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Default Hague: Iran attack on the cards

BRITAIN could launch military strikes on Iran, Foreign Secretary William Hague warned today.
He refused to rule out decisive military action amid fears the country is using its nuclear energy programme as a cover to develop nuclear weapons.

Stressing ALL options remained on the table, Mr Hague said today: "We have never ruled anything out. We have not ruled out any option, or supporting any option.

"We believe all options should be on the table. That is part of the pressure on Iran."

Peaceful negotiations remained a priority however.

He added: "We are clearly not calling for or advocating military action.

"We are advocating meaningful negotiations, if Iran will enter into them, and the increasing pressure of sanctions to try to get some flexibility from Iran."

Iran has reacted furiously to moves by Western governments, including Britain, to ramp up sanctions against the country.

These would include an embargo on vital oil exports which prompted Tehran to threaten to block the vital oil shipment route, the Straits of Hormuz.

Prime Minister David Cameron, during a visit to Saudi Arabia on Friday, warned Iran that the world would "come together" to ensure the straits remained open.

Mr Hague added: "This is an increasingly dangerous situation that Iran is developing a military nuclear programme.

"Our sanctions are part of getting Iran to change course and to enter negotiations and we should not be deterred from implementing those."
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stop trolling crap
'No plans' for Western military action on Syria, Iran

Western nations have no immediate plans for military action to stop the repression of protests in Syria or to halt Iran's nuclear programme, Foreign Secretary William Hague said on Sunday.
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Hague is a major behind the scenes mover and shaker in the Blu-Labour division of the ideological clique that handles Britain for the NWO. He is a warmongering little shit and this is blatant propaganda. His denials of an overt intent to wage war is just a propaganda ploy, intended to seed the public consciousness with the concept that war is a natural possible outcome. His assertion that he would prefer serious negotiations comes with a massive unspoken "but". After the Iranians give their perfectly reasonable response to the Zionist threats, the little shit will then, of course, invoke the "seriousness" clause. It's a blueprint for war, and once again Hague is the rubber stamp.

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Look, no one is going to attack Iran because they can fight back.
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