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Default The Matrix and the Sanskrit Texts

In this thread I will post a few understandings relating to the Matrix from the metaphysical context of the ancient timeless Sanskrit texts. I have been seriously studying these wonderful texts from translations and have written commentaries on the Bhagavad Gita and the Kashmir Shiva Sutras. For the last 3+ years have been teaching myself Sanskrit. It is my hope that some of you will enjoy these posts - may they will inspire you. Please feel free to ask any questions.

The Matrix produces the hologram for the Oneness

The external world of objects is ‘real’ enough to the five senses.

The five senses transmit signals/waveforms of sound, light, etc. to the brain, which acts as a receiver.

These signals carry the appearance of duality, multiplicity, differentiation.

This ‘appearance’ of multiplicity is the job, the function of the five senses.

The five senses are the tools of the Matrix.

In Sanskrit the Matrix is termed Maya, meaning the power of creative illusion, or Matrika in Kashmir Shaivism.

She is the feminine polarity, the Yin side, and she produces the hologram for the Oneness as the Observer that dwells in the Heart.

This Heart is not the physical heart that pumps blood around your body; it is the seat of consciousness in your being.

The Observer within you remains connected to and united with the Oneness; it remains pure – untouched by any act good or evil.

The Observer is the ATMA/Soul or Spirit/Purusha.

Identify your consciousness with that Observer within you.

You are That. Tat Tvam Asi.
You have always been that. Remember.

Thus non-duality, meaning the Oneness, and duality, the appearance of multiplicity in the hologram, do exist simultaneously.

The hologram is temporal, fleeting – the Oneness is eternal.
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Default Space/Time is Congealed Consciousness

Consciousness Congeals in the Shape of Time & Space
Shiva Sutra 3.17 - Svamatra-nirmanam apadayati

Svamatra means “the essence of consciousness that coagulates, i.e. that creates. [Jaideva Singh]” This universe, everything we experience via the five senses and the mind, is the coagulated energy of the Oneness. When you look out at the external, whatever is around you in your room, driving in a car, or walking up a mountain trail – everything you perceive, see, hear, smell, touch, and taste, are the temporal forms of God’s coagulated energy and consciousness.

“Beneath the curtain of each atom lies concealed the life increasing Beauty of the face of the Beloved.” [Mahmud Shabistari] Objects are coagulated consciousness. “Objects are determined by Consciousness.”

The cosmic ‘stuff’ that underlies the forms that appear solid is compared to water - and all that appears solid is compared to snow as condensed and crystallized water. In Tantra it is said that for the one who “realizes what reality lies in water and its solidified formation snow, nothing remains undone in this world.”

In essence there is no difference between water and snow. Snow is coagulated frozen water. Another way of understanding this is to see the vast ocean. Waves are continually forming, cresting and subsiding on the ocean. In the same way, in the ocean of consciousness waves are forming the appearance of temporal solidity, cresting, crossing and interacting with other waves, and subsiding into stillness. The universe is eternally being created, sustained, and dissolved.

For the enlightened yogi who has become immersed in God consciousness, who has dived into that ocean of nectar, “he can create whatever he thinks, whatever he desires.” When we allow the God-within to emerge and we enter into that state of totally independent free will, then we become the ‘player’ in the material and the subtle worlds.

“When one’s own consciousness congeals in the shape of time and space, that is the measure for the creativity of consciousness.” You become one with space and time, therefore you create not from the external, objective universe, meaning the limited, the ‘thing’ side of the manifested material world. In the state of God consciousness, your “reality of being becomes this universe” and you create through subjective consciousness – the God-within.

Because the yogi experiences the objective world as the product, the creation of his subjective consciousness, he can create whatever is desired. The external world is the projection of all the desires of every being throughout the cycles of time. This world exists to fulfill our every desire. This is why the principle of desire KAMA is considered to be so powerful in the Sanskrit texts.

If we do not fulfill our desires in this life, we transmigrate to a body that will provide the abilities, talents, and circumstances to meet our requirements. The consciousness of most humans being is a veritable whirlwind of insatiable desire. Compelled by desire, we want a thing, power, money, or person - and after having achieved that, we move on to the next desire.
All desires have polarity consequences. The nature of Desire is its temporality. Our pleasure never lasts. Our victories simply do not endure. In the end, with the exception of wisdom, death robs us of everything we have gained. This is expressed in the Sanskrit words sukha-duhkha, meaning pleasure and pain, which are often written as one word. The ancient seers understood that one follows the other.

In the west, we have been taught to ignore this fact of reality. We have been conditioned to believe that we can ‘have it all.’ However the wise know the ultimate emptiness of being little more than a consumer. Unless we are programmed and entrained, people cannot be deluded and driven into buying the endless do-dahs, the gadgets and trinkets of conspicuous consumption. Things cannot make us happy. Perhaps this current cycle of desire is coming to its end.

The one who has understood that there is no difference between water and snow, between the appearance of the universe and the energies (shakti) of consciousness that form it, for that yogi “nothing remains undone in this world. This is his last birth. Liberated, while living (jivanmukta), he won’t again enter into the wheel of repeated births and deaths.”

Krishna asserts this same idea in the Bhagavad Gita VII.2: When Arjuna learns what Krishna is teaching him, when he has realized and understood the truth, then nothing remains to be known in this world. In other words, Becoming God consciousness is all there is to know!

This universe is created solely for the purpose of concealing and revealing the Oneness, the ‘play’ of Parabhairava. “This whole universe has come into existence to carry you to God consciousness.”

Abhinavagupta expresses a similar thought in his Paramarthasara, verse 81, when he says that – ‘No other aim of life remains to be accomplished after the rise of satisfaction attained through the awareness and Realization of the Truth.’ [B.N. Pandit]

- quotes from Swami Lakshmanjoo, Kashmiri Saint
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Default Electrical signals transmitted to the brain

[I have always thought this was a really simple explanation of how we get trapped into believing the five-sense world.]

The World Inside Your Brain
By Harun Yahya / Secret Beyond Matter


When you look out of the window, you think that you see an image with your eyes, as this is the way that you have been taught to think. However, in reality this is not how it works, because you do not see the world with your eyes. You see the image created in your brains. This is not a prediction, nor a philosophical speculation, but the scientific truth.

This concept can be better understood when we realize how the visual system operates. The eye is responsible for transforming light into an electric signal by means of the cells in the retina. This electrical signal reaches the sight center in the brain. The signals create the vision you see when you look out of the window. In other words, the sights you see are created in your brain.

You see the image in your brain, not the view outside the window. For example, in the picture shown on the right hand side, the light reaches the eyes of the person from outside. This light passes to the small sight center located at the back of the brain after the cells in the eyes transform it into electrical signals. It is these electrical signals which form the picture in the brain. In reality when we open the brain, we wouldn't be able to see any image. However, some kind of consciousness in the mind receives electrical signals in the form of an image. The brain perceives electrical signals in the form of an image, yet it has no eye, eye cells, or retina. So, to whom does the consciousness in the brain belong?

The same question can be asked about the book you are reading now. The light coming to your eyes is converted into electrical signals and reaches your brain, where the view of the book is created. In other words, the book you are reading right now is not outside you, it is actually inside you, in the sight center in the back of your brain. Since you feel the hardness of the book with your hands, you might think that the book is outside you. However, this feeling of hardness also originates in the brain. The nerves on your fingertips transmit electrical information to the touch center in your brain. And when you touch the book, you feel the hardness and intensity of it, the slipperiness of the pages, the texture of the cover and the sharpness of the edge of the pages, all within your brain.

In reality however, you can never touch the real nature of the book. Even though you think that you're touching the book, it is your brain that perceives the tactile sensations. In addition, you do not even know if this book exists as a material thing outside of your brain. You merely interpret the image of the book within your brain. However, you should not be tricked by the fact that a writer wrote this book, the pages were designed by a computer and printed by a publisher. The things that will be explained in due course will show you that the people, computers and the publishers in every stages of the production of this book are only visions that appear in your brain, and you will never know whether or not they exist outside of your brain.

We can therefore conclude that everything we see, touch and hear merely exists in our brains. This is a scientific truth, proven with scientific evidence. The significant point is the answer to the question asked above, which this scientific truth has led us to ask: Who is it that has no eye, but watches sights through a window in our brains and enjoys or becomes anxious from these sights?

We acknowledge that all the individual features of the world are experienced through our sense organs. The information that reaches us through those organs is converted into electrical signals, and the individual parts of our brain analyze and process these signals. After this interpreting process takes place inside our brain, we will, for example, see a book, taste a strawberry, smell a flower, feel the texture of a silk fabric or hear leaves shaking in the wind.

We have been taught that we are touching the cloth outside of our body, reading a book that is 30 cm (1 ft) away from us, smelling the trees that are far away from us, or hearing the shaking of the leaves that are far above us. However, this is all in our imagination. All of these things are happening within our brains.

At this point we encounter another surprising fact; that there are, in fact, no colors, voices or visions within our brain. All that can be found in our brains are electrical signals. This is not a philosophical speculation. This is simply a scientific description of the functions of our perceptions.

In her book Mapping The Mind, Rita Carter explains the way we perceive the world as follows:
Each one [of the sense organs] is intricately adapted to deal with its own type of stimulus: molecules, waves or vibrations. But the answer does not lie here, because despite their wonderful variety, each organ does essentially the same job: it translates its particular type of stimulus into electrical pulses. A pulse is a pulse is a pulse. It is not the colour red, or the first notes of Beethoven's Fifth-it is a bit of electrical energy. Indeed, rather than discriminating one type of sensory input from another, the sense organs actually make them more alike.

All sensory stimuli, then enter the brain in more or less undifferentiated form as a stream of electrical pulses created by neurons firing, domino-fashion, along a certain route. This is all that happens. There is no reverse transformer that at some stage turns this electrical activity back into light waves or molecules. What makes one stream into vision and another into smell depends, rather, on which neurons are stimulated.

In other words, all of our feelings and perceptions about the world (smells, visions, tastes etc.) are comprised of the same material, that is, electrical signals. Moreover, our brain is what makes these signals meaningful for us, and interprets these signals as senses of smell, taste, vision, sound or touch. It is a stunning fact that the brain, which is made of wet meat, can know which electrical signal should be interpreted as smell and which one as vision, and can convert the same material into different senses and feelings.

Let us now consider our sense organs, and how each one perceives the world.
It's Not Our Eyes That See, It Is Our Brain

Because of the indoctrination that we receive throughout our lives, we imagine that we see the whole world with our eyes. Eventually, we usually conclude that our eyes are the windows that open up to the world. However, science shows us that we do not see through our eyes. The millions of nerve cells inside the eyes are responsible for sending a message to the brain, as if down a cable, in order to make "seeing" happen. If we analyze the information we learned in high school, it becomes easier for us to understand the reality of vision.

The light reflecting off an object passes through the lens of the eye and causes an upside-down image on the retina at the back of the eyeball. After some chemical operations carried out by retinal rods and cones, this vision becomes an electrical impulse. This impulse is then sent through connections in the nervous system to the back of the brain. The brain converts this flow into a meaningful, three-dimensional vision.

For example, when you watch children playing in a park, you are not seeing the children and the park with your eyes, because the image of this view forms not before your eyes, but at the back of your brain.

Even though we have given a simple explanation, in reality the physiology of vision is an extraordinary operation. Without fail, light is converted into electrical signals, and, subsequently, these electrical signals reveal a colorful, shining, three-dimensional world.
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cool thread
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Default The Truth of The Life of This World

There are some phrases commonly used by people regarding the shortness of this life: "Make the most of your life while it lasts", "life is short", "one does not live forever" are phrases always referred to in definition of the nature of this world. Yet, these phrases contain an implicit attachment to this life rather than the next. They reflect the general attitude of people to life and death. Having such a strong affection for life, conversations about death are always interrupted with jokes or by raising other subjects thus attempting to alleviate the seriousness of the matter. These interruptions are always on purpose, a deliberate effort to reduce such an important subject to insignificance.

Mortality is surely a grave topic to ponder. Until this moment in his life, it may well be that the person is unaware of the significance of this reality. Yet, now that he has the chance to grasp its importance, he must reconsider his life and his expectations. It is never too late to repent to God, and to reorient all one's deeds and the conduct of one's life in submission to the will of God.

Life is short; the human soul is eternal. During this short period, one should not allow temporary passions to control one. A person should resist temptation and keep himself away from everything that will strengthen his bonds to this world. It is surely unwise to neglect the next world just for the sake of the temporary joys of this one. Nevertheless, disbelievers who cannot comprehend this fact spend their lives in vain being forgetful of God. Moreover, they know that it is impossible to attain these desires. Such people always feel a deep dissatisfaction and want even more of what they currently possess. They have endless wishes and desires. Yet, the world is not an appropriate arena in which to satisfy these desires.

An endless search for the new and better, attaching no value to something once it has been achieved, deprecation of the old and placing all hopes in something new: these are the vicious circles that people have everywhere experienced throughout history. Yet an intelligent person should stop and ask himself for a moment: why is he chasing after temporary ambitions and has he ever gained any benefit from such pursuit? Finally, he should draw the conclusion that "there is a radical problem with this viewpoint." Yet people, lacking this kind of reasoning, continue to chase after dreams they are unlikely to achieve.

Nobody, however, knows what will happen even in the next few hours: at any time one may have an accident, be severely injured, or become disabled. Furthermore, time flies in the countdown to one's own death. Every day brings that predestined day closer. Death surely eradicates all ambitions, greed and desires for this world. Under the soil, neither possessions nor status prevail. Every possession with which we are being stingy, including the body, will also vanish and decay in the earth. Whether one is poor or wealthy, beautiful or ugly, one will be wrapped in a simple shroud one day.
Excerpt taken from THE COMPLETE WORKS of HARUN YAHYA [Real Name: Aaron John]

I have 14 of his books ... they are very interesting reads for someone such as i who isn't religious ... i don't believe that religious beliefs are required to see the truths contained in much of his writings.
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Default Religious beliefs & dogma

Thank you jconnar & zegzy!
Yes, I agree HARUN YAHYA [Real Name: Aaron John] is quite amazing.

Originally Posted by zegzy View Post
i don't believe that religious beliefs are required to see the truths contained in much of his writings.
Religion does not have much to do with the timeless Primordial Metaphysical Truth that supports this vast universe. It is the 'job' of all religions and religious dogma to close all inquiry and hold us in the holographic matrix. We are the projecting source of this temporal illusory holographic universe; therefore if everyone achieved God-Realization simultaneously, the universe would collapse. So religions serve to close down the doors of perception. That is their function.

The ancient Sanskrit texts in fact told their readers that the 'gods' are there to keep them in delusion and bondage.
For those with 'the ears-to-hear':

*Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, I.iv.10
And to this day, [those] who...know the self as I am Brahman [IS-ness], become all this universe. 
Even the gods [any other dimensional beings] cannot prevent his becoming this, for he has become their Self.
...if a man worships another deity thinking:
He is one and I am another, he  does not know. 
He [who does not know] is like a sacrificial animal to the gods.
As many animals serve a man, so does each man serve the gods.
Even if one animal is taken away, it causes anguish to the owner;
how much more so when many are taken away! 
Therefore it is not pleasing to the gods that men should know this [that they are IS-ness].

We are Chained to the Illusion of Appearances
If you grok this quotation from the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, you will understand that it does not benefit the ‘gods’ [or any other dimensional beings such as ET tyrant Anunnaki & Reptoids] to have us realize and Remember who we are. In fact it is said that if everyone here in third dimensional planet Earth were to simultaneously become enlightened, the entire temporal illusory universe would disappear.
The 'gods' can’t allow that. They have far too much invested and thus too much to lose in their myriad Loka worlds, where they are enjoying themselves. Thus it is in their interest, in a way their purpose and ‘job’ to keep us deluded and chained to the illusion of appearances, which are transmitted to the brain via the differentiated perceptions of Prakriti’s GUNA-MAYA [the Matrix] and the five senses.

"…it is not pleasing to the gods that men should know this [that they are IS-ness]."
The most effective instrument of our bondage is religious dogma, all religious dogma. Dogma closes down inquiry and demands blind faith. ‘Knowing’ as wisdom makes faith unnecessary. Once you know something, you no longer need to believe in it – you KNOW it! You BECOME that Wisdom-Knowledge. First you know it in your head - then you Become it in the Heart.

The endless laws and rules of religious dogma cast a suffocating net of frozen rigidity over the natural inclinations of your imaginative, as Alain Danielou says, ‘transcendental intuition’ .
“To the very extent that they are divinely inspired, religions must make every effort to close the gate of liberation.”
-A. Danielou
Most of the major religions in the world today all emerged within the Kali Yuga, which began in 3606 B.C. after the catastrophic Mahabharata War. There are often reports that the extraterrestrials claim to have introduced these religions to our planet. There is no word in Sanskrit equivalent to religion. The term DHARMA is the closest, but is not really similar.
How does the ONE Immeasurable Immensity bind Itself in the illusion of a temporal separation? Prakriti’s GUNA-MAYA [the Matrix] must by necessity be an immensely powerful force – SHAKTI power - to veil Isness.

In Kashmir Saivism it is said that when you realize the God-within you and Remember who you are, you will be completely astonished that you could ever have been deluded into thinking you were separate.
Beneath the illusory appearance of endless multiplicity – there is only ONE.

[The Brihadaranyaka Upanishad is said to be the most important of the eleven old and main ones. There are 108 smaller later Upanishads. The word Upanishad literally mean 'sitting down near or close' implying an attentive focus on the teacher who would be orally transmitting wisdom-knowledge. This was the only way because there were no books and most could not read Sanskrit.]
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Default Your data-collecting vehicle

The Illusory Holographic Sphere
The energetic source of the illusory holographic matrix is a sphere composed of, and somewhat containing, each human consciousness. The basic ‘map’ of this sphere can be described through the astrological birth chart, by the degrees of its planetary aspects, the inter-actively connected points, which are based on the planet’s position in the various constellations at the precise moment of each birth.
This temporal illusory spherical map is never static, but in fact is constantly shifting and changing its energetic relationships. Moving though [illusory] time from the moment of birth, this holographic sphere serves as the individual human’s data-collecting vehicle and interacts with perpetual celestial motion, the other surrounding holograms, and the discretely unique, always shifting, frequency levels of its own evolutionary consciousness.
This illusory holographic sphere can be described as a ‘data-collecting vehicle’, because through it, your SELF (ATMA) - the God-within you, who is you - has selected to currently manifest and explore ITs possibilities.
It is conditioned by three primordial qualities, which are forever seeking equilibrium and thus, in perpetuity, constantly shifting in relation to one another. These three primordial qualities are called the GUNAS in Sanskrit. The word GUNA is very interesting because it means ‘cord’ - as in what binds. These GUNAS are what ‘bind’ us all into the illusory hologram. Etymologically the term GUNA applies to the idea of the tension in a bowstring - implying the physics of tension, which produces action.
In astrology these three GUNAS are: cardinal (rajas), mutable (sattva) and fixed (tamas). Your birth chart contains varying quantities of these three, which determine your current, in this lifetime, personality and character - relative to your consciousness. Everything is Consciousness.

The three gunas are distributed throughout all the degrees of the entire range of Universal Existence. In other words, the various relationships of these qualities, the gunas, exist in all the dimensional realms from angelic to demonic. All beings in the multi-dimensional manifest universe are subject to the gunas.
Permeating the three gunas are the five elements: ether (AKASHA), air (VAYU), fire (TEJAS), water (AP), earth (PRITHIVI).
Ether as the omnipresent, highest and most subtle element dominates all the other elements, and simultaneously envelops and penetrates them.
The remaining four elements can easily be distinguished in the astrological signs, which symbolized the collective energies of the constellations, for example: Taurus is Earth, Cancer water, etc. These four elements also correlate to the five senses: air to touch, fire to sight, water to taste, earth to smell.
The electro-magnetic emissions within this interactive spherical hologram are interpreted by the five senses as the ‘real world’, as ‘matter’. There is no word for matter in Sanskrit. Through the creative powers of MAYA (Matrix Illusion), these limited sensory interpretations of electrical signals are mistaken for ultimate reality and the Real you – when in fact they are only temporal illusions (MAYA) interacting with the small identity ego-self, which is nothing more than a projection of the God-within you, the eternal, big real SELF, the ATMA in Sanskrit.
Once you realize and accept the idea that everything you perceive through your five senses is nothing more - however wondrous and amusing - than electro-magnetic emissional pulsations (SPANDA), you lift the Veil that had deluded your consciousness and begin to liberate yourself from these very subtle and carefully constructed modes, the instruments and mechanics of Matrix consciousness, which have allowed you to play in the frequencies of this third dimensional illusory realm, a.k.a. Life in human form on planet Earth.
This of course assumes that you are weary playing here in the Twilight of the Kali Yuga and Liberation (JIVANMUKTI) is something you want.
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Default We are Consciousness!

David Icke:
Most people think that we live in a physical world, and I grant you that certainly APPEARS to be the case. But it's not, because we don't. There is no 'physical'. It's all an illusion. We are infinite eternal Consciousness having an experience in a tiny range of frequencies that we call the physical world', but that isn't. We are not … our current experience; they are not who we are. We are Consciousness - infinite, eternal Awareness.
- excerpt from 'Remember Who You Are', Ch.2, p.25

Consciousness shines in various external and internal forms. 
There is no existence of objects apart from consciousness. 
Therefore the world is simply a form of consciousness.
- Kalikakrama, as quoted in the Shiva Sutras translated by Jaideva Singh

This whole universe has come into existence just to carry you to God consciousness.  
- Swami Lakshmanjoo, Kashmir Saint, The Shiva Sutras

The man of yoga, knowing the truth, knows that while seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, eating, walking, sleeping, breathing, speaking, eliminating, grasping, opening and closing his eyes, he does in fact nothing, as he realizes that it is only the senses operating on their subjects.
- The Bhagavad Gita V.8-9

Maya is like a dream or the jugglery of a conjuror. It pulls and stretches the world …
- Brahma Purana 127.20

All things that appear as multiplicity,
Not simply on this earth,
But even those that seem to belong
To the heavenly spheres –
All are as unreal
As the objects seen by the dreamer
In a dream.
- The Uddhava Gita, Dialogue 8, Verse 31

“By preserving thoughtlessness…one enters into that transcendental consciousness where he finds that this whole universe has come out of sentences and sentences from words and words from letters and letters from the real ‘I’ which is Parama (highest) Shiva [the Oneness in Kashmir Shaivism]. …this whole universe is reflected in his own consciousness…from within rather than from without [Lakshmanjoo].”

The idea that our universe is created from within us is very old in Sanskrit metaphysics. Samkhya, perhaps the most ancient system, says that the universe is made up of consciousness and energy organizing, woven together into the solidification of matter. Each of us is generating our individual hologram moment-to-moment by our own thoughts. Everything that happens to you, you do to yourself; no one is to blame, no one but you is responsible for your life.

Yoga means ‘union’ and union with the Oneness is achieved through knowledge – by a deep love for that knowledge of God. When you study the mechanics of the Matrix you are reading the manual of how you created all this!

When you arrive in God consciousness, you understand that “even though this whole universe has been created, the nature of His Self, which is full of consciousness and bliss, has not been lessened at all. Nothing has happened. He is only residing in His own point [Lakshmanjoo].”

Nothing has happened. You always are that which you have sought. You were never anything other than the One.

The Objects of the Senses: There is No ‘out there’ out there!
Why does our temporal illusory holographic world of multiplicities appear so solid, dense, and real to us?
Notions of heat and cold, pain and pleasure arise only from contact of the senses with their objects – they are impermanent.
- Bhagavad Gita II.14
The endless polarities we all experience throughout our lives are entirely brought about by the transmission of signals to the brain via the five senses.
Our sense organs (sight, smell, taste, touch, hearing) are individually preconditioned by previous data and experiences from many lifetimes, throughout the Four Cycles of Time in this and other Manvantaras. Our own unique previous responses to such transmitted data can be defined as ‘actions’ that leave behind a tendency or impression in the subconscious mind.
How we perceive the temporal illusory holographic world, and thus our character, is the sum accumulation of these acquired tendencies. If it often seems to you that everyone is living in a world of their own – in fact, THEY ARE! Perception is reality.
As these signals enter our brain they relay information on the particular waveforms received and our brain then arranges these signals into our illusory perception of them as ‘solid’ objects.
Once these signals are perceived and identified by the brain, they are then translated, judged, and classified as belonging to one category of a polarity or another – meaning good/bad, desirable/undesirable, hot/cold, etc.
These translations, judgments, and classifications are wholly arbitrary and based solely on the current consciousness of the person receiving them at the moment the particular signals are received. One man’s delight is another’s misery.
These material sensations are impermanent. What is desirable in one moment quickly becomes undesirable in the next. This is the nature of a polarity universe. We created the world to enjoy it, but not to become stuck in our creation, trapped by our desires for all eternity. In fact the original meaning of ‘sin’ in the ancient Sanskrit texts is attachment.
Why would an eternal being who has the power to continually create everything want to remain stuck, trapped in, and attached to Its own self-created temporal material sensations of illusory objects, which in reality are only electromagnetic signals transmitted to and translated by the brain.
The world is in your brain. There is no ‘out there’ --- out there, meaning the external hologram is illusory, as well as temporal.
These material sensations are impermanent and have no direct contact with the eternal Soul-ATMAN. When you release your consciousness from all attachment to the temporal illusions produced by the contact of the senses on their objects, you open the Door to lasting Freedom.
This condition of non-attachment and the recognition of the mechanics of MAYA’s power to create illusion can only be achieved through self-mastery, total commitment, and watchfulness - and will invoke from the God within your Heart the very necessary revealed Grace-ANUGRAHA. There is no Knowledge without Grace and there can be no Grace without Knowledge. On the Razor’s Edge Path to Liberation-MOKSHA, Grace and Knowledge constantly interplay, entwined in Love in an ongoing exchange in the nectar sweet dance Home.
Become One with the ONE, and you become everything. You literally permeate every universe - that is why Divine Love is the ultimate Freedom.
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Default The World is Maya

A short vid on the Hindu Concept of MAYA - Virtual Reality Created by the Brain
" ...the World is an Illusion, Consciousness is the Only Reality"

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[I do not know this man nor have I studied with him, however I feel that this is a good explanation of Matrika Chakra theory.]

The Symphony of Life (1991) by SWAMI CHETANANANDA
The Ancient Science of Sound


"Chakra" is a general term meaning "wheel" or "circle," and it refers not only to the energy centers of the body where the kundalini energy is strongly felt, but also to other collections of forces, as we shall discuss. In your body, they are the centers where you can most palpably feel the kundalini energy; they correspond to the "third eye" of the forehead, the throat, the heart, the navel, the sex organs, the base of the spine, and the crown of the head. The para stage of manifestation, known in the individual as parakundalini, corresponds to the base of the spine, the pashyanti stage to the navel center, the madhyama stage to the heart, and the vaikhari stage to the throat.

How does all this relate to sound? In Kashmir Shaivism, each of these chakras are associated with a "root-vibration," which in turn is associated with certain letters. Thus, taken as a whole, the system of chakras (known as Matrikashakti) constitutes the primal alphabet, the alphabet formed of the essence of letters. From this alphabet, according to the tradition, the whole universe arises.

In a beautifully complex and elegant scholarly exposition, the ancient sages traced all manifestation back to a single root sound, the primal vowel, which formed all other vowels. Then from the vibrations of the vowels came the consonants, and from the interplay of the whole alphabet came the thirty-six tattvas. Shaivite scholars went so far as to explain exactly what utterance gives rise to a particular phenomenon. For example, the gutturals give rise to the five elements: earth, water, wind, fire and air. The palatals give rise to the five subtle elements: odor, taste, sight, hearing and touch. The cerebrals give rise to the five organs of action: speech, sight, movement, excretion and reproduction. The dentals give rise to the five organs of sense. And the labials give rise to five "sheaths" of mind ­ the psychic instruments.

What is the salient point to be derived from all of the dividing and subdividing and classifying? It is that all of life is inherent in the power of sound. Sound has tremendous power, and, by extension, the individual who learns how to relate properly to sound has tremendous power. This is the key point to the remainder of this discussion: by applying sound theory and practicing the science of mantra, one attains not only the understanding of manifestation, but liberation from suffering and worldliness.

Matrika, Mantra, and Liberation Through Sound

The combination of letters described above is called the matrika chakra the group of letters. Matrika means literally the "unknown mother," unknown because we are trapped (by our lack of understanding) in the most gross level of manifestation of the word. Matrika shakti is the power of sound that is the matrix of the cosmos, and manifests as the letters in the alphabet. Matrika is the subtle force behind thought and speech. It is important to remember that what is referred to here is several levels of subtlety removed from gross speech, and from words and letters such as you are reading now. The matrika chakra, and indeed the whole of science of mantra and sound, is based on an understanding of the essence of language, on "word" as referred to by St. John: "And the Word was God." This is no ordinary phonology!

While in the abstract this may be hard to understand, a look at one's own experience clarifies. Put at its very simplest, words have power. Take for example, the word "disgrace." Imagine someone you respect accusing you of being "a disgrace." The power of that accusation sets up a vibration in you that was not there before the accusation was uttered. It is as palpable as if someone had thrown a rock at you, yet all that was thrown were words. This is another fundamental concept of Kashmir Shaivism: that our mind, in the form of words, concepts, and ideas, is the source of bondage and suffering. According to the Shaivites, as long as we do not understand the true nature of matrika, we are bound by worldly actions and feelings ­ remaining victims of words without ever really understanding the source of their power over us. With the study of mantra, we gain the understanding to see what underlies the power of words and the alphabet, and can begin to use that power for our upliftment.

In the Shiva Sutras it is said that "enlightenment comes from knowing the group of letters called matrika chakra." Each of these letters in the Sanskrit alphabet can individually be called a matrika, because each is a power in its own right. When we think, the process involved stems directly from the vibration of these matrikas. Again, take your own experience. Think of a time when you lost your temper and spoke unkindly to someone. Where did the thought process and ultimately the articulation of anger come from? It arose from a vibration, a stirring in you that you responded to, which then manifested as thought and finally as words. The process of losing control is none other than taking the subtle vibration of a moment and allowing it to descend into its grossest manifestation in the form of words and actions. This descent parallels the one discussed earlier in the paper ­ that of the subtlest sound (which is the essence of the universe) descending into the gross form of physical manifestation. In Kashmir Shaivism, the microcosm always contains the macrocosm.

Self control (and ultimately liberation) is the reverse of that descent, or rather the cessation of that process its earliest stages. Instead of articulating that vibration, or even thinking the thought that the vibration evokes, one simply feels the vibration fully. Two things then happen: (a) one attains a detachment from the emotional reaction the vibration evokes, and (b) the power behind that vibration forces one to a higher level of consciousness. Since the vibration is only a strong energy, if it is not reacted to but simply absorbed as energy, it will promote the individual to a new level of awareness.

And this is only the beginning. Through a spiritual practice of meditation and mantra, our experience is transformed completely. A spiritual mantra is nothing other than pure, inwardly-directed matrika. Mantra saturates and transforms our consciousness when repeated at the levels of manifestation talked about above. Yet while matrika usually (in our normal thought processes) moves through our awareness from the para stage down to the vaikari stage, in the practice of mantra the order is reversed. When repeated at the vaikari level (the throat), the gross body is purified. The feeling associated with it may be experienced as a vibration in the tongue and mouth. When repeated on the madhyama level, the mantra is said to have one hundred times the power as when repeated on the gross level, and may be felt as a stirring in the heart. In the next level, the pashyanti level, the mantra no longer exists in concrete form, but is simply a pulse of energy. The awareness of this pulsation releases ecstasy in the heart; a person who has attained this level has the power to create through words ­ whatever such a person says has to come true. On the para level, only bliss exists. Pure spanda appears and the seeker is totally aware of the "I" ­ consciousness that is our very essence.

And all this takes place from sound, from the basic vibration and combination of vibrations interacting with one another. One vibration becomes like a string that has a pitch of a certain frequency and sets up various resonances. Each resonance in turn becomes like another string that sets up further resonances. And from this symphony of creative energy, everything manifests. All things are forms of creative energy, the Shakti, which is never separate from Shiva, the Absolute. Through meditation, we experience Him directly. We penetrate maya and matrika, and reach the eternal mantra, the sound of the union of Shiva and Shakti, the vibration in which all is One. This is liberation.

full article

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Default One Collective Sound

From the Kashmir Shiva Sutras: One Collective Sound

How does the Oneness manage to bind Itself into limited and differentiated forms?
People who are ignorant of their own God consciousness are called ‘beasts’ (pashu).
What are the ‘mothers of beasts’ in this sutra?
How do our sense organs keep us bound in ignorance?

The answer is sound, which begins as transcendent sound. The supreme energy Shakti, which is always one with the Oneness, and “which is the supreme transcendental speech (Paravak), descends to the field of the universe, she first becomes will (iccha), then knowledge (jnana) and then action (kriya). [Swami Lakshmanjoo]”

Shakti [the Matrix] becomes letters, the vowels and consonants that make up words, and the words that make up sentences. What we think and say, and our investment in the reality of and attachment to what we think and say, actually does serve to bind us in our own self-created illusory webs. The spoken word is sound.

While many of us might consider how we speak in order to improve communication with others and the results thereby achieved - most of us never think about what we say. However, the understanding given here by Swami Lakshmanjoo is on another and far deeper level.

This is my understanding of what he is saying in his explanation of this sutra:

In God consciousness, we are in a state of awareness that receives and perceives sound – letters, words, and sentences – as the fusion, amalgam, and equilibrium of all frequency waveforms of the One. This awareness of the One within each and every frequency of the spectrum of sound liberates us from reacting to what is ‘said’ in ways that would drag us back into duality.

We understand that on the deepest level, all words are the sounds of the emanations of God consciousness. This awareness keeps us away from the pernicious ‘delusion-thicket’ snare of making judgments – this is good, this is bad. Everything is God. Words lose their power to trigger reactions that bind us back down into polarity and differentiated perception.

“To derive meaning, you have to attach your individual consciousness. When individual consciousness is not attached to these letters, words, and sentences, then you will become one with Lord Shiva (God consciousness, the Oneness). [SLJ]”

The example of two reactions to a simple sentence is given. If someone says, ‘Get a bucket of water’ you can “observe this is only the flow of consciousness in its own nature. The word ‘get’ will have no meaning. It is only the letters g-e-t and nothing else. There is no meaning in the separate letters. To derive meaning, you have to attach your individual consciousness. [SLJ]” This is possible for yogis who have transcended the power that these sounds, as letters and words, have over their consciousness.

The second reaction is one we would consider more ‘normal’ and is seen as the reaction of the ignorant. “For those ignorant people, those beasts, these letters, words and sentences pierce their minds…[SLJ]” Our senses and mind are pierced, penetrated and conquered by these sounds, which cause conditioned and conditioning reactions of various emotions, happy and sad.
The ignorant are like ‘beasts’ and react in predictable, conditioned, habitual, and compulsive behavior patterns.

We have all observed these patterns in our own behavior. The enlightened yogi has the awareness to perceive the sound of letters-words-sentences as being Divine, the Oneness - all sounds are God consciousness. The yogi is no longer ‘played’ by these. These ‘mothers of beasts’ no longer has any power over such a yogi.

Jaideva Singh summarizes this sutra thus: “…even if a person has realized the truth, he is, if he happens to be heedless, deluded by…deities (the sense organs – ‘the mothers of beasts’) governing the limited individuals by means of the application of words that influence his mind.”

There are eight mothers of beasts: the five senses, the mind (manas), intellect (buddhi), and limited ego (ahamkara).

“In the center of the subtle opening in the crown of the head (brahmarandhra) is situated the supreme energy (Shakti) of Lord Shiva, (she is) the Divine Mother, surrounded by the eight mothers of beasts. In their hands, they hold the noose, which entangle and bind one with limitation, keeping one from the unlimited state. These supreme terrible (mahaghora) shaktis create disturbance and ignorance again and again, and are very difficult to conquer.” [SLJ - Timirodghata Tantra]

One collective sound - the Vijnana Bhairava - Verse 41:

In these sounds [of stringed instruments] you will find separate sounds, but if you go into the depth of this hearing, you will see that collectively one sound is proceeding from the instrument, one collective sound.

This can be heard by anyone [but] only the man with awareness can rise with the sound.
It can be heard by anybody, but you have to maintain that awareness.
And that collective sound is continuous, without any successive movement.
It is continuous, without breakage, although it is successively put down [sounded], because the player puts that finger successively on those strings.

The one who is one-pointed on that one collective sound, after contemplating on that collective sound, in the end, he becomes one with the supreme ether of consciousness.

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Default ALL are One!

[In Kashmir Shaivism, SHIVA (literally auspiciousness) and PARABHAIRAVA are the Sanskrit terms which are used to name the Oneness. In Vedanta the Sanskrit word is BRAHMAN. The real enlightened yogis know there are no 'gods' but these words point to metaphysical principles and deeper understandings which cannot be put into linear thinking. They are composites of wisdom-knowledge.]

Swami Lakshmanjoo was the last in the Vasugupta, Utpaladeva and Abhinavagupta lineage of Kashmir Shaivite sages. Every Sanskrit scholar who studies and translates the Kashmir Shaivite texts acknowledges his immanence as the source. Without Swami Lakshmanjoo these invaluable texts would have remained incomprehensible to even Indian scholars because the meaning of Sanskrit words in Kashmir Shaivite texts is often very distinct from their meaning in the texts of other schools.

Jaideva Singh has acknowledged his indebtedness to Swami Lakshmanjoo in the dedications of his various translations of Kashmir Shaivite texts. Boris Marjanovic mentions Swami Lakshmanjoo in his introduction to his translation of the Bhagavad Gita.

Mark Dyczkowski, an Oxford don, is reported to have said, “Somehow he [Swami Lakshmanjoo] sees much more in them than could ever be grasped through mere bookish knowledge and we could feel that behind his words lay another dimension beyond them in which he lived and from which he beckoned us to join him.”

One Being has become many so all beings are equal to one Being


Swami Lakshmanjoo translates and explains the verse by the great sage Shambhu Battaraka found in the Abhinavagupta's Paramarthasara. Herein a great truth is revealed, we are told that one Being, that is Shiva, has become many. So all beings are equal to one Being and one Being is equal to all beings. There is no difference between all beings and one Being. The fortunate one who has realized what is one Being has realized all beings. That is true knowledge.
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Default Reflections on David Icke

Reflections on David Icke
The Mechanics of the Matrix

What has always set David apart from the other researchers - and I am grateful to all of them - however, somehow David's wonderfully comprehensive mind was able to grok the entire spectrum, meaning all the layers of the temporal illusory holographic universe even in the early stages of his journey. He understood all the levels from the highest to the demonic, meaning:

The Oneness, God-Consciousness, the God-within us that simultaneously permeates All.
There is nothing that is not Consciousness.

The Myriad Realms: All the countless dimensional worlds - the Seers, Buddhas, & Saints, the Angelic, the Nature Spirits, the so-called ETs, i.e. the Anunnaki (good & bad) and Reptoid types, as well as all the beings living in other dimensions in other forms in the universe, and various flat-out demonic forces (which are part of any polarity universe).

The everyday visible external material world - which is not Real at all: political (tyrants), economic (banisters), blood line (occult) control structures.

David has been brilliant in his descriptions of these, especially in his ability to connect the invisible-to-most Myriad Realms with the complex convoluted obfuscate tyrannical systems that have kept us locked in the Matrix for the last 6000 years.

With his relentless and adamantine courage he has been revealing the Matrix to thousands of us who are ready to hear and set ourselves free. I am in awe of his heroic energy and courage. He is fearless and tireless in his pursuit of Truth - and yet he never lets us forget that underneath this bewildering array of lies and subterfuge, there is nothing but CONSCIOUSNESS. This is in harmony with all Primordial Metaphysics and the timeless ancient Sanskrit texts.

David has worked out a user's manual on the Mechanics of the Matrix in this moment of this Cycle of Time, the Age of Conflict and Confusion, the Kali Yuga and offered us understanding, wisdom, and freedom.

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Default David: We are Infinite Consciousness!

"Consciousness shines in various external and internal forms.
There is no existence of objects apart from consciousness.
Therefore the world is simply a form of consciousness."
- Kalikakrama, as quoted in the Shiva Sutras translated by Jaideva Singh

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Default MAYA = The Matrix

‘Mounted on a Machine’: The Wheels of Time & Maya

In the Bhagavad Gita [18-61] Krishna tells Arjuna that the Lord of all creatures dwells in their hearts (HRDDESE TISTHATI), and that by the Power of the Lord’s MAYA each of us is attached to a machine-like mechanism termed YANTRA RUDHANI in Sanskrit, which literally translates as we are “mounted on a machine”. Each of us is held, fixed and attached to one of these machine-like wheels by the creative power of MAYA-Illusion, that causes all beings to revolve throughout Time (KALA).

This sheds light on why we all feel so helplessly compelled by our own nature to repeat foolishly destructive behaviour patterns, even though time and time again we have vowed to change. If self-help books worked there would not be so many of them.

Our individual souls (ATMAN) dwell in the holographic forms of our subtle bodies. Each of these forms has their own unique predestined cosmic pattern. Anyone who has ever seen an (accurately drawn) astrological birth chart will easily understand this concept. It is as if the forms of all people throughout time are always in existence, waiting like a blueprint or matrix to be entered into by an individual soul.

These holographic forms reflect the Cycles of Time. In other words there would be subtle bodies appropriate to each specific cycle of time, from the Krita through the Kali. In the Krita Yuga (the Golden Era) our subtle body would not have as yet settled down into any concept of apparent solidity. We experience that cycle of time in something closer to ‘light bodies’.

God/Isness is all frequency waveforms and is analogous to a ubiquitous ocean of consciousness that permeates everything, and simultaneously projects portions of Itself into the temporal illusory hologram. The Creator’s energy eternally flows into the always changing, mutating and transforming holographic matrix made up of preconceived and predestined forms – such as you and me. Krishna calls the human body the ‘field’ (KShETRAM). He tells Arjuna that the God-within, the Self/Atman is the ‘guide’ to your field (Bhagavad Gita 13-1).

For the sake of imagining the idea graphically, I visualize these forms to be highly complex and subtle holographic crystals that our souls manifest through. These crystals are somewhat predestined in the sense that our part in the divine Play is loosely ‘written’ for us as the actors who will inhabit them. This weaves into the doctrine of karma that programs the basic role of the forms before we enter our bodies at birth. However there are some 25 possible variations in each Manvantara according to the Sanskrit Puranic texts.


Maya is like a dream or the jugglery of a conjuror. It pulls and stretches the world…
Brahma Purana 127.20

The Power of the Lord’s MAYA is revealed by an intriguing story in the Brahma Purana [121.44-56]. Narada is said to be a celestial sage and the son of the god Brahma. Narada had pleased the god Vishnu and therefore asked him for the boon of knowing MAYA.

Vishnu tells Narada to “sink unto the water and you will know MAYA.” Narada then “dipped himself under water” and was transformed into the daughter of a king. Narada lives the life of this woman who grows up, marries, and has children, and experiences “unsurpassed pleasures” - and inevitably grief as her husband, father, brothers, sons and grandsons are killed in a terrible battle. She herself builds the funeral pyre and in her great misery jumps into it.

“She was then transformed again into the sage Narada. The fire too assumed the pure luster of cool crystal. The full lake appeared and he [Narada] came out of it.”

The Lord Vishnu laughingly says to Narada, “Who is your son? Tell me, O great sage. With your senses gone whom do you bewail?” Thus Vishnu makes it clear to Narada that in the blink of an eye the power of MAYA has placed this enlightened being into an entire lifetime during which even one as great as the sage Narada had no memory of his true self. Vishnu goes on to say that even the gods cannot “comprehend this incomprehensible Maya.”

I like this story because not only does it illustrate how powerful Maya is, but it also gives us a feeling that time is non-existent outside of the temporal illusory hologram. The fact that Narada goes under water to have this experience is most appropriate as bodies of water are analogous to the vast spectrum of frequency waveforms that constitute consciousness.

We exist in an ocean of consciousness, and over and over throughout the Four Cycles of Time we – as a portion and piece of the ONEness – enter into these holographic crystal forms, our bodies, or as I like to call them, data-collecting vehicles. These vehicles are, in a manner beyond the comprehension of our ordinary mind, subtly pre-programmed to manifest in specific patterns. God binds Itself in the temporal illusory hologram by the Power of MAYA, which operates through the three GUNAS.

How can we who are bound by Prakriti’s MAYA and deluded in our limited state of consciousness – falsely believing that we are separate from ONEness, our SELF, the God-within - hope to overpower the power of the Lord’s MAYA?

In fact what do we ever do? The truth is that we are merely the observer of the actions generated by GUNA-MAYA. As Krishna tells Arjuna – you are not the doer (Bhagavad Gita 5-8). It is only the five senses operating on their objects by the power of guna-maya.

The great genius Kashmir Shaivite Abhinavagupta puts it very clearly in the statement “I DO NOT ACT AT ALL”.

So what freedom do you have and how can you make the return Home? When you are weary of having endless experiences in 100s of Manvantaras in 1000s of bodies, you have the freedom to turn inward and Remember that it was you who bound yourself in the webs of MAYA.

You also have the freedom to choose in every moment what actions will bring you closer to the realization and feeling of Oneness – or on the other hand to choose those actions and thoughts which will further separate you from that, your original state. Actions and thoughts that are ‘good’ will contribute to a higher consciousness, and thus draw you into the frequency waveform known as SATTVA. This state is represented by purity and a serene, calm, focused state of non-attachment and compassion.

When you fall into thoughts that push you down into the lower frequency waveform of Separation, or take actions that are ‘bad’ or ‘evil’, you can learn to feel it immediately. These impure frequencies are the ones of agitation, discomfort, and compulsion that descend and spiral downward into further separation, disease, and death.

It is your choice in every moment. Here in the Kali Yuga Time moves very quickly and you will immediately feel the effects of the choices you make. Your primary freedom is to turn back inward to that which you are and have always been and surrender the delusional thought that you are the “DOER” of anything (Bhagavad Gita 5-8).

Take refuge in Me alone – meaning, the God-within you!

It will be the purity of your intention and the intensity of your total surrender to your own Being – the only Real - that will open the floodgates of Grace and Remembrance. Such bring-you-Home Grace will begin the process of lifting the Veil of your self-imposed bondage in the illusion of MAYA. Grace will reveal the Real beneath the appearance of multiplicities in this the temporal illusory hologram we know as Life.


If you are asking yourself why The Creator would make such a universe as this one is, think of it as the supreme and ultimate Adventure! Isness is infinite eternal bliss consciousness – Love. Forever knowing Its own Real nature and never deluded by Prakriti’s Guna-Maya, Isness dives into the time/space continuum for, as the Sanskrit texts say “sport”!

The adventure must be wonderful in the Krita or Golden Age. We eat from those nectar cups that grow on enormous trees and we manifest whatever we desire in the moment we think of it. The Sanskrit texts say that we spend most of our time in meditation in the Krita Yuga. My own intuition is that this is because we are enjoying various sublimely ecstatic states of union, as our consciousness is still aware of its Oneness with the God-within us all.

As we move through the four yugas, there is still much to be enjoyed. My feeling is that the Treta Yuga is the period of time when women are in our glory, because this is the era of the Hearth. In the Dvapara Yuga the Sacred Warrior protects Dharma, wisdom and truth as is well documented in the epic text the Mahabharata. We can only imagine the pure hearts, the greatness, and heroic deeds of such courageous, knowledgeable, and refined men and their exemplary, steadfast, and virtuous women. This must have been an amazing time when men still had integrity and fought within specific sacred laws only to protect truth.


Of course now we are here in the Kali Yuga and lately, certainly no one would claim this to be a fun time – unless they were on one of those serotonin inhibitors. But in spite of its horrors, the Kali offers the opportunity for enlightenment and Remembrance of the God-within with the least effort. And amazingly according to the Bhagavata Purana, many souls actually look forward to a Kali Yuga for it offers them the experience of immersing themselves in ecstatic Devotion to God in the form of Bhakti Yoga.

Certainly the Kali is the tough time when the Creator – who has wrapped Itself in Maya and intentionally sunk down into delusion – tests Itself and waits to see which parts of Itself, amongst the multitude of Souls that are God expressing in the temporal illusory hologram, will in fact perform the astonishing miracle of waking up.

It must be like seeing the dearest child or the lover you adore succeed at long last! The joy of watching someone you love overcome obstacles and fulfill their potential is something we can all understand. If we are capable of such a loving participation in the happiness of our loved ones, can God’s happiness be any less?

Surely it must be that the Creator rejoices and fills the firmament with harmonies of sweet bliss the moment any Soul turns inward and begins to Remember the Truth. In the Uddhava Gita Krishna says that these beings ‘sanctify the world’ – which to my mind means that they bring the Light of God as Truth back into the darkness we are now living in.

Here in the Kali Yuga, we have not as evolved as the deluded propagandists who work for the world’s tyrants want us to believe. Is progress really measured by more manufactured ‘things’ to consume? We are in fact living in the most dense and solid and unenlightened phase of the four cycles. All of our attempts to control nature have been mired in greed and are leading up to the final Dissolution of the world. As Rene Guenon says, the end of a world is merely the end of an illusion - and in this kalpa, the 454th illusion.

So what can you do, now as we are in the Twilight of the Kali Yuga? You can wake up! You can cease and desist from weeping and wailing about the dastardly deeds of the ratzoid tyrants who have taken over the world and are destroying the planet. In a way, it’s their job. Someone has the pull the Veil tighter and tighter, and draw us further and further down into density until no one can any longer bear it - and everyone at last begins to ask the big questions.

You have the freedom, right now, today, this very moment, to turn within and embrace the God-within you. You can surrender your small frail identity-self ego that is more than likely making your life miserable anyway, right up into the God-within you. You are the ONE. You didn’t create your ego or the three GUNAS that the Lord’s MAYA runs through you. Give it back to its rightful owner, the God-within. Surrender what you don’t need, in any case. Surrender into the Ocean of SELF, the only Real and find everything you have always wanted.

If you do this you will be accomplishing the single most important and valuable goal of Life. Your realizations will by osmosis radiate out to everyone around you, and they in turn will touch others, and so on and so on. And one fine day even the tyrants will awaken to the fact that God is within them. Perhaps they will say something patently absurd, like “I forgot!”

Then those who have Remembered and want to leave this ‘sport’ will move onto to other universes, and those who make the choice to stay or are still deeply mired in the illusion can look forward to another exciting, challenging, and compelling adventure in the coming Golden Age. There are no losers here. Everyone is God!
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enjoying this thread
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Default Thank you!

Originally Posted by jconnar View Post
enjoying this thread
Thank you, jconnar.
I have wanted to share the comparison for a long time now in appreciation of David Icke's life and work.
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Default Matrikas

[Interesting that these were originally believed to be a personification of the seven stars of the star cluster the Pleiades…!]

Matrikas (Sanskrit: mātṝkās, मातृका, lit. "The Mothers"), also called Matara (Sanskrit: mātaraḥ, मातरः) and Matris (mātṛs, मातृ), are a group of Hindu goddesses who are always depicted together.

The Matrikas assume paramount significance in the goddess-oriented sect of Hinduism, Tantrism. In Shaktism, they are "described as assisting the great Shakta Devi (goddess) in her fight with demons." Some scholars consider them Shaiva goddesses. They are also connected with the worship of warrior god Skanda.

In most early references, the Matrikas are described as having inauspicious qualities and often described as dangerous. They come to play a protective role in later mythology, although some of their inauspicious and wild characteristics still persist in these accounts. Thus, they represent the prodigiously fecund aspect of nature as well as its destructive force aspect.

Originally believed to be a personification of the seven stars of the star cluster the Pleiades…

… the Matrikas were existent as early as the Vedic period and the Indus Valley civilization. Coins with rows of seven feminine deities or priestesses are cited as evidence for the theory.

A Hindu text known as the Rigveda (IX 102.4) speaks of a group of seven Mothers who control the preparation of Soma, but the earliest clear description appears in some layers of during the epic Mahabharata (dated to 1st century AD).

… believes that Matrika description in Mahabharata, is rooted in the group of seven females depicted on Indus valley seals.

Devanagari Alphabet

According to K.C. Aryan, the number of Matrikas is determined in the structure of the Devanagari alphabet. First is the (A) group which contains the vowels, then the (Ka), (Cha), (Ta), (ta), (Pa), (Ya) and (Ksha) groups.

The seven mother goddesses (Saptamatrikas) correspond to the seven consonant groups; when the vocalic (A) group is added, the eight mother goddesses (Ashtamatrikas) are obtained.
The Shaktas hold that the Mothers preside over impurities (mala) and over sounds of the language. The Mothers were identified with fourteen vowels plus the anusarva and visarga - making their number sixteen.

In Tantra, the fifty or fifty-one letters including vowels as well as consonants from A to Ksha, of the Devanagari alphabet itself, the Varnamala of bija, have been described as being the Matrikas themselves. It is believed that they are infused with the power of the Divine Mother herself. The Matrikas are considered to be the subtle form of the letters (varna). These letters combined make up syllables (pada) which are combined to make sentences (vakya) and it is of these elements that mantra is composed. It is believed that the power of mantra derives from the fact that the letters of the alphabet are in fact forms of the goddess.

full articles & images

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Default Plasma = Prakasha

David Icke: Remember Who You are
Ch.4, p.62 & 63

The observable universe is 99.999% plasma. … life-like ability to self-organise as the electrical environment changes. … Cosmic plasma is 'life-like' because it is an expression of CONSCIOUSNESS.

… We are the Universe and the Universe is us.

… The electrical expression of the Universe connects with the waveform, digital and holographic levels. Everything is a tapestry of interconnectedness - ONENESS.


Pure Consciousness; (from the verb-root KASh = to "shine" and PRA = "forth"; shining; luminous, effulgence; illumination.

One of the two aspects of Paramashiva [highest Shiva, as the Oneness], the Ultimate Reality. It is the principle of self-revelation which illumines everything; consciousness; the principle by which everything else is known.

- A Concise Dictionary of Indian Philosophy, Sanskrit Terms Defined in English, John Grimes; Indica Books, 2009.


Prakasha in the Kashmir Shiva Sutras

Shiva Sutra 1.14
drishyam shariram

The five senses send electrical impulses to our brain that are transformed into what we experience as everyday reality, meaning material objects, people, etc. The five senses limit us to this ‘appearance’ of our external world and thus conceal the Real.

The yogi who has reached God-consciousness transcends five sense data and experiences the Nectar Ocean of Divine Pulsation (spanda) that pervades and permeates everything and everyone.

“This whole universe is made of that liquid of consciousness and bliss (cidananda)”. There is only the One. This includes the yogi and his/her own body. Therefore this entire world is perceived by the enlightened as an expansion of one's own body.

Floating in the ocean of bliss filled nectar without the appearance of distinctions, differences, and the illusion of separation – the God-Realized ones come to view their body as an object, just like every other object in the external manifested world. The enlightened no longer think, “I am this and not that.” They know they are everything. They know aham idam, “I am this whole universe”.
Shiva Sutra 1.15
Hridaye cittasamghattad drisyasvapadarsanam

In Kashmir Shaivism, the Heart (hridaya) is not the muscle that pumps blood through the body. The Heart is an ancient symbol in India and is mentioned in the Rig Veda as that which can see what the physical eyes cannot [Ortega-Mueller].

Here the word means “the light of consciousness (cit prakasha) which is the background, the basis, of the existence of the whole universe”. The Heart is within us all and simultaneously is the foundation of everything. When we unite our consciousness with the Heart within, we get union with this all-pervading God-consciousness.

I like to say - We meet in the Heart. The Heart is the foundational basis light of consciousness in within each and every one of us. The Heart connects us in God-consciousness. “When you make your mind enter into the light of consciousness (cit prakasha) then your mind feels this whole universe as one with that universal being”.

Lao Tzu expresses this beautifully in his Tao Teh Ching, verse 47:
“There is no need to run outside for better seeing, nor to peer from a window. Rather abide at the center of your being; for the more you leave it, the less you learn. Search your heart and see if he is wise who takes each turn: The way to do is to be.”  [Witter Bynner]

What is this ‘within’ that can make us feel that the external hologram is permeated with God-consciousness? Swami Lakshmanjoo, in his explanations of the Bhagavad Gita verse IV.34, reveals the secret of our enlightenment:

Ultimately we are the source of our Liberation.

Everything and every one is the Oneness. In our search for truth we follow many paths and learn from a variety of teachers – all are the One, the same One that we are. In the end, we have to find enlightenment for ourselves alone.

We must go within to make all these teachings into the one-pointed focus that will lead to our final Liberation. The truth is not out there, because there is no out-there out there. There is only the One, permeating and pervading the All. The ineluctable truth is everywhere for those who can ‘see’ with the Heart!

When you begin to love and want God more than anything, these divine feelings of Love of God will purify your consciousness. That purity is your sacred sword that protects your being. A pure Heart will allow the God-within you to reveal the Wisdom of Truth to you and over time you will become that Truth. No one but you can prevent you from reaching God-consciousness. You simply have to really want it.

Abhinavagupta: “When you become purified by devotion, etc., then your own sense organs…will grant you the knowledge of Reality.” You submit to the One within you. You serve the One within you as all beings. The ‘masters’ you seek out, the ones who know, are within you. In the end, you are your own Master."

[quotes from the Kashmir saint & scholar Swami Lakshmanjoo, 1907-1991]

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Default The Cycles of Time within the Matrix

The Cycles of Time within the Matrix

All Time is simultaneous…
A YUGA is a cyclical period of time that ‘yokes’ a soul, a piece of the Oneness, into a specific frequency of consciousness, which is embodied as the DNA of the races of man. We function within that frequency spectrum until we Become aware of the limited variables of expression and manifestation.
Thus Becoming aware that the current state of ‘limitation’ is not our Real nature, some will experience Enlightenment. The Light of the Oneness within us, that pervades and permeates all, is revealed. We Realize that we never were anything but the One; and that the feeling of Separation was only ‘apparent’ – temporal and illusory. We have always been the Oneness.
This experience of Enlightenment liberates us from all Cycles of Time. We are Liberated from the ‘yoke’ of all Yugas, periods of time formed in specific frequency spectrums of consciousness.
Thus Enlightened as to our Real nature and origin, we are free to move from one dimension to another. The universe is multi-dimensional. Adepts with mastery over consciousness move easily from one dimension to another. Enlightened masters have access to the entire spectrum of all frequencies of time, which is a function of consciousness. Or you may simply wish to return to the One - Home.
The 4 Ages are:
1. The Krita Yuga, a Golden Age
2. The Treta Yuga, the Age of Ritual
3. Dvapara Yuga, the Age of Doubt: Man loses the sense of the divine reality of the world and grows away from natural law
4. The Kali Yuga, the Age of Conflict and confusion began in  3012 BC and will end with the nearly total devastation of  the present humanity.

Duration of Time as a Function of Consciousness & The Four Cycles
When you study the Hindu theory of the Cycles of Time and the yugas, you will find a confusing divergence of opinion concerning the dates of their duration. Considering that we are now living in the Age of Confusion, the Kali Yuga, it is not surprising to find so much disagreement on these matters.
What is more important to me than precise numbers is the fact that we are living in an era where there is almost no memory of the previous cycles of time. Most of us wrongly believe that civilization begins with written history where as writing is actually the symptom of a degenerative culture – because it is sound that communicates meaning, not the markings that seek to represent it.
Reach beyond the limited frequencies of this Veil of Illusion you have been confined within all of your life. The experience of expanding and projecting your thoughts, consciousness and imagination back into primordial time is in itself liberating, revealing and uplifting.
The realization that time is in fact a function of consciousness will alter your perception of reality. We all experience time relative to our own specific consciousness. You can verify this for yourself by simply reflecting on, for example, how time flies when you are happy - as opposed how time drags when you are stuck in traffic or at the dentist.
Another example would be to consider the consciousness of an ambitious type-A personality, the would-be-executive who runs around non-stop day after day, balancing a bazillion enterprises in order to gain money, prestige and power, keeping busy-busy-busy to avoid any possible solitude or contemplation.
Compare that with the consciousness of a Tai Chi Master who moves so slowly as to defy nature and yet can knockout his opponent from across the room, or an ascetic hermit yogi who never moves, never goes anywhere or does anything, but by remaining at the center of his being becomes One with the Universe.
Time does not exist outside the temporal illusory hologram.
All increments, meaning measurements of time and space, are relative to the consciousness of the perceiver and thus the product of variations in waveform frequencies, based on and the result of the specific degree of the illusion of Separation from Oneness.
This is similar to the quantum physics theory, The Copenhagen interpretation, Part II: Reality is created by observation. Or you might say more accurately, reality is created by the consciousness of the observer.
In ‘While the Gods Play’, the French scholar Alain Danielou explains that the length of a moment is established by the rhythms of consciousness that perceive it:
It is energy, by producing vibratory waves having direction and length,  that will give birth to the rhythms whose perceptions will create the dimension of time, the measure of space, and at the same time the structures of matter.
For man, the perception of the dimension of time is determined by his vital rhythms, his heartbeat…
The duration of each of the four yugas is relative to each other as 4:3:2:1. This implies that the Golden Age is the longest and our current Kali Age is the shortest. Time actually continues to speed up in the Twilight of the Kali Yuga and increases ever more so, as we reach the end. The cycles of time are rather like classical Indian Ragas that begin slowly, serene, increase in tempo and passion, and end in a frenzy of energy.
Alain Danielou’s dates differ from others. Danielou says that the Kali Yuga began in 3,606 BC and most scholars also do agree with this date. However he gives the duration of the Kali as 6,048.72 years.
Danielou says that the Twilight of the Kali Yuga began in 1939 with the discovery of atomic fission. According to him, the final catastrophe will take place during this twilight and the last traces of this present mankind will have disappeared in 2442. This doesn’t necessarily imply that we have an extra 400 years to fool around in. God only knows what earth changes will be taking place on this planet during that time.

*While the Gods Play: Shiva Oracles and Predictions on the Cycles of History & the Destiny of Mankind, by Alain Danielou; Inner Traditions International Ltd., paperback, 1985.
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sanskrit, the holographic universe, the matrix

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