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Default Vitamin D3 how much to take?

I was taking 20,000 iu a day . Now im waiting to get a blood test done just to be on safe side.

Jeff t bowles was taking 100,000 iu a day but he knew how to balance his vit k2 and vit a.

Since ive taken V3 pains have gone from my joints and feel alot happier

Anyone else taken mega amounts and checked their bloods?

How much are you taking each day?

Regarding jeff t bowles experiment

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5000iu + 1mg K2 suspended in MCT oil

plus anything from food/sun and averaging about 10000iu of Retinol from offal

will get bloods done in 3 months, though i think that the balance is key rather than absolute amounts, try to get at least as much A as D, have heard up to 2-3x A than D is ok

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I did about 20,000IU/day for a couple of weeks, now on 5-10,000IU for maintenance. I'm sleeping better, less aches and pains, better workouts, and I've noticed a spike in creativity that hasn't been there for a long time.

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15,000IU a day here
I hate to say it "I told you so"
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