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Default Operation sedgwick and mk-ultra



Government tapped: Michael Jackson's last phone call... Dept. of Defense Whistleblower ...

I don't know how legit this video or its claims are, but here you go.

This is Robert Connors, ex DOD operative (20+ years) and Iran and Vietnam vet. On March 1994, Mr.Connors was the Director of Communications for the project Operation Sedgwick (formed by President Reagan in 1989). This was stage two of a main project, MK Ultra: "it's focus and sole purpose was the control of the African American population, and urban youth, through music." He then claims to have multiple classified video and audio recordings which he was ordered to destroy.

These include information about the Tupac Shakur murder.Connors ends the video with an ultimatum: "I am giving the DOD until Monday, September 23rd to do the right thing and disclose this information. If they do not, I will release these tapes to the media outlets and into public domain via YouTube." Once his speech is done he plays an alleged conversation between Michael Jackson and a friend before his untimely death.

I've heard/read similar conspiracy theories in the last couple of years. They sometimes involve the government, but they mostly coincide with the theme of Hip-Hop being used as a tool for subjugation and propaganda. The premise is primarily of shadowy entities who have infiltrated Hip-Hop and managed to use the medium to manipulate the culture. As crazy as it sounds, some conspiracies have foundations in factual events. When Pac died, there was a lot of "the government assassinated him" talk. Same with Biggie.

If you look at Pac, his movements were very conscience and introspective. Once he realized the power of this words, he started to make sure they counted. Hip-Hop has become a multi-million dollar global business, man.

First you get the money, then you get the power, then you are able to control a generation. It is easy to see the influence Hip-Hop has, especially on the youth (please stop saggin skinny jeans..just stop). The airways are filled with homogeneous noise with the same hypnotic message: pop bottles, smash models, take that take that take that.

Dudes are trying to do their best "I'm a thug rapper trapper" pose on Facebook, girls are twerking so much they damn near catching on fire (yes..I know it was fake) or shocking the world because they did it on MTV. Don't even want to start on BET. So like I said, maybe Connors is crazy/faking, but the theories are not.

As I mentioned, we at BITM can not validate this video or the claims made by Robert Connors. But I guess we will know if he is the real deal this Monday (23rd). Stay tuned and we will keep uall updated. Leave comments below, definitely want to know what the Hip-Hop nation thinks.
The belief that society exists has sabotaged every effort to change mankind. It is the reason why revolutions have failed. It is about a totally different revolution: the revolution in the heart of the individual.

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It's a compelling tale you could just dismiss it out of hand but like many urban myths this really does have the ring of truth when you start to collate the facts.

The Gangster Rap genre's relationship to Crack is a bit of a chicken and egg situation. Had drugs and gangs coexisted before? Good God yes! Did that unholy marriage have musical forms to call it's own? Absolutely!

What makes Gangster Raps relationship to Crime so different is that their relationship is so overtly tied and loudly stated. It's impossible at times to differentiate between the two. So if that secret meeting did take place it was a cynical piece of taking advantage of where the Private Prison Industry and Music Industry saw where Society was going. Of course you need a mystery ingredient to propel that agenda. So really we shouldn't see we see this meeting as the as the sole Conspiracy.

Crack IS the Conspiracy.

Easier to synthesize and safer to make than Freebase that technology appeared at the same time as HUGE amounts of Cocaine were suddenly flooding the Streets of America. Where was it coming from? Who was fuelling the suppliers? Who was steering the massive changes in Society and profiting from the misery?

Everytime a subculture appears that could possibly challenge the Status Quo it's almost immediately accompanied by the mysterious and plentiful springing up of a new or rediscovered drug. Usually coinciding with an unpopular War. Early Rock'n'Roll-Amphetamines-Korean War, The Hippie Movement-Dope and Psychedelics-Vietnam War, The Rave Movement- Ecstasy-Gulf War mk1. Every time it seems the Youth has a chance to change things its hobbled by it's drug intake. Is the copious supply feeding a sudden demand backed by Government and Big Business? Almost certainly yes.

My personal wake up call as amusing as you may find it was in the late 80's when as a metal fan I knew Metallica were robbed of a Grammy for “...And Justice For All” it was an album too critical of Government and the War Machine they were too popular and too influential for the Establishment. Jethro Tull winning instead was an incomprehensible decision for me. By Metallica's next album all that fire and wisdom had gone in came insipid lyrics and stadium friendly lazy songwriting but huge bucketloads of cash. I didn't really see a picture forming of a Conspiracy until the Media and Music industry basically threw the trial of Snoop Dogg a man who shot a man twice in the back in “self defence” in order to make enormous piles of cash on his notoriety no matter that he should have been punished. That made me stop and think what the?

That nauseating genre of Gangster Rap has been a World Dominating Neutering of Youth and Mainstream Culture it has kept Prisons and Cemetaries Full it has fuelled the Militarisation of Police Forces in every previously level headed Western Country in the World it has distracted young peoples potential from being real movers and shakers. It has fed economies black,white and grey to bursting point and made communities suffer from it's endless cycle of misogyny,violence and stupidity. It's growth caused the take overs by mega corporations of independent record labels consolidating them into an inert soulless money machine (killing the spiritual worth of music by 1997 at the very latest) And it's influence is so embedded in Mainstream Culture old duffers will do poor impressions to be cringingly unfunny. Cynical disaster capitalism for the blindly led consumer.

If that secret meeting never took place then it would be the biggest business blunder of the ages but do I think it took place to enact a conspiracy you bet I do!

Check these links and make up your own minds.







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My take on mkultra is a little different to most researchers as they confine it to elaborate mind control where as I see it as a hub for so many branches sub branches and tangents it would take a lifetime to see all the connections. Btw I stick to the declassified documents the hollywood torture porn "survivors" take less notice of. However would experimenters screw peoples heads up to see what happens? Yes definitely. Michael Jackson? I do think so he was so obviously useful to the overarching aims of mkultra. But mind control is subtle on the most part peer pressure,language,advertising etc. Would they kill him? Why wouldn't they?

I reproduce an old post of mine below to illustrate my general view of what the purpose of mind control is. I still think it's relevant.







MK Ultra is literally Mental Warfare sophisticated barely detectable unless you realise with a shock it's happening in front of you,stealthy,sinister and very tempting for a post ww2 world super power. These links above are the blatant manifestations of see ah ay ambition. What is less apparent is the experimentation done on a scale so collosal you honestly cannot take in the breadth of the audacity.

Were you taught in school/college/university,medically assessed,psychiatrically tested or treated from the 1950's until officially 1976? Then you were part of the largest field test in history. The culmination of experiments dating back to the beginning of the 19th century going through the Eugenics years tavistock,tuskagee,unit731,Kamera 17,bikini atoll and on and on (North Korea are still doing it old school btw) in the supposedly gentler post ww2 world the emphasis shifted from the body to the mind. MK Ultra was played out with the willing collusion of almost every psychiatrist in the western world in hospitals and by willing young people on dancefloors and drugdens throughout the planet.

As unlikely as it seems the counterculture we all endorsed as rebellion was a manufactured testing ground lsd wasn't a fire stolen from the Gods by a Promethean Rock God it was distributed in a calculated orderly fashion by sinister men with permission to do so. The tv we watched was designed to make our brainwaves dance in time with them the music we listened to was designed to change our perceptions. We have been lab rats for centuries so innured to our imposition we like it! Why? Whats in it for them?

The Georgia Guidestones give a hint at a perfect world with a perfect population. For the time being a distracted sick population will do quite nicely. Modafinil for the perfect soldier who doesn't need sleep doesn't slow down and doesn't question orders a refinement of methamphetime dosed nazi stormtroopers. Methoxetamine to eradicate grief Ecstasy to stop depression pentobarbitol/pancuronium bromide/potassium chloride three in ones to end all tears,all will be over the counter within ten years.

You see we as humans are frail,breakable puppets full of mistakes and the coming super powers want to cure you. Every out of control empire wants the perfect drone strong impervious to cold,radiation,emotion a drone that will never get tired,question their master or tire from pleasing him the nazi's tried,the soviets tried and the north koreans told you straight. They don't want men they want Supermen. Supermen that grovel on the floor to kiss the boots of GODS.
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Default i wrote a poem about this very subject last year


about the illuminati manipulation of the music charts
All this division, all this madness, we are all related, hate causes sadness.
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I watched the video and all I can say is wait for the 23rd and we shall find out. Now I have some concerns that it is indeed fake as anyone in their right mind would not paint a target on their backs so obviously. If he has the information the CIA/NSA has a week to kill him before the release date.

So why not just release the information anomalously? That would be the safer option, just get it out there into the public domain and stop these monsters.
“Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn’t learn a lot today, at least we learned a little, and if we didn’t learn a little, at least we didn’t get sick, and if we got sick, at least we didn’t die; so, let us all be thankful.” - Buddha

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If you were a "hip-hopper" growing up in the 80's and 90's, particularly in Philly and East New York, you witnessed Dr. Malachi Z. York teaching the urban [black] youth about their origins and this thing called "The Illuminati."

There was a consciousness in certain hip-hop music that was being heard on the radio and seen on MTV. Groups like Public Enemy, A Tribe Called Quest, the Jungle Brothers, De La Soul, and the Poor Righteous Teachers were gaining notoriety. This type of consciousness and unity was created out of the movement called Hip-Hop, which was of, by and for the people. This scared the shit out of those who seek to control. That is why THEY had to get their hands on it.

While I cannot connect the dots, here are some tidbits:

- Jay-Z, before his pop success, read books and/or studied the teachings of York. As did Prodigy (Mobb Deep), Wu-Tang (and its affiliate groups Sunz of Man and Killarmy); and others;

- Once Biggie died, almost overnight Jay-Z became "#1;" Jay-Z became the poster boy for commercial hip-hop;

- Malachi York's son, Jacob, was a key figure in the formation of the Junior M.A.F.I.A. hip-hop group which featured Lil Cease, Lil Kim and Biggie Smalls. JM's music was certainly not conscious. York pled with his son Jacob to stop doing this type of music and living this type of lifestyle. According to sources, "Jacob betrayed his father."

- JM and Biggie were heavily involved in the artificially created "east coast-west coast feud."

- 2pac had an FBI file on him since he was a child. He, along with Snoop, Dre and others at Death Row/Interscope Records, along with Puffy and Biggie, were made pawns in this "east-west beef."

- 2pac's movement, which was, in essence, anti-establishment, was spreading, and 2pac himself promised to have his own political party/movement come year 2000;

- York was eventually painted as a cult leader who sexually molested under-aged women, and was sentenced to prison for many years.
(one of the star witnesses can be found on youtube confessing that she was manipulated and deceived into testifying against York, for her own protection).

- Ask the underground, or less commercial, artists who were in the hip-hop scene during the 80's and 90's, and they will admit that the east coast-west coast did not exist on the street level, and a majority of it existed in the mind of the media.
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Cool Wait

Originally Posted by mark1963 View Post
I watched the video and all I can say is wait for the 23rd and we shall find out. Now I have some concerns that it is indeed fake as anyone in their right mind would not paint a target on their backs so obviously. If he has the information the CIA/NSA has a week to kill him before the release date.

So why not just release the information anomalously? That would be the safer option, just get it out there into the public domain and stop these monsters.

I agree. There is much ego. Arrogance=con.
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