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Default Stewart and Janet Swerdlow at Expansions

Someone from the following forum talks about their experiences with Stewart and Janet Swerdlow at Expansions.

You can read the whole discussion thread there but from page 3 I posted this person's experience below.


Having received a number of encouragements to share my story here, despite the numerous threats received to not post on the Rick Ross Forum, I would like to do so now, and despite of the threats received. At the same time, I can recommend many of the posts made by various people on www.hyperspacecafe.com, a forum that discusses many subjects, but where many former Expansions followers discuss their experiences, which confirm a very similar pattern. I am mentioning the existence of this forum here on Rick Ross, as I am not certain all of the posts made on the HCF Forum will be repeated here in the same vigor, considering the number of threats many posters there received, including slander and maligning them publically, and in some case threatening them with legal action, and worse.

I got involved in 2009 with Expansions, and in particular, with Stewart Swerdlow, after reading one of his books, which had intrigued me quite a bit at the time, and after having consulted the expansions.com website for the first few times. Both the books, as well as the website, got my attention.

I have been looking for answers to philosophical and metaphysical questions for a long time, which can be tedious and long-term work, but fascinating, nonetheless. With time, after reading many different sources, and through careful observation, one can draw certain conclusions and connect the dots. The more one learns, however, the more questions one has.

Stewart’s work had interested me, as it summarized a lot of what I had already read and / or seen elsewhere. Only very little of what he said was new, but this was in particular pertaining to the element of mind-control, which is what interested had interested me the most.

Here is an example of the sort of writings that got my attention at first:

“Do you or someone you know struggle with strange inexplicable experiences? Do you ever feel as if something is just Not Right... But can't put your finger on it? Ex-secret government mentalist and clairvoyant Stewart Swerdlow once again explores the unknown zone where few dare to tread. Globally known for his ability to guide others out of the same darkness that tried to envelope his own life, this is definitely one book that will cause you to question your own reality!”

Perhaps then, due to convenience, I had given his writings more importance than they actually deserved, especially since most of what he writes and says, can be found elsewhere. You don’t even need to look very hard to find it. Eventually, however, I also bought his other books.

I had of course read the various warnings on the internet about dealing with Stewart and Janet Swerdlow, such as his criminal record, his conviction for fraud (embezzlement of funds), or some of his seminars in Europe being cancelled by police order, due to some of their extremist views, especially relating towards the (neo-nazi based) Fourth Reich, the vast number of angry former clients, etc. I had also read posts by people who wrote that Janet had been institutionalized for a short period of time in the past. Yet, I chose to ignore these warnings. For one, I was curious to find out more, and a criminal record or institutionalization does not necessarily make one wrong, and after all, people who say inconvenient things have been under attack since time immemorial. More importantly though, I wanted to believe in what they said. The element of mind-control - as they ‘explained it’ - offered a convenient and fitting explanation to a lot of questions that I had myself. At the same time they offered solutions to mind-control,which seemed just perfect. After all, I had no genuine evidence on hands to confirm any of the stories that I had read about the Swerdlows.

Yet, their website has always had, and still has, an enormous number of contradictions, discrepancies, based on association fallacies, and a too vivid imagination. Many sensational statements are made, which in the end turn out to be hoaxes based on extremely poor research. At least I can give my self credit for always having viewed their website with great skepticism. After the new website was up, some time in 2010, I stopped reading it, as it had become simply too creepy for my taste and it had scared me off.

Some of the more outrageous claims made from their website include the following:
- to only drink distilled water
- that psychiatry is a form of mind-control
- that the US government has created the HIV virus to eliminate the African populations in order to stop planet Niburu (a supposed comet) from invading
- that planet Niburu was, however, destroyed in 2010
- that Amy Whinehouse died as part of a Satanic Ritual sacrifice
- etc.
There are countless further statements of this sort. From day one I knew that while Stewart and Janet may have interesting information on mind-control, their analysis of current affairs is, in my opinion, completely illogical and irrational , designed to scare, mislead and misinform people. It would be very interesting to see them to try to prove their own claims (statements).

In March 2009, I contacted Stewart for the first time, as I had a number of questions I wanted to ask him. I did not receive any answers, but instead was invited to have a consultation with him, which I had a few weeks later, and for which I pad US$ 325 for two hours. Now, only two years later, the same consultation is priced at a whopping US$ 597.

What I was told during that first consultation was highly disturbing. I was told that my current partner was not right person for me and that I should consider leaving her, as I would meet someone better. In fact, Stewart (and Janet later also) constantly tried to convince me that I should break off and cut my relationships to my family, my girlfriend, my friends; and anyone really who was close to me and who could represent a threat to Stewart’s legitimacy and sole point of ‘reference’ to turn to as friend, family and ‘helper’ all rolled into one. The method of ‘divide and conquer’ certainly took on a new dimension in dealing with Expansions. Throughout my experience with Expansions at the time, I was constantly doubting myself, and my relationships to the people close to me. As a result, I felt as if I were in between two chairs, one to stay loyal to the people I loved and still love today, and another one to please a self-acclaimed guru who told me the contrary as to what I knew deep down in my heart to be real.

I was told that my profession was not suited for me, and that I should consider leaving it as soon as possible. However, no alternative was given as to what else I could or should have done instead, never mind the loss of income that would have resulted from following their advice. My work is my life though, and I could never imagine to leaving it. It seems ironic in hindsight, as this should have been an obvious warning sign to me, but I simply chose to ignore the obvious.

In particular, however, I was informed that I was ‘specifically programmed’ and part of Satanic Sexual Rituals of the Illuminati (the shadow government). My own subsequent research into this matter (a subject which in turn is documented rather too well) left me with a very horrible impression and sensation of these rituals. It did not help me to know that Stewart himself was also claiming to be a part of this, but I was traumatized by this information for months.

Today, it strikes me as odd, how every single client of Expansions that is known to me, is specifically programmed, when at the same time, the Swerdlows claim that only 2% of the population are specifically ‘programmed’ (as per their specific interpretation). Ironically, their answer to that question is always that ‘programmed’ people attract each other. Some of the more cunning answers are that “they must be mind-controlled, or they would not have found us.”

What should also be said here is, that with the number of consultations that I received with Stewart, and the few I had with Janet, his wife, one thing which in hindsight spells fraud, yet which I chose to ignore at the time, is that a few patterns repeat themselves during all consultations. The Swerdlows have constantly tried to drive a wedge between others and myself. The more distressed and difficult my life would have become, the more I would certainly have consulted with them. Of course, the solution to all of that would have been "de"-programming myself.

Second, all other information pertaining to my own life and situation changed constantly and there was absolutely no consistency. In a few cases, there were even a number of contradictions. Finally, and especially towards the end, the consultations, for which I paid, turned out to be counseling for Stewart, for a number of his personal issues. Not sure how I ended up there, but nonetheless, I ended up paying for consulting someone else. Indeed, very stupid for me to do so!

Still, this was however all very upsetting to me, and I had no idea what to do with all this information. I felt disgusted by myself that I could be part of this, but worse, I felt as if the reality I was living, no longer matched what I believed what was real. He gave me a number of techniques to try to help me “deprogram” myself. Deprogramming, I was told, would help me eliminate the functioning of these programs (though not eliminating them), and by doing so, I could extricate myself from being a part of these rituals, solve all the problems in my life, and make everything all wonderful again (though things hadn’t been particularly bad at any time before or after).

These techniques never really worked. I only felt more confused and irritated. I had trouble sleeping, had constant headaches, with my head frequently spinning and I felt dizzy. Rather than abandoning the techniques and realizing that I was paying for nothing less than an ‘idea’ of some questionable technique to help me get better, I sought further advice, in the form of yet more consultations. To make a long story short, it only made matters worse. Moreover, with increasing the number of consultations I had, I felt increasingly disconnected from my own reality, Self and life, and thus a greater need for yet more consultations. This was like a vicious cycle to me.

At some point, after I had already ordered so many DVDs, books, and had had multiple consultations, I was told during a specific consultation that I was ‘a Chosen One’; I was told that I was a Kuiper’s Belt agent. Kuiper’s Belt Aliens, according to the Swerdlows, are extraterrestrial life forms, which have amassed in the Kuiper’s Belt in our solar system, and they have, as per the Swerdlows claims, a few agents here on earth. According to Stewart, there are supposedly 36 main agents, whereas there are some 2000-3000 secondary agents, who supposedly "support" the 36 main agents. Their mission is to defeat the current Power Elite and replace it with something else. From emails received I learned that the most likely scenario was a one-world government run by the (neo-Nazi based) Fourth Reich (which in hindsight doesn’t strike me as much different than what the current Power Elite is said to be aiming at). Of course, if you disagreed with any of what Stewart told you, and at any time, the Kuiper’s Belt Aliens would simply switch you off, that is, you would no longer be a Kuiper’s Belt Alien agent, and thus lose your unique chance to save this planet. At the same time I was told by Stewart that we had shared several life times together and that this was our "sacred mission".

My first reaction, of course was that all of this was complete and utter nonsense (and that first reaction, as it turned out, was correct). Furthermore, why would I want to help rid the world of one evil, only to replace it with another? At this point, one would have to clarify that Expansions constantly pounds on the "Illuminati" (shadow government/Power Elite) as a scapegoat for everything that goes wrong in the world, as well in their own personal lives. Indeed, the Swerdlows see themselves as victims of the Illuminati. From my own experience, the Illuminati are certainly not designed for human charity. However, it is also something that we create ourselves (if one understands the concept of co-creating our reality via the mind, our feelings and emotions). Still, at this point of my life I was already very gullible and susceptible into believing the nonsense I was told, and in spite of having no formal evidence that anything that man told me was true. His explanation at the time was that this information is too complex (multidimensional) and secret to be written down, which is why there was no written evidence.

There were a few topics that I did not like about this whole theory. For one, I remember recommending to Stewart that the 36 people (of which he claimed to know 26) should meet, which was always dismissed. Never once was I told who else was "A Chosen One" (except for Stewart himself). Second, I noticed that all information he had about the Kuiper’s Belt Aliens came essentially from other people (many of whom I suspect had no clue either what they were talking about). Also noticeable was, that there is hardly any other source available to qualify or disqualify his claims and statements. I also realized in other areas, where, when I would find out about something interesting, say a news story, I would write him about it, and a few days later, he’d present it as his own ‘discovery’. This happened on several occasions and this unethical behavior always disgruntled me. Not long thereafter, I stopped posting on their Q&A section, and was relieved when that Q&A disappeared after their new website came up.

As time went on, Stewart suggested and told me that it would be good to “deprogram” me, using what he calls, “Wilhelm Reich techniques”. These are outlined in detail in his book “The True Reality of Sexuality”.

In a nutshell, what happens is that the deprogrammer (in this case Stewart) masturbates you to the point of just before orgasm and keeps his ‘client’ there for as long as possible, while the mind ‘de’-programs. After orgasm, the deprogramming session ends. The idea of that man touching me is disgusting and terrifying to this day. I always knew I would never ever let this happen.

I felt pressured and coerced into having to accept and please this man, or else face ‘punishment’ and retribution from him in of some form or other. So, as a security precaution, I played the game, yet on the day that the planned ‘de’-programming session was to take place, I refused. In Summer 2010, we met for the first time and Stewart wanted to sexually deprogram me right there and then, which I politely but firmly objected. I was completely panicked and felt disgusted by his offer, and the situation I found myself in. I will never forget the look he gave me at the time, which still haunts and traumatizes me to this day. He insisted for a while, but I continued to resist and in the end he gave up on it. We discussed this idea on subsequent occasions over the phone and via email, but I made sure this never happened. Thank God is all I can say! Had I allowed him to do this to me, he would have destroyed and executed my soul.

I have since learned that this is not an isolated case at all and that there are a number of people, who have reported the sexual stalking and harassment to the point of actual rape. I can of course only speak for myself, but I was told by Stewart Swerdlow that he had sexually deprogrammed other people. In spite of what Janet would later claim as to be mere rumours, this is very real.

Eventually, by Winter 2010/11 and after a lot of pressure from both Stewart, and Janet in particular, I joined what was called the Swerdlows call the “OMG” (Oversoul-Mastermind Group), which is an elite group within Expansions. The aim is for like-minded people to discuss conspiracy theories too secret to discuss openly in public. Yet I never ever met any fellow group members, nor did I know who the members were, nor did I receive contact details of any fellow members. As far as this ‘mastermind’ group was concerned, there was no exchange whatsoever between the different "masters", to form any form of "group mind". The monthly teleconferences were scheduled so late I could never participate in them due to timezone difference, yet membership was sold at a yearly fee of U$ 10’000.

Eventually, in July 2011, I left the group, after only a few months, as I considered it (and still do) as a complete and ruthless fraud to extort money from gullible Expansions followers.

In Spring 2011, when I visited the Swerdlows at their home in Michigan, I became aware of the many conflicts and small wars both Stewart and Janet were having with former business partners and friends, even very close long-term friends and neighbors. Their explanation was always that all these people were “triggered” and did not know what they were doing. Stewart and Janet always insisted they were the victims of attacks, and mentioned frequently that they were being attacked by ‘unseen forces’. It was if they felt possessed and not having full authority over their own minds. This visit led me to start opening my eyes on the realities of who the Swerdlows and their cult really are. This constant theme of being the victim was very obviously spinning the truth of what was really happening, such as, that almost all attacks were initiated by Stewart and / or Janet themselves.

During the days that preceded my visit to St. Joseph I had been put under a lot of pressure to leaving my girlfriend, as I would be meeting my true soul mate within a short while of being in St. Joseph. I have learned since that this was an attempt to match me with another now former client of theirs, in order to keep the cash flow generated by both that former client and myself.

I also found out a number of very gruesome details while I was there, which go beyond what one could post on an internet forum.

Eventually, in the summer of 2011, the Swerdlows travelled to Europe, part of which I helped organizing out of my own free will and outside any contract. I was certainly extremely naïve to do this. I had at this time, already serious doubts on whether Expansions, Stewart and Janet Swerdlow, were legit and truthful in what they said and promoted. I also learned there was a criminal investigation against Expansions under way, which had made their presence extremely uncomfortable for me as I did not want to be associated with a criminal organization.

The trip was a disaster, as in spite advertising in a number of locations, only a small number of people who had initially signed up to their seminar actually came. The interest in their work is almost near insignificant, as I know today, even though this is made out to be very different on their website.

Subsequently, as perhaps in frustration that their trip was such a disaster, they attempted to sue me for compensation for their business expenses incurred during their stay, which made me realize that the sole purpose to keep Expansions going is money, but which also included threats to not post on a forum such as Rick Ross.

I have further learned since leaving their cult that I was put on a death (hit) list by the Swerdlows, information I received from a former associate and client of theirs. It is said that this list has been handed on to someone ‘to take care of those on the list’. There are said to be 12-15 people on that list, all of which are former clients, friends, and / or business associates. The question one would have to ask is; if their message and work was so neutral and charitable, why are there so many disgruntled former clients and why would it be necessary to put these people on a hit list?

It is terrifying to see that such people continue to hurt people and I sincerely hope that proactive action can be taken with the help of Rick Ross to stop further abuse. My post here is to share my story as I know it to be true, and I hope it can help others to make an informed decision and choice, and to be at least a bit more careful and discerning when dealing with Stewart or Janet Swerdlow. Not everything they say is wrong or bad.

In the mean time, Janet Swerdlow in particular is slandering and maligning many other former clients of Expansions, and has attacked me publicly on her podcasts, and on their forum, adding lies after lies and yet more lies, which is ridiculous, considering the true facts exist on paper. Perhaps nothing more can be expected from someone who believes in their own distorted reality they have created for themselves.

So everybody who deals with Expansions should be very careful what to believe or not.

I would like to warn people from dealing with them. Stay vigilant and scrutinize and try and find out for yourself what is true and what isn’t. Don’t part with your hard-earned money because they seem to offer ‘solutions’ to problems that were not there before you met them. Instead, stay clear from them and do not let yourself be misled to believe they have answers to your big questions in life.
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I know two people whom have had bad experiences with Stewart and Janet. And there is nothing wrong with these two people I know who used to be clients - one was a client for many years. When this person pulled out as they were demanding more and more money for their OMG group (previously was a cost of $5000 - $10000 / year) and never made clear what financially was expected in the contract - this client was then condemned and rumors were suggested that this client was spreading stories about them to their clients. A lot of manipulation with guilt trips were thrown to control the client. Eventually the client told them to piss off and would not have anything to do with them again. There is a lot more to this such as a lot of elitism and some financial flavours going on etc.

I've been to two of their conferences and did some of there online workshops and bought a lot of their DVDs and books. There seemed to be completely paranoid and scared about triggering each other etc . Must do this, do that etc. And operates like cult. One person whom I know and met at the conference and was seriously brain washed by their work - on Facebook was feeling triggered by the other Facebook friends clicking the like option for articles and pictures.

My own observation and experience shows me, and I have known this for sometime that expansions and the hyperspace work is just another religion.

Be careful and stop giving your power way to others in workshops, books etc.

Instead take your power back and don't take on someone else's story be it aliens, religion, conspiracies, spiritual ideas, etc. Choose and create your own story and use your own imagination to create.
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