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johnny botwright
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Exclamation Blood lust and sacrifice

Having once seen Rwanda the blood lust, people dancing with fiendish delight in their victims blood,

the slaughter relentless, the streets flowing with blood,

then we hear of human sacrifices in secret societies,the ceromony of the block, ect, and that war to can be also be an acceptable sacrifice,
to satan,

vampires,a big theme of late, people also in drinking blood in rituals, some believing it will prolong their lives. believing the life is in the blood.

could it be said that people also driven by the spiritual forces controlling them, can hungar for blood, war, carnage.blood letting.

the war lords, for instance in a country like Russia, others to where peace for them is not an option.

not a light subject i know, any thoughts? , johnny

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Vampires are entertainment which appeal to human base emotions, fascination in revulsion. Blood lust is one of religion's greatest powers, the ability to drive people to extreme genocidal violence against those who they are persuaded to view as belonging to another "tribe," those who are "the others."

Never mind Satan, the biggest blood letting is on behalf of whoever people see as their "God," be they people from other religions, heretics, witches, infidels, the Moors etc. Look at the Crusades and the various atrocities committed by the people of the Abrahamic faith for Jesus and Muhammad against each other, against the Inca, against the natives Americans. Not much Satan there, plenty of God and blood soaked "holy" books.
Man is a tool created by the Universe to mark time.
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The phrase "The Banality of evil" springs to mind.
Bill Hicks is overrated.
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I think people are possessed by something that make them practice these things.
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Originally Posted by mountain View Post
I think people are possessed by something that make them practice these things.
You let these people off too easily.

They are possessed by their own beliefs that drive them to do these things. Drop the beliefs behind the actions and it stops.

The problem is, nobody questions their own beliefs. People are too proud to question themselves.
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It's quite simple really, psychopaths exist.
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Exclamation Something that make them practice these things.

Originally Posted by mountain View Post
I think people are possessed by something that make them practice these things.

Excessive >>>

Alcohol ......

Drugs .......

Dreams hallucinations visions of Demons .... etc

Resulting in strange believes ......

Hint Mayan culture Drugs & there medicines
Maya Medicine
Tikal Lord presents offering in vessel to Itzam'ná and Ixch'el The Medicine gods

The Mayas were much more intellectually inclined than most archaeologists or anthropologists have indicated when they stress the wars between the cities or the rituals of blood sacrifice by the leader/kings or priesthood. The Mayan culture also was preoccupied with science, art, government, marketing, philosophy, letters and health. The Mayas were also involved in the scientific evaluation of medicinal applications to curing what ailed them, some

1500 different plants were used for herbal prescriptions.
A civilization so robust and filled with great structure and fine aesthetic touch cannot reach such high levels of advancement unless it is well fed...spiritually and physically. >>>>>>

Some mushrooms names clearly indicate their use, such as one type called "k'aizalah okox," the "lost judgment mushroom" (Psilocybe cubens). There is evidence the Maya used the seeds of The Morning Glory or "Quiebracajete" (Ipomoea violacea) and another very similar plant (Rivera corymbosa), along with Balché, to achieve a trance-like state connected with divination. The Morning glory is 5 times stronger than the R. corymbosa, and they have 6 ergotamine alkaloids. Easily the most entertaining device for altering the mind was due to the large tropical Wad tod, (Bufo marinus). Used to deter would-be predators, the compound was extracted by the Maya and taken in measured doses to transport their minds to another level of thinking and communicate with their "Way". The Spaniards reported that Mayas added tobacco or toad skins to their alcoholic beverages to give it an added kick. The Peyote Cactus (Lophophora wiliamsii), known in Central America as "Aguacolla" was also used. The Spaniards priest describe it's use both, medicinally and ceremonially, for many ills and that when intoxicated with the cactus (Mescaline, related with LSD), the user saw "horrible visions". The Angel's trumpet or "Florifundia" (Brugmansia arborea) is a psychoactive plant, was also used in ceremonies and as an sleep aid. The Water Lilly (Nymphaea ampla) found in Lakes and Lagoons in Guatemala, also was smoked due to the hallucinogen characteristics' of its bulbs and roots. The Devil's trumpet or "Vuelveteloco" (Datura Candida), was also used, this plants contain hiosciamine and scopolamine. All these substances could be involved in the Bloodletting rituals, to kill the pain, and a better communication with the gods.

History of Psychoactive Drug Use

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