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To this day, people continue to confuse the Illuminati with the Bavarian Illuminati. The latter is just one organization within the former. However, there are many sources which imply that the Bavarian Illuminati (which was founded by Adam Weishaupt) is the same as the Illuminati, and such sources include the Ozarks episode of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura as well as a few reports done by Infowars reporters. Here is a simple equation:

Illuminati=New World Order=Globalists=Power Elites=Reptilians of the Lower 4th Dimension (if you believe David Icke)

The Illuminati have many organizations and secret societies, and the Bavarian Illuminati is one of them. But with the way some conspiracy researchers incorrectly portray this, many do not realize this.
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Your right in point. The Illuminati wasn't actually started in 1776 but much earlier in France by order of Cardinal Charles de Bourbon (22 September 1523 – 9 May 1590) and the Carthusian monks he supported. There are secrets about the Chartreuse de Bourbon-lèz-Gaillon and Rennes Le Chateau. Cardinal Richelieu and Mazarin continued it including the banishment of the Man in the Iron Mask's son. They didn't want a true rightful King on the throne of France. Also why Richelieu assassinated Prince Louis De Bourbon after his victory at the battle of LaMarfee. They believe that the bloodline of the Bourbon-Soissons (family that owned the Shroud of Turin) should not rule any country. King Louis XIII was gay and had no children of his own, the Queen had children with Buckingham (Alexandre Dumas reveals this along with the memoirs of the queen and king himself). So Kings Louis XIV, XV, XVI were bastards. The Jesuit priest Adam Weishaupt (1748–1830) continued that effort. This includes creating the fake Priory of Sion in the 1950s.

The Holy Roman Emperor was on the side of Prince Louis de Bourbon at the Battle of LaMarfee and supported the family and it was the Holy Roman Emperor that tried to suppress the Bavarian Illuminati. The Illuminati won in the end getting rid of the Holy Roman Empire.

It is a right wing christian organization bent on creating a NWO in prep for the return of Jesus Christ. This includes spreading democracy across the globe because it best fosters Christianity. Their efforts include slandering the gnostics, liberal christians, and Masons. This includes committing evil and sometimes satanic acts in their name to slander them and further their cause. The Ends justifies the means to them.
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Originally Posted by eshalis View Post
It is a right wing christian organization bent on creating a NWO in prep for the return of Jesus Christ.
And the real battle at the elite level...
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