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Default Hitler escaped to Argentina

The skull that was supposed to be Hitlers, from his suicide, was a few years ago confirmed to be the skull of a woman, as many people already know. No evidence was found to prove Hitler commited suicide in Berlin.

Many top Nazi's arrived in Argentina by u boat at the end of the war and many of their decendents still live there today. Hitler was believed to be on one of these boats which was later sunk. Journalist attempting to uncover this in Argentina had there lived threatened.

When President Truman asked Joseph Stalin at the Potsdam conference in 1945 whether or not Hitler was dead, Stalin replied bluntly, 'No'.

Former secretary of state Jimmy Byrnes asked Stalin weather or not Hitler was dead. He replied, "He is not dead. He escaped either to Spain or Argentina''.

In 1943 Admiral Doenitz had declared: 'The German U-boat fleet is proud to have made an earthly paradise, an impregnable fortress for the Fuhrer, somewhere in the world''. The German writer Mattern said that Admiral Doenitz told a graduating class of naval cadets in Kiel in 1944 "The German Navy has still a great role to play in the future. The German Navy knows all hiding places for the Navy to take the Fuhrer to, should the need arise. There he can prepare his last measures in complete quiet."
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he briefly made a trip to america while in dallas its rumoured he shot Kennedy
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Wink Who you talking about? This Hitler guy?

Who you talking about?

This Hitler guy? ... & happy ever after!

Very much aged Adolf Hitler in South America?

The photo is allegedly Adolf Hitler's when he was over 90 years old. We are told this was taken in Chile.
(Possibly it was in fact taken in Argentina. It seems there are people who wish investigator's eye to avoid gazing around Argentina.)
Submitted by h3llknight on Mon, 29/11/2004 - 1:43pm.
recently in news, the FBI of America had quoted: "Reports have been found and clues have been discovered that Adolf Hitler had not actually committed suicide as the reports said after the second world war." "He escaped to Argentina and it is said to have lived there for at least 11 years"
FBI has recently said that Hitler could have easily escaped among some of his Nazi people past the incoming soviet troopers, into one of his U-boats and make his way to Argentina, furthermore, some Argentina have said that they did see Hitler in the country.
Old Argentina police reports have also said that Hitler was alive and he was spotted. It is believed that he lived in Argentina for as long as 11 years. and that he survives till date! After the failed soviet search, the Soviets did assume that Hitler had escaped as that was the statement that Stalin made to Truman and Churchill during the Potsdam conference that "Hitler had escaped and no traces of him were found." The statement that Hitler had committed suicide was deduced by the UK and was believed by the rest of the world.
Pravda 2003.02.27/10:00
After WW II, at least five German U-boats reached Argentina with no less than 50 high ranked Third Reich officials on board. During the trip they sunk a US battle ship and the Brazilian cruiser Bahia with a death toll of more than 400, including US citizens. Both the US and the British Government have systematically covered up the operation. Why? Did they take Hitler to Patagonia?

Ubersse Sьd, Overseas South in English, is the name of the operation that, according with this investigation, helped high Nazi officials to escape from the Soviet fist under the umbrella of the British Government and the US hawks.

"WWII finished on May 7th 1945 and the first submarine arrives in Argentina on July 10. The second one, in August 17", says De Napoli. The Argentina investigator makes reference to the well-known landing of the German U-boats U-530 and U-977 that surrendered to the Argentina Navy in those days.

U-boat U-977 arrived at Port of Mar Del Plata of Argentina on August 17, 1945. Hitler could be on board.
U-boat, U-869 in service during the war, later found sunk in U.S. coast.

What's about this new home?
I'm sure he would loved the symbolism.

Why would anyone have such design of a building in America after this terrible horrible Hitler War??
What it accommodates is even more interesting!

In June of 1943, the Secretary of the Navy authorized the establishment of the Amphibious Training Base in the San Diego area to meet wartimes demands for trained landing craft crews. These crews were deployed to the South Pacific area of operations, where their successful and historical efforts were contributory to the conclusion of World War II. The streets of the base bear the names of those famous battles which led to the defeat of the Japanese Empire: Guadalcanal, Tarawa, Tulagi, and Bougainville, to name a few.


My political testament.

More than thirty years have passed since 1914 when I made my modest contribution as a volunteer in the First World War, which was forced upon the Reich.

In these three decades love and loyalty to my people have guided all my thoughts, actions and my life. They gave me the strength to make the most difficult decisions ever to confront mortal man. In these three decades I have spent my strength and my health.

It is untrue that I or anyone else in Germany wanted war in 1939. It was wanted and provoked solely by international statesmen either of Jewish origin or working for Jewish interests. I have made too many offers for the limitation and control of armaments, which posterity will not be cowardly enough always to disregard, for responsibility for the outbreak of this war to be placed on me. Nor have I ever wished that, after the appalling First World War, there would ever be a second against either England or America. Centuries will go by, but from the ruins of our towns and monuments the hatred of those ultimately responsible will always grow anew against the people whom we have to thank for all this: international Jewry and its henchmen.

Only three days before the outbreak of the German-Polish war I proposed a solution of the German-Polish problem to the British Ambassador in Berlin - international control as in the case of the Saar. This offer, too, cannot be lied away. It was only rejected because the ruling clique in England wanted war, partly for commercial reasons and partly because it was influenced by the propaganda put out by international Jewry.

I have left no one in doubt that if the people of Europe are once more treated as mere blocks of shares in the hands of these international money and finance conspirators, then the sole responsibility for the massacre must be borne by the true culprits: the Jews. Nor have I left anyone in doubt that this time millions of European children of Aryan descent will starve to death, millions of men will die in battle, and hundreds of thousands of women and children will be burned or bombed to death in our cities without the true culprits being held to account, albeit more humanely.

After six years of war which, despite all setbacks, will one day go down in history as the most glorious and heroic manifestation of the struggle for existence of a nation, I cannot abandon the city which is the capital of this Reich. Since our forces are too meager to withstand the enemy's attack and since our resistance is being debased by creatures who are as blind as they are lacking in character, I wish to share my fate with that which millions of others have also taken upon themselves by remaining in this city. Further, I shall not fall into the hands of the enemy who requires a new spectacle, presented by the Jews, for the diversion of the hysterical masses.

I have therefore decided to stay in Berlin and there to choose death voluntarily when I determine that the position of the Fuhrer and the Chancellery itself can no longer be maintained. I die with a joyful heart in the knowledge of the immeasurable deeds and achievements of our peasants and workers and of a contribution unique in the history of our youth which bears my name.

That I am deeply grateful to them all is as self-evident as is my wish that they do not abandon the struggle but that, no matter where, they continue to fight the enemies of the Fatherland, faithful to the ideals of the great Clausewitz. Through the sacrifices of our soldiers and my own fellowship with them unto death, a seed has been sown in German history that will one day grow to usher in the glorious rebirth of the National Socialist movement in a truly united nation.

Many of our bravest men and women have sworn to bind their lives to mine to the end. I have begged, and finally ordered, them not to do so but to play their part in the further struggle of the nation. I ask the leaders of the Army, the Navy and the Air Force to strengthen the National Socialist spirit of resistance of our soldiers by all possible means, with special emphasis on the fact that I myself, as the founder and creator of this movement, prefer death to cowardly resignation or even to capitulation.

May it become a point of honor of future German army officers, as it is already in our Navy, that the surrender of a district or town is out of the question and that, above everything else, the commanders must set a shining example of faithful devotion to duty unto death.

Before my death, I expel former Reichs-Marshal Hermann Goring from the party and withdraw from him all the rights that were conferred upon him by the decree of 29 June, 1941 and by my Reichstag statement of 1 September, 1939. In his place I appoint Admiral Donitz as President of the Reich and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.

Before my death, I expel the former Reichsfuhrer of the S.S. and the Minister of the Interior Heinrich Himmler from the party and from all his state officers. In his place I appoint Gauleiter Karl Hanke as Reichsfuhrer of the S.S. and Head of the German Police, and Gauleiter Paul Giesler as Minister of the Interior.

Apart altogether from their disloyalty to me, Goring and Himmler have brought irreparable shame on the whole nation by secretly negotiating with my enemy without my knowledge and against my will, and also by attempting illegally to seize control of the State.

In order to provide the German people with a government of honorable men who will fulfill the task of continuing the war will all the means at their disposal, I, as Fuhrer of the nation, appoint the following members of the new cabinet:

President of the Reich: Donitz
Chancellor of the Reich: Dr Goebbels
Party Minister: Bormann
Foreign Minister: Seyss-Inquart
Minister of the Interior: Gauleiter Giesler
Minister of War: Donitz
Supreme Commander of the Army: Schorner
Supreme Commander of the Navy: Donitz
Supreme Commander of the Air Force: Greim
Reichsfuhrer of the S.S. and Head of the German Police: Gauleiter Hanke
Trade: Funk
Agriculture: Backe
Justice: Thierack
Culture: Dr Scheel
Propaganda: Dr Naumann
Finance: Schwerin-Crossigk
Labor: Dr Hupfauer
Munitions: Saur
Leader of the German Labor Front and Minister without Portfolio: Dr Ley.

Although a number of these men, including Martin Bormann, Dr Goebbels and others together with their wives have joined me of their own free will, not wishing to leave the capital under any circumstances and prepared to die with me, I implore them to grant my request that they place the welfare of the nation above their own feelings. By their work and loyal companionship they will remain as close to me after my death as I hope my spirit will continue to dwell among them and accompany them always. Let them be severe but never unjust and let them never, above all, allow fear to preside over their actions, placing the honor of the nation above everything that exists on earth. May they, finally, always remember that our task, the consolidation of a National Socialist state, represents the work of centuries to come, so that every individual must subordinate his own interest to the common good. I ask of all Germans, of all National Socialists, men and women and all soldiers of the Wehrmacht, that they remain faithful and obedient unto death to the new government and its President.

Above all, I enjoin the government and the people to uphold the race laws to the limit and to resist mercilessly the poisoner of all nations, international Jewry.

Berlin, 29 April, 1945, 4 a.m.

Adolf Hitler

Dr Joseph Goebbels Wilhelm Burgdorf
Martin Bormann Hans Krebs

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I would think it very possible for him to be there. His cronies went there. The argie air force was built up by the German fighter Ace Adolf Galland. Also, there is a video of the Chilean army on youtube goosestepping to Preussians Gloria. Where did they get such ideas?
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Wink Grey Wolf : The Escape of Adolf

One entire thread on it!

Grey Wolf : The Escape of Adolf

Originally Posted by tinyint View Post
The writer, Abel Basti in his book "Bariloche Nazi Tour Guide" published in July 2004 says Hitler lived in Villa Angostura near San Carlos de Bariloche, 1350km away from Buenos Aires where Bormann, Eichmann, Josef Mengele also lived since 1945-46 till 1957 according to Basti. The land belongs to an Argentina businessman and it can be reached only by the boat. Eichmann was there, however, he was arrested in Buenos Aires by Israeli in 1960. Meanwhile Hitler and others seemed to have moved to a mountain village named Hacienda San Ramon. Josef Mengele was allegedly responsible for human experiment in Auschwitz was in Argentina, then, moved to Brazil where he proclaimed himself a doctor and died there in 1979. His death was reported in newspaper in 1980 for which Jewish group made a complaint to Brazilian government for ignoring his existence in Brazil.
Argentina - Bariloche Was Hitler
And Eva Braun's Final Refuge
From Scott Corrales
IHU Las Ultimas Noticias
(Santiago de Chile)

** German submarines rescued Nazi officials and brought them to the Americas. The same was done for Hitler.**

BUENOS AIRES (EFE news agency) -- Adolf Hitler lived in Patagonia after fleeing Germany in 1945, claims Argentinean journalist Abel Basti in a tour-guide style book which discloses the locations in the Andean foothills which served as a refuge for several former Nazi leaders.

Hitler and his lover Eva Braun did not commit suicide--rather, they fled to Argentinean shores aboard a submarine and lived for many years in the vicinity of San Carlos de Bariloche, a tourist site and ski haven some 1350 km southwest of Buenos Aires, according to the journalist.

In his book "Bariloche Nazi-Guía Turística", which shall go on sale next week, Basti reproduces documents, affidavits, photogrpahs and blueprints aimed at steering the reader (or visitor) to the sites that sheltered Hitler, Martin Bormann, Joseph Mengele and Adolf Eichman. He is displeased when asked if his book challenges the official story on the Hitler/Braun suicide, arguing that the corpses of Hitler and his lover were never found, as is the case with other Nazis who allegedly committed suicide. "The only official story is the report made General Zhukov (commander of the Soviet army that occupied Berlin) to the Kremlin, stating that Hitler and several Nazi leaders had escaped, presumably to Spain or Argentina, and this is what Stalin advised the U.S. government," he retorted.

Basti's book includes a photo of the Incalco Ranch, which means in the native dialect "near the water", located in Villa la Angostura on the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi, 80 km north of Bariloche. This was the refuge chosen by Argentinean Nazis to hide Hitler and Eva Braun. This residence, set amid a pine forest and which can only be reached by boat or hydroplane, belonged to Argentine businessman Jorge Antonio, one of the most trusted men of three-times president Juan Domingo Perón (1946-1955 and 1973-1974).

Basti makes mention of Rudolph Fraude, son of Ludwig Fraude, the German millionaire, as a key player -- in his capacity as Perón's secretary -- in placing former Nazis in Argentina, among them Eichmann, who was captured in 1960 outside Buenos Aires by Israeli commandos. He was executed 2 years later in Israel.

The book's author, having worked on several Nazi-related investigations for European television networks, claims that Hitler also lived at Hacienda San Ramon, 10 km east of Bariloche, which belonged at the time to Schaumberg-Lippe principality.

The epic distance that exists between the likelihood of Hitler and his lieutenants having escaped Berlin and taken refuge in Patagonia is shortened, accoridng to Basti, by the wave of German submarines that reached the shores of Southern Argentina after the 2nd World War. "There is numerous and reliable evidence that Nazis fled to Argentina, coinciding with the arrival of Nazi subs in Patagonia," he noted, recalling the "vital assistance" offered by Perón's government at the time to "shelter the Fuhrer's henchmen in the country."

Basti, who lives in Bariloche and initiated his research on the relocation of Nazis to this picturesque city, claims to have accounts of passengers aboard the Nazi subs that reached Patagonia -- accounts which shall consitute the basis of a second book in the works.

Translation (C) 2003. Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Liliana Núñez Orellana.

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There was a wholesale Nazi exodus out of Europe - but not for Hitler?

Vatican Ratlines -

Ratlines were a system of escape routes for Nazis and other fascists fleeing Europe at the end of World War II. These escape routes mainly led toward havens in South America, particularly Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay, and Chile. Other destinations included the United States and perhaps Canada and the Middle East. There were two primary routes: the first went from Germany to Spain, then Argentina; the second from Germany to Rome to Genoa, then South America; the two routes "developed independently" but eventually came together to collaborate.[1]

One ratline, made famous by the Frederick Forsyth thriller The Odessa File, was run by the ODESSA (Organisation der ehemaligen SS-Angehörigen; "Organization of Former SS-Members") network organized by Otto Skorzeny.

[edit] Early Spanish ratlines

The origins of the first ratlines are connected to various developments in Vatican-Argentine relations before and during World War II.[2] As early as 1942, Monsignor Luigi Maglione contacted Ambassador Llobet, inquiring as to the "willingness of the government of the Argentine Republic to apply its immigration law generously, in order to encourage at the opportune moment European Catholic immigrants to seek the necessary land and capital in our country".[3] Afterwards, a German priest, Anton Weber, the head of the Rome-based Society of Saint Raphael, traveled to Portugal, continuing to Argentina, to lay the groundwork for future Catholic immigration.[3] According to historian Michael Phayer, "this was the innocent origin of what would become the Vatican ratline".[3]

Spain, not Rome, was the "first center of ratline activity that facilitated the escape of Nazi fascists", although the exodus itself was planned within the Vatican.[4] Charles Lescat, a French Catholic member of Action Française (an organization suppressed by Pius XI and rehabilitated by Pius XII), and Pierre Daye, a Belgian with contacts in the Spanish government, were among the primary organizers.[5] Lescat and Daye were the first able to flee Europe, with the help of French cardinal Eugene Tisserant and Argentine cardinal Antonio Caggiano.[5]

By 1946, there were probably hundreds of war criminals in Spain, and thousands of former Nazis and fascists.[6] According to US Secretary of State James F. Byrnes, Vatican cooperation in turning over asylum-seekers was "negligible".[6] According to Phayer, Pius XII "preferred to see fascist war criminals on board ships sailing to the New World rather than seeing them rotting in POW camps in zonal Germany".[7] Unlike the Vatican emigration operation in Italy, centered on Vatican City, the ratlines of Spain, although "fostered by the Vatican" were relatively independent of the hierarchy of the Vatican Emigration Bureau.[8]
[edit] The Roman ratlines
[edit] Early efforts—Bishop Hudal

Bishop Alois Hudal was rector of the Pontificio Istituto Teutonico Santa Maria dell'Anima in Rome, a seminary for Austrian and German priests, and "Spiritual Director of the German People resident in Italy".[9] After the end of the war in Italy, Hudal became active in ministering to German-speaking prisoners of war and internees then held in camps throughout Italy. In December 1944 the Vatican Secretariat of State received permission to appoint a representative to "visit the German-speaking civil internees in Italy", a job assigned to Hudal.

Hudal used this position to aid the escape of wanted Nazi war criminals, including Franz Stangl, commanding officer of Treblinka, Gustav Wagner, commanding officer of Sobibor, Alois Brunner, responsible for the Drancy internment camp near Paris and in charge of deportations in Slovakia to German concentration camps, and Adolf Eichmann[10]— a fact about which he was later unashamedly open. Some of these wanted men were being held in internment camps: generally without identity papers, they would be enrolled in camp registers under false names. Other Nazis were in hiding in Italy, and sought Hudal out as his role in assisting escapes became known on the Nazi grapevine.[11]:289

In his memoirs Hudal said of his actions "I thank God that He [allowed me] to visit and comfort many victims in their prisons and concentration camps and to help them escape with false identity papers." [12] He explained that in his eyes:

"The Allies' War against Germany was not a crusade, but the rivalry of economic complexes for whose victory they had been fighting. This so-called business ... used catchwords like democracy, race, religious liberty and Christianity as a bait for the masses. All these experiences were the reason why I felt duty bound after 1945 to devote my whole charitable work mainly to former National Socialists and Fascists, especially to so-called 'war criminals'."

According to Mark Aarons and John Loftus in their book Unholy Trinity,[13] Hudal was the first Catholic priest to dedicate himself to establishing escape routes. Aarons and Loftus claim that Hudal provided the objects of his charity with money to help them escape, and more importantly with false papers including identity documents issued by the Vatican Refugee Organisation (Commissione Pontificia d'Assistenza).

These Vatican papers were not full passports, and not in themselves enough to gain passage overseas. They were, rather, the first stop in a paper trail—they could be used to obtain a displaced person passport from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), which in turn could be used to apply for visas. In theory the ICRC would perform background checks on passport applicants, but in practice the word of a priest or particularly a bishop would be good enough. According to statements collected by Gitta Sereny from a senior official of the Rome branch of the ICRC,[11]:316-17 Hudal could also use his position as a bishop to request papers from the ICRC "made out according to his specifications". Sereny's sources also revealed an active illicit trade in stolen and forged ICRC papers in Rome at this time.

According to declassified US intelligence reports, Hudal was not the only priest helping Nazi escapees at this time. In the "La Vista report" declassified in 1984, Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC) operative Vincent La Vista told how he had easily arranged for two bogus Hungarian refugees to get false ICRC documents with the help of a letter from a Father Joseph Gallov. Gallov, who ran a Vatican-sponsored charity for Hungarian refugees, asked no questions and wrote a letter to his "personal contact in the International Red Cross, who then issued the passports".[14]
[edit] The San Girolamo ratline

According to Aarons and Loftus, Hudal's private operation was small scale compared to what came later. The major Roman ratline was operated by a small, but influential network of Croatian priests, members of the Franciscan order, led by Father Krunoslav Draganović. Draganović organized a highly sophisticated chain with headquarters at the San Girolamo degli Illirici Seminary College in Rome, but with links from Austria to the final embarcation point in the port of Genoa. The ratline initially focused on aiding members of the Croatian Ustashe movement, most notably the Croat wartime dictator Ante Pavelić.[15]

Priests active in the chain included: Fr. Vilim Cecelja, former Deputy Military Vicar to the Ustashe, based in Austria where many Ustashe and Nazi refugees remained in hiding; Fr. Dragutin Kamber, based at San Girolamo; Fr. Dominik Mandić, an official Vatican representative at San Girolamo and also "General Economist" or treasurer of the Franciscan order - who used this position to put the Franciscan press at the ratline's disposal; and Monsignor Karlo Petranović, based in Genoa. Vilim would make contact with those hiding in Austria and help them across the border to Italy; Kamber, Mandić and Draganović would find them lodgings, often in the monastery itself, while they arranged documentation; finally Draganović would phone Petranović in Genoa with the number of required berths on ships leaving for South America (see below).

The operation of the Draganović ratline was an open secret among the intelligence and diplomatic communities in Rome. As early as August 1945, Allied commanders in Rome were asking questions about the use of San Girolamo as a "haven" for Ustashe.[16] A year later, a US State Department report of 12 July 1946 lists nine war criminals, including Albanians and Montenegrins as well as Croats, plus others "not actually sheltered in the COLLEGIUM ILLIRICUM [i.e., San Girolamo degli Illirici] but who otherwise enjoy Church support and protection."[17] The British envoy to the Holy See, Francis Osborne, asked Domenico Tardini, a high ranking Vatican official, for a permission that would have allowed British military police to raid ex-territorial Vatican Institutions in Rome. Tardini declined and denied that the church sheltered war criminals.

In February 1947 CIC Special Agent Robert Clayton Mudd reported ten members of Pavelić's Ustasha cabinet living either in San Girolamo or in the Vatican itself. Mudd had infiltrated an agent into the monastery and confirmed that it was "honeycombed with cells of Ustashe operatives" guarded by "armed youths". Mudd also reported:

"It was further established that these Croats travel back and forth from the Vatican several times a week in a car with a chauffeur whose license plate bears the two initials CD, "Corpo Diplomatico". It issues forth from the Vatican and discharges its passengers inside the Monastery of San Geronimo. Subject to diplomatic immunity it is impossible to stop the car and discover who are its passengers."[18]

Mudd's conclusion was the following:

"DRAGANOVIC's sponsorship of these Croat Ustashes definitely links him up with the plan of the Vatican to shield these ex-Ustasha nationalists until such time as they are able to procure for them the proper documents to enable them to go to South America. The Vatican, undoubtedly banking on the strong anti-Communist feelings of these men, is endeavoring to infiltrate them into South America in any way possible to counteract the spread of Red doctrine. It has been reliably reported, for example that Dr. VRANCIC has already gone to South America and that Ante PAVELIC and General KREN are scheduled for an early departure to South America through Spain. All these operations are said to have been negotiated by DRAGANOVIC because of his influence in the Vatican."

The existence of Draganović's ratline has been confirmed by a Vatican historian, Fr. Robert Graham: "I've no doubt that Draganović was extremely active in syphoning off his Croatian Ustashe friends." However, Graham insisted that Draganović was not officially sanctioned in this by his superiors: "Just because he's a priest doesn't mean he represents the Vatican. It was his own operation."[19] On four occasions the Vatican intervened on behalf of interned Ustasha prisoners. The Secretariat of State asked the U.K. and U.S. government to release Croatian POWs from British internment camps in Italy.
[edit] US intelligence involvement

If at first US intelligence officers had been mere observers of the Draganović ratline, this changed in the summer of 1947. A now declassified US Army intelligence report from 1950 sets out in detail the history of the people smuggling operation in the three years to follow.[20] According to the report, from this point on US forces themselves had begun to use Draganović's established network to evacuate its own "visitors". As the report put it, these were "visitors who had been in the custody of the 430th CIC and completely processed in accordance with current directives and requirements, and whose continued residence in Austria constituted a security threat as well as a source of possible embarrassment to the Commanding General of USFA, since the Soviet Command had become aware that their presence in US Zone of Austria and in some instances had requested the return of these persons to Soviet custody".[20]

These were suspected war criminals from areas occupied by the Red Army which the US was obliged to hand over for trial to the Soviets. The US reputedly was reluctant to do so, partly due to a belief that fair trial could hardly be expected in the USSR (see Operation Keelhaul), and at the same time, their desire to make use of Nazi scientists and other resources.[citation needed] The deal with Draganović involved getting the visitors to Rome: "Dragonovich [sic] handled all phases of the operation after the defectees arrived in Rome, such as the procurement of IRO Italian and South American documents, visas, stamps, arrangements for disposition, land or sea, and notification of resettlement committees in foreign lands".[20] United States intelligence used these methods in order to get important Nazi scientists and military strategists, to the extent they had not already been claimed by the Soviet Union, to their own centres of military science in the US. Many Nazi scientists were employed by the US, retrieved in Operation Paperclip.[citation needed]
[edit] The Argentine Connection

See also Juan Perón and the Jewish and German communities of Argentina

“ In Nuremberg at that time something was taking place that I personally considered a disgrace and an unfortunate lesson for the future of humanity. I became certain that the Argentine people also considered the Nuremberg process a disgrace, unworthy of the victors, who behaved as if they hadn't been victorious. Now we realize that they [the Allies] deserved to lose the war. (Argentine president Juan Perón on the Nuremberg Trials of Nazi war criminals.)[21] ”

In his 2002 book The Real Odessa[21] Argentine researcher Uki Goñi used new access to the country's archives to show that Argentine diplomats and intelligence officers had, on Perón's instructions, vigorously encouraged Nazi and Fascist war criminals to make their home in Argentina. According to Goñi, the Argentines not only collaborated with Draganović's ratline, they set up further ratlines of their own running through Scandinavia, Switzerland and Belgium.[citation needed]

According to Goñi, Argentina's first move into Nazi smuggling was in January 1946, when Argentine bishop Antonio Caggiano, bishop of Rosario and leader of the Argentine chapter of Catholic Action flew with Bishop Agustín Barrére to Rome where Caggiano was due to be anointed Cardinal. While in Rome the Argentine bishops met with French Cardinal Eugène Tisserant, where they passed on a message (recorded in Argentina's diplomatic archives) that "the Government of the Argentine Republic was willing to receive French persons, whose political attitude during the recent war would expose them, should they return to France, to harsh measures and private revenge". Over the spring of 1946 a number of French war criminals, fascists and Vichy officials made it from Italy to Argentina in the same way: they were issued passports by the Rome ICRC office; these were then stamped with Argentine tourist visas (the need for health certificates and return tickets was waived on Caggiano's recommendation). The first documented case of a French war criminal arriving in Buenos Aires was Emile Dewoitine — later sentenced in absentia to 20 years hard labour. He sailed first class on the same ship back with Cardinal Caggiano.[22]

Shortly after this Argentinian Nazi smuggling became institutionalised, according to Goñi, when Perón's new government of February 1946 appointed anthropologist Santiago Peralta as Immigration Commissioner and former Ribbentrop agent Ludwig Freude as his intelligence chief. Goñi argues that these two then set up a "rescue team" of secret service agents and immigration "advisors", many of whom were themselves European war-criminals, with Argentine citizenship and employment.[23]
[edit] ODESSA and the Gehlen Org
Main article: ODESSA

The Italian and Argentinian ratlines have only been confirmed relatively recently, mainly due to research in recently declassified archives. Until the work of Aarons and Loftus, and of Uki Goñi (2002), a common view was that ex-Nazis themselves, organised in secret networks, ran the escape routes alone. The most famous such network is ODESSA (Organisation of former SS members), founded in 1946 according to Simon Wiesenthal, which included SS-Obersturmbannführer Otto Skorzeny and Sturmbannführer Alfred Naujocks and in Argentina, Rodolfo Freude. Alois Brunner, former commandant of Drancy internment camp near Paris, escaped to Rome, then Syria, by ODESSA. (Brunner is thought to be the highest-ranking Nazi war criminal still alive as of 2007). Persons claiming to represent ODESSA claimed responsibility in a note for the 9 July 1979 car bombing in France aimed at Nazi hunters Serge and Beate Klarsfeld.[citation needed] According to Paul Manning (1980), "eventually, over 10,000 former German military made it to South America along escape routes ODESSA and Deutsche Hilfsverein ..."[24]

Simon Wiesenthal, who advised Frederick Forsyth on the novel/filmscript The Odessa File which brought the name to public attention, also names other Nazi escape organisations such as Spinne ("Spider") and Sechsgestirn ("Constellation of Six"). Wiesenthal describes these immediately after the war as Nazi cells based in areas of Austria where many Nazis had retreated and gone to ground. Wiesenthal claimed that the ODESSA network shepherded escapees to the Catholic ratlines in Rome (although he mentions only Hudal, not Draganović); or through a second route through France and into Francoist Spain.[25]

ODESSA was supported by the Gehlen Org, which employed many former Nazi party members, and was headed by Reinhard Gehlen, a former Nazi intelligence officer employed post-war by the CIA. The Gehlen Org became the nucleus of the BND German intelligence agency, directed by Reinhard Gehlen from its 1956 creation until 1968.[citation needed]
[edit] Ratline escapees

Some of the Nazis and war criminals who escaped using ratlines include:

* Adolf Eichmann
* Franz Stangl
* Gustav Wagner
* Erich Priebke
* Klaus Barbie
* Eduard Roschmann
* Aribert Heim
* Andrija Artuković
* Ante Pavelić
* Walter Rauff
* Alois Brunner
* Josef Mengele
* Herberts Cukurs
* Johann Feil

Mae Brussell's World Watchers International
Bibliography sheet for tape #794 February 23, 1987 Side 1


1. Jack Anderson, MH., SFC 2/23/87 "PENTAGON AIDE'S 'GOOD FRIEND'"
Assistant Defense Secretary RICHARD ARMITAGE.
Subject of investigation, working with HIGH-LEVEL ORGANIZED CRIME FIGURE, D.C.

2. WSJ 1/1/87, Jonathan Kiwtney, "NSC CHIEF's TIES TO MEN CITED IN IRAN CRISIS".

FRANK CARLUCCI, deputy defense secretary in 1982. Overrode Pentagon's general counsel, "personally rescued Gen. RICHARD SECORD, ERICH VON MARBOD, chief arms-sales official."

SECORD, VON MARBOD worked with CIA THOMAS CLINES, ALBERT HAKIM, EDWIN WILSON, Navy Intell. Carlucci retired Pentagon 1982, hired VON MARBOD, Sears World Trade, weapons deals.

CNN NEWS 1:30 AM, FEBRUARY 20, 1987, "ADOLF HITLER WAS BURIED IN ARGENTINA JANUARY 1987" Max Gregorcic, friend Juan Aquilera

Mendoza, Argentina. MAX GREGORCIC, "HITLER didn't die in bunker in Germany, and EVA BRAUN is still alive." Proof of Hitler's activities, paintings, available.

Burial registration in a cemetery in PALMIRO, 30 miles east of Mendoza. Close to SANTIAGO, CHILE. (No wonder Kraemer, Kissinger, Haig put GEN. A PINOCHET IN POWER)

"The teeth of corpse DON'T MATCH fuhrer's pictures"

1. Two lower bridges in corpse, NOT INSTALLED BY HITLER'S dentist when questioned.
2. No evidence of root canal in corpse, DENTIST PERFORMED ROOT CANAL.
4. Gaps on autopsy report not present on HITLER'S DENTAL RECORD.

Information presented last week to AMERICAN ACADEMY OF FORENSIC SCIENCES.


Eva Braun dental evidence uncovered, dental technician admitted "gold bridge identified on corpse as Braun's never installed on time, not in her mouth."

MARTIN BORMANN, aides with HITLER, BRAUN, gave accounts of their "death", cyanide. Autopsy May 18, 1945, military hospital in Berlin, "concluded both died".

Fireproof porcelain crowns never found on body, remains, wouldn't burn.
"EVA BRAUN, Bunker, died of shrapnel wounds, hemorrhaging" vs. Cyanide, no wounds.


1940, Flynn with Reagan, "SANTA FE TRAIL".
1942, Flynn with Reagan, "DESPERATE JOURNEY".

Flynn, in Gestapo with Dr. Erban, traveling between pictures with NAZIS IN MEXICO, BAHAMAS WITH DUKE AND DUCHESS OF WINDSOR, ALEX WENNER GREN, associates of RUDOLF HESS, the man who mapped out SOUTH AMERICA, ANTARCTICA, AS NAZI BASES FOR 1000 year Reich.


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im trying to get this book. grey wolf hitlers escape


seems interesting.
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Originally Posted by jon galt View Post
thank you. it is an interesting area of research. im waiting for the polish guy to translate a lot of his work for me, he was asking if i could make a freedom of info request on some things. the book i mentioned claims that there is declassified fbi documents of sightings of Hitler in s.America,
jon, I'm replying to our exchange on the "Hitler did not (sic) want war" thread here, because this seems to be the appropriate place now to continue the discussion surrounding Hitler's possible/probable escape to South America.

Most of my old bookmarks seem to have gone with my old computer and those that are left now mostly point to material that, for one reason or another, is no longer available. Of the few valid links that remain, the following two will I hope be of interest (you have to go about half way down the first, when there are several further links presented):


The Titanic never sank, it was the Olympic that the US Navy sank in the North Atlantic in 1912.
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Originally Posted by iq_145 View Post
jon, I'm replying to our exchange on the "Hitler did not (sic) want war" thread here, because this seems to be the appropriate place now to continue the discussion surrounding Hitler's possible/probable escape to South America.

Most of my old bookmarks seem to have gone with my old computer and those that are left now mostly point to material that, for one reason or another, is no longer available. Of the few valid links that remain, the following two will I hope be of interest (you have to go about half way down the first, when there are several further links presented):



Thanks again. Im pretty new to this, or at least my interest is, so hopefully soon i will be able to contribute to the discussion.
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Originally Posted by jon galt View Post
im trying to get this book. grey wolf hitlers escape


seems interesting.
I have the audio book, nice bedtime story.
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Perhaps or probably all a part of Project Paperclip. I wouldn't wonder if that strange Colonia Dignidad in Chile has actually been a Nazi camp (Does it still exist?).
The main question for me remaining is if there are antigravity flying saucers' underground bases there still in Neuschwabenland (Antarctica) and, especially, if they exist on which side they are. Because now I've got the impression not the whole SS was really consciously on the evil national-socialist side, but more on a national(ist) side - 'To defend Germany against the evil alien suppressors', partly similar to the regular Armed Forces (see the extorting Treaty of Versailles). I had seen a map about alleged actual 'German' bases in the mountains of Peru - they might be real ones, too.
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Hitler = Black magican with no soul, black lodge.
Third reich would be the third kingdom on this planet (animal kingdom) which he now belongs to a beast (666). Not human.
His followers can make him temporarily manifest in the physical world!
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You guys might like the interviews published in recent issues of Nexus Magazine about this - allegedly with a guy who has seen secret records before carrying out his orders to destroy them.
Not that I'm into this sort of thing but I saw it because I advertise in that magazine. For me it matters little if Hitler escaped or not. Though the way he apparently died did remind me very much of Bin Laden and how his body disappeared immediately. From this we just have to assume that we are being lied to.
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Arrow Concrete Hitler

Did Hitler really exist...concrete proof if you please
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Originally Posted by lightgiver View Post
Did Hitler really exist...concrete proof if you please
"Adolf, I am your father!" - Heard in a star wars film.
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"There is an enormous German population in Paraguay today, with whole German areas, such as Filadelfia, Loma Plata and Neuland in the central Chaco, Nueva Germania in San Pedro, the Colonias Unidas in ItaItapua, and Independencia in Guaira. Not only that, but very many of the best hotels have some elements of German management. Good hotel almost equals German hotel.

"...the first Nazi party outside of Germany was formed in Paraguay around 1930. ...when dictator Stroessner (himself of German ancestry) came to power in 1954, he felt a bond with the authoritarian methods of the Nazis, and received around a dozen Nazi leaders into the country. There is even a theory (of Paraguayan writer Mariano Llano) that Hitler did not die in his Berlin bunker but fled to Argentina in a submarine, and about ten years later passed into Paraguay incognito, but with the knowledge and consent of Stroessner, where in due course he died in anonymity.

"Whatever the truth of that, there was an organisation called Odessa which helped Nazis escape to South America, and among those who did so were: Josef Mengele, the doctor who performed medical experiments on Jews in Auschwitz and subsequently obtained naturalisation in Paraguay; Edward Roschmann, commandant of the Riga concentration camp; and a number of other war criminals including Erwin Fleiss, Marko Colak and Ante Pavelic. All these Nazis spent part of their exile in Argentina and part in Paraguay."

(Nazis and Paraguay By Margaret Hebblethwaite)
The Titanic never sank, it was the Olympic that the US Navy sank in the North Atlantic in 1912.
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When Israel started hunting 'nazis' they used spies inside the US government to uncover the fact that part of the US government was protecting exiles in Argentina for reasons unknown.

Today the US government is totally subjugated and controlled by Jews and Israel, but after WWII there were probably some elements within that were not aligned with Marxist/Jewish/Zionist interest. Either that or there was another reason for shielding the German exiles.

It's possible that Hitler was living there, perhaps even under protection. His suicide story has never been proven and the alleged evidence turned out to be a middle aged female jawbone (I think it was a jawbone). The CIA did get a lead in the 50 (or 60s) regarding Hitler's whereabouts and acted on it meaning the suicide story wasn't taken very seriously. They apparently didn't find him but who knows what really happened?

They didn't care about Mengele and they knew where he was. Most of the experiment stories are as dubious as the extermination hoax. Mengele is often mentioned being in two places at once and in multiple camps. Some of the experiment stories are impossible and just invented for shock value by psych warfare.

So who knows what happened to Hitler. He either died or was exiled and if exiled, he was probably being protected for whatever reason. That's my guess.
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Originally Posted by believenothing View Post
Today the US government is totally subjugated and controlled by Jews

"It's 1948, 'the Palestinian issue' as it was known at the State Dept. had been long-festering. Survivors of the Holocaust were poring into their biblical homeland and demanding the creation of an independent Zionist state. For reasons both political and humanitarian, Truman wanted to help create a new state of Israel. He was, as well, under tremendous pressure from Jewish Groups, whose support he badly needed to stay in the White House."

The Wise Men, Six Friends and the World They Made, Issacson and Thomas.

Nebulous "Jewish Groups" who could control the fate of "give 'em hell Harry"!?
We know that Truman could not have been swayed or put under "tremendous pressure" by any so-called "holocaust", it was non-existent at the time.

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