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Exclamation The Con Artists' Basic Philosophy

The Con Artists' Basic Philosophy

Part One -- The Basic Vision


The Text below is written from the con artist's point of view.



Our Goal:

Our goal is to return to a pre-American-Revolution, two-class society. We, the upper class, will live in opulence and privilege, We will control the wealth, the power, and everything else. What happens to everything and everyone else is irrelevant.

And let's remember the lesson from the Kennedy presidency -- leisure time gives people time to think, time to expose us, and time to challenge our authority. The masses must be kept at the survival level. That way they will not have time to think about or challenge what we are doing.

Step One -- Creating Controversy

Create conflict and divisiveness because: Controversy Sells! And it's a multi-billion dollar business. It doesn't really matter what the issue is as long as we can claim the high moral ground and make the other side wrong. Examine the existing social structure and find and/or create one or more of the following:

1) Create or expand a social issue where we can generate two strongly opposing sides.

2) Create a problem so we can step in and solve it.

3) Expand on an existing minor problem where the people involved can be manipulated with strong emotion. Use the "Let's You and Him Fight"° technique whenever it serves us.

4) Create or latch onto emotion-laden issues. These problems can be unsolvable or they can be problems where our side will surely lose in the long run. Whether we win or lose is irrelevant -- being seen by the public as good guys is the important factor.


Step Two -- Creating a Positive Public Image

Make a big public spectacle of whatever issue you choose. Proclaim that God is on our side and the devil is on theirs. Dehumanize those on the other side whenever possible, so we can justify manipulating our sheep (our followers) to hate them and support us.

Step Three -- Manipulating Controversy

Use the problems you've found or created to:

* Raise money.

* Sell fear and divisiveness.

* Manipulate the public.

* Divert Attention.

* Gain followers.

* Inspire our followers to turn their lives, their labor, and their resources over to us. Remember, we need workers who will, willingly and without questioning us, follow orders.

* Generate controversy -- Remember our motto: "Controversy sells! And it's a multi-billion dollar business."

* Get our spokesmen in front of the media.

* Get our position expressed in the media.

* Gain political power.


Step Four -- The Art of a Good War

Learn the art of creating wars, just remember to confine most of the destruction to someone else's country. Wars are fantastically effective tools for several reasons.

* During war, the masses live in fear and while in that state, what little mental capacity they do have will be derailed. The vast majority of them will sell their freedoms for what they think is security. Passing "The Patriot Act" was a good example of success at using the art of war and fear.

* Wars are great for making a dismal economy look good. Just look what we are doing with the war in Iraq. We are actually in fiscal Disneyland (December 2005) but the public has no idea that our excessive, government, deficit spending is the reason they can't afford even the basics of life. See the section on deficit financing called Inflation.°

* With a good war in progress, we don't have to have consumers with money enough to buy our products. We simply destroy what we have built and thus, we can justify the need to build more of what we have destroyed. We can also destroy billions of dollars worth of other things such as buildings, bridges, and the like. And then hire our friends to rebuild them. The Cheney-Halliburton contracts are a good example of this technique in action.

* War is a wonderful way to transfer, wealth our friends. If you are in any way connected to the military industrial complex, wars are your bread and butter. Actually war is not your bread and butter; it's you multimillion dollar home, you three yachts and your seven girlfriends.

* War is a wonderful way to consolidate our political power. When the public is living in fear, they will buy almost any scam that promises security. For example, the Bush born-again fairytale was a stroke of demonic genius not only for it's mind bending and vote getting capacity, but it made war a God-ordained necessity. The Bush born-again fairytale is the greatest con-artist success since the passing of the Federal reserve act in 1913.

* Be sure the need for war really never ends. When it's time to end the conflict, just settle things enough to pacify the masses. Remember the mastery of George Bush Sr. In 1991, he had American troops thirty-four kilometers from Saddam Hussein's palace, when he stopped the war, brought the troops home and left Hussein in power. He justified his actions by saying that he left Hussein in power because by removing him, we could get somebody worse.

George Sr. didn't tell us who could possible be worse. Stalin and Hitler were both already dead and unavailable at the time, the Bath Party in Iraq was an outgrowth of of the Nazi's Third Reich, and Saddam Hussein's was a despot at least the equal to Hitler, himself. But none of that seemed to matter, and the public didn't bother to ask where George Sr. could possibly find a worse replacement.

Without that simple act of demonic mastery on the part of George Sr., today we could not be funneling $4,000,000,000,000 (Four trillion dollars) of the peoples' money into the pockets of our friends.

* Remember, to justify war you must have an enemy. But don't let anybody know that we set the conditions, supplied the hardware, and provided the training required that put both Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin laden into power.

* And in case you haven't noticed, we are already laying the foundations for the next major war. This one will be with China. Our team is funneling billions of dollars in their direction, building their industrial base and now some of us are even proposing selling military hardware to them, directly.

The next time you buy something, look at the tag to see where it was manufactured. If you think the relationship between Walmart and China is a coincidence or an accident, come on over to visit me and bring lots of cash. I have a beautiful bridge in Brookline that I'm sure you'll want to buy.

And about that U.S. Navy, reconnaissance plane filled with tops secret, state-of-the-art, electronic equipment that just happened to get "bumped" (damaged) by a Chinese fighter plane and them made an emergency landing on the Chinese island of Hainan in April of 2001, don't even ask. Just remember, to have a war, you must have an enemy -- an enemy with the capacity to wage a credible war.


Step Five -- Mind Manipulation

Remember this classic truth: Program a child's mind when he (or she) is very young and you've got him/her as an adult. Although it's listed in fifth place on our list, this axiom is actually the number one rule of manipulation and control. It goes to the very heart of mental creations and directly employs The Universal Laws of Creation. °

If you want to control and dominate, don't waste you time, money, and effort building walls or fences and hiring armed guards. Stalin did that in Russia. He even murdered 70,000,000 of his own citizens in the process, and it was dismal failure.

Instead, build schools and teach little kids what to believe. Use fear based programs to teach them not to think for themselves. Destroy their self-esteem by telling them they are inherently evil. Tell them that they are going to burn in hell unless they, without question, do exactly as you tell them to do. Tell then that it's impossible to escape from the devil without your help. Tell then that they must pay you money or you won't be able to help them.

If you follow this simply mind-control rule, there is a good chance that your group will survive for about 2000 years and become one of the wealthiest organizations in the world.



Factors We Can Count On:

1) Humans are incredible easy to con, scam, and manipulate. With the right salesman and the right words, you can sell them just about anything. The anti-drug war° is our shining example.

2) When emotion and reason clash, emotion wins almost every time. Appeal to emotion. Even if your appeal defies logic, reason and common sense, a great many of the sheep will simply go along.

3) Remember that manipulating beliefs is the key to control. Illusion is far more effective than violence. But be prepared to use, support, endorse secretly encourage violence whenever it serves our purposes.

4) Behind the scenes, you can do anything you want. Just don't get caught.

5) If you do get caught, remember the scapegoat principle. It works wonders and the public buys it every time. Simply sacrifice one of your lower level people or some one high up who is a potential trouble maker. In no time at all, it's back to business as usual.

If necessary, pay someone to take the fall. Do you remember Marine Cornel, Oliver North, the Iran Contra scandal and the secret, criminal activity that was being orchestrated out of a basement office in the Whitehouse? If your answer is yes, you are a rare exception. Look where our buddy, Olly North, is today (2004). He's on TV and radio peddling our agenda and the gullible public simply listens.

6) People have short-term memories so no matter what we get caught doing, the masses will soon forget about it.

7) Money talks and says, "Do things my way." Financial enticement is a primary tool for gaining cooperation.

8) The "Silver of Lead" rule works almost every time. (i.e., take this money and look the other way or we'll kill you and your family) Once they've taken their first bribe, we own them.

9 ) People always act in a manner that they believe is in their own best interest.

10) "Tell a lie loud enough, long enough, often enough and people will believe it." (Quote, Adolph Hitler)

11) Remember the famous Martin Niemoeller quote from WWII.° Most people will do as he did. They'll simply go along and not protest until it's too late. In order to succeed, we need to remember that "Rome wasn't built in a day." Be patient. Avoid pushing too hard or too fast.

12) Everybody is expendable -- except you and me, of course.
(Actually this rule is: "Everybody is expendable -- except me."

13) Remember the Golden Rule: "He who owns the gold rules."

14) Mind-altering drugs are great control tools, and making some of them illegal provides a fantastic source of secret money . Keep legal and promote drugs that destroy such as alcohol and nicotine. Degrade, demonize, and criminalize any mind altering products that have the potential (when used properly) to show the user an alternate view of reality, such a Peyote, magic mushrooms, marijuana, and LSD.


Our Training Program:

1) Destroy Self Esteem -- Replace it with dependency on us. Start with the very young children.

2) Teach Conflict and Separation -- Promote divisiveness, duality, and "black-or-white-only" thinking. Promote competition, elitism, and segregation by race, gender, religion, etc. Remember the classic rule, "divide and conquer."

Teach: "One-way my-way," --- "I'm right, therefore, everybody else is wrong." --- "It's-us-against-them." And remember to use the "Let's You and Him Fight"° tool.

3) Use Mindlessness -- Program the sheep (our followers) not to think for themselves. Tell them what to think. Tell them what to believe. Tell them that we have direct orders from God. Claim that we have exclusive access to God.

4) Create Strong Emotional Responses -- Conflict and divisiveness are important because they induce high emotion which is the ideal mental state for reprogramming the minds of the masses. This is where we get the masses to demand what we want to impose upon them. And gain, we must remember: Controversy Sells! And it's a multi-billion dollar business.


Destroy the Opposition:

1) Attack Dissenters -- Threaten with a severe punishment those who publicly disagree with us and those who questions us. Discredit those who refuse to remain silent. Pick a dissenter and attack and destroy him or her in every way possible. Publicize his destruction. This will insure loyalty and discourage others from dissenting. At minimum, it will discourage other people from publicly opposing us.

2) Eliminate their Leaders -- Dispense with those who are influencing the masses and instigating change. Remember, new ideas are to us as kryptonite was to Superman before we killed him. Kill the opposition leaders or, preferably, help them have a fatal accident whenever we can get away with it. If it's not feasible to kill them, destroy their lives, and destroy their reputation. Here are some of our more famous American success stories: John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King.

3) Get rid of those who are Influential or have leadership potential -- Kill them or help them have a fatal accident before they become powerful. Again, here are some of our American success stories: John Kennedy Jr., John Denver, John Lennon.

4) Topple All Heroes and Positive Role Models -- Leave no hero standing. Leave no reputation untarnished, except, of course, our heroes, such as "Resident" Bush. Pete Rose is an example here. We'd like to also claim Martha Stewart as a success story, but she's still standing. Be careful not to be too cocky. She, like Larry Flint could survive and come back to kick us in the ass. Remember, it was Flint who dethroned one of our most valuable players, Newt Gingrich.


Where to Focus Our Attention:

Gain Control of all the following:

1) First and foremost, control the monetary system. Remove the gold standard which cannot be manipulated and used and replace it with fiat (paper) money over which we have almost complete control.

(The Federal Reserve was a stroke of genius. Outside the church's ongoing variations of the selling of indulgences° concept, it's the longest-running, most-lucrative, financial scam in all of human history, and even after 91 years, the public still thinks we are providing a service. Remember to always refer to what we do as a "service.")

2) Replace the paper money with a debit and credit system. When the people use checks, credit cards, or debit cards, this allows us to track their financial activities and often their physical movements. It also allows us to exclude trouble makers from the system.

Our goal is to avoid allowing the public to control anything, particular their money. Examine the original intent of the Social Security ° system and notice how our predecessors destroyed it. They transformed it from a potential multi-trillion-dollar investment portfolio controlled by the people that was set up to eventually providing large retirement sums to the elderly into a forty-trillion dollar debt.

3) In the situation where you can't steal the money directly, steal the value out of the money. See the section titled Inflation.°

4) Control and claim ownership of the natural resources.

(All of the planet's natural resources belong to all the people -- oil, coal, mineral, natural gas, and the like. Never let the people find this out. If they did, our governments would be like the former government of Iraq was in that, instead of the people being taxed into oblivion, the government would be paying the people. If the public ever get wise to this scam, their would be no need for taxes, and we'd lose our sources of wealth, power and privilege.)

5) Control the education system.

(Re-write the history books. Take out all referenced to how we [our robber baron grandfathers and great grandfathers] manipulated the system, emasculated the peoples legislative representatives, changed the rules and laws to favor ourselves, and amassed our concentrations of wealth and power.) We refer you back to the above section titled: Mind Manipulation.

6) Control the media, particularly the news.

( Remember, freedom of speech is only half the issue. When we restrict our opposition's access to listeners and we have, in essence, squelched freedom of speech. If we control what is in the print and broadcast media, we can sell our "services" to the masses, and at the same time, the problem of free speech for the dissenters is all but eliminated.)

Television is one of our most powerful tools.
(To understand why, see the page titled: The Three Immutable Universal Laws° and then view the page titled: TV-Mind-Control. You can deceive, con, misinform the public and completely hide the truth by simply using lies of omission.° )

7) Control the transportation system.

(Make the masses move around in fear. Let them, on a daily basis, know who is in charge. Use the transportation system to collect additional taxes. Set up a trust system in which we secretly own all the vehicles and give the so-called owners beneficiary rights.** Remember to always refer to what we do as a "service.")


Did you ever wonder why the fine print on that little sticker you buy and put on the government's license plate which is on the back of the car you think you own says, "For Official Use Only." Well, now you know. Technically and legally the government actually owns your car. Your car is owned by a government trust and you have beneficiary rights. Because the government owns the car that you think you own, they can regulate how fast you can drive it, where you can park it etc.

The public was appalled when Hitler tattooed a number on the wrists of Jews, but nobody gives a second thought to the number "tattooed" on the backs of their cars. Remember these two con artist rules: "Sell them safety and security and they'll buy just about anything." and "Get the public to demand what you want to impose upon them."


8) Control the courts and the legal system.

(Remove the Constitutional legal system and replace it with military law. Turn judges from their rightful position as referees into controllers of the legal system. Remember to always refer to what we do as a "service.")**


Did you ever wonder the flags in court rooms and in government offices have a gold fringes on them? Well, now you know.


9) Manipulate the criminal investigation system. The best way to avoid getting caught is to have on your payroll a few people in key positions in the various criminal investigation systems.

10) Own the legislators in both state and federal governments. Pay for electing all politicians. Buy them and you own them. Legalize bribing legislators. Make up a nice sounding name for it. Call it lobbying.

11) Set up regulatory agencies supposedly for the protection of the public. It only takes a year or so for those of us in the industry supposedly being regulated to manipulate the system and secretly take control of the regulatory agency. We can then manipulate the laws to favor ourselves. We can stifle and/or eliminate the competition. And we can do this in the name of protecting the public. ***1

12) Create a national ID card. The Social Security number was a good start but we can't legally use that, so we need to re-introduce this concept with something new such as a national drivers license. This will give us the long overdue "Internal Passport" with which we can control the people's movement within the country.

13) Whenever technology can assist us. Use it! For example, make hardwire telephones seem obsolete. Promote the use of wireless communication. Why? Because we can monitor anyone's wireless communication without the messiness of the court order required to tap a hardwire telephone.

14) Focus on divisiveness. Create confusion, chaos, and violence (including wars) whenever possible. Remember, controversy sells! And it's a multi-billion dollar business.

15) Manipulate the public into demanding what you want to impose upon them. Remember to always refer to what we do as a "service."

16) Tap the public treasury to pay for as much as possible.

17) Claim the need for secrecy. That way you can hide the truth about what we are doing.


What We Believe:

1) It's us against them. Either others are with us or they are against us.

2) We believe in scarcity. If we are to live in affluence and have abundance, others must go without and live in poverty.

3) Our philosophy is the only correct one.

Editor's Note: This category has two distinct factions.

a) No God: If you examine the results that come from the men who run the multi-billion-dollar, multi-national corporations° that are behind "Resident" Bush, the only reasonable conclusion we can come to is that they are ego-atheists.. You are probably familiar with the Enron° and Halliburton° corporations, but you've probably never heard of Koch Industries.°

The men who run corporations like these regularly buy and pay for senators and congressmen. They do so by way of 1) campaign financing, 2) lobbying, and 3) under the table, [untraceable] financial and favor payoffs. Indirectly, the men who run the multi-billion-dollar, multi-national corporations are running the United States Government. They are particularly dominant in the Republican Party. In essence, the beliefs of these men are:

"Atheism is all there is. My consciousness is a function of my physical body. When my dies I'll, simply, cease to be. All that religious hocus pocus is for fools. Let's lie another lie, and you can kiss my thigh all the way to the bank. Any action is justified as long as it serves me."

b) God Workers: These are the religious extremists. In America, it's the ultra-conservative Christians° and the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church.. In other parts of the world, it's the Muslim fanatics. In essence, the beliefs of the men who run these ultra-conservative, religious organizations are:

"Our way (our religion) is the only way. We have excusive access to God. We are working for God and God will be rewarded us in heaven. Any action is justified because we are simply following God's orders."

Each or these faction (atheists and religious fanatics) discounts the beliefs or the other, and yet, they are in bed together. For the "why" and the "disastrous consequences" of this seemingly incongruous marriage,° see the section below titled: Who Are the Real Losers?


4) Power is a zero sum game. Either you have it or you don't.

5) The end justifies the means.


The Rules:

1) Rule one is that rules don't apply to us. Rules are for those on the other side. Demand that those on the other side follow the rules.

2) Rule two is to do whatever is required to create and maintain power and control, BUT

3) Always present a good public image. Remember that the ultimate crook is the person or group who never gets caught engaging in socially unacceptable or criminal behavior. You can take either of two routes here. You can be a public person who is looked-up-to, respected, honored, trusted, and is often considered a pillar of his society. Or you can be a behind the scenes power broker who is all but invisible to the public.

If you choose the behind the scenes route, you'll need to create an organization that can and will be in the public eye. Foundations are excellent front for our activities. In the midst of thousands of legitimate foundations, ours will be all but invisible, and besides, we can do a few things that the public likes a even raise money doing it.

4) Set up a front man to face the public and to peddle our agenda. The front man must present an appealing, wholesome image. He must be either a master salesman or have some credentials that give him the respect of the masses. War heroes and born again sinners are the two top selling credentials.

What the behind the scenes people do is a completely different matter. Lies, cons, half truths, manipulation, blackmail, bribery, murder, wars and the like are all OK. Just keep the front man clear of any connection to what is really happening.

5) Always claim the high moral ground, always claim that God is on our side, and always claim that the Devil, himself, is ruling the opposition.

6) Always keep our public figures at least three steps removed from anything that could be damaging to their credibility. Remember, if you put even only one step between you and whatever you want to hide, the public will simply not see the connection.

7) When writing rules, always make an exclusion clause° for yourselves.

8) Design the rules so that you can follow the letter of the law and at the same time, completely ignoring it's intent. The auto insurance industry has the world's best example of this. Our legislators passed a law prohibiting insurance companies from charging higher fees because of where a driver lives, so they now they base their fees on "the zip code where the car is garaged."

9) Create a secret language° with which you can give orders and never be held accountable for giving those orders.

10) Set up secret groups to do the illegal, unethical or immoral tasks. Off shore groups are easy to hide, and so are secret factions within government organizations.

11) The best way to avoid getting caught is to have on your payroll a few people in key positions in the various criminal investigation systems.

12) When the public demands an investigation, be sure that our investigation team controls those doing the investigating. Have them do a very thorough examination of aspects of the crime that lead away from us and simply ignore anything pointing in our direction.° The Warren Commission's investigation on the Kennedy assassination is a good role model to follow in this regard.

13) Set up organizations, government agencies, foundations, and the like with the public persona of serving the people by solving social problems. Focus entirely on the symptoms, make a lot of hoopla, and the public will think you are actually doing something. BUT... Never, never go after the source. If you do, you could actually solve the problem and put your self right out of business. The anti-drug war° is our shining example here.

14) If we have good news to report, be sure our front man tells it. If we have bad news, always have someone else tell it. Always keep our front man as pure as possible. In many cases, it will be best to have disposable team members make statements, make accusations, and ask controversial questions.

15) Misinformation and disinformation are great tools for conning and manipulating. Use them profusely.

16) Share information on a need to know basis only. Keep as few records as possible. Classify as much as possible to keep the records secret.

17) Never pay for unethical or criminal services directly. Always use an indirect method with at least three levels of intermediaries so no one can connect you to the dastardly deed or to the crime if it's discovered.

You can easily payoff someone indirectly by having a club member pay your obligation for you. Use someone who appears to have no connection to you. Then later through another club member you payoff that obligation through another intermediary. Make it so complicated that no one outside your inner circle can follow the money trail.

18) Mislabel everything. Call bribery, lobbying. Call killing innocent people, collateral damage. Call taxing the public a service.

19) Use smokescreens to divert attention. When you want to hide an activity or when you want exposure kept to a minimum, or when you get caught with your hand in the cookie jar, use an emotion laden unrelated issue as a decoy. This is also a good way to shift focus away from you.

With this technique, you can distract people's attention. You can get them to focus on the decoy, and most of them won't see what's really going on. This is a variation of the classic distraction technique of waving flags with one hand while stealing a suckers wallet with the other.

20) If anything goes wrong, deny, deny deny.
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Goddamn it now you've gone and pissed me off!

Think... ah yes, click your amygdala forward!
Ahhhhhhh. That's better.

Hey you might want to post a warning for seriously upsetting posts such as that in the future


NOTICE: the editing of the foregoing post, for the purpose of casting the writer in a negative light, will be acted upon by the universe as a crime against Ø.
You already have all the answers. You just need to learn to ask the right questions. -James M Farley

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r e m
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Great read, thanks Chainbreaker. (where'd ya get their manual?)

Proves that age old Hegelian technique - thesis - antithesis - synthesis, we've have to stop buying into this illusion of false security.

What's at the root of all this though? Is it simply just that primitive, egotistic will of man for wealth, power & influence?
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Originally Posted by r e m View Post
Great read, thanks Chainbreaker. (where'd ya get their manual?)

Proves that age old Hegelian technique - thesis - antithesis - synthesis, we've have to stop buying into this illusion of false security.

What's at the root of all this though? Is it simply just that primitive, egotistic will of man for wealth, power & influence?
I dont think you should liken it to the nature of man.
We must remember that our nature is not truely our own, its what we have incorperated to, so to speak.

To really have a credible answer to your question id have to go over many topics and you would have to intertwine specifics then you shall see clearly, such a strategy could never have been orchastrated by man at the times it had started without prior knowledge and assistance of another civilisation which had already conducted similar testing. (ie: Egypt)

I think this era of man, starting not long before "Christ days" has been planned from the very beginning to enslave us mentally, slowly but surely these masterminds will hold the planet in their hands, a plan many would have not been able to see in their own times, but surely somthing to live for and protect.. There is obviously so much more, all you have to do is think deep.. you have all the answers already.
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r e m
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I agree.

If we're clear why man does what he does sometimes (the alpha male egotism of the reptilian complex). We can trace this engineering back to some sort of off-world manipulation in our past. Quite Possible the Nephilim (fallen ones) in genesis were reptilian entities, "lusted after the daughters of man"(human women) quite possible DNA contamination/manipulation.
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Originally Posted by r e m View Post
I agree.

If we're clear why man does what he does sometimes (the alpha male egotism of the reptilian complex). We can trace this engineering back to some sort of off-world manipulation in our past. Quite Possible the Nephilim (fallen ones) in genesis were reptilian entities, "lusted after the daughters of man"(human women) quite possible DNA contamination/manipulation.
Its clear what is being done, and why. One world order, centralisation of power into the hands of the strategists.

Wether its another race of being behind the mastery is in my opinion irrelivant to the situation we are all facing as we are infact not dealing what who seem to be giant walking green lizards, these oppressors look human. Therefore in order to gather genuine attention for gathering support in a revolutionary movement, it is much wiser to keep such a complexity away from the hand only to reintroduce these controversies at times it would be somewhat benificial. After a sucessful event in taking back our liberties, which has yet to happen.
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Well said.

I agree.

I tend to stray off-topic sometimes. Have a strong will to get to the original source & slay the dragon, so to speak.
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Hi chainbreaker,

A really interesting thread my friend.

Is it ok if I pass this around?


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Hi Chainbreaker,

Interesting indeed, but is there an actual link and reference for this?

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Here's one:

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Looks like it came right out of the NWO textbook. Great post.
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Seems to me that ya'll are missing the fact that mankind has ALWAYS been a twat to his (weaker) fellow man, all the way back to the stone age & beyond.

New World Order running the do in Neolithic times were they..?
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Is there more information on this topic?
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Everyone in US/UK Europe should read this
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This looks familiar, but with bits added on???
We need each others help.
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Default %p

a podering piece of fiction trawled from can't quite remember where and reposted

the greatest thing usa wise in recent years was that sniper duo who converted a car and took a few people out. sadly, they took the wrong people out but as an idea it was shit hot. imagine 100 cars like that meandering about the states taking out the movers and shakers, obviously not those that have protection but perhaps those under them, the ones who do the fundraising, news presenters/radio jocks, bank managers, evangelists.

i don't think some of you americans realise how lucky your are to have the right to bear arms, just a pity you ain't yet used that right. sure you might think if mass snipering went on they'd remove that right to bear guns but it looks like that's gonna happen at some point anyways. but shooting a few people shouldn't end with that, afterwards you should mail their still living colleagues and the relatives of the deadeds with info about why mass snipering happened and point out that if they don't change their ways another wave of other sniperers would take them out.

those on the upper levels need people under them to do their bidding, if you can affect change on them underers then those above will be exposed.

it's easy to find who these people are thanks to da net. look for people who make the biggest donations they're allowed to make to certain political parties. people who do contracting work for political parties. members of local chapters of political parties. all you have to ensure is you chose targets carefully. steer clear of schools, hospitals and police- anything that they could exploit in the media to turn the masses off ya. and don't be chewing the cud with others on this. just chose a date that you instinctively know others would act on and aim for that as your day of redemption.

seriously if on one day in the future just 100 people got shot dead, and all of them 100 people were underlings of those shitheads who are ruining our lives, the effect would be frigging amazing. and then woomph a few days later 1000's of still living underlings get anon parcels thru their letterboxes bumped fat with info as to way the sniperings took place and what the outcome will be to them if they don't change their ways for the sake of everyone, the effect would be startling.

now imagine if it weren't 100 taken out but 500, or 1000. what does it take? an old vehicle with a hole in the trunk. you trundle along to a point where you're taget is getting out to shop or whatever and ya buddy in the trunk shoots. you casually drive off, dump the motor somewhere and that's that.

rather than hanging about for martial law to happen you people should be trying to bring it fwd cos it will at least fug up their plans, hell it might even see in the long term these shitstain traitors fail.

so if you are american and dig this idea copy and paste it and post it everywhere on da net. then say nowt apart from how stupid an idea it is "obviously". you might not be up for it but there'll be thousands of others who will be...
geez whizz what a terrible idea this is! what sort of vileness could try to instigate others to shoot innocent people who run the local chapters of political parties and/or fundraise for those wonderful people who keep us all safe from "terrorism"?
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The following are my Results from a Philosophical Litmus Test.

Original Test Results are also available in PDF Format.

Note that my results when compared to then-known Philosophies generated these results:

1. (0%)
2. (0%)
3. (0%)
4. (0%)
5. (0%)
6. (0%)
7. Jean-Paul Sartre (0%)
8. (0%)
9. (0%)
10. (0%)
11. (0%)
12. (0%)
13. (0%)
14. (0%)
15. (0%)
16. (0%)
17. (0%)
18. (0%)
19. (0%)

MY Answers...

1. MORAL STATEMENTS Moral statements are primarily:

a) statements of fact or truth (e.g. "Murder is wrong" means "It is a fact that murder is wrong").

“Fact” and “Truth” are subjective concepts. What is factual or true to one is not necessarily perceived as fact or truth by another. Murder is a concept created by the Criminal Justice System, and implies premeditated killing of another human being, based on certain standards and methods of killing, and impact of that murder to the community (whether local or global). “Is it a fact that murder is wrong”, is entirely subjective. Is it a fact that the person murdered is dead? Possibly (depending on belief of life-after death) / probably (if the body is found and proven to be dead). Was that murder right/wrong? When, where, and why was the murder committed? What is the outcome of that death? Did the murder solve the problem? Is the problem truly solved after the murder occurs? What is the overall picture of the damage caused by that murder? Who benefits, who doesn’t? Which/what agenda is served? Therefore, to me, answer A doesn’t work.

b) statements of the speaker's desire/emotion?(e.g. "Murder is wrong" means "I hate murder").

Desire implies will and is subjective and open to interpretation by the individual. An individual liking or disliking something is not necessarily a reason to do or not do something. Necessity of performing the action becomes a factor. I don’t like answer B.

c) statements of command (e.g. "Murder is wrong" means "I say: don't murder").

A commanding statement, also, is subjective, and therefore raises the question who is giving the command, based on what set of standards, and to whom the command is given, and the interpretation of that command. Again with this example, realizing that murder is a concept, who says not to murder, and to whom they say not to murder, depends on necessity and reasons – all open to interpretation.

d) Doesn't matter/Dislike all answer choices

Isn’t morality an opinion? Morality is a subjective concept, open to interpretation, perceived differently by each individual, subject to rationalization and reasoning by the individual or society as a whole.

D is my answer with high priority because all of the answers are extremely vague.

2. PURPOSE TO LIFE Does each person have a moral purpose/morally ideal way to live?

Purpose is a subjective descriptor, with the assumption of reason. Reasons for performing actions are entirely subjective. The concept of Life is also subjective, open to interpretation – everyone has a different concept of what life is. Example, some think life is a journey, some say life is a game. Different philosophies. So, “Purpose to life” is entirely subjective. “Does each person have a moral purpose/morally ideal way to live?” So they like to think. Since Question 1 could not define what morality is, realizing that morality is undefined, any answer is irrelevant.

a) Yes, the ideal life exists outside of one's preferences and is the same for all people

b) Yes, but the way to live in order to meet that purpose is unique for each individual

c) Yes, but following moral law is the only standard that a person must meet

d) No, yet there are ways to act that are inherently more conducive to the self-interest of the person who is acting

e) No, yet there are logically consistent ways to act and logically inconsistent ways to act

f) Doesn't matter/Dislike all answer choices

Answered F with high priority.

3. PROPER ORIGIN OF MORALITY Where does the proper distinction between "good" and "bad" come from?

Morality is still undefined therefore good and bad are subjective concepts, open to interpretation.

a) A moral realm that is completely unique, transcendent.

Where is that unique transcendent realm exactly?

b) Every individual, through their choice to pursue

Recognizing each individual’s choice to pursue whatever they want, makes morality or moral standards irrelevant.

c) God's will

What’s God? What’s will? What’s God’s Will? So far, undefined.

d) From holistic forces of the universe (may involve divine power or not).

Prove it.

e) Human nature, with the natural interests of people

What’s human nature? Subjective concept. Each person has different interests.

f) Human intellect, with the natural capabilities of human thought

What’s human intellect? Also, subjective concept. What is a natural capability, and what is human thought? Way too vague.

g) Doesn't matter/Dislike all answer choices

Answered G with high priority.

4. SOCIETAL INFLUENCE Must a person be coerced/ influenced at some level by societal powers in order to live morally/virtuously?

People are already constantly being coerced and influenced by Governments, Religions, Materialism, and each other, however, since morality is undefined, all answers are irrelevant anyway.

a) Yes, people will be good only when ruling forces of society use the power of force to make them be as such.

Since “good” is a concept and is subjective, this answer doesn’t work.

b) Yes, people will try to be good when they have knowledge of the virtuous life, but societal guidance and reinforcement (sometimes forceful) is necessary.

If “good” and “virtuous” cannot be defined, and are subjective, societal guidance is irrelevant.

c) Sort of, society doesn't have to coerce a person to find morality, but the interest/rights of others in society must be conveyed to a person in order for that person to determine right from wrong.

What if the determination of the individual is contradictory to that of societies’, but is still correct based on the individuals perception of the concept of morality – realizing that morality is still undefined?

d) No, society should be not be an influence on a person when one is trying to find virtue.

If virtue exists, why does the individual need to find it?

e) No, society must be physically abandoned in all its forms in order to find virtue.

If the individual is of the belief that society, and its values are incorrect, then this would be correct, however virtue is subjective and undefined.

f) Doesn't matter/Dislike all answer choices

Answered F with high priority. Dislike the question and the answers.

5. VIRTUOUS LIFE To be virtuous/live morally, we should primarily make moral distinctions according to:

Virtue and morality are subjective concepts, therefore all answers are irrelevant.

a) our passions, desires, and sentiment.

Implies will of the individual disregarding impact on others.

b) our reasoning that is used to achieve our will.

Achieving an individual’s will without a clear concept of virtue and morality and lack of understanding of the impact of achieving the individual’s will disregards necessity of moral standards and makes moral standards irrelevant.

c) our inherent knowledge (what we know without experimentation).

Knowledge is dependent on perception and understanding of that knowledge and how the knowledge is used. How does knowing how to murder affect the morality of having that knowledge, and the morality of using that knowledge to murder? Does experimenting with murder affect whether it is right or wrong, good or bad?

d) our empirical knowledge (what we know with experimentation).

See above.

e) our intellect in general, but not to achieve desires.

What’s intellect? Vague, undefined, subjective concept.

f) religious revelation and spiritual reflection.

Religion and spirituality are vague and subjective concepts open to interpretation by the individual.

g) Doesn't matter/Dislike all answer choices

Answered G with high priority.

6. HAPPINESS Will using morality properly necessarily result in maximization of our own happiness?

What’s happiness? Isn’t happiness a subjective concept? And since morality is undefined, answers are irrelevant.

a) Yes.

b) No, not necessarily.

c) Doesn't matter/Dislike all answer choices

Answered C with high priority.

7. UNIVERSAL LAW Should I act as if the maxim (principle) with which I act were to become the universal law for all rational people?

What’s a rational individual? Can that be defined? By whom? If morals cannot be defined, how can laws be defined? All answers are irrelevant.

a) Yes, and any deviation from this rule is wrong.

b) Yes, but in a very loose manner, evaluating the unique specifics of the situation is essential.

c) No, there is a consistent morality that applies to all, but their methods may differ greatly.

d) No, one's own actions are not morally equivalent to the actions of others.

e) Doesn't matter/Dislike all answer choices.

Answered E with high priority.

8. END, MEANS, INTENT Which is the most important, morally?

Ends, means, and intent are all subjective concepts. And since morality cannot be defined, all answers are irrelevant.

a) The intent (the choice to do something or the will).

b) The means (the way something is done).

c) The ends (the results from the action).

d) None of them are significantly more important than the others.

e) Doesn't matter/Dislike all answer choices

Answered E with high priority.

9. INDIVIDUAL & OTHERS Is the self-pleasure or self-preservation of the individual ever in conflict with the same type of interests of others?

Pleasure, interests, and conflict are subjective and relative concepts, therefore all answers are irrelevant.

a) No, and virtuous living is consistently beneficial to the individual and the community.

What’s virtuous living? Undefined, relative, and subjective.

b) Yes, and it is wrong to be selfish, one should lean towards benevolence.

Selfishness is subjective and relative.

c) Yes, and neither the interest of own self nor the interest of the other is more important.

d) Yes, and acting in one's own self-interest is fine.

e) Yes, and acting in one's own self-interest is morally essential.

f) Doesn't matter/Dislike all answer choices

Answered F with high priority.

10. LIBERTY Would it be ideal to maximize pleasure for all people even at the cost of liberty for some?

What’s liberty? Isn’t liberty subjective? Pleasure is subjective and relative. Any answer is irrelevant.

a) Yes

b) No, we need liberty

c) No, maximization of pleasure for all people has nothing to do with morality.

d) Doesn't matter/Dislike all answer choices

Answered D with high priority.

11. ASCETIC LIFE Is ascetic living (simple life with a minimum of physical comforts) conducive to being virtuous?

“Simple life”, “Minimum”, “Comforts” are subjective and relative. Virtuous is undefined. All answers are irrelevant.

a) Yes, it is essential to live this way

b) Pretty much, but it isn't particularly essential to live this way

c) No, physical comforts are fine, they may even be rewarding

d) Doesn't matter/Dislike all answer choices

Answered D with high priority.

12. VIRTUOUS PERSON A virtuous person can be described best as:

a) Strong, powerful and passionate

Strength, power, passionate are subjective and relative.

b) Strong, powerful and rational

All relative.

c) Humble, restrained and spiritual

Relative and subjective.

d) Humble, restrained and rational

Relative and subjective.

e) Caring and loving

Relative and subjective. What’s love?

f) Concerned with others, yet very rational

Concern is relative. Rational is relative and subjective.

g) Doesn't matter/Dislike all answer choices

Answered G with high priority.
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