual is signed by “the Pope” and referred to as “basic training”. Here is that document for further consideration: http://forum.kink.com/docs/DOC-1174;...AD2C7162F0D313

Here is some really disturbing information about some of the physical damage allegedly caused during filming at Kink studios:
"They’re being distributed by Jules Jordan and have had documentaries made about them by James Franco. Kink.com is furthest from an underground company and pretty mainstream. We have a production on a mainstream company’s property. And we have a performer that is smack dab in the middle of a scene with untested fans off the street abusing and punching her [Bay].

"Her breast damage is so severe she has to go to the emergency room. All these things are happening on Kink.com’s property. Cameron Bay bites his penis unintentionally while he's jamming it down her throat and a flow of blood ensues. Blood is oozing onto the floor. He’s trying to have blood not spill everywhere.

"People are concerned and trying to stop blood. James Franco shot a documentary and Kink has a $20 million building. http://www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=59992

The photo above is of founder and CEO of Kink.com, Peter Acworth. The Huffington Post states that his father is a sculptor and a Jesuit priest. Acworth is a board member of the Free Speech Coalition (FSC), a non-profit trade association representing the adult entertainment industry. While the FSC is supposedly organized for the purpose of fighting obscenity and censorship laws, in practice many of the porn studios the organization has chosen to represent in court have engaged in assault and battery, rape and cyberstalking of their performers, and even included these crimes on set as part of the films. Porn studios represented by FSC attorneys, including Lou Sirkin and Al Gelbard, a former FSC Board Member, are typically characterized by a complete absence of labor rights and safety measures. In addition, the evidence collected on the pages that follow demonstrates that the FSC is a mafia front group facilitating extortion, blackmail, tax evasion, identity theft, cybercrime and more.

First, let's take a look at the Free Speech Coalition's history of protecting and collaborating with convicted pedophiles. Pictured above is a photo of convicted sex offender Kurt Brackob, aka Kurt Treptow, standing with the executive director of the FSC, Diane Duke, along with porn industry attorney Marc Randazza, porn company Evil Angel general manager Christian Mann, and FSC speaker Lydia Lee. According to porn industry whistleblower site, porn in the valley, Brackob had hosted the “Individual Liberty in the Adult Entertainment Industry” discussion panel and luncheon, which the group pictured above attended. Brackob had been collaborating with the FSC in fundraising efforts to overturn the Child Protection and Obscenity Act (2257 regulations), which have been applied in part to keep track of government-issued IDs for preventing underage performers from performing in pornography.

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Bucharest Business Week reports Kurt William Treptow is a CIA operative who was offered diplomatic immunity by the Archbishop of the Greek Orthodox Church. The CIA is alleged to have been involved in child sex trafficking via the Monarch Project. Is Treptow involved in Monarch programming?

Bucharest Business Week has obtained a key document that it believes was forged by senior US Embassy officials on behalf of imprisoned pedophile Kurt William Treptow, who is alleged to have been a local operative of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The discovery ignites further a developing controversy surrounding US Ambassador Michael Guest's handling of a situation involving the convicted American child sex abuser and corruption at the US Embassy and at the Fulbright Commission, a Washington-based American government sponsored multi-million USD educational institute.

It also comes at a time when major international newspapers including those in France and Germany have published news stories on Romanian adoptions and when the Financial Times has focused on the Ambassador's alleged misdeeds in the area of adoptions in Romania. Other documents obtained by BBW indicate a trail of corruption by top US officials at a time when Ambassador Guest and European Union officials, including Baroness Nicholson, are sharply criticizing Romanian officials for the very same thing, with the Baroness focusing particularly on treatment of Romanian children.

The original letter obtained by this newspaper was brought to members of the Board at a Fulbright Commission meeting by Mark Wentworth, the US Embassy's Public Affairs Officer, at a time when the US Embassy said it did not know the whereabouts of Treptow. He said he had received the letter mere minutes before the board meeting began. At the time, Romanian media reported that Treptow had been hiding inside the Embassy compound. Treptow, from Miami Beach, Florida, had been named to the Fulbright board by the US Embassy, ahead of Mr. Obie Moore, a prominent lawyer and president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Romania.

BBW has learned that Wentworth wanted the Fulbright board meeting to go into secret executive session on the Treptow matter but he was overruled. In offering it for board members to read, Wentworth added, "There is no need to discuss this matter further. Mr. Treptow has done the honorable thing." In the letter, Treptow, who has a Doctorate (PhD) in history, managed to misspell his own name, which some consider rather extraordinary in any situation but specially for such a sensitive document. Other documents signed by Treptow obtained by BBW show a different signature. High-level US Embassy officials, including Mark Wenig, press attache, and Wentworth, have repeatedly refused to give BBW a copy of the original resignation letter of Treptow from the board of the Fulbright Commission, though they say they do have it.

Wenig, in an e-mail to BBW on Friday, February 6, wrote, "we have the Treptow resignation letter in our possession, but before I can release it to you, I must have approval that its release does not violate provisions of the Privacy Act, or any other U.S. law. I have a request in to Washington on this issue." This is not possible as BBW has the original letter. Other insider documents obtained by this newspaper, including personal e-mails, also indicate that leading US Embassy officials, including Ambassador Guest, former Acting Ambassador Susan Johnson, former Public Affairs Officer, Kiki Munshi, who now uses the family name of Kiki Skagen Harris; Scott Righetti, Academic Exchange Specialist, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, U.S. Department of State, Washington DC; and Ernest Latham, former US Embassy Cultural Affairs Officer in Bucharest and a trainer of certain American diplomats, were involved in corruption, influence peddling and conflicts of interest related to Treptow and another man, Arthur E. John Gonzalez-Alexopoulos, who terms himself 'His Eminence' and carries the honorary title of Archbishop from the Greek Orthodox Church.

Treptow wrecks children's lives

Treptow sexually abused Romanian children in Iasi, some believed to be orphans, and video-taped and photographed his activities. A graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, he used the offices of his Foundation for Romanian Culture and Studies/Center for Romanian Studies as a cover. The children, some under the age of eight years, are undergoing psychological therapy. It is not known if other Americans were involved in the child sex ring.

BBW has also learned that the US Embassy in Bucharest ignored, and then delayed, a proposal to place Obie Moore, a lawyer with Salans, Moore, Vartires, and Associates, and president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Romania, on the board of Fulbright Commission. Instead, the US Embassy chose Treptow. Reports allege Treptow was a CIA agent and that being placed on the Board of the Fulbright Commission was an attempt at a disguise by the US Government, after Treptow's cover had been revealed by the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI). ...

US Embassy corruption

BBW has also recently learned that senior members and former members of the US Embassy helped Gonzalez-Alexopoulos, a 57-year-old retired Greek Orthodox monk from the little-known St. Gregory Palamas Monastery in Etna, California, to win the influential post of executive director of the US Fulbright Commission in Romania.

Documents obtained by BBW show blatant conflicts of interest, influence peddling and discrimination by which US Embassy officials supported this one candidate over more than 40 other applicants, Romanian and American. Even worse, some of those people including Righetti, Munshi and Latham, the last two of whom worked together at the US Embassy in Bucharest in the 1980s, were directly involved in choosing the new executive director. They were on the Selection Committee itself. The influence peddling included letters of support and campaigning in support of Gonzalez-Chrysostomos. Support by such American officials discriminated against other suitable and well-qualified Romanian and American candidates....Said one diplomat, "Sheltering of a pedophile and the conflicts of interest by top US Embassy officials, including Ambassador Guest, by discriminating against candidates for jobs, contrast sharply with their attacks on officials in Romania for being corrupt."

Guest was reported in the International Herald Tribune (IHT), "Corruption is rampant in Romania. I'm in fact disappointed in Romania and have grown more so during the time I've served as America's ambassador here. Clearly, there are many people who benefit from 'the system', some of them in influential positions in politics, business or society, or with influential contacts in those areas." He added that in Romania "rule of law is incomplete."

Kurt Treptow isn't the only pedophile supported by the Free Speech Coalition. FSC attorney Lou Sirkin represented Jeffrey Robert Libman of child suppermodels.com and Beautiful Super Models, a company whose owner was convicted for transporting child pornography.

Attorneys for Marc Evan Greenberg, 42, and Jeffrey Robert Libman, 39, contend the men did nothing wrong by posting photos of young girls at their Webe Web Corp. sites and charging people $20 a month to look at them....None of the photos showed nudity, but prosecutors say they still meet court-approved definitions of pornography because of the girls' ages - as young as 7 - and the nature of the pictures, which included children in panties, high heels and adult-looking lingerie...U.S. Attorney Alice Martin said the pictures - which were billed as images of child models - amount to "soft porn" that's prohibited by federal law. (Webe Web) has been a big player in adult porn sites and in child sites," she said. An attorney for Libman, H. Louis Sirkin, said he expects an acquittal. The photos on Webe Web are open to different interpretations, he said. "It becomes a frightening issue in a sense because so much of it is in the eye of the beholder," said Sirkin....The men have been repeatedly featured in news reports questioning whether Webe Web was an Internet portal for pedophiles, and Don Austen, founder of Thursday's Child, said authorities spent two years investigating the site before finally filing charges.

FSC attorney Lou Sirkin defended also Max Hardcore aka Paul Little, another porn producer who makes films including acts that could legally qualify as assault and battery.

On an online message board, a member who calls himself "Sick Fuck" posted an inventory of Max Hardcore's most extreme scenes. The list is long. Some of the videos were created for European distribution, where the market is more permissive, an argument Little used to defend the graphic nature of his videos to little effect in the Tampa courtroom. The litany of highlights includes urination, defecation, and vomiting, all of which appear repeatedly. As a matter of fact, the image located at the top of this post is a still from one such video, the European edition of "Planet Max 16." Her name is Summer Luv. In the scene, her costar, Catalina, who was Little's girlfriend, vomits on Summer. Their three-way sex with Little includes fisting and a mechanical device that holds Summer's mouth open as he ejaculates onto her face, upon which a clown smile has been drawn. The other extremely explicit, NSFW images can be found here. Because if you're going to talk about how far we've come when it comes to porn, if you're going to posit Paul "Max Hardcore" Little as the latest victim of the Bush administration, if you're going to lament one more strike against your First Amendment rights, you should bear witness as to what a porn star drenched in vomit looks like.

Let’s talk about Max Hardcore. He’s a porn director, producer, and “actor” (that last word is HIGHLY iffy, in his case) who was recently sentenced to 46 months in prison for “obscenity.” Unfortunately, this means that some folks – including folks at Gawker and Salon – are referring to him as a “first-amendment martyr.”
Now, I’ve done some time in proximity to the porn industry. I know about Max Hardcore. I know the men who like Max Hardcore. I’ve heard those men talk about why they like him. And before we start talking about the terrible things that have been done to Max Hardcore – before we start talking about his fucking martyrdom – I think it behooves us to talk about what Max Hardcore has done.

Susannah Breslin, in her excellent post on the subject, points to a Hardcore fan’s list (not linking here, because I can’t visit it right now) of “extreme scenes” he’s done. I encourage you to read it. See how far you can make it down the list. Here, I’ll give you some highlights, which I copied last night:
Pamela Dee; In 1992, Little sent performer Pamela Dee to the emergency room at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Burbank “after she suffered vaginal hemmhoraging during a taping,” writes Nick Ravo in the 2/98 ICON magazine. Dee, a writer in Reno, Nevada told Ravo that Paul came up behind her and, without warning, rammed his fist into her vagina. “I never heard of anything like that being done to anyone before. I felt ripped open… He could kill someone – he should be behind bars… he really screwed me up.”

Ryan: She is pissed on and anally raped in her scene. Matt wrote in his review for the film. “severely mouth rapes her. Man what a segment that was. She begs for him to slow up or stop and is definitely crying in agony! That only infuriates him more along with her wiping away/spitting saliva in disgust and he pounds harder into her mouth leaning backwards on his chair.” I’ve watched this scene and the girl is in no way faking it, she is crying and begging Max to stop. “Can’t you take your prick out.” She cries to Max, he keeps saying, “A little bit longer,” while continuing to pump away.

* Melody Love pisses onto ground for Max. “after the normal start suddenly the music wells up and overlays the human voices and at this point Max tries to anal her. She’s pushing him away and obviously saying no with her face contorted in apparent agony....He holds her down and continues anyway, at one stage choking her. She seems to appeal to the cameraguy but of course he just continues videotaping. Then Max goes back to vaginal sex and the music dies down and is replaced by normal human noises.” – Patrick Riley.

• Olivia; Actress Olivia claimed that she was coerced into sex during this shoot. All copies of this film were pulled. “After a while he tries to get her to do an ass to mouth and she won’t do it. She says “no no no no no”. Max sort of pushes her mouth towards his cock, but she resists. She then looks up at him and at the camera man, then gives in and does the ass to mouth. It’s pretty compelling to watch. I wouldn’t say they forced her to do it, but I think they made it clear that she should. I would think she would have known beforehand that ass to mouth was part of the deal but who knows. There’s more to the story here. Later in the scene, Max has her upside down and he’s forcing his cock down her throat. After a few minutes of this, she tries to get up and says “that’s it, I’ve had enough.” But Max just keeps going. I have to admit, that was a bit disturbing. Actually, quite disturbing. Max ignored her when she said she wanted the scene to stop. That’s just wrong. The only other notable part of the scene is when she says something like “god, I’m such a whore” and looks off the set at the camera people as if she’s shocked at what she’s doing.” – bofnyc. Max also pissed on Olivia’s face during the scene. Some of which goes up her nose.

Let us be clear here: Max Hardcore is a rapist. He rapes sex workers, who are notably less protected from rape than other women, but that does not in any way lessen the seriousness of his crime. In fact, since those women have less access to legal recourse – remember, we are operating within a justice system where proving a woman is a “slut” can get you off the hook, and monetary exchange or contractual agreement stands in for consent, regardless of whether the sex worker consented to the specific acts which took place in the transaction – it makes his crime greater. He is a rapist, and he is in jail, and it is acceptable to be happy about that.

It is also acceptable to advocate banning Max Hardcore’s work on the basis that he is selling authentic footage of rape and abuse, and must commit acts of rape and abuse in order to produce the footage. This is the same argument that we’ve used to ban child porn and snuff films, and it is not incompatible with a pro-sex or pro-porn viewpoint. To argue that Max is a victim of prejudice against sex work is to ignore the fact that, in his films, he aims to degrade the actresses (not their “characters,” but the actresses themselves) specifically because they are sex workers – “whores,” in his preferred language, who are “stupid” for agreeing to do the scenes and are therefore “get[ting] what they deserve.”

Max Hardcore is not a victim of anti-sex-worker prejudice; he actively perpetuates it. Women have the right to have sex when they choose, and in the ways that they choose, and that freedom does not end once a woman enters the sex industry. People have been working for decades to make porn safe and fun and sexy for women – those who consume it and those who make it – and getting people like Max Hardcore out of the business is essential to the success of that project.

It is not acceptable to make like Glenn Greenwald and get all OMG WTF WHAT ABOUT TEH ABU GHRAIBS. As if people who object to Max Hardcore don’t care about Abu Ghraib. We do. We care precisely because we believe that torture and forced sexual humiliation are unacceptable. We do not believe that it is any MORE acceptable to torture an American female sex worker than it is to torture a Middle Eastern man.

It is not acceptable to refer to Max Hardcore’s films as merely “distasteful,” without addressing the fact that Max Hardcore’s work rests on the infliction of severe and unfaked pain, and sometimes on rape. It is unconscionable to say, as Greenwald does, that “there was no suggestion that any serious violence was ever inflicted or that the adult actors in the film were anything other than completely consensual.” Olivia’s rape is on record. The tapes were pulled, which is as close to a public admission of guilt as one can get. Pamela Dee’s vaginal hemorrhage is, likewise, a matter of public knowledge. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence from within the industry to support the fact that, with Hardcore, the pain is real and there is no safeword. Any journalist who makes Greenwald’s argument, or one like it, is either bending the facts to make a point, or else publishing his work without checking to make sure that his article is factually correct. In either case, such a journalist is unprofessional, if not downright dishonest.

Yes, obscenity laws are bad. They use definitions which are broad and subjective, they criminalize sex no matter what level of consent is involved, they are selectively enforced, and they can very easily be used to punish folks who are already marginalized, such as sex workers and queers. Andrea Fucking DWORKIN didn’t support obscenity laws. So we can talk about obscenity laws, and we can talk about freedom of speech, but one thing we cannot do, if we want to be honest and accurate, is to argue that Max Hardcore is anything other than a dangerous criminal. Max Hardcore went to jail for obscenity; Al Capone went to jail for tax evasion. Neither one was convicted for his most severe crime, but both were bad men who got caught.” http://tigerbeatdown.com/2008/10/08/...ness-of-abuse/

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Former Free Speech Coalition Board Member and attorney Al Gelbard, above, has defended porn company JM Productions against obscenity charges. Producers and directors who work for JM Productions have also been alleged to engage in the assault and battery of performers, as well as nonpayment of their wages. Here are a number of allegations against the company, which is widely disliked in the porn industry on account of their abuse of porn stars:

Porn actress Charley Chase: “We were there at 8 am hair and make up ready, they wanted me to drink beer in order to loosen up, they were serving under age girls beer in order to loosen them up”...I was told I was getting a certain amount to do a certain job. I came to work and I did my job...When we were done with the scene i went to the shower and washed off, got dressed, gathered my things, and then went out side to wait for my assistant to come pick us up. The guy that was running the set came to me and was like what are you doing? I told him I was leaving…. He said but we have three more scenes to do…. I tell the guy, NO, my job is done….. I have done what I am being payed to do. He tells me that he meant for us to do three of the scenes we just did. ...! I asked him to print me out copies of the paper work and he tells me that his printer is out of ink. So I told him to fax a copy to my agents office by the close of the day and he didn’t! “

Before I comment on the woman who freaks out at the end, upon re-watching this video of Lubben’s a few times, it appears that the woman (towards the middle of the video), who is crying and saying she doesn’t like being abused, is talking to the director and might have agreed to do the scene under the terms laid out, but then is not okay during filming. She states in the video: “I’m just not used to people being mean to me. I know it’s acting, but subconsciously I don’t…” And then it cuts and we don’t know what more she has to say.
Pic of JM Productions director Jim Powers:

Jim Lane comes up a lot–stage name “Jim Powers”. I really tried to figure out who the model is in that particular scene, and it looks to me like it might be “Tricia Ray” (also spelled “Trisha Rey” and “Tricia Rey”). I don’t know what to say. Maybe there should be a support group just for people who’ve worked for Jim Lane. If you’re not used to having sex like that, I can completely understand finding that you are not okay with it. “Acting” is hardly acting if you’re actually being roughed up. Just rummaging through a few clips trying to track down some of the actor names, I’ve seen more than I want to. I’m of the opinion that Jim and crew are, like Max Hardcore, people with severe abuses in their past. Common sense tells me that when you hate people and you make a determined effort to hurt them, you don’t like yourself very much at all–if at all. The level of personal disgust these men must feel for themselves is upsetting....In the end, a woman is crying and freaks out and pushes one of the guys away. How can someone make that a highlight in a movie? How is this something anyone would find entertaining? And is there an industry organization that calls out producers for this sort of behavior? http://www.juliemeadows.com/blog/page/24/

Below is a photo of Jeff Steward, aka Mike Norton, owner of both JM Productions and the website xxxporntalk (xxxpt). JM Productions is the distributor for Max Hardcore's Max World Entertainment and Khan Tusion's Pariah Pictures.

via Porn in the Valley:
This man, who owns a sick and deviant porn forum that recruits, hosts and promotes criminals that rape and abuse teen girls and women and cyberstalkers that harass, intimidate, threaten, coerce and push these girls and women to suicide HAS A BABY GIRL. In the forum thread they started on me, they have brought my granddaughter into this stalking WHO IS THE SAME SIZE AND AGE AS HIS DAUGHTER!!...This is the forum who has had their moderators and members stalking me for almost 4 YEARS NOW. This is the man who has instigated the murder of me on his site and has left a photo (GRAPHIC IMAGE) of me murdered up for 2 years now...This chart represents the websites owned and operated by Jeff Steward aka Mike Norton. He is a major player and owner of the most depraved porn content produced over the past 10 years in Porn Valley. He’s right up there with Max Hardcore for being .the sickest and most deviant major players in the Porn Industry TODAY!! This is who has been helping bank roll these stalkers!


more commentary from former porn producer Mike South:
Donkey Punch Is A Kick In The Nuts To Porn, Jeff Mike/Jeff Steward Is The Jackass Who Thinks It Is Funny:
I, for one, do not want my name associated with an industry that would support this. This is not free speech, this is aggravated assault and aggravated assault is NOT protected free speech....So a BIG FUCK YOU to JM Productions for having no concern for fellow pornographers. If they want to be an outcast I say fine, lets treat them as one.
Distributors can refuse to carry their product, retailers can refuse to buy it and industry publications can refuse to sell them ad space[Adultdvdempire.com refused to stock it...good for them]....Can we as an industry finally say “We may not know where the line is but this has certainly crossed it.”?

Here's a press release featuring JM Productions director Jim Powers bragging about how the “fucking machines” used in his movies may not be safe. Kink.com owner Peter Acworth is the domain owner of the website fuckingmachines.com, which is operated by Kink.
JM Productions is now shipping the first in a revolutionary new DVD series called Fuck Machines, set to hit stores Feb. 18...Directed by Jim Powers, Fuck Machines pairs the desperate women of Porn Valley with diabolical, mechanized contraptions designed to violate the female anatomy in bizarre and graphically humiliating ways...The devices are "fitted with large dildo attachments at the end of their piston-like ramrods and are capable of astonishingly fast fucking speeds."

The machines were designed especially for Powers and JM by a reclusive Louisiana engineer with a taste for the perverse. “He created the devices using sketches that I gave him,” Powers explained. “He explained to me that some of designs may be unsafe, but I reassured him not to worry and that I had no intention of using the machines on myself.”

The following information concerns Mark Handel aka Khan Tusion, a director for JM Productions. The original link to the article “Filmed Assault? Tim Marchman talks to Regan Starr” has been removed, likely due to legal threats from Handel.

Regan Starr appeared in Rough Sex 2. According to her, "I got the shit kicked out of me." "I was told before the video - and they said this very proudly, mind you - that in this line most of the girls start crying because they're hurting so bad" "I couldn't breathe". "I was being hit and choked". "I was really upset, and they didn't stop". "They kept filming". "You can hear me say, 'Turn the fucking camera off', and they kept going". http://newpartisan.com/home/filmed-a...gan-starr.html

more commentary on Khan Tusion aka Mark Handel from bloggers:

This is from 2004. The actress is Regan Starr, and the film is part of a series called Rough Sex put out by Anabolic Films. Anabolic Films makes gonzo porn movies that often push the envelope of what is acceptable.
The Rough Sex series was directed by a man named Khan Tusion who many feel is one of the worst men in porn. A lot of people, including me, think he ought to be in jail, at least for what he did during this scene with Starr. In addition, I also think the sleazebag Chris Alexander, head of Anabolic Films, should have been prosecuted for this case. Khan Tusion is an LA real estate developer in addition to being a porn director. He is very rich and connected, and he has bought a lot of influential people in LA, so apparently he’s more or less untouchable. In this scene, she was choked, pinched, slapped, punched repeatedly with fists, thrown over a man’s shoulder, in addition to being continuously insulted and verbally abused. It got so bad that she was in tears, hysterical and begging them to stop shooting.
They would not stop shooting. They kept shooting the scene all through her pleas to stop. At one point, they finally stopped shooting and paid her a $300 kill fee to shut up and not prosecute them. After she publicized the incident, she was boycotted by the porn industry. The whole gruesome episode was not only caught on film but was actually left in for the movie which went on sale. At one point text rolls across the scene saying that the actress demanded the filming stop at this point. http://www.lukeisback.com/stars/stars/kahn_tusion.htm

David Aaron Clark writes:
...[T]here's not a thing new about what Khan does. Cruel little children have been pulling the wings off flies & watching them squirm since forever. Most of them grow up when they get older, though. & of course if one is damaged enough in childhood, that peculiar sociopathy never really goes away, does it ? Just because you personally happen to have become so jaded by "standard" anal, dp, a2m porn that you now need to see Christians thrown to the lions to "feel like it's real" is hardly a justification on any level -- what's most lame about such an argument is that you are only admitting to one of the most cherished claims of the rabid anti-porners that would ban everything from Playboy on down -- that porn users get desensitized & start looking for bigger kicks. This utterly specious argument of "you like what you like, & I like what I like" suddenly doesn't hold water if one of the parties happens to be a Ted Bundy fan.

I know Khan. As a matter of fact, know him quite well. We were friendly for awhile, because he is charming, intelligent & very nearly witty. & back when he actually was something of a "pariah," he thought it might be useful to have me around. However, despite that it might have been in my financial/career interest to keep up relations -- & you won't find one fervent defender of his trip within the industry that doesn't profit mightily by aligning themselves with him -- after observiing where it was all headed, I couldn't rationalize away how he gets his kicks. It ain't no schtick. As for the actress in question having been convinced to "reconsider" her trauma as "not all that bad" by all the older, richer men around her who profit from it -- Funny how the same thing happens in mob trials when witnesses experience those sudden "lapses of memory."
…..The adult movie bussiness must be held accountable to the product it sells. Women should not be physically and emotional abused. The argument that any Censorship is dangerous and if you don't like it don't buy it, does not float here. What is depicted in Rough Sex 2 is wrong, it is also irresponcible and dangerous both to the porn industry and the actresses involved. ...Anabolic is under different rules, it can only sell videos by ever increasing the shock value of its product. It started with DPs, then Gang Bangs, the Gangbangs become rougher, ass-licking was added, spitting, hair-pulling, verbal Abuse and now the ultimate: real slapping and choking.....

...Sin City star Linda Thoren writes on RAME: I agree. My x-boyfriend Tomas Edberg interviewed Jewel Valmont last week in LA for the European magazine Cats. On the question, if it was anything she regrets in her carrier, she said that, doing this scene for Anabolic in Raw Sex #1, is the only thing she would like to be undone. She was even forced to do things she had clearly said she didn't want to do. (in Europe we call these things rape...) I fear that Anabolic -- if they continue doing these kind of scenes -- jeopardize the whole future of the Biz....

...porn star Taryn Thomas: Meatholes was a bad time in my life. If you liked that I am sorry but don’t ever plan on seeing me mentally abused ever again or for that matter abused in any way like that. I would never do it again. I do not like being MENTALY ABUSED! No one should ever have to be mentally abused like that. I do porn because I love sex and I love to have fun but Meatholes was not fun. It is just sick and I am sorry to say that is something that I am not proud of. Because I am generally proud of all my work.... http://www.heyepiphora.com/2011/02/p...d-khan-tusion/

It's important to understand that there is a small network of individuals collaborating to distribute abusive pornography. The network typically starts up a small company for the purpose of distributing a few films, then closes the company to release the next series of films under a different company name. This process allows for the producers and directors who market this content to maintain a certain amount of anonymity while continuing to produce extreme porn that the majority of the porn industry thinks is unethical. Here is an anonymous account regarding Anabolic Video, which frequently features Khan Tusion of JM Productions:

“I came across this girl whose family was one of the first families in Pacific Palisades who held ritualized sex parties that involve the entire family. And this was not even covert, it was a kind of gourmet lifestyle they were open about to those in the know. They were very organized about it and the way they got away with it so consistently was sort of unbelievable. These people are very fucking evil—some of them are serial killers—but they’re not even regular serial killers, it’s just like a sport kind of thing. This girl was very powerful in that area. With a move of her hand police were under her control. They know what works. If you want people to take your orders, you get them laid so that there is no question of loyalty. They are going to do what you say.

They had a whole system worked out. She told me about one time when she got in an argument with her Dad and he called police over and let them gang rape her. She’s been trained the way you train a dog. She even killed her mom’s dog. Her Dad married a Canadian woman and both families were involved in it. She had sex with her cousin from the other side of the family and when she told me about it she was like, oh, this is so wonderful. She was definitely lied to and she bought it. These people had no emotion. Her Dad slept in the same bed as the daughters until the age of about one when they moved the fuck out. He didn’t even sleep with the mother.”

“Their methodology, from what I know about it, seemed like there was zero experimentation and the process had already been refined. You know how she described her Dad? As her manager. She and her sister participated in porn shoots together, OK? So dealing with these people the paranoia became real. We decided to escape to Miami. She came with me to get away from this family which had a much larger part in her life than any family should have. After a few weeks in Miami we go back to LA to pick up her stuff and move it back out there. I go back to our hotel and there are all these cars and tons of commotion. Then I heard a group of people singing “Happy Birthday Ed”.

It was her Dad’s birthday and they were having a party that had spilled over into the parking lot. So I started roaming around trying to see what was going on and walked up behind a white stretch humvee. Well, inside there was a tv with a porn playing on the screen and I could see that the girl getting fucked was her! Holy shit! When they saw me looking through the window a man reached over and turned off the TV. So I was out on the balcony for all this, just chain smoking and watching this shit go down. I was trying to get physical evidence because it felt like I was losing my mind. There were cars shaking and I could hear a girl getting fucked in the hotel room across the way. It seemed that it was her Dad’s birthday and she had organized a party of 50-100 people to celebrate. This doesn’t sound possible does it? No. OK--This was happening.”

“At some point, to my amazement, I’m standing in front of the motel smoking another fucking cigarette and, oh my god, there she is standing about a block away wearing a wig. And even from where I’m at I can see that she is spagackled straight to hell for this wonderful birthday party and there’s like six Hispanic boys and she sees me and says something to them and they start jogging towards me and one of them says “get the knife”. And they’re coming to kill me and I’m like yeah, this is going down now. And so I run into the motel and up to the second floor. I see them coming up both exits. I grab the gutter and pull myself onto the roof and so I’m like Fuck, I’m going to have to yell for help.

So I’m yelling to the crowd “Everybody call the police”. They think I’m some PCP guy about to commit suicide. And some guy is like Jump! OK, so finally a cop car comes but I’m still not going to get down. These fucking Hispanic kids are like really motivated. I jump straight off the roof down into the pool. OK? I hopped the pool, hopped the fence, I’m dripping wet and walk over to the cops and say “Thank you for coming”. They grab my arms, cuff me and throw me down in the gutter. So this one cop started saying 1032, talking some numbers, you know, what they are going to do to my ass, and I started working heart arrhythmia. I was trying to push it towards the hospital instead of jail. When they asked me what the fuck is going down I break down and tell them the truth. Officer, they’re having an orgy in the car park and I though they were hurting her. I tell them everything. At that point, the cop just drove me to the hospital because he knew it was true. So I left town, sunburned, dazed and amazed. About two weeks later she called me like nothing had ever happened.”

“These people they had her with are not random. They are the elite. They could be family members, or friends of her fathers, or gangbangers they paid to be in it. She had a different job every week. Once it was delivering Chinese food in short shorts and a little golf cap. There were so many lies that when she told the truth it was rare. But the truth did come out in little pieces over the course of several years. I can’t believe I’m actually telling you this. A year ago I would have kept my mouth shut. I realize now I knew people who were killing prostitutes in Macarthur Park. People in their circles slipped that kind of information in a kind of offhand way so I never took it seriously.

….”There is a network of families who release 10-20% of porn. They throw sex parties that involve famous people too. The San Bernandino Police Department has an underground complex with all kinds of drugs and they are all swingers. Anabolic and Diabolic are two porn companies I know that were involved with her family. Early on in our relationship I went into a porn store with her and she picked out an Anabolic release, Gang Bang girl #2, and I guess she thought I wouldn’t notice she was in it. And so was her Dad. He was actually fucking her. And she was intercut with an actress who was underage, 16. A lot of porn is like that. The disclaimers are not only not true, they are blatantly defied. Because, like Dick Cheney, they are above the law and they do it without risk because they know they can. And so basically what I am saying is most porn is basically what you think it is: sleazy sex addict people who maybe have connections to the mob or whatever, bored housewives or drug addicts. But then there’s 10 to 20% that the elite release.

This is their own private shit and we don’t get to see it. It’s not circulated because it’s ritually made. You want to talk about Marina Del Ray? That motherfucking place has a high concentration of lifestyle Satanism. I would drop her off and her mother arranged for a German couple in the building to come fuck her and of course throughout the whole time I was thinking this can’t be true. I am just being jealous and crazy or straight up delusional. And that was the hardest thing to accept, in the end, is that it was true.”

This review of Khan Tusion’s Piss Mops #2 sums up everything, and adds a few crucial points: Unlike most scenes starring these beautiful women, you could tell that they totally didn’t want to be there. You also could tell that they didn’t like the guys who shot this film, and in many cases they feared for their own personal safety . . . some of the scenes are downright disturbing. The director of this movie disguises his voice. Probably for his own protection because if any relatives of these girls viewed this, they would probably kill him. All of the males in this movie also hide their faces. They apparently get off on beating women, but they don’t want to show their faces. They are not men… they are merely males.
This sort of movie hurts the porn industry. This is the type of thing that gives fuel to the people who want to ban adult movies. This is the sort of thing that causes legislation against pornography. This is the sort of thing that porn producers should stand up against.

I asked some of the girls who have worked for Khan Tusion why they didn’t walk away from the filming? . . . most of the girls are in fear of personal, legal and career repercussions for walking out of a scene. Khan uses a very strict contract, and the girls are all but locked in by the time they set foot on the set. So what they did was leave the crying and the kicking and the screaming in when I was saying, “Stop the cameras” because this man was hurting me. He tossed me over his shoulder and was using hard fists and slapped me on the ass and grabbed me by the throat and grabbed me by the neck and I was choking and I wanted them to turn off the cameras because

I thought that wasn’t really what I wanted to get involved in. I was scared for my life, to be honest with you. And they literally brought so much terror to my forefront, and I was so horrified, and so shocked that their glory was showing on camera that I had no idea that I was going be beaten up. They basically caught that raw emotion and they also caught me sobbing and saying, “Can you stop it? Like for real, for real, for real.”
I saw the one cameraman put down his camera and walk away, like, “OK guys, she’s not joking around,” and then I saw the back one kicking in and shooting as I’m running off the set in tears going, “You fucking assholes.” . . . I felt like I was getting totally violated, how somebody being raped would feel when they’re saying, “Stop it,” and then the guy doesn’t stop and then she feels that she deserved it. I was crying and it’s just… it’s really sad.
At the time I was paid 300 dollars to keep my mouth shut and to get off the set. I was off in a corner and I never thought to press charges . . .

Former porn producer Mike South writes:
“…..I've never felt sick while watching porn. I am into pretty violent BDSM most of the time. I thought "maybe" and googled one of these. I have now realized that the reason I can tolerate normal BDSM is because I know, in the back of my head, that it is consensual. This make me shake. This made me nauseous. This made me want to avoid BDSM altogether, in case there are more people like this. This makes me want to go to every sex shop within a hundred miles and make sure that they do not sell this kind of filth. It is as close to rape porn as you can get without the FBI breaking down your door.....''' http://www.mikesouth.com/reader-mail...he-light-3111/

Rebecca Bardoux" ….I wonder how these people will feel when their daughter comes home one day after having the sh-t beat out of her all in the name of sex that they saw on a porno tape, or when she is found dead...Someone needs to press charges against these people and any girl that would allow a man to beat her up that badly should search professional help for her own good....I pray everyday that someone will stop this, but everyday I hear more sh-t. Are these people stupid enough to believe that minor that are very impressionable are not watching these movies and thinking that is proper behavior? ...This behavior is just wrong weather you get away with it or not. There are men in jail for behaving this way, why is it ok for the industry? http://www.lukeisback.com/stars/stars/kahn_tusion.htm
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Ok, so, yeah, guys, this is what scares me about aggression in blowjobs and in porn in general: it's a blog post on Hey, Epiphora about Khan Tusion's legacy of "edgy" porn that drove women to near collapse. It's upsetting, but it's important to read and think about, because it brings up the fact that, for all the absolutely beautiful, consensual, super-sexy porn that's out there being made by intelligent and responsible people, there's always somebody trying to fuck it all up and prove people like Gail Dines and Natasha Vargas-Cooper right. Porn of this kind is borne of evil and out to help nobody. And it makes me so sad to think about it, hear about it, see it, or be confronted with it that I try to just stay away from it in general.

But staying away from it--ignoring it, in other words--helps exactly nobody, too. The article I'm linking to up above and right here puts together only a minor compendium of the wrongs that Khan Tusion committed against his contracted stars in his heyday, and it's both disturbing and rage-inducing. Because this guy, Mr. Tusion, went around victimizing women on camera for years and because people were willing to ignore the fact that he was obviously going past the point of consent and well into rape and aggravated assault territory, he made money and became fairly successful.

Looking away sometimes just proves anti-porn people's points and allows truly atrocious things to go on. This kind of stuff isn't just upsetting, it's downright wrong and I am depressed as hell to know that it ever happened. This is where porn performers themselves and porn consumers, too, need to stand up for what's right and demand that standards of ethical conduct be applied to everyone who wants to make professional pornography. In an industry that's already everybody's scapegoat for virtually every evil humankind indulges in, keeping people like Khan Tusion (and Max Harcdcore? maybe? I'm pursuing interviews with women who worked with him to get more on that story) out of the mix is absolutely essential. People like him, who are in it to hurt and degrade other people, are the reasons that fears about sloppy blowjobs and misogyny can sometimes be justified. They are the reason that Gail Dines and Shelly Lubben and her ilk can get away with bald-facedly blaming porn for things: because, even though the majority of the industry is ethical and full of lovely people, as long as even a small amount of professional, nonconsensual, violent pornography is being made, distributed, and purchased, that's proof of the caterwauling naysayers' doomsday predictions.

I'm just so sad right now. I'm going to go. Sigh.

more from Luke Ford:
I do not see anything narrowly political about the bust....Jeff Steward has a major attitude problem and that's exactly what gets you busted everytime....Full disclosure here. He said something truly vicious about Nina on his cheesy little forum a few months ago that led to some discussion of litigation, so if I'm not exactly grief-stricken over his troubles at a personal level, that should come as no surprise. Having some jerk post or allow to be posted on his bandwidth the suggestion that one's wife should be murdered along with other porn performers of her generation solely on grounds of said jerk's ideas about aging isn't likely to inspire sympathy....Steward's company has, at times, been accused of physically and psychologically abusing performers. If any of that is true, the individuals involved should be arrested and tried for assault and battery.

In reality, punching someone in the back of the head (rabbit punching) can damage the brain stem, causing death or permanent injury. It is illegal in professional boxing for this reason. The donkey punch may also be prosecutable as assault or sexual assault, in some jurisdictions even if consent is given....The act has often been thought of as an urban legend, but in recent years has occasionally been seen in pornography. The first commercial recording of it may be in the 2004 JM Productions film Guttermouths in which Alex Sanders punches Gia Paloma. It is featured extensively in a 2005 film, also distributed by JM Productions, called Donkey Punch.

Alex Devine: DONKEY PUNCH was the most brutal, depressing, scarey scene that I have ever done. I have tried to block it out from my memory due to the severe abuse I recieved during the filming....steve had worn his solid gold ring the entire time, and continued to punch me with it. I actually stopped the scene while it was being filmed because I was in too much pain. I begged for him to remove the ring but he refused. That almost made me walk off the set and say 'fuck it'. I sucked it up and wanted to finish so i would be paid. Witht he ring on his hand still, we continued the scene. ---Alex Devine

more from former porn actress Julie Meadows aka Lydia Lee:

/Extreme niches exist in porn, and questionable practices could be addressed if not for the anti-porn groups and figureheads that make sure you don’t know that there are happy, sexually active adults who make educational and positive content for other happy, sexually active adults. They slam the door on communication by not addressing the specific people and companies who seem to corner the market on what appears to be extremely abusive pornography.

For instance, I would like to see the day when I can openly agree or disagree with people about what actors, directors and/or companies seem to actually abuse talent. I, personally, think Max Hardcore should have been shut down for his practices long ago, but sex workers in general don’t embody the kind of confidence they should have in reporting people they feel have abused them under the umbrella of sex work.

It is my understanding that Jim Lane is also a very questionable pornographers that appears to abuse women in his videos. It has been stated by more than one performer that Jim Lane hosts production shoots that offer alcohol as a way to create escalated situations that, at times, get very out-of-hand and result in a female being physically injured and/or crying.....and Max Hardcore was the low point in a content and consenting career that made up 99% of my overall experience over the course of six years. Every sex worker should be confident enough to name their abusers and start a real dialogue about the realities of working in the legal adult industry. Right or wrong, freedom of expression vs. moral bankruptcy, real criticisms that address actual occurrences and real concerns and expose goings on in great detail keep everyone in line and prevent real predators from getting away with things that truly are the nightmare experiences plaguing men and women from the adult industry and which give the industry, overall, a bad reputation.

Mike South exposes Khan Tusion aka Mark Handel:
Cockroaches Hate The Light.
By Mike South
January 4th, 2010
One of my readers (Thanks Colostomizer) sends this dossier.
Mark Handel ( Khan Tusion, left) and Scott Adler

Mark Handel (Khan Tusion, bottom left) et al.

Mark W. Handel (b. circa 1954) is a/the younger brother of talk radio
host William Wolf Handel (better known simply as “Bill Handel” -
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Handel ), husband of Sarah Jane
Lulloff, and head (RMO, CEO, and president) of Woodland Hills-based
real-estate development company MWH Development Corporation (22440
Clarendon St., Woodland Hills – http://www.mwhdevelopment.com/ ).

Mark W. Handel apparently is the same Mark Handel who executive produced The
Death and Life of Bobby Z ( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0473188/ ) and
Love Lies Bleeding ( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0984204/ ) for Woodland
Hills-based Samdel Pictures LLC (22440 Clarendon St., Woodland Hills), a
production company founded by (the latter) Handel and Keith Samples
(“Samdel” is a portmanteau of “Samples” and “Handel”). He is a
significant financial contributor to Democrat politicians. On Thursday
August 22, 1996, he and his partner in MWH Development Corporation,
Scott Z. Adler, apparently were charged with engaging in an act of
prostitution (see belowquoted Los Angeles Times article).
* * *

MWH Development Corporation:
“MWH Development Continues to Re-Invent Itself as Creative Homebuilding
Force” (Builder/Architect, July 2002)
Adler’s grandfather was a prominent Southern California developer who
built some of the homes in which Scott grew up. After graduating from
Hastings Law School and starting a successful law practice, in which he
represented some of the nation’s largest homebuilders, Adler gradually
phased out his practice and picked up where his grandfather left off.
Since then he has served as a president of the Los Angeles Building and
Safety Commission and as an advisor to former mayor Richard Riordan for
Los Angeles redevelopment.

Born in Brazil and raised in the San Fernando Valley, Handel attended
San Diego State University and UCLA before entering the homebuilding
industry. Mark started as a small tenant improvement contractor, during
which time he gained tremendous knowledge and skill from his hands-on
work. From there, he went to New York City where he supervised a large
construction/ management company. Once he formed his own homebuilding
company here in Southern California, it did not take long for the firm
to gain a reputation for providing high standards of design, quality and
craftsmanship in a number of product price ranges.
* * *

Los Angeles Times:
“Charges Filed Against Ex-Riordan Appointee” (Friday August 23, 1996)
Misdemeanor charges of engaging in an act of prostitution were filed
Thursday against Scott Z. Adler, the Riordan-appointed head of the Los
Angeles Business and Safety Commission, who resigned earlier this year.
Adler, a 40-year-old lawyer, lobbyist and land developer who lives in
Marina del Rey, and 42-year-old Mark Handel of Sherman Oaks, are accused
of paying to have oral sex with a masseuse at a Van Nuys apartment
building, according to sources who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Khan Tusion's brother Bill Handel is a popular talk show host who served as a guest host on the Glenn Beck show. Their father Leo Handel was a Polish Jew who worked as a Catholic priest in a Jesuit house during World War II. The Jesuits, known as the military-intelligence arm of the Vatican, have long been rumored to be closely associated with organized crime, particularly with narcotics trafficking coordinated by the Chinese Triads who they traded with. Reference Dope, Inc. and Secret History of the Jesuits for extensive documentation of this history. The Jesuits' connection to the extreme fringes of the porn industry through Khan Tusion as well as Kink CEO and FSC Board Member Peter Acworth is worth further examination, to say the least.

Khan Tusion directed several DVD compilations which were released through production house JM Productions, represented in court by FSC lawyer Al Gelbard. The following interview is with a JM Productions performer who describes how the company refused payment and intentionally induces nervous breakdowns on set .
commentary from Mike South:
By far most of you were much more understanding of Tanner since instead of reading what she said or seeing some stressed out BTS footage you actually saw her as a real person....One person who didn’t quite like the interview was Tony Malice From JM Productions
Tony sent out an email to most every site, mine included, whining that Jim Powers shoots for many companies and that singling out JM Productions wasn’t accurate blah blah blah
While technically that may be true it does nothing to address the issues Tanner brings up...I responded that if he wished to address the real issues that Tanner brought up, like having to perform sex acts just to pick up her check for work she had already done, or supplying alcohol on set to a 20 year old performer, then I would very much give him the opportunity to respond.
He indicated that I was “clueless” and that was that.” http://www.mikesouth.com/reader-mail...er-mayes-2906/

Tony Malice is a moderator at xxxporntalk (xxxpt), a site which has been sending out death threats to porn industry whistleblowers including ex-porn star Desi Foxx. Here is her commentary on the moderators at xxxpt, who continue to allowed an obviously threatening photo of her being beheaded to remain on the website.

Desi Foxx aka Diana Grandmason writes:

They have created a profile with my deceased father’s real name, no doubt getting it from the obituary I’m listed in when my real name is googled. They are sending me private messages from him. The profile says he’s located in hell and is demon spawn. I’ve print copied everything and sent to people so they have copies if anything happens to me tonight. This all goes out in case something happens. I can’t post them here because I don’t want my fathers name out there anymore then they are already doing.
This is very, VERY sick and frightening. They are breaking so many laws yet this site is allowing ALL OF THIS TO HAPPEN. What’s it going to take for someone out there to step in and HELP ME!!!!

1. By cutting my head off at the mouth instead of the neck as you would normally behead someone, this represents Porn Valley’s wish to shut my mouth forever so I can’t spread the truth of their destruction.
2. Cutting off my right arm represents their desire to stop my writing, again to shut me up permanently!
... JM Productions owns this site. Remember, the company I’ve shot like 4 videos for. They’ve all been doing this for a year and a half now with escalating violence and hatred yet they don’t ban these people or remove these comments. The moderators are porn producers. This site shows EXACTLY the hatred they have against WOMEN!!

Xxxpt moderator Tony Malice is a producer and publicist for JM productions. Below is another photo of Jeff Steward, who owns xxxpt and JM Productions.

According to numerous sources there is a subset of the porn industry that distributes illegal porn depicting various forms of criminal activity. In the Bay Area there is allegedly a basement with concrete cells where guys who are part of this network can go to beat and rape women who are kept there 24/7. Witnesses report that there is a private trading network set up to distribute illegal porn that includes actual incidents of kidnapping, assault, forced drugging, rape, pedophilia and murder. Adult industry businesses allegedly connected to this network include JM Productions, Power Exchange Night Club, Anabolic Video, Diabolic Video, xxxporntalk.com, and Kink.com. Some of the producers, directors and business owners working in the “extreme bdsm” genre are ex-military personnel who use established protocols of trauma-based mind control on both legitimately employed performers and random women who are kidnapped off the street.

The illegal movies produced by this network are sometimes used for the purpose of blackmailing wealthy individuals and public figures. Military influence on the “extreme bdsm” genre can be explained in part because of the international intelligence community's history of cooperating with mafia groups who use child prostitution and escorting rings for extortion purposes. Most people who are part of the bdsm lifestyle are not involved with illegal activity. However, there is a small subset of the bdsm community operating under the protection of certain individuals within military and law enforcement circles. This network of criminals has been made to believe they're invulnerable to the law, but they will soon be learning that this perception could not be further from the truth.

People who have publicly spoken about crimes perpetrated by this network and who, as a result, were targeted with harassment, cyberstalking and threats of physical harm include Monica Foster, Desi Foxx, Duncan O'Finioan, Miranda Kelley and Crystal Cox. If anyone affiliated with this network thinks it would be a good idea to make an example of these whistleblowers then you should be aware that your actions are being observed and recorded. If any researcher or whistleblower is harmed as a result of your retaliation then the world will know the details. Criminal investigations are being pursued behind the scenes at this very moment. We are coming for you.

more from Luke is Back:
Tony Malice, JM Productions and XTP are at it again with there bullshit....See I know the REAL story with Tony, he was a bad crack head most of his time in the business....As for JM Productions I cant tell you how many sets I have been on all day because the girl walked off in tears and they had to find a replacement. They are very disrespectful to the girls and very abusive to the point of getting indicted by the feds on occasion, READ UP ON IT THROUGH GOOGLE VERY EASY. http://www.lukeisback.com/2009/09/do...m-tony-malice/
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Here is a photo xxxtp moderator Mike Stack posted to xxxtp while he was cyberstalking Desi Foxx. Mike Stack's identity has been confirmed via multiple sources, as shall be demonstrated below.

Desi Foxx writes:
Photo of Mike Stack that he posted on XPT when I commented on how these stalkers hide behide their aliases. I did not have his real identity until today. I had received a tip, about 6 months ago, that his real name was Mike Stack but I couldn’t confirm it at the time. This man stalked and bullied me for almost 3 years. He stole my identity and posted personal information and defamatory lies about me all over the internet. He deserves to be put away for a long, long time and I will definitely be helping to put this guy where he belongs . . . IN PRISON! Here’s the photo that he and his friends posted on the XPT forum, a place where they have also started a thread describing the best ways for me to die!!

Here is more information about cyberstalker and former xxpt moderator Mike Stack via The Smoking Gun:

JUNE 3–The Twitter user who first floated the rumor that a lewd photo scandal was brewing for Representative Anthony Weiner is not your typical conservative avenger, an investigation by The Smoking Gun has determined. Mike Stack, a 39-year-old New Jersey resident, is known as “goatsred” in the Twitterverse, where he has helped lead a months-long assault on the New York City politician. Stack was joined at the hip in this pursuit by “patriotusa76,” who gave his name as “Dan Wolfe” and was the online avenger who happened last Friday night to discover the notorious tweet emanating from Weiner’s account.
As TSG reported yesterday, “Dan Wolfe” has conveniently evaporated in the wake of “Weinergate.” In fact, today Wolfe’s entire Twitter page was deleted.
But Stack, the other Twitter Twin, remains online. An examination of his background has discovered:
• Stack, who aggressively pushed the story about Weiner’s underpants shot, has worked as a moderator on a pornography web site, and been a regular commenter on several other X-rated sites. Stack describes himself as a “Pervert” on one site, where his avatar, captioned “Antichrist,” is a drawing of President Barack Obama as Jesus Christ.

* New Jersey court records show that Stack was convicted of drunk driving in February 2008. He was previously arrested for domestic assault in July 2004 following a drunken fight that left his girlfriend with bruises on her arm (that case, though, ended with a dismissal in April 2005). Stack is pictured above in a mug shot taken by the Readington Township Police Department following his 2004 collar.
• Stack has twice declared bankruptcy during the past 14 years. His most recent Chapter 7 case ended in July 2008, around the time Stack lost his Hunterdon County home to foreclosure. At the time of that filing, Stack reported working as a warehouseman for Johnson & Johnson.

The Internal Revenue Service last year filed a $5907 federal tax lien against Stack. “The past is the past,” Stack said in an interview today. Describing himself as a “private person,” he added, “there’s no reason my records need to be public.” Stack also contended that while he sent out the May 5 tweet first hinting that a “big time” Congressman was about to be ensnared in a sex scandal, he claimed that Wolfe actually provided him that information. Wolfe, Stack said, told him that he had heard the rumor from a source who worked for a well-known conservative web site.

After Stack sent out the initial tweet, Wolfe quickly ran with the rumor, attributing it–“[email protected]”–to his online buddy. In retweets, Wolfe immediately attached Weiner’s name to the rumor, wondering “@RepWeiner are you this Congressman?” Stack did not have an explanation as to why Wolfe sought to launder the rumor through him. He also vehemently denied that he was Wolfe.

While Stack’s rap sheet and financial calamities may be of interest to “Weinergate” followers, his affiliation with porn sites might raise the eyebrows of the conservative coterie with which he is affiliated.
In mid-2009, TSG discovered, Stack began working as a moderator on xxxporntalk.com, which describes itself as the sex industry’s “ultimate” discussion forum. Stack first registered with the site, known as “XPT,” in December 2007 and used the handle “redgoat” and the Obama “Antichrist” avatar. His original avatar was a photo of Obama bicycling with a helmet on his head (an image that has been ridiculed by the president’s detractors).

After a brief hiatus from XPT, Stack announced his return to the site with a May 11 post entitled “Welcoming Myself Back.” He wrote, “Love me, or hate me, I’m planning to be here a lot more starting tomorrow. I’ve missed the perversion and dysfunction, but am sure it still reigns supreme.” Stack added, “To my friends, the rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated. To my enemies: Go fuck yourselves. Let the games begin.”
Stack has also been a frequent commenter on other porn industry discussion sites, where he has been known to tangle with other users. During a January 2009 discussion on the Porn Star Babylon blog, Stack wrote to a female commenter that, “I just know not to look a gift horse in the mouth. Kind of like when your daddy shoves his cock in your mouth.” He dismissed another rival as a “Closeted fag,” and asked, “did your daddy touch you in your private place? Did you snap towels in the locker room with the other guys?”

Stack fought frequently with a woman who accused him of stalking her online, and alleged that he admitted to opening numerous Twitter accounts posing as her. This sort of obsessive attention to a subject he disliked would be familiar to anyone who has followed Stack’s acerbic tweets about Weiner and his wife, Huma Abedin. In one 2009 post, Stack fired back at some of his online enemies, warning them to “be careful of what you say.” He claimed, “I can find out anything about anyone. The software and programs that I have at my disposal, in addition to the people who work in the wi-fi and technology field that I am partnered with make me a virtual cyber detective.” Stack added, “I have other people making me money, so I have all day to have fun here at my little house.”

more commentary on Mike Stack from the dailykos:
The Faux scandal "WeinerGate" ends not when Progressives (or even just sane people) prove what Rep Weiner sent or didn't send or when it is proven that his twitter account was hacked or not hacked. It ends when the focus of the story shifts to media and hopefully law enforcement investigation of Mike Stack, Dan Wolfe and others involved in the long term cyber-bulling, sexual harassment, intimidation and possibly other crimes against Women and girls on the Internet.

This is my contribution to that end. To encourage anyone reading this and can help to smoke out the principals of the attack against Rep Weiner and importantly other Women and girls on the Internet.
Mike Stack: Mike Stack is one evil man. He is the one who was contacting young girls online and trying to get them to accuse Rep Wiener. If you know Mike Stack you would never want him to be anywhere near a daughter of yours.

His sidekick PatriotUSA76 ("Dan Wolfe") now claims that he has a daughter and that his access to her has been limited due to issues involving a sex offender and implied molestation. That of course explains why his BFF online is a lover of incest pornography, right? see the psychotic ramblings of PatriotUSA67 (Dan Wolfe) here: http://filmladd.com/?PatriotUSA76Interview

Well let me tell you that Mike Stack has been for a long time associated with extreme and illegal porn (non-consensual sex/rape, incest etc..). He is also a moderator on a porn web site called xxxPornTalk. There his username is RedGoat. Specifically he moderated the subterranean "The Sh*t List" sub-forum where there are articles with titles such as these:
Whores Who Think They Are "Models"
Die of AIDS ***** *****!
He and his crew have had a long running cyber-stalking / intimidation of a woman called Darrah Ford. Mike Stack has been harassing this woman for a long time, creating multiple online personas to attack her, posting alleged pictures of Darah on porn web sites, taunting Darrah with claims that she is a victim of incest, threatening her, etc... Darrah is now happy that finally people are looking into Mike Stack and his various activities against Women and girls on the Internet.

see Darrah's posts and tweets about learning of Mike Stack's involvement with Rep Weiner here
http://twitter.com/#!/DARRAHFORD and here
"People started contacting me for stories & comments about Redgoat. They wanted me to CALL them and we all know I don’t call anyone when it comes to this industry. I also can’t get involved in this because I fear for myself & mostly my family. This is now political and not just about porn. If I only had myself to think about, I would be doing every interview I could about him......"
See this interesting thread on Darrah's old blog
where Mike Stack (as sinlinlin) rushes in to defend an extreme porn producer accused of pedophilia (previously convicted for his rape themed obscene videos) and his admission that he is BFF with this producer as well as other admissions of having collected money in exchange for removing harassing videos that he had created on YouTube against a female porn actress. Charges of extortion are made on that thread. Google sinlinlin and look for the first twitter result.

The cached excerpt should show that the sinlinlin account (which has now been deleted) was owned by one "Mike Stack". You can also [see] the connection between Mike Stack, goatsred and sinlinlin by checking out his FOAF xml file on opera.com here http://my.opera.com/sinlinlin/xml/foaf/
Note the matching names, username,age and email address of mscart2000[@yahoo.com]

The sociopath right-wing is well known for projection. This is the most extreme case where those involved in extreme porn, harassment and cyber-stalking of women and girls online are supposedly offended that a crotch shot was sent between two consenting adults. Think about it.
Those are the sociopaths who are relentlessly driving the RightWing agenda online and on talk radio. These are the sociopaths who Andrew Breitbart and his cohorts at BigGovernment decided to partner with (just as they did with the other well known sex weirdo O'keefe).

These are the sociopaths whose single-sourced allegations are given great deference at CNN , Huffington Post, Fox News even MSNBC! And you can't claim that these organizations did not know about the background of the accusers because a simple google search could find all this information. Have any of these organizations printed or aired one word on who Rep Weiner's accusers really are? Didn't think so! That to me is the real story and out there is a real journalist who is going to get to the bottom of this and tell the whole world all about it.

The latest Breitbart pictures show that it has always been a pointless effort to argue the hacking angle. The organizers of this war against Weiner and by extension, democrats , are in it to win and win by any means necessary and at this stage I don't see Weiner as a clueless individual here.
The attackers are individuals affiliated with Extreme hard core porn industry who also hypocritically think of themselves as Conservative "Christians". They, Breitbart & Drudge Report created this scandal and are working hand-in-hand to move the story in the main stream media while we sit on our hands arguing about the size of Rep Weiner's Weiner.

How long has Sean Tompkins been posting on xxxporntalk? Has he ever utilized other aliases (prior to his adultwikimedia alias)?

The only way this will stop is to expose those who engineered this attack and hopefully bring law enforcement attention to their illegal activities online.
ps. I apologize about the writing quality here. Though I'm not a good writer, I have checked and double checked the information for accuracy and I stand behind its factual accuracy. I'd rather the information be "out there" as soon as possible for others to take up the baton.

Here is more information on Stack from Mediaite:
Then, there’s the matter of non-journalistic crusader Dan Wolfe (aka PatriotUSA76), who, along with his Twitter clique, harassed these young girls for what appear, now, to be completely innocent Twitter friendships with Rep. Weiner. They disguised their harassment in the cloak of “concern,” but they derided these girls, copied them on filthy suggestions about the congressman, and forced three of them off of Twitter. Their supposed concern for children is belied by the remainder of their Twitter streams, a=n unrelenting stream of invective and innuendo about Rep. Weiner, with nary an unrelated reference to protecting children. Their zeal to destroy Weiner brought one of these girls into private contact with a man named Mike Stack (@Goatsred).

Stack is the man who approached my source, “Veronica (a pseudonym, to protect her identity),” via Twitter Direct Message to try and obtain information about Rep. Weiner. This contact produced only false information that was never used, but this contact, and his attempted contact with Veronica’s friend “Betty,” horrified these girls’ parents. If they only knew.
According to The Smoking Gun, Stack has a few skeletons in his closet (who doesn’t?), but the most glaring fact that they’ve uncovered is the fact that Stack, whose clique harangued Rep. Weiner for following and DMing porn star Ginger Lee because he liked her blog (I do too, she’s funny and smart), was, himself, a moderator on a porn site. He once told a commenter on another porn site, “I just know not to look a gift horse in the mouth. Kind of like when your daddy shoves his **** in your mouth.”

This is the man who managed to come in contact with 16 year-old Veronica, and tried to contact her friend Betty. For one so concerned, Stack doesn’t appear to have tried to contact the authorities about his concerns, or seek permission from either girl’s parents to speak to them. http://www.mediaite.com/online/weine...girls-to-risk/

Ron Brynaert, Executive Editor at Raw Story comments on Mike Stack:

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Ron Brynaert
To: "[email protected]"
Sent: Monday, November 7, 2011 10:10 PM
Subject: Mike Stack is menacing me
Mike Stack has been harassing me by email and twitter because I'm a journalist working on a story. I left a message on your phone hours ago but I would prefer speaking to someone else there since he has bragged about having friends in the police dept.

After I tweeted, "Mike, I'm pressing charges against you because one of your friend's friends threatened to kick me in the mouth. You're a thug."

He tweeted, "@ronbryn Pressing against me because one of my friends threatened to kick you in the mouth? Retard."

I've been menaced for five months...and Mike was a source but I found out two weeks ago that he had been lying to me and he is working with people like Thomas Ryan, a hacker, and people in the porn industry who are calling women the c word on twitter.

Mike has been claiming that you have a 911 recording tape with my voice on it. Please have another detective contact me by phone.

You can see many of his tweets to me at the below link, mocking me for wanting to call the police because one of his friends claims he knows where I live and would like to kick me in the mouth with his steel-tipped boot. That is just one threat I've received from people working with Mike.


This is Mike's friend who has been threatening a lot of people on twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/doctorwarbucks

I'm just a journalist trying to report on a story...and help people who were threatened. Mike's actions lead me to believe that since he has a long history of menacing people and is connected with thugs who are menacing women and journalists online, you might want to consider checking out if he "swatted" himself if, indeed, these swatting took place on June 23rd as he claimed to me.

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Ron Brynaert
To: "[email protected]"
Sent: Monday, November 7, 2011 10:10 PM
Subject: Mike Stack is menacing me
Mike Stack has been harassing me by email and twitter because I'm a journalist working on a story. I left a message on your phone hours ago but I would prefer speaking to someone else there since he has bragged about having friends in the police dept.

After I tweeted, "Mike, I'm pressing charges against you because one of your friend's friends threatened to kick me in the mouth. You're a thug."

He tweeted, "@ronbryn Pressing against me because one of my friends threatened to kick you in the mouth? Retard."

I've been menaced for five months...and Mike was a source but I found out two weeks ago that he had been lying to me and he is working with people like Thomas Ryan, a hacker, and people in the porn industry who are calling women the c word on twitter.

Mike has been claiming that you have a 911 recording tape with my voice on it. Please have another detective contact me by phone.

You can see many of his tweets to me at the below link, mocking me for wanting to call the police because one of his friends claims he knows where I live and would like to kick me in the mouth with his steel-tipped boot. That is just one threat I've received from people working with Mike.


This is Mike's friend who has been threatening a lot of people on twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/doctorwarbucks

I'm just a journalist trying to report on a story...and help people who were threatened. Mike's actions lead me to believe that since he has a long history of menacing people and is connected with thugs who are menacing women and journalists online, you might want to consider checking out if he "swatted" himself if, indeed, these swatting took place on June 23rd as he claimed to me.


----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Ron Brynaert
To: "[email protected]"
Sent: Monday, November 7, 2011 10:10 PM
Subject: Mike Stack is menacing me
Mike Stack has been harassing me by email and twitter because I'm a journalist working on a story. I left a message on your phone hours ago but I would prefer speaking to someone else there since he has bragged about having friends in the police dept.

After I tweeted, "Mike, I'm pressing charges against you because one of your friend's friends threatened to kick me in the mouth. You're a thug."

He tweeted, "@ronbryn Pressing against me because one of my friends threatened to kick you in the mouth? Retard."

I've been menaced for five months...and Mike was a source but I found out two weeks ago that he had been lying to me and he is working with people like Thomas Ryan, a hacker, and people in the porn industry who are calling women the c word on twitter. Mike has been claiming that you have a 911 recording tape with my voice on it. Please have another detective contact me by phone. You can see many of his tweets to me at the below link, mocking me for wanting to call the police because one of his friends claims he knows where I live and would like to kick me in the mouth with his steel-tipped boot. That is just one threat I've received from people working with Mike.


This is Mike's friend who has been threatening a lot of people on twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/doctorwarbucks

I'm just a journalist trying to report on a story...and help people who were threatened. Mike's actions lead me to believe that since he has a long history of menacing people and is connected with thugs who are menacing women and journalists online, you might want to consider checking out if he "swatted" himself if, indeed, these swatting took place on June 23rd as he claimed to me.

-- Forwarded Message -----
From: Mike Stack
To: Ron Brynaert
Sent: Monday, November 7, 2011 6:19 PM
Subject: Re: RE
Too late. Already contacted my Detective.
And he already has all of the screen caps and you posts about me being a stalker.
And the tapes.
From: Ron Brynaert
To: Michael Stack
Sent: Monday, November 7, 2011 6:01 PM
Subject: Re: RE
I"ve been menaced by Doug, Patterico and Scott because of you forwarding my emails today. I will be making a criminal complaint for harassment against you for this and everyone else connected very shortly.

Please don't ever email or call me again. It's clear to me you are a thug and this is the same harassment you did against porn stars for years.

I will continue to work on this story, Mike, you can't frighten me away.

From: Michael Stack
To: Ron Brynaert
Cc: Mandy [email protected]>
Sent: Monday, November 7, 2011 2:15 PM
Subject: Re: RE

First---- nobody is searching for darrah
She keeps popping up and disappearing. Breitbart can care less about her.
Second ---Neal AND her went to Sean to try to get him to implicate me in the PWL scandal/ hacking.
He said no and has all the proof in DM and emails.
Wanted to tie me to Donny Long putting up all girls names and IDS To hacking wieners account.
They approached him. Those people stuck up for me. Nobody else did until Mandy and Doug and Michelle after.

Sent from the innovators of Smart Phones: Apple and this iPhone 4

----Ron Brynaert: Executive Editor at RawStory from 1/07 - 10/10; Helped expose fake Weinergate teens with The New York Times in June article: Fake Identities Were Used on Twitter in Effort to Get Information on Weiner Email: ronbrynaert at yahoo.com http://ronbryn.blogspot.com/2011/11/...nacing-me.html

Here is more information from the Porn in the Valley news team about how xxpt moderators Sean Tompkins and Mike Stack worked together in a coordinated effort to harass public figures attempting to expose their actions.

How long have Sean Tompkins and Mike Stack known each other?
How long have Sean Tompkins and Mike Stack been working together to harass and stalk public figures?
• Why are both Sean Tompkins and Mike Stack regularly sending intimidating tweets to journalist Ron Brynaert (Executive Editor at www.RawStory.com from 1/07-10/10 who helped to expose fake Weinergate teens with The New York Times in June article: ********************/6gztk4q ********************/6gztk4q )
• Why did Sean Tompkins ask Monica Foster to remove Mike Stack’s photo (in mid 2011) from her blog “Monica At Home” during the height of the PornWikileaks situation of which Sean Tompkins appears to have gone to great lengths to assist in disassociating Mike Stack from?
Sean Tompkins has been quite verbal on blog spost comment threads, forum postings and his twitter account that he is supporter of the Republican party and has disclosed to Monica Foster in the past that “The only 2 people who will ever know the truth about Pornwikileaks is me and [pornstar] Kayden

Monica Foster of pornnewstoday writes:
Over the last couple of years, I’ve had to deal with an online (and offline) obsessed fan and stalker by the name of Sean Tompkins (known publicly in the online Los Angeles porn community as TRPWL of The Real Pornwikileaks), who not only has been extremely invasive to my personal life, but the lives of my family members as well (who have never had anything to do with the porn industry). Sean Tompkins utilized the situation of Pornwikileaks (of which I believe he not only assisted in building and promoting, but has fraudulently claimed to “bring to and end” ) to establish a presence for himself within the porn industry, and since has utilized his station and influence to continue to openly stalk, slander, harass, terrorize and defame myself and family via telephone, his website, various adult industry forums and via a multitude of other venues.

As of current Sean Tompkins has in excess of 60 blog posts on his TRPWL website about myself and family members. I personally am afraid of this man in regards to my physical safety and have had to go to authorities in regards to the situation. His tweets and blogs reflect that of someone who is uneducated, manipulative, needy, psychologically ill, a victim of childhood abuse and who (now as an adult) gets a sexual thrill from harming women.

I do fear that Sean Tompkins sexual attraction to me of which he apparently can not control (and of which manifests in the form of aggression towards me) may lead to him either physically assault or murder me – unless someone steps in to give him the psychological help assistance of which he needs.

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Pornwikileaks aka the realpornwikileaks is a database of information about adult industry performers authored by a network of cyberstalkers connected to xxpt and the Free Speech Coalition. Is the information that these hackers illegally obtained being used to blackmail public figures? Somehow xxpt moderator Sean Tompkins managed to present himself as a whistleblower dedicated to taking down the original porn wikileaks in order to “heroically” protect adult performers' privacy. In reality Tompkins was one of the primary authors behind pornwikileaks, and he used his accomplice, convicted felon Kayden Kross, to provide the following cover story, which was picked up by Adult Video News and widely disseminated. Here is some background information on the story from Vice, who is getting the story wrong by framing Donny Long as the primary author of the website:

Porn Wikileaks, which quietly launched in December 2010, isn’t some kind of benevolent database of information on porn stars, with the hope of making the industry more transparent. It’s a wiki mainly devoted to naming and shaming porn stars at high risk of HIV and AIDS, and it’s supposedly sitting on a cache of thousands of STD test results from the Adult Medical Healthcare Foundation.

As if this weren’t disturbing enough, it appears the main reason for the site’s existence is an intense hatred toward homosexuals, who it claims are ruining the industry. One of the site’s main categories, “high risk HIV”, contains a list of performers that have connections to the gay porn industry. Or, as the site explains, One of the site’s main categories, “high risk HIV”, contains a list of performers that have connections to the gay porn industry. Or, as the site explains, To get put in this section you are either gay or you fuck fags. The gay adult industry is not tested and is mostly HIV “known positives”. The straight adult industry uses testing and you are endangering the living of others in straight.

It turns out that this may have been the primary reason for the site’s inception. At the Daily Beast, the wiki’s anonymous creator recently explained his reasons for building the site: “To get the gays out of straight porn and illegal gay pimps that have ruined porn and shut it down making condoms mandatory by the government now. The fag loving has got to stop. California is full of gay Mexicans and now they can even marry which is so wrong.” Gays aren’t the sites only targets. In general, the website reads more like the bizarre and offensive internet wiki Encyclopedia Dramatica rather than the more authoritative Wikileaks. Women in the business are targeted as well, and all actresses are referred to as “pornographic whores” and “hookers”.

Among the site’s targets are Isis Taylor (NSFW link), whose ethnicity is referred to as “Jew/Wigger”, while her cause of death is listed as “when her black crack head husband beats her to death.” Monica Foster’s entry is similarly unsettling, and refers to her ethnicity as “N*gger”. The vitriol spills over into site’s forums as well, with anti-semitic threads like “jews in porn”, with users claiming some kind of Jewish conspiracy with their enemies “the gay mafia”. Yeesh.

A number of industry-related blogs have pointed fingers at washed-up porn star Donny Long, who is known for long-winded homophobic rants about gays in porn. It appears he has made several enemies in the industry, and the number one Google result for “donny long” brings up donnylongisaconvictedfelon.com, which includes documents that appear to show prior convictions for everything from battering to burglary.

Big Gay Silence

In a blog post Donny denies any link to Porn Wikileaks, but says they are doing the right thing by targeting gays. He argues that since many male porn actors have performed in both gay and straight films, gays have brought HIV into straight porn, thus “ruining” it by adding a raft of health concerns to the industry and putting pressure on lawmakers to require that performers wear condoms, which are often poo-pooed by connoisseurs and actors alike. http://motherboard.vice.com/blog/the...porn-wikileaks

Here is the quite possibly fraudulent article in question which was written by Free Speech Coalition member and convicted felon Kayden Kross. Ironically, she actually does a great job of explaining why the cybercrime that her friend Sean Tompkins rountinely participates in is wrong:

Donny Long, legal name Donald Carlos Seoane, became active in the adult industry in 2005 as a male performer. It wasn’t long before he’d started conflicts with not one but two of the industry’s most powerful agents, among others. The conflicts escalated to the point that Long developed a website with the specific intent of harassing one of his adversaries online. The original URL was DerekAndrewHay.com, named after the LA Direct Models owner, but eventually grew into a forum dedicated to harassing more than just its namesake. Long created his final and most vicious site in December 2010—PornWikiLeaks.com.

PornWikiLeaks.com—or PWL, as it soon became known—was dedicated to creating and maintaining defamatory wiki pages on all performers and industry insiders with whom Long felt he’d had a run-in … and some he hadn’t. Among the victims were Monica Foster, Mercedes Ashley, Nina Mercedez, Derek Hay, Mark Spiegler, and a host of other people whose numbers totaled entries in the thousands. The chat boards attracted the most vicious commenters, who felt free to act out under the cloak of anonymity that the Internet provides. Performers were referred to as whores and hookers, and men were accused of being closet homosexuals as if it were an offense on the level of child molestation—which was another accusation thrown around. Others were attacked based on their heritage or race. Of course the industry reacted again. This time Long responded with a rant threatening to expose the most personal information of all performers if he was not apologized to. He was ignored.

Long’s response was to illegally gain access to the database of AIM Healthcare Foundation, a non-profit organization responsible for collecting samples and maintaining records of all STD testing in the adult industry. Those records are made available with the performers’ permission to producers and directors who hire them for work. Performers are required to test once every 30 days. The AIM clinic also caters to walk-in clientele who are interested in low-cost testing for their own purposes. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 15,000 names were included in the data dump that Long posted to PWL along with the performers’ names, if listed, driver’s license and social security numbers, or any other personal information that had been stored. The exact way that Long acquired this information is not yet known and remains under federal investigation.

When the data dump was posted on PWL, other industry gossip sites lit up with the news. Many who were aware of Long and his retaliatory nature chose to ignore it or sought legal representation. Some tried to reason with Long and sent private emails asking that he remove their n
ames. Those people became targets. Mercedes Ashley was one of many performers who was unaware that any of this had been going on until someone sent a tweet alerting her to the fact that her medical information—specifically concerning STD records—was available online to anyone who cared to look. Ashley went in swinging. She has two children and had already retired from the industry and put it behind her after a very short career that only involved a few movies.

Rather than respect her wishes, and her rights under HIPPA, the moderators at PWL took her fight to the chat boards and made it public. Other commenters jumped in with vicious attacks on her. Again, she fought back, now on this public forum. They doubled their attacks....News of the data leak broke into the mainstream media and drew more attention to the site. For many performers, their wikis on PornWikiLeaks.com became a top Google entry under their legal names, along with others who had tested at AIM but never actually been involved in the adult industry. There are numerous accounts of people having to explain to their friends and families what was going on, children being harassed at school because of what was said of their parents on the Internet, and jobs being jeopardized.

There are at least two confirmed cases of retired performers losing their jobs over the postings on PWL. There is one confirmed case of a teenager who has been placed in therapy as a direct result of the postings made about his mother and the subsequent harassment he received at school. One retired performer committed suicide the day after she requested that PWL remove her information, although it has not been confirmed or denied whether PWL was the catalyst. As the number of affected parties increased, the traffic soared. New commenters who stumbled across the site joined in on the attacks. PWL’s strength grew....

As PWL’s assault spiraled out of control, a loose network of vigilantes around the world began to step up. Mike South, AVN Award winning director and adult industry blogger on MikeSouth.com, turned his website into a platform dedicated almost exclusively to the transfer of information between parties who had the common goal of defeating PWL. Those who joined the fight knew that they would be dragged into the wiki entries and cyber attacks along with the performers, but, as Mike said, “I didn’t have any secrets, my family knows what I do. I’m not ashamed. No one else was stepping up for these girls. If it were your everyday chick working in an office somewhere, something may have been done. But these were porn girls. No one felt like they deserved any protection. That’s simply untrue and ignorant. No one deserves to be treated like that.”

At first, Tompkins thought he could be the voice of reason that helped other posters realize they needed to back off, but when he suggested it, he too was attacked. After four days of fruitless attempts, he took a more aggressive approach. By then it was May. PWL had been actively harassing people for six months and had attracted a wide audience of gawkers and anonymous posters who felt safe to cross any and all lines they saw fit under the cloak of invisibility. Mercedes Ashley remembers cycles of breaking down in tears and then coming back out again swinging, always with a doubled effort. Monica Foster felt her life had become consumed by it. Mike South summed it up perfectly: “For these people commenting, it’s just something they do online, then they walk away from their computer screens and live their lives and forget about it. For the victims, there was no walking away.”

Tompkins, along with the assistance of a couple of unnamed Internet-savvy friends, began to gather the information they would need to take down not just Long, but all of the moderators and posters actively participating on PWL. They did the same thing to Long that he’d done to his victims—found addresses and pictures of his family, his dog, his personal information. They toyed with Long and he responded by posting pictures of Tompkins’ two children, complete with the customary racist rants. Then Tompkins and his team made a major breakthrough and gained access to the personal information of the posters and administrators. They would no longer be anonymous. Long was given the option to take down the defamatory links and comments by 5 p.m. in exchange for Tompkins’ backing off.

Instead, Long chose to stop responding to DMCA notices ordering him to take down content he’d pirated for the purpose of harassing featured performers and increased his own efforts. Long wasn’t ready to back down. He kept up the harassment on his own while Whiteacre and South used the newly acquired domain information to find the person responsible for funding the site and Tompkins used his talents against Long and the administrators. Ten days before PWL went down for good, Tompkins sent Long an email. It told him that he had ten days left. The next day Long received another email, this time stating that he had nine days. This went on until the last day of the countdown, when Tompkins dropped his final bomb: He named the man responsible for providing the funding to keep PWL going—Michael Tierney, commonly known in the adult industry as performer Joe Blow.

He also named every single person who had participated in victimizing other performers. He had access to every single piece of private information surrounding PWL that Long and Tierney had ever had. 41 minutes later the site was taken down. PWL has been offline for close to two weeks now. More apologies are coming through as well as thank you letters from people across the adult industry. The legal investigation into Long’s crimes continues but the harassment of his victims has stopped.

Says Mercedes Ashley, “I feel awesome, amazing. I can enjoy my retirement. ...Foster is more reserved. She worries about the cached pages on Google that still reflect the terror that PWL inflicted on her. She is in the process of moving and picking up the pieces. The last thing she had to say was, “It’s not over yet. A lot of people think that it will fade away and we’re not all that upset anymore. I will seek legal recourse because it really affected my life.” Either way, the fight against PornWikiLeaks.com has shown that the Internet has not destroyed accountability and has not created anonymity. While PWL was not original in its construction of a forum designed to criticize performers, it was by far the worst of its kind. Many are still assessing the damages and doling out the lawsuits. The authorities remain involved in investigations on both state and federal levels. http://business.avn.com/articles/tec...ks-442406.html

Kayden Kross:

Kayden, 4th from right standing with Free Speech Coalition Board Member Diane Duke on far right:

Raw Story editor Ron Brynaert provides further commentary on how, contrary to the information provided in Kayden Kross's attempt to provide an alibi above, Sean Tompkins continues to utilize the real pornwikileaks website to stalk and terrorize former and current porn stars as well as porn industry critics:
Stack is friends with Sean Tompkins and Michael Whitacre, two porn enthusiasts who are connected to a site called www.therealpornwikileaks.com. Even though the two have left a long trail of menacing and harassing women on the Internet, they pretend to be good guys who are against stalkers and releasing private information on people connected to the adult film industry. But they use fake accounts on twitter and delete their tweets and get away with menacing women because no one seems to care about harassment of porn actresses and many seem to think it comes with the territory.

(Editor's note: Whitacre and Tompkins leave many comments at the LukeIsBack blog condemning mostly women who want to reform the porn industry, here's one sample, but I'll be showcasing many more in the future:
redgoat Says:

Darrah, you are a worthless ****.

Don’t worry about who I am talking to and what I am doing, just like you say to me.

So, to make a blanket statement saying that I would be blamed if something happened to you is reckless. Frankly, I hope you get hit by a car in Malden driven by an ex-porn star.
….The real world is Freedom Of Speech and this right I will continue to apply to my hatred of you....Dry up and drop off of the face of this earth. http://www.lukeisback.com/?p=13036#comment-44018

Monica Foster writes:

We are in mid-October and the Pornwikileaks incident STILL has not received LEGAL closure - that's a fact. Individual parties (both attached and UNATTACHED to the porn industry) who were gang stalked, cyber bullied, harassed, slandered and terrorized both on and offline still would like some legal closure on the issue - yet Sean Tompkins (who could expedite the legal closure process) continues to refuse to furnish the database which would identify exactly who created the "wikis" from the Pornwikileaks site to the public (or at least to the individual parties seeking legal resolution).

Sean Tompkins is intentionally obstructing justice in the name of personal and professional gain. Regardless of how you want to look at the situation - it is wrong. He has gone as far as to continue utilizing the EXACT SAME stalking and slandering tactics and patterns with his site TheRealPornWikiLeaks as the initial PornWikiLeaks site did.

more screen caps of Whiteacre harassing and stalking Monica Foster aka Alexandra Meyers:
more threats to Monica:

I am still a PRIMARY TARGET being that I've been verbal about the initial PornWikiLeaks site lacking a legal conclusion, and now others attached to adult entertainment have become targets and have suffered slander and harassment as well (porn director Nica Noelle, anti-porn activist Shelley Lubben, anti-porn and HIV awareness speaker Derrick Burts, etc). ...I'm very disappointed in Kayden Kross's and possibly Digital Playground's (they have ads plastered all over Sean Tompkin's website) support of Sean Tompkins and his acquaintance Michael Whiteacre's regular on and offline harassment, gang stalking and terrorism of individuals they feel the need to target and victimize - however considering that Kayden Kross is a convicted felon for real estate fraud with a criminal history I can't say I'm surprised (you know the saying "Birds of a feather flock together").

Kayden Kross's essay is fraudulent, and I have to question if she was paid to assist in the cover up of Sean Tompkin's efforts to convert the initial PornWikiLeaks project and traffic over to the new TheRealPornWikiLeaks site. Both sites utilize the EXACT same framework
Being that Kayden Kross in my view is assisting possible conspiracy, criminal behavior and fraud, I plan on submitting a letter in regards to the situation to the Superior Court of California to alert the court of the situation. Kayden Kross has been on probation since July of 2009 for real estate fraud (which ironically she claims to be the "victim" of), and though I may be wrong in my view of her involvement in assisting with another fraudulent situation - all signs point to her knowing vital information which could bring legal closure to pornwikileaks.

• Sean Tompkins disclosed to me via phone that only himself and Kayden Kross would ever know the political motives behind the site (why only Kayden?)
• Kayden Kross was a client of Michael Fattorosi who gave legal advice to the owners of the website .
• Kayden Kross is a member of the FSC (free speech coalition) - an organization which is opposed to Shelley Lubben's efforts, Nica Noelle's efforts to start the Adult Performer's Association and the AHF (Aids HealthCare Foundation - the organization Derrick Burts speaks in support of) .
• Kayden Kross is friends with Michael Whiteacre (who has been gang stalking Shelley Lubben for a while now). http://pornwikileaks.blogspot.com/20...upporting.html

Comments posted at Luke is Back provide further evidence that Sean Tompkins is closely affiliated with xxxporntalk.com:
….In October, Mike Stack had all his posts under the moniker "Redgoat" scrubbed from the XXX Porn Talk forum he moderated at, all that remains is traces from Google...
Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL Says:
Shelley WTF. You steal, scam, and lie all in the name of god. You have some nerve telling my buddy you pray for him. He’s got a better chance at the after life with out your help. I’m pretty sure anyone you pray for automatcily has one strike against them just by their name coming out of your mouth. Everything you touch or come in contact with is fucked. And stop fucking harassing Maddy. You Fuckin scumbag.

Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL Says:
Please refrain from Brandon bashing on LIB..XPT is the only place were thats allowed..However if you buy a 30 day membership to one of Brandon’s sites it also comes with Brandons direct phone number were he will allow you to bash via text…30 days gets you 250 texts or if you buy today he will throw in a extra 100 but you can only use them on nights and weekends...../ http://www.lukeisback.com/2011/11/wh...helley-lubben/

Monica Foster writes:
The night after I recorded the above live webcast, someone attempted to break into my home. I believe whoever it was, was connected to Sean Tompkins and/or Mark Spiegler. As of current Sean Tompkins has over 60 blog posts about me on his The Real Porn Wiki Leaks website. This is in effort to divert traffic searches from the terms “Monica Foster” to his website in effort to corrupt and suppress the truth of the Los Angeles porn industry’s foundation of organized crime and PornWikiLeaks (which I believe was an industrial espionage instance utilized by the Free Speech Coalition). http://pornnewstoday.com/pnt/?p=3636

An excerpt from blogger Darrah Ford on Kayden Kross concerning Kross's father who she allegedly committed financial crimes against:

….I spoke Wednesday afternoon to Kayden Kross’ ex. I will refer to him as OBF- old boy friend. OBF gave me some dirt on what’s going on with Kross, Adam & Eve’s contract girl who’s been indicted by the Feds. OBF has also been approached by federal investigators in the real estate fraud case centered in Gold River, California in which Kross is apparently facing four criminal charges. Gold River is a suburb of Sacramento. There are several properties involved in this case.
• Sean Tompkins disclosed to me via phone that only himself and Kayden Kross would ever know the political motives behind the site (why only Kayden?) Kayden Kross is a member of the FSC (free speech coalition)
“I was also contacted by the private investigators for the bank,” says OBF....According to OBF one of the charges for which Kross gets arraigned on in October is grand theft.
“The others are for real estate fraud,” OBF clarifies. “I imagine there’s going to be a bank fraud and tax fraud as well.” OBF said he was witness to a lot of this....OBF isn’t exactly sure on the details but knows it involved either checks or credit cards belonging to her stepmother on which Kross allegedly ran up some bills. Supposedly Kross told OBF all about it after which her father also confirmed the story to him.
“But that fraud case was consequently expunged,” adds OBF who describes Kross as “manipulative” and “calculating”.....OBF says his concerns are for the family that lost its ass as well as their house. “You have a man who was disabled in Vietnam with a back injury,” points out OBF. The family filed the complaint which began the investigation into Kross’ activities.

Sean Tompkins and Kayden Kross:

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The LA Weekly blog reported that the FSC worked with the FBI to shut down Porn Wikileaks. But then the same article listed Michael Whiteacre as one of the people involved with the FBI probe. This is the same Michael Whiteacre who has been issuing implied death threats to porn industry whistleblower Monica Foster.

Here are several screen caps of Whiteacre tweeting with libertychick, who was one of the individuals involved with exposing Anthony Weiner, along with xxxpt moderator Mike Stack:

more from Porn in the Valley:
Monica Foster’s parents have made it clear that if any physical harm comes to any of their children, they and their support system are holding all individuals attached to Sean Tompkins and his website directly responsible ...It is believed that Sean Tompkins is attempting an organized physical attack against Monica Foster and/or her sister. As of current Sean Tompkins is under investigation in the state of Texas as are those openly attached to him in California and New Jersey. It has been suggested that many of those listed in this article have been living and working under multiple false (illegally obtained) alternate identities..”

A Monica Foster commentary:
Apparently Xbiz and the Los Angeles porn industry in general do indeed support the stalking, defamation, terrorizing, harassment, cyberbullying and psychological manipulation designed to drive an individual to suicide - by promoting IsAnyoneUp.com founder Hunter Moore.

Hunter Moore’s website is essentially a clone of the PornWikiLeaks project which attacked countless adult entertainment industry associated individuals along with their non-associated family members and friends. I was a primary target and still am being targeted by websites which are offshoots of the project to this day. Hunter Moore is quoted in this article as stating:
“I’m gonna sound like the most evil motherfucker — let’s be real for a second: If somebody killed themselves over [being on the site]? Do you know how much money I’d make? At the end of the day, I do not want anybody to hurt themselves. But if they do? Thank you for the money.

“The more traffic I’d have that day, I’m going to get paid for. So if someone fucking killed themselves? Do you know how much hate I’d get? All the Googling, all the redirects, all, like, the press”—here he sounds like he’s stifling a yawn; it is morning—”I’d get paid for, for that day. And whatever.”
Please take a look at these tweets directed to me by a man who uses the alias Michael Whiteacre – a Los Angeles adult entertainment (porn industry) documentary director, softcore porn director and Free Speech Coalition associate (he has close ties to Free Speech Coalition membership director Joanne Cachapiero, Free Speech Coalition president Diane Duke along with other members such as president of Wicked Pictures Joy King and her self proclaimed best friend Dr. Chauntelle Anne Tibbals).

As of current one of the PornWikiLeaks “offshoot” websites, run by Sean Tompkins, is currently valued according to online website value estimators at an average of approximately $20,000. However upon close investigation the majority of the traffic drawn via this website is generated by posts of which border stalking, defamation, terrorizing, harassment & cyberbullying of specific targets (I being a primary target and traffic draw as seen in the Alexa screen shot below).

Michael Whiteacre has very close ties with the above referenced pornwikileaks offshoot website and appears to be good friends with Sean Tompkins. At this stage, one could easily conclude that his continued stalking, defamation, terrorizing, harassment & cyberbullying of myself and family members which have no attachments to the porn industry (which members of the Free Speech Coalition appear to support) is an effort to drive me (and other targets I’m sure) to suicide to increase the traffic to their websites in effort to increase their value (make money).

This online business model (which appears to generate money via the stalking, defamation, terrorizing, harassment & cyberbullying) I anticipate to begin targeting college and high school students. ...Wicked Pictures and the Free Speech Coalition is making aggressive moves towards establishing speaking engagements masked as “sex education” and “sex workers safety events” on college campuses such as Stanford University (a school which as of current has seen a 75% increase in on campus rapes between 2009 and 2010). I feel that the porn industry’s presence on these campuses in actuality is an effort to recruit students into the porn industry and attain their personal information for later use on the revenue attracting type websites I define in this article...

Hunter Moore and his statements illustrate that driving targets to suicide to increase traffic to websites. In the case of the porn industry a target’s death would results in increased video sales and website membership sign ups. One has to wonder exactly how much the porn industry profited from the death of pornstar Hunter Bryce. Below is a screen cap of award winning porn director Will Ryder aka Jeff Mullen (who is associated with the Free Speech Coalition FSC & Michael Whiteacre) suggesting that I commit suicide. I was featured in 2 of his movies. Does he want pornstars he’s directed to die to increase the value and sales of his porn movies?

In this webcast, Alexandra aka Monica Foster calls for statements from the above mentioned FSC parties as well as for Larry Flynt of Hustler to stop distribution of the movie Not the Cosbys XXX 2 which depicts an instance of child pornography and/or rape - a movie directed by Will Ryder aka Jeff Mullen of All Media Play / X-play. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iaV5YfrmW6Q

Here's more from Monica: December 31, 2008 I was raped by Chase Styles. It happened at an afterparty. Shortly afterwards I found out I was pregnant and I didn’t know whether the pregnancy resulted from the rape or my boyfriend at the time so I opted to abort the pregnancy....Will Ryder aka Jeff Mullen knew about the rape when I told him later. He told me that he would do something about it. I found out a couple years later from pornstar Jeremy Steele that he saw Chase Styles out having dinner with Will Ryder. I do feel that Will Ryder aka Jeff Mullen thinks raping women is OK and has no problem with what Chase Styles did to me (especially considering how Will Ryder has publicly stated that he wished I would have committed suicide).... http://pornstarhookeralert.com/psha/?p=1932
Chase Styles is still actively working in porn according to Dave Pounder. In addition Will Ryder’s associate Sean Tompkins is posting lies online stating the rape I endured never happened. http://pornstarhookeralert.com/psha/?p=1932

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According to Ari Bass’s twitter feed and that ofcollege student, sex worker activist and webcam model Gabriela Stone aka Christina Page – Ari Bass allegedly physically assaulted Gabriela, threatened the life of herself and family, lifted private content from her cellphone and stole her rental car....In addition, Ari Bass implicated author, blogger, speaker and professor of ***** and ****** at ******** City College ********** as being involved with Gabriela via “sexting” and alluded to a scheme to extort and ruin the career of ****** (a scheme of which the Porn News Today team believes Ari Bass most likely developed)

....Gabriela tweeted that she has spoken to law enforcement, filed a report and appears to currently be safely away from Ari Bass, however Ari’s history of obsession and extreme aggression towards his targets suggests this situation has not reached a conclusion yet (Ari Bass has been known to habitually harasses and defame anti-porn activist Shelley Lubben, blogger Diana Grandmaison, investigative Blogger Crystal Cox, blogger and webcam model Monica Fosterand as of recent PHD student Jennifer J Reed)....

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PORN VALLEY: Stalkers Hit Corporate Email Account – Violates Privacy of How Many??
http://porninthevalley.com/2012/01/23/230/ http://porninthevalley.com/2012/01/23/230/
As of January 11, 2012, Sean Tompkins has publicly posted what appears to be several private and confidential emails dating from the present back to prior January 24th, 2011 from the AHF (Aids Healthcare Foundation) email system (network) on his website TheRealPornWikiLeaks . Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre has promoted these postings via his twitter account which leads many to believe he may have been instrumental in attaining the emails. This is yet more evidence that those behind TheRealPornWikilLeaks have utilized that same industrial espionage tactics of the initial PornWikiLeaks website. One has to question, how many people’s email systems and networks Sean Tompkins and his associates have illegally compromised.

photo of Whiteacre, center left, with FSC Board Member Christian Mann in blue shirt on his right:

Sean Tompkins identifies himself as a trpwl author on xxxpt:

screen cap of Sean Tompkins identifying himself as an associate of Kayden Kross, Michael Whiteacre and Jeff Mullen:

Here's the implied death threat Michael Whiteacre aka Ari Bass sent to Monica Foster again:

Whiteacre is prominenetly placed on the Free Speech Coalition Youtube page, proving he is closely affiliated with the group:

description of a Monica Foster Youtube video:
Monica Foster relates at the start of the webcast how Donny Long essentially revolutionized the Los Angeles porn industry by launching his website xxxfilmjobs - a website of which many of his competitors may have wanted to control of destroy. Monica outlines how the Free Speech Coalition (FSC) may have "set up" Donny Long as the "fall guy" for PornWikiLeaks due to Pornwikileaks leading to the closure of AIM, which led to the formation of the APHSS which is controlled by the FSC who in turn has been primarily funded by Manwin. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLE55s1jRKk

Here is a screen cap of Sean Tompkins' phone number along with a conversation where he admits to purchasing the pornwikileaks domain:

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