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Don't listen to anyone else - it is the Orgone box and aluminium beanie you need!
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They are trying to totaly enslave us, and rule the world.

Person can escape their infulence if s/he went to China, but in that case s/he must accept rigorous Chinese colectivism.

Or maybe go to India. India is under Iluminati influence but, due to their religious tradition, tolerance and vedic knowledge, person can be freed to the some extent, but again must accept misery and disorganisation which is utterly immanent in India.
Informal governance is more subtle and lasts longer than formal and structured one.
In informal governance, everybody within frame and determination of his knowledge and apprehension; thinks that he works
for himself and his idea.

Beyond that frame and determination he realy works for those who know
and comprehend better.

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The Illuminati is trying to create a world for them, where they have servants, i.e. the human race.
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Man if the illuminatti even exist they may have originally came down from rich elites but now they would be mainly consisting of intellectual middle class peeps. And why are you so sure they are even evil, it stands for the illuminated ones as in enlightened....Yea they may have fucked up in the past with their attitudes but like society I imagined they have evolved.

PS> There aim would be world government which is arrogant because the masses do not wish for world government. But such attitudes have existed before world war 1 and 2.....Crap without even getting into alien dung, How would a unified earth be an asset to a alien invasion? If aliens where at covert operations they would want to keep us divided so they could pursue the old technique of divide and conquer just as we did during our colonial era by dividing the native population often elevating another to the detriment of some. Hence the genocides in rawanda etc.

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Originally Posted by tinyint View Post
There is no shared goal.

In my view, your points are only valid for the earth factions. And even they differ and they fight each other.

The original goal is the human completion in my opinion.
Its why the cap stone is missing.
Sorry I must've overlooked this post when I first came back to this thread before. I agree, my explanation is only valid in regards to their secular agenda. There is definitely a deeper spiritual suppression at the core of whats going on.

If you manage to find this thread again (it's been a while) I'm curious what you mean though by saying their goal is human completion.
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