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Default Does My Theory Hold Water?

Or - Water, Water Everywhere, But Not A Drop To Drink (At Least For Us)

An investigation into the possible plan to control natural fresh spring water in britian, Europe and no doubt beyond.

First of all, please forgive me, I am not a good investigator or researcher and my presentation of information will leave a lot to be desired.

I live near and work around Buxton, a small market town which lies in the High Peak, Derbyshire in England.

It is famous, at least locally so for three things:
1. Buxton is the highest market town in England.
2. The 18th Century Crescent.

3. St Ann's Well, where warm spring water has flowed for thousands of years.

In 1987 Perrier UK moved into the town, built a bottling plant and began to sell Buxton mineral water. In 1993 the well known illuminati controlled Nestle aquired the Perrier Group and so took control of Buxton mineral water.


Recently, Nestle have spent £35 million on a new bottling plant and they have layed a new pipline that redirects the water from its source in Buxton's town centre to the plant a couple of miles out of town.

Note that even though you can still get this water freely at St Ann's well, the source lies under the pump house which is part of the Buxton Crescent buildings. It is piped to the well from the pump house and could easily be turned off.

The Crescent has been empty and derelict for many years but plans are going ahead to make the crescent into a "spa hotel." The companies involved are putting in £35 million to refurbish the 18th century building.


These companies are:



Are these illuminati controlled companies? I don't know, I'm trying to find out more, as well as who they are affiliated with:


It is interesting to note that The Danubius Hotels are specifically "Spa Hotels, which means they only set up where there is a rich source of natural spring water all over Europe.

Another famous UK spa town is Bath where both these companies are working together to do the same thing as they are in Buxton.

It seems that Buxton has been of interest to the illuminati for a very long time and I could never work out why. Then it clicked. The water. They have already moved to control most of the world's natural resources such as oil, energy, food, mines, precious materials, so on and so forth, so it makes sense they would also want to control any fresh water sources.

Now you may think I am being paranoid here, but please also consider this information about Buxton.

In 1958 Buxton's Palace Hotel played host to the annual Bilderberg Group conference, with some very interesting names Attending:


Buxton has many illuminati and occult references. Please read this for more info:


The crescent was built by the famous architect John Carr, no doubt a freemason, but this needs confirming:

Carr built the crescent for William Cavendish, 5th Duke of Devonshire:


Info on the Cavendish Family:

The Cavendish family are blood relatives of the Windsors, as referenced here (See "The Windsor blood" sub heading, second paragraph)


I could be way off the mark, but It's all very intriguing and I shall keep digging.
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If the "illuminati" were wanting to get their hands on the water supply for Buxton (and the rest of the Midlands) then they'd be far better getting their hands on Severn Trent Water.

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Absolutely, you are right.
There is a fascinating documentary about water.
it was one of these I can't remember which:

One of the important things they show is that water flowing through natural springs maintains a perfect crystaline structure when frozen.
But if it has flowed through pipes with angles and 90° turns the crystal structure if broken and fragmented.

SO intead of natural spring water, after going through their bottling plant it will be damaged and no longer real healthy water.

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Originally Posted by labouysse View Post
If the "illuminati" were wanting to get their hands on the water supply for Buxton (and the rest of the Midlands) then they'd be far better getting their hands on Severn Trent Water.

Severn Trent - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
You misunderstand. I am not talking about the water supply for Buxton. Severn Trent, like all other water authorities have already been infiltrated by TPTB or under some kind of government control, hence the fluoride and other poisons they have polluted our drinking water with.

What I am talking about is a natural fresh spring that comes up from hundreds of feet below the ground to a single place. This is not part of Severm Trent's network and it doesn't supply anywhere.

They want it for this very reason, especially as and when it all kicks off.
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