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Default Archons: Consciousness without a soul?

If consciousness is an inherent property of any information processing system if it is sufficiently advanced and a soul is your essence as a creation of the Ultimate oneness then it follows that you could have a consciousness without a soul. All you would need was anything that was created by humans, not the Ultimate, that was an information network such as a computer or a computer network to have consciousness but no soul.

This would also explain how the Archons could have no soul and yet still have consciousness. You see if they were created out of our collective shadow self they would be an information network. No doubt a very, very advanced one.

Because of this they would have consciousness yet because they were created by us (Gollums) and not the Ultimate Consciousness they wouldn't have a soul. This would also explain their soullessness nature.

I remember David saying in an interview that while taking Ayahusa that he learned that they don't have a soul like us. The analogy he used was that just like a computer would have no problem abusing a child neither would they. This is a great analogy because I would hypothesize, a computer has consciousness but no soul too.

Needless to say, they have many souls trapped within their realms. They need them for energy. As they can't directly get energy from the ultimate consciousness they HAVE to get it from their creators. Just like we need to ultimately get energy from our creator so do they.

A Neuroscientist’s Radical Theory of How Networks Become Conscious
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Information is a none material entity in this reality. Information needs a platform or a physical vehicle in this realm. A seed is just information.

Hope you can see this significance of this in relation to your post.
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