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Default Basque Mythology, alien/human hybrid message?

This might sound strange so I'll try to explain it as best as possible. Not a whole lot is known about Basque mythology. Much of it has been lost due to conversion to Christianity. I'll start off with the Basque Lauburu:

It's technically a cross but it is also a swastika. My crazy take is that it is the Milky Way or some other spiral galaxy.

This is a modern reproduction of the primary Basque deity, Mari:

On first glance, I thought this was a depiction of hairy female genitalia (with the pooper hole on top). It very well could be. But then I came across this:

This is a drawing of the outline of the Milky Way galaxy as it appears in the night sky. It isn't a perfect match, but it is very similar. Together with the spiral-galaxy looking cross and maybe that is what Mari is supposed to be. (there is debate on whether or not Mari refers to the Virgin Mary in any sort of way).

In the rendering of Mari, notice the humanoid in the lower-right hand corner. It appears to have its head turned toward the right where it is raising it's right hand. The right leg also seems to be more pronounced than the left one.

I could be wrong, and am just speculating, but based on my research of ancient artwork in Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, and South America, you will often find a character how is depicted from one side.. right or left. Sometimes they will even similarly be extending their right hand and legs. In Egypt you find statues with one eye. In all these places there are characters depicted with two right or left hands. I believe this is a message about duality. If I'm right, perhaps in the Mari drawing it is trying to tell us a message. I tried, but was not successful in tracing the origin of this drawing so it could very well be a modern creation.

What if this is saying that your right-hand 'self' (the right side of your body controlled by your left brain) is 'alien' in origin? Perhaps our duality is a result of being a hybrid. We are all two people and split brain studies prove this. Some say that one side of the brain used to follow orders from the other reactively before it became 'self aware'. Some say this could be a neanderthal/cro-magnon thing. Who knows?

Psychopaths are almost exclusively left-brained. Maybe psychopaths really aren't human, it would explain a lot. HAHA!

If so, what does the other symbol represent? A two-headed creature with six limbs? What's that other symbol? A star? It's six-pointed.. Not unlike the hexagram.
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I posted this in another thread here, just wanted to copy it again since it relates to galaxies and awareness of galaxies in ancient times:

This may have been brought up here previously (I used the search function but couldn't find anything) and it isn't my idea either, I got it from here:


My inner skeptic looked for other Milky Way images first to make sure the one in the link wasn't tampered with. Most of the images with the spiral arms labeled look similar, so I ruled out tampering. The only thing going against this is the Perseus, Sagittarius, and Cygnus arms of the Milky Way are longer than the image in the Voynich Manuscript. This is a non-issue if you envision the Yoynich galaxy as being 'cropped' and you can in fact do that with pictures of the Milky Way. That won't stop skeptics from making it their primary element of criticism I'm sure. Ex: The "This theory is ridiculous because the arms in the milky way are longer! Plus you have to flip the image!" Only the foolish would agree with that. Who says that you can't look at the galaxy from the bottom instead of the top, anyway? (which would be a mirror image)

I've also included an image of a swastica design on a plate from an acient city near modern-day Iraq. This plate is said to be up to 7,000 years old (5,000 BC). I came across this today and noticed it is a version of the galaxy in the Voynich Manuscript. The plate divides the image into quadrants, not unlike modern-day astronomy does for the Milky Way.

The plate has a swastika in the center and a lightingish barrier surrounding it that looks like one of Metallica's logos. There are little things that resemble fish corresponding to the spiraling arms of the Voynich Manuscript (and mirrored Milky Way). There are four fish inside the Metallica logo barrier and eight fish on the outside of it. There are two fish in every quadrant. The four fish inside the barrier 'continue on' via four fish on the outside. The other four fish on the outside are 'floating' with three lines pointing toward them from the outside of the barrier coming from two 'trees' from the inside. These lines and 'trees' mark the quadrants. If you 'connect the dots' as in the fish on the inside that continue on the outside, you're looking at pretty much the same thing as the Voynich Galaxy.

It's been said many times that a swastika resembles the Milky Way. It's just a certain kind of Socialism (of the National variety) have forever made this image taboo. I'm sure some of the PTB are happy about it too.

These are two images of the milky way galaxy with labeled spiraling arms:

This the is Vonyich galaxy flipped horizontally with the same features labeled by me:

This is the 7,000 year-old swatstika plate. I have flipped it horizontally and did a teeny-tiny rotation (skpetics don't use this rotation against me, the galaxy actually physically rotates IRL) to make the features match. I also traced the fish just in case your brain can't connect the dots, and labeled the spiraling arms:

Yes I misspelled Sagittarius. I'm too lazy to fix it. I'm sure skeptics would use my misspelling and crudeness to smear me too. A lot of skeptics are shills and they'll use anything they can to critique something they don't like.

Here is the original plate and Voynich Galaxy:

And here is the Milky Way from the bibliotecapleyades link:

Now some people will look at the images and not find anything in common. I question the intelligence of such people. You don't have to exaggerate anything to see the obvious similarities, but you do have to be lacking in the area of intelligence if you don't see anything at all. At least IMO. It's not like this is a moon rock that somebody is trying to say is an egg. The swastika, an image you will find on artifacts the world over dating back to ancient civilizations, is probably supposed to represent the Milky Way Galaxy, or its core at the very least. The galaxy in the Voynich galaxy is the same thing as on the plate and both correspond to the real Milky Way Galaxy.

The real question is, how did they know what it looked like from the bottom if we can only see it partially from the side? Did they possess some sort of advanced scientific technology that was lost for thousands of years? How were they aware of it? Is anybody living among us today aware of this and keeping it secret? Or are these swastika plates and the Voynich Manuscript itself a modern-day creation/hoax? Maybe science is trolling with us?

Now if there is anybody skeptical because mainstream science/astronomy is not talking about this, well I'm sorry you need an authority figure to be the one to tell you such things. Mainstream science, especially theoretical science, is based on consensus. Consensus can not only be bought, they hate new ideas because it might put them out of a job or label their own research as a dead end. Authority figures lie, you can only trust them to be liars. It's like a broken clock being right twice a day. If they tell the truth, you shouldn't trust them. Yes I am just a nobody with no piece of paper from the establishment in this specific area of research, but that doesn't mean I can't call a spade a spade. If your intuition is too broke to rely on an authority figure to tell you what is true and what is false (and who is a liar more often than not) I pity you..
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Interesting Thesis, enjoyed it so much I read it through twice.

Got a few inputs myself, the Swastika I feel maybe associated with the movement of the Big Dipper around the North Star.

The map you used was Herschel's 1785 Map of the Milky way, in which he puts our sun in the Centre of it. But it actually looked like this:-

Also the Milky Way has several arms, more than four, so maybe the Basque Lauburu is associated with another Galaxy, I'm not clued up on their mythology but do they talk of another galaxy or something that could be interpreted as such?

I like what you did with the Voynich bit there, could be on to something, maybe.

One important point though, the rant at the end is unnecessary and would put many off as it kinda screams, This is what I believe and will not listen to anyone else, which is very close minded. Not saying that is what you are, but that is what is comes across as. It also kinda says that you would listen to anyone with any academic qualifications, like you are shutting yourself out.

Maybe that is not what you meant but it is how it came across to me. Anyway, loved it, look forward to reading some more.
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Originally Posted by antiarchonist View Post
This is a modern reproduction of the primary Basque deity, Mari:

You might be onto something with the Milky Way theory. Very interesting posts.

As a counterpoint to your ideas though, I'll suggest that the shimmering 'fringe' around Mari is reminiscent of the Wandjina Beings depicted in the ancient cave paintings of the Kimberley region of Northern Australia:

The Aboriginals clearly identify with these beings in a literal sense; it's only Western scholars who try to reduce them to symbolism.

The Wandjina are said to have pre-dated Aboriginal inhabitation of the area, had supernatural powers and painted many of these depictions of themselves before vanishing into the rock.

Some of the paintings are found high up on sheer rock walls in positions that seem impossible for humans to reach.

So I'm wondering if Mari isn't primarily meant to be a literal being, as opposed to a symbolic representation of something else.

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