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sweet cheeks
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Default So, who's read....

Who's read "Branton"??

He has some interesting stuff!






This is him -

Originally Posted by Jahzel
I have read practically everyting written by Branton and I feel their is some substance to it all.

Branton was however, convicted for sexual assault on a minor - it made me wonder whether this was a less obvious character assassination attempt to discredit everything he's ever said. Killing him would have been too obvious. Sounds very suspicious.


Bruce Alan Walton
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Bruce Alan Walton (born September 7, 1960), better known by his pen name "Branton", is the author of the Branton Files, a series of documents espousing various conspiracy theories. His alias is a combination of letters from his name – BRuce AlaN WalTON; he also goes by "Alan DeWalton".

Walton composed the "Branton Files" and distributed them over the internet sometime during the 1990s. He was convicted of sexual abuse of a child in 1993 and of attempted sexual exploitation of a minor in 2000 [1]. Shortly after the second conviction he was the victim of an automobile accident that left him mentally impaired. He is now living in a group home in Utah.
http://www.cr.ex.state.ut.us/asp-bin...name_id=191190 (Actual case link)

He does look like a perv, his photo I mean, but this whole thing seems odd. Why does 'aliases on file' list no reference to 'Branton'?

Automobile accident, left him mentally impaired - this guy has no chance of explaining himself.
Got any more??
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Wow, lots of free e-books to keep me occupied, thank you.
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sweet cheeks
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Originally Posted by misscpb View Post
Wow, lots of free e-books to keep me occupied, thank you.
Your welcome!

Incidentally, has anyone read Branton, or is familiar with his stuff?

He says the reptilians eat people!

The Dulce Wars is an incredible piece of work though....

The Longest Journey is the Journey Within.
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lolz at the pedofil type face
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well he looks credible

I always say the best information comes from convicted paedophiles running "webnets" on free web space
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The guy may possibly be a pedofile(lol at the picture of him....so stereotypical), but I did find the links VERY interesting. especially the case reports dealing with reptilian encounters. The interview with Thomas Costello was pretty interesting also, although probably 100% grade A bullshit.

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come to the think of it he kind of looks reppie to me
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THIS intrigued me - it appears that Branton has written a letter to Icke in the year 2000.

Wasn't "Children of The Matrix" published in 2001? I haven't read it myself, but could there be that Branton is mentioned - or this letter alluded to - in that book?

Some of the stuff he writes in his books are things hw gets to know out about just prior before finishing them, after all. There's a few to be found here and there in the latest (Human Race...

Manipulating Those of Us on the "Surface"
by Branton

[Note: I have tried for several days to put together this post and send it to you, however in all seriousness it seemed as if someone or something was making every effort to prevent me from doing so. All kinds of computer glitches and obstacles appeared, far beyond coincidence as far as I'm concerned. Twice the post was wiped out when nearly completed, and in fact I thought about giving up even trying to re-write it. Hopefully though THIS ONE WILL get through to you... and hopefully you will be able to benefit from it without any further "interference"...] (Jan 25, 2000)

Dear Mr. Icke;

The following information may help you to understand more fully just how the rh-negative reptilian hybrid genetic lines have been manipulating those of us on the "surface" of this planet for centuries.

First, of which you probably are aware, as a whole these reptilian hybrids often lead a double life involving duel personalities, one which leads a "normal" life in the outer world, and one that is deeply involved with the underground alien society on a nocturnal basis. This is especially true with "cocooned/hosted" individuals and "hybrids/abductees".

I believe that I am one such "hybrid". My genealogical line intersects with the ancestrage of the English Royal family, and from what I understand many of the hybrid lines have ended up in the neo-Masonic lodge known as the Mormon/LDS church, which serves as a cover for many of the old reptilian blood lines... possibly the reason why LDS prefer large families, i.e. to "breed" out the normal human genetic lines to be replaced by reptilian/hybrid lines? I am familiar with many, many Mormon cultured hybrid abductees who are also MPD's, however I have also found that there is tremendous pressure placed on these people especially in Utah [one of the major underground nesting areas for both reptilians and hybrids] NOT to discuss their abductions, even though the Mormon church officially does teach in the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. This is not to say that hybrids do not have souls, for I believe that many of them do [ others though, I wonder about... ;-) ]

There are however even more full-blooded reptilian and hybrid blood lines who reside permanently in the underground society, and who are sold-out Satanic worshiping, blood-festing, shape shifters.

In fact these reptilian genetic lines operate in a parasitic manner, the underground society acting as the "parasite" society and the surface society operating as the "host" society, similar to the scenario in the classic movie "THE TIME MACHINE", regarding the parasite-host relationship which existed between the surface dwelling ELOI and the troglodytic MORLOCKS. Another movie that depicts the hidden reality is "THEY LIVE", produced by the inspired director John Carpenter. In almost every instance those which have access to the underground networks are members of the Masonic lodge, both on the surface and below... with those below for the most part having been initiated into the 13 Illuminati degrees -- i.e. the 34-46 degrees. Take note of the fact that the House of the Temple in Washington D.C. is not only at the top of the occultic pentagram-like street layout of the city, but according to the Rev. Jim Shaw in his book THE DEADLY DECEPTION, Shaw noticed definite signs of SERPENT WORSHIP within this "temple" during his own initiation into the 33rd degree... and no doubt there are also underground connections linking this headquarters of the 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite to underground systems below.

Underneath most major cities, especially in the USA in fact, there exist subterranean counterpart "cities" controlled by the Masonic/Hybrid/Alien "elite". Often surface/subsurface terminals exist beneath Masonic Lodges, Police Stations, Air Ports, and Federal Buildings of major cities... and even not so "major" cities.

The population ratio is probably close to 10% of the population [the hybrid military-industrial fraternity "elite"] living below ground as opposed to the 90% living above. This does not include the full-blood reptilian species who live in even deeper recesses of the earth.

Those in the underground society have access to interstellar technology and in fact our controlled society actually serves to FEED their ongoing conquests of other worlds [including the use of Montauk-like Stargate/timetunnel technology which our planetary grid, which is unique in the universe, allows].

Many Federations throughout the galaxy consider planet earth to be the shithole of the universe, the source of MOST of the imperialistic atrocities being committed against other worlds by the Alternative-Three collective [consisting of fallen astral, reptilian, and human "elite" collaborators].

Many Federations are non-interventionist, and the reptilians below know it, which is why they have taken refuge beneath major population centers, essentially using us on the surface as "human shields".

Some of the major population centers were deliberately established by the Masonic/hybrid elite of the Old and New "worlds" to afford easy access to already existence under ground levels, some of which are thousands of years old, and considering that Los Alamos Labs had working prototype nuclear powered thermol-bore drills that could literally melt tunnels through the earth at a rate of 8 mph 40 YEARS AGO, you can imagine how extensive these underground systems have become.

These sub-cities also offer close access to organized criminal syndicates which operate on the surface. They have developed a whole science of "borg-onomics" through which they literally nickle-and-dime us into slavery via multi-leveled taxation, inflation, sublimation, manipulation, regulation, fines, fees, licenses... and the entire debt-credit scam which is run by the Federal Reserve and Wall Street. Then there is the "under ground Wall Street" scenario itself, which I will deal with shortly.

The "dracs" not only feed upon our outward society economically, but also emotionally [emotional vampirism], psychically [implants], and even bioplasmically [bloodfests]. They are parasites of the worst sort, vampires, and leeches on the back of humanity. They control us from cradle to grave via their global economic and electronic control system, and it will continue to be so until enough of us on the surface join together in an international resistance and literally invade the underground systems and begin to "kick ass and take names". I see no other way that we can once again gain our independence. After all, are not most of the military-industrial underground networks legally OURS, in that the common citizen is the one who initially PAID for their construction and maintenance? Our wealth has literally gone "down the tubes". Are we just going to sit around, not make waves, and be good little Nazi drones, or are we going to DO SOMETHING about it? I know that YOU are doing something about it, and I commend you. I know that you are a bit iffy on Biblical doctrine, but I consider myself a "blood bought" reborn Christian [A "Hybrid for Jesus" you might say...] and so I DO PRAY for your safety and success in exposing this "draconian" conspiracy never-the-less.

Parasitism is the very core foundation of draconian existence. IF and WHEN we collectively CEASE from giving them our power -- by turning our freedom and self-responsibility over to their draconian "system" in exchange for temporary material gain -- their whole pyramid system will collapse, for it is only as strong as the foundation which supports it.

Many peaceful ET groups blame US for the atrocities that are being committed against them by the underground military - industrial - alien collective, and I don't blame them, because WE are essentially their servants, whether we know it or not. The "dracs" have learned that the most productive slave society is one which is not fully aware of the fact that it has been enslaved, one where the false illusion of "freedom" is maintained because of the subtle and consistent stealth through which their brand of slavery is imposed upon us, analogous to the old proverbial "frog in the boiling pot" story.

Do not expect an all-out alien invasion... no overt alien invasion will take place UNLESS of course a massive human resistance arises, one which might potentially place the underground networks in danger of being physically invaded by outside forces. But as it stands, the takeover is more or less complete, the draconians are already here among us and they are in control via the electronic monetary system upon which we have become totally dependent [as opposed to independent]. They in fact DO plan to implement computer chip control akin to the much feared "mark of the beast". And indeed such a fate just MIGHT spell out ones spiritual destruction, since when/if one is totally "assimilated" they will have forever lost their power of free choice, and in so doing will have lost their "soul". The takeover has not so much been an invasion as it has been an infestation... similar to the manner of a parasite.

New York City, I can confirm, is one of the largest draconian nests in the world. Or rather the ancient underground 'Atlantean' systems that network beneath that area. Revelation chapter 18 describes Wall Street / New York City as the nest or lair of "every foul and hateful bird", or one might conclude every foul and hateful ALIEN. They literally control the entire Wall Street pyramid from below... with more than a little help from reptilian blood lines like the Rockefellers, etc.

And not withstanding the various "abominations" [see Rev. ch. 18] which this city, "Mystery Babylon", has spawned [having financed Communism, Nazism, Corporate Imperialism, Abortion... and on and on] there is also the unsavory truth that it has also served as an engine to fuel the entire draconian military-industrial fraternity [at one time a joint effort between the military - industrial elite AND alien forces, but now as I understand it these "joint operational" facilities are now FULLY under the control of the "dracs"] and in turn to fuel the imperialistic atrocities throughout the galaxy which have been committed with the underground military industrial [alien] complex serving as a major base of operations. As I understand it, maintaining control of planet earth is ESSENTIAL to the reptilian cause of conquest and control of the entire galaxy if not beyond, due to the uncommonly diverse and rare elements and resources that this planet contains, not to mention the grid-system which allows for the generation of time/space gates.

For instance, one couple who was initiated into the "cult of the serpent" [Alternative-Three operations, particularly] via a friend of theirs who was a very wealthy diamond merchant, was later approached by an agent of a major space "Federation", who informed them of the many atrocities that the "Alt-3" forces of earth were committing against the peaceful inhabitants of other worlds... I would assume they are referring to the black operations based beneath Neu Schwabeland Antarctica, Dulce New Mexico, Pine Gap Australia, and Montauk NEW YORK. An interesting connection I have found is the term ULTRA... Ultra is the name of a very high security classification dealing with alien interaction, it is also the name of a secret NSA agency dealing with the same, it is also the name of the [formerly] joint operational base-network beneath the Dulce - Los Alamos area of New Mexico, it is ALSO the name of a secret Nazi team during World War II which dealt exclusively with security for the German underground base projects in Antarctica.

As for the New York City / Wall Street "nest", during the bombing of the World Trade Center [aka World Slave Center] wherein terrorists attempted to topple one of the towers into the other, a little known fact was briefly revealed. A SIX LEVELED SUB-BASEMENT controlled by the U.S. SECRET SERVICE suffered heavy damage. These six sub-basements, one beneath the other, may not have ended there, based on other information that I've uncovered of massive alien infestation beneath the New York City area. These sub-basements may actually serve as a MAJOR terminal between the underground society of Masonic elite, and the surface society which it controls. There is a claim, I do not know how accurate it is, that in order to join the secret service one has to be at least a member of the 33rd degree of Sottish Rite Masonry. The Masonic connections resident within the architecture of Washington D.C., even to the phallic obelisk disrespectfully referred to as the "Washington Monument", are legendary and extensive.

For more information on the underground empire, and the Masonic and Organized Criminal connections, please refer to the following sites:

The Masonic underground network:

The Masonic underground bases:

The Masonic underground cults:

Respectfully yours [in the Resistance]
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Hi! Does anyone know how to contact Branton, please?
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Originally Posted by watanabe View Post
Hi! Does anyone know how to contact Branton, please?
This stuff is from the 1970s if Branton ever existed he's probably dead...
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