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Default Illuminati Secrets: EXPOSED

I think what I am about to say will surprise many but will also clear up a lot of things in understand how powerful forces operate.

The Churches
The Vatican, like Angican, Russian East Orthodox, have infiltrated so many political, religious, economic, and criminal organization that they rule with intelligence handlers that appear to be independent and autonomous from the cruch.

Ruled By Secrecy: The Illuminati
In reference to the masonic lodges, I am certain most have already been infiltrated and taken over into operating as tools for the churches. This is if the churches didnt initially open their own masonic franchises with which to use to infiltrate masonic lodges in the US.

Illuminati- The Infiltration System
I have met many Illuminati handlers who control many groups including political, religious, and business, for the churches. One example of how major this operation is is in regards to Islam. The churches even control some muslim communities with their religious Muslim leaders and clergy, they even have secret-christian converts posing as Muslim leaders who exercise influence over people under the guise of being "prophets" and "descendants" of Prophet Mohammad. These infiltrators are Illuminati and take direct orders from the churches

For Example Muslim Assets in Church Control
The church has very strong internal control over many groups like this. They can order these Muslims under their control to do terrorist attacks or do any thing and it will appear to everyone, the media, and government, as though the Muslims have acted!

The number of groups you can include under church infiltration is enormous they have been working on it for a very long time, the public wouldnt be settled if they know how many groups take direct and complete orders from the church. I list a few groups under their control to tingle your imagination Muslim groups, Marxist groups, Communist groups, the White Brotherhood, human rights groups, lobby groups, private organizations, many front organization, Jewish grouops, cults.

Front Personalities
I want to introduce a new term that borrows from "front organization"- which basically means a seemingly independent organization that secret takes its orders and accomplishes the objectives of another organization. A simple example of a "front organization" or "front business" is "Air America", which appeared as a private air transportation company that was actually used by the CIA to smuggle personal, equipment, and drugs.
What I want to introduce to you is not talked about. It is called "front personalities". Theses are supposed private individuals who really take orders from powerful organizations. They often have huge financial resources which they use to appear as functioning along but are really taking orders from others.

David Rockafella- Illuminati Church "Front Personality"
One example of this is David Rockafella who is one of the ways the churches spend tons of money and give bad publicity to the Jews. I've seen this done before, governments even do this when they use fonds from "black budgets" they put them in the hands of front personalities they control the wealth through.

Rocafella's Mission
David Rockfella is currentlys being ordered by the Tri-church alliance the Anglican, Vatican, and Russian East Orthodox, to participate a massive fraud that will create the catalyst for the rise of church authority in the west and the fall of democratic government. Basically Rocafella is going to be used lin a false flag operation like Bin Laden and the Twin Towers to lead the American people against the government and establish a Church based state.

David Rockafella's Status
What I can't tell you is what is David Rocafella's Status, of the following:
1) He is a knowing Illuminati operative who willing cooperates and talks direct orders
2) He is an unknowing operative who is given orders undetectedly by people who handle him and control him through programming, advanced technologies, i.e. "Neural Network". This second status is comparable to a programmed "mind controlled" assassin as opposed to the first status which is more like a conscious and professional assassin.

Now You Know.

I'd Like to Welcome You to the Real World.
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The Concise Oxford Dictionary 1963,I have states...

Illuminat'i.....Secret society founded by Weishaupt in 1776,holding deistic & republican principles,& organised like freemasons;persons claiming to posses special enlightenment.
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