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Default What is Hemp Oil? And Hemp Oil Alternatives

@'sup just wanted to say Ive seen alot of questions regarding hemp oil in this section, would like to clear some things up for anyone who wants the info.

Rick Simpsons Hemp oil is Cannabis oil, I guess its better to call it hemp oil because of the negative stigma attached to the word cannabis (and marijuana) in the media.
Hemp oil is not the same as "Hemp Seed oil" which is oil from the seed of the plant, whereas here were discussing the resin from the flowers.

Note: Hemp is a type of marijuana that is used to make rope/paper etc or grown for edible and highly nutritious seed, and is low in THC so isn't smoke-able by stoners. This is NOT what is used to make "Hemp oil", to make what Rick Simpson calls "hemp oil" you need drug type cannabis.

Alcahol extraction is the technique used to extract the resin (oil) from the cannabis plant material.

Heres a video showing the process:

To make a decent amount of the oil you need a whole heap of cannabis buds, which are very expensive, and if you chose to grow the buds yourself would take 6+ months for good size plants, many people cannot wait this long, eg cancer patients.

In light of this here are some alternatives:

- Good quality Moroccan Hashish:

This is a similar product to hemp oil, except the extraction technique makes use of a SIEVE, not alcohol.

Here is a video showing the process:

The main difference in the end product is the consistency, hash is a tacky lump, or sandy, hemp oil is a viscous liquid.
Buying hash cost less than making hemp oil.
I cant tell you where to get it but you can buy anything online you just need to look hard enough.

- Bubble hash:
This is another similar product to hemp oil,
this time the extraction of resin is done by water.

Here is a video showing the process:

- Vaporizing:
This is a technique of inhaling cannabis resin directly from the buds.
Vaporizers heat a pinch of bud to the point the resin vaporizes off but the plant material does not burn, so your inhaling vaporized resin, no smoke.
Look them up there's loads of brands for sale some value some pricey.

- Cannabutter:
Butter containing cannabinoids, look up the recipe online.

- Bhang:
Indian Cannabis Milkshake.

- Fresh plant matter:
Eating fresh raw leaves and buds has anti cancer benefits beyond THC (chlorophyll, enzymes etc)
They taste pretty spicy especially the buds.

Caution: Go easy with eating cannabis concentrates (hash/oil)
They are very potent when eaten which is why a vaporizer may be better for some.

Note: The medicine is not just THC, cannabis resin contains around 70 + cannabinoids, and hundreds of other aromatic compounds, flavanoids, turpenes etc that all may well have a medicinal effect of their own or synergise with the other compounds.

This is why Synthetic THC/Marinol as promoted by certain companies is basically a scam, it is THC in the absence of its sister compounds.
Also the THC in marinol is SYNTHETIC, not created by a plant using sunlight and earths ancient soil.
Once again we see nature cut out of the equation so someone can patent a product.

Stick to real marijuana, preferably grown outside in the sun.

Hope this help some peeps who are after some real medicine.

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Excellent thread. Its a crying shame that this is not available to the masses and its even worse that its illegal! Your thread reminded me of this article I read not too long ago posted on Davids news feed: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/ar...na-father.html Peace.
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