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Default Cosmic Awareness Channelings

Cosmic Awareness about Oprah Winfrey

It is not a pleasant matter to consider that she might have been bought out, or she is somehow serving other masters than the highest level of consciousness, and many would be offended if this Awareness said that she is serving the dark masters.

This Awareness cannot say this fully, but the entity herself is involved in some way with higher more powerful beings that are part of the secret cabal, but not in a way that she sees as serving them.

She is aware of them, and she understands that even with her wealth, even with the power she holds as a media mogul, that she cannot be so naive to think that they would not eliminate her if they wished to.

Therefore, because she knows the truth of things, she must walk a very fine line.

She does still bring forth much information that is important in nature, but she also counteracts that with bringing much triviality forward, such as those shows for example, where the proper use of makeup and fashion are emphasized.

She realizes that her audience is still primarily female, and while many are very ready to hear much deeper truths, most are not.

Most are still content with the personalities that she presents on her shows, the celebrities, the giving of free prizes and rewards to her faithful audience, and such things.

But she does indeed still bring forth some who are more spiritual and aware in nature, as evidenced by her presentation of those who were involved in the film and book "The Secret".

She knows she will be allowed to get away with this, for this will keep her popular as long as she does not rock the boat too much.

The Powers That Be will allow her a degree of freedom and she does realize that this does indeed help to bring into the conscious mind of her viewers new thoughts and new awareness.

In this she is still very much working for Spirit, but she is not a stupid woman and she knows that she must be somewhat careful about what she presents, so she will only present that which is socially accepted at this time and not the radical truth.

Do not expect to see David Icke on her program or any others who know the deeper truth behind the Powers That Be. She would never present these individuals.

Her main focus is still entertainment, with allowing that information of spiritual nature to be introduced on an occasional basis.

As for the matter of her being cloned, it is not seen that the individual Oprah Winfrey has been cloned and it does not seem to this Awareness that this woman has been seriously compromised, although she does know how to play the game.

Other media mongrels, as the Energizer inadvertently called them, are more involved in forwarding an agenda that misleads the American public.

The entity Ted Turner with his CNN is very much in the pockets of the Powers That Be, and has derived great benefit from being so.

The entity Conrad Black is another who received great compensation and power by being a servant to the Powers That Be and it is indeed interesting when he went against them how he was slapped down and punished, as was the entity Martha Stewart.

It is to be seen and understood that these individuals often are impervious to the laws of the land unless they do something against those in control and in charge.

It is then that they will be punished as evidenced by Conrad Black and Martha Stewart. There is much more, but this Awareness is complete at this time.
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Cosmic Awareness about how Robotoids & Synthetics are created

This Awareness indicates that it is also on this level that the technique whereby souls can be extracted from the physical and transferred into other bodies or into replicas occurs.

That in the transference there can also be the alteration of memories, values and qualities of the soul, so that an entity can appear to be the same, but there will be certain changes that have occurred that may be unseen, and the attitude and purposes and directions of the entity may then be controlled.

This Awareness indicates that this occurs when the vibratory qualities of a soul are extracted by these electronic equipment from a body and moved into another.

This needs not necessarily be a replica of the entity; it can be a totally different person's body, in which case it becomes what is termed a walk-in.

This Awareness indicates that if it is a replica, it will tend to work with the replica to create the final features that result in a duplication of the features of the entity.

That this generally takes place on the almost human form, when the mind-state or soul energies, including the various electro-body energies are transferred, and as they begin to grow and attach themselves to that almost human form.

The features then begin to solidify, to match the features of the electro-magnetic energies and the soul energies and astral energies and other mental and etheric bodies of the older original being.

This Awareness indicates that in the book of Genesis, which states that God made Adam from clay, molded him; this was a poor translation of the actual process.

Rather than clay, it was substance, then breathed the breath of life into Adam.

The breath of life being qualities of the Life Force which were part of the creator, and this was in reference to the electromagnetic field of the creator of Adam,--the Elohim, or alien that created Adam.

This Awareness indicates that this was the process of breathing life or the breath of life into the substance that became Adam.

It was a similar process as the creation of replicas or duplicates, though that took place approximately ten thousand years ago.

This Awareness indicates that it will be a change. Whether it will be better or worse will always be questionable. There will be some benefits that come from this. There will be detriments that come from this.

There does not appear to be anything that can be done to prevent this knowledge from being incorporated into the Earth's consciousness; it has, in fact, been used by beings alien to human consciousness for tens and hundreds of thousands of years, indeed, millions of years, and it will continue to be used.

It is just that humans are just realizing such strange and awesome knowledge exists.

It will be equivalent to an individual, much like that of the child, who suddenly discovers much to his dismay, that sex brings forth children, for the adult to discover that genetic engineering can create living beings, can alter living beings, can create and alter new life forms, new types of beings.

This is shocking to one who has never been exposed to such reality.
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