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Default Hallstein Farestveit - The Linbu Society

Hallstein Farestveit.

I just wanna put this pic up here so that it eventually can be found on a Google Images search.

Hallstein Farestveit, a Norwegian born in 1937, is the leader of a destructive cult and money-making scheme called The Linbu Society, or Linbusamfundet, in Sweden. He's a bastard of the worst kind. I got Swedish authorities to start an investigation into his crooked financial activities and other crimes recently, and so I think it's good to put up some more stuff about Linbu online.

Hardly anything to read about this guy and his gang online, but you can do a translate on this page and get some idea:


There are 9 pages: linbu1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

I want to make clear that I'm not at all an enemy of the teaching called The Fourth Way, introduced to the modern western world by G. I. Gurdjieff, which the Linbu Society somehow is based around. But I am an enemy of using such an esoteric teaching for the purpose of manipulating and exploiting other people for selfish and immoral purposes, like Hallstein Farestveit has done in his Linbu Society. A significant number of people have got serious psychological damage from their experiences in this cult, both adults and children - members and relatives of members.

Hallstein Farestveit is most likely a schizophrenic, a ***** ****** (censored by me for a few good reasons) and a psychopath - in addition to having been a heavy alcoholic since approx. the age of 16. Gurdjieff would kick his ass.

Linbu also operates, albeit in a smaller degree, in Norway, Denmark and Germany. In Norway there's the foundation Linbusamfunnet, in Denmark the foundation Linbufonden, and in Germany the Linbu Gemeinschaft. All these foundations, like the Swedish Linbusamfundet, are tax-exempt "religious charities."

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