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Default Testatika Free Energy

Somewhere in the sleepy mountain village of Linden , Switzerland lays the possible solution to the world’s energy problems. Much visited and well documented on the internet, the Methernitha movement laid claim to having one of the world’s first working ‘Free Energy’ devices, that they call the Testatika machine. Click here for a short clip about the device: http://youtube.com/watch?v=cucq06deYXA
Designed and built by the Methernitha community’s research department some 30 years ago, headed by Methernitha founder and inventor Paul Baumann, the Testatika is reported to deliver a staggering 240volts at 10 amps of electricity from a small tabletop device that is said to create this useable energy from nothing more than fresh air.
The machine apparently works with 2 rotating disks that create electrostatic electricity by mimicking the relationship between the earth and the clouds. This electricity is then stored in 2 capacitors before being converted to usable electricity by some form of magnetism.
Having demonstrated this device to over 30 of the world’s respected scientists in the late nineties, the Methernitha community has remained quiet and still refuses to share this device with the rest of the world to date, claiming that mankind was, and is still not ready for this kind of technology.

We decided to take it upon ourselves to head to Switzerland and find out just what the deal was with all this. We couldn’t understand how a revolutionary device like this was being suppressed, and by its creators at that.
. Finding ourselves somewhere up a snowy mountain, lost as to where we might find these hermit-like, Christian scientists and struggling to locate the community’s exact whereabouts, we asked the first local we came across for directions. She promptly flagged down the first car that came along. The driver turned out to be an American member of the Methernitha community, and before we knew it, we were following behind her as a very weird set of circumstances began to unfold.
The American lady led us to Methernitha’s headquarters quite eagerly, and for one reason or another she seemed to think that our arrival was planned and that someone there was expecting us. The “headquarters” of this religious movement surprisingly turned out to be quite a plush and well organized industrial warehouse. In fact, it turns out that the self sufficient Methernitha movement makes most of its income from this fancy filing cabinet manufacturing facility.
Having been shown inside, the American lady introduced us to the receptionist before rushing off to a doctor’s appointment. We were introduced as two English people that someone was expecting to see today, which seemed strange to us as we had arrived completely unannounced and had made no prior arrangements; there was definitely a strange feeling about the events surrounding that day. One minute we were out on the street looking for directions to this mysterious religious community with claims to a free energy machine, and the next we were in the board room of a filing cabinet manufacturer being served coffee and biscuits.
The receptionist who greeted us was a young German lady named Beah. She informed us that ‘Trigonorm’ was the business ‘front’ to the Methernitha movement. Beah had this weird way of laughing like a little child after most things she said. It seemed odd and we wondered just what she might be hiding. She asked us what we were there for and how she could help us. We cautiously mentioned that we came to learn about the Testatika energy device. We were not quite sure how to mention it to her, in fear of seeming a little bit too straight to the point. But she came right out and told us that it was a very important part of the community, that the device was not just for electricity, but that it also had certain spiritual uses. She also informed us, by a matter of sheer co-incidence that Paul Baumann, the machine’s creator, turned 90 the very day we showed up to visit, and the following day they would be holding a celebration for him.
It seemed almost that fate and destiny may have brought us here on Paul Baumann’s 90th Birthday for a reason; we sensed we were about to gate crash the celebration party and get to speak to the inventor himself, but in the end it wasn’t to be. We tried our damndest to get invited to the birthday party, but it was all in vain. The group certainly has what one might call a “cult” like feeling and a strong sense of secretiveness surrounding it. Despite dropping several well timed hints it became apparent that we weren’t going to get an invite to the party. As Beah’s father put it, “People will be here for many, many years and will never get to see the Testatika once.”
The question arose soon after as to whether or not Paul Beumann was actually alive, because we had read one internet report that claimed that the inventor had died some years ago. Having witnessed the eerie closeness of this community, all be it very briefly, the overwhelming feeling that surrounded this place did have us wondering, was Paul Baumann really alive? Or were the members of the Methernitha movement going to perform some strange religious ceremony around some ‘Remnant remains’ of him? If so why weren’t we welcome? No, in all seriousness, we are quite sure Paul Baumann is most certainly alive and well. We heard it on good account from Victor Bosshard, the Methernitha member of whom we had a meeting with the next week, and we have no reason to believe otherwise. But I would not be at all surprised to find out that there is some strange twist to this.
Anyway, we didn’t get an invite to the party. I don’t know? Maybe the Testatika device was going to be there or something. Soon after this we were told we must go away, that business was too busy for any more discussion, and that we should call next week if we wished for an appointment to speak further. We called a few times, and soon we got through to the office of Mr. Viktor Bosshard, the unofficial public relations man of Methernitha who could speak to us with a good English vocabulary. He told us in a briefly worded email that he only had time for us 6 days later. So we hung around in the mountains close to the Methernitha community for a week, eating nothing but a variety of tinned beans and Swiss chocolate. Finally we were able to speak to someone of official Methernitha rank and hopefully ask them some very serious questions about a device in their possession which potentially, could have a colossal effect on the future of mankind and the entire world as we know it.

We began the day meeting Viktor Bosshard at Methernitha ‘HQ’ Trigonorm. Viktor suggested that this business place wasn’t so nice and so he led us to another Methernitha building that was further down the road. This building looked like a typical big Swiss house and housed the Methernitha laundry facility (I say ‘the’ but maybe there is more than one laundry. There are over 180 members living in the Methernitha community). We sat down around a table which had an empty round bowl on it and were offered some well water. We chatted briefly about such things as the weather and where we came from before Viktor began talking to us about the religious background and ideals of Methernitha. This went on for the next hour or so and the footage can be seen by clicking here: http://youtube.com/watch?v=eIrXw_Ustc8

The quality isn’t the best but its well worth a listen so you can see for yourself what was said. The footage is raw and was filmed undercover (hence the horrible angle) but the footage is pretty much as we actually heard it. In the middle of our meeting we ran out of tape and memory sticks so unfortunately we missed the bit where Bosshard talks direcly about the Testatika.

After the meeting, we were asked if we would like to eat lunch and Viktor Bosshard quickly telephoned through to the main kitchen, after which we set off by car to yet another big Swiss house owned by Mathernitha (Vicktor Bosshard did tell us that the Methernitha movement own millions of Swiss francs in real estate and we certainly believed him from the standard of the properties that we saw). This building housed one of the communal kitchens. We sat at the end of one of many long tables and ate a meal of soup, pasta, salad, braised artichoke, and tinned creamed mushrooms. Beah was sat at a table on the other side of the room and said hello and laughed a lot. The American lady who directed us here also passed by briefly. There was something definitely strange about this environment though, as nice as it seemed, everybody sat in near silence. They all wore the same, presumably home made, bright colored, wooly sweaters with leather pads on the elbows and everybody put there dishes away in a clinical orderly fashion to be washed after there meal. There weren’t any young people in the room at all though, which concerned us. In a community at lunchtime one would expect to see children, maybe they were somewhere else? Who knows? But we got the impression there weren’t too many children to be found in this community. Apart from ourselves and Beah, it would be safe to say there wasn’t anybody less than the age of forty five in the room.

Being a ‘self sufficient’ community we presumed that all the food eaten would have been grown locally, by the community. However, Mr. Bosshard didn’t hesitate to tell us that they buy most of there food from the same companies that supply hotel chains, that one of the benefits of being a community is that they can buy food in bulk, at much cheaper rates than an individual could. This is all very well, but to be honest we were more than a little bit surprised by this. For an organization that claims to be so closely in touch with nature, so much so that nature gave them a free energy device, it didn’t seem right that they would buy food that is most probably genetically modified, almost certainly non-organic and without a doubt corporately distributed and cultivated. This really did concern us, when you consider the fact that this organization refuses to share a potentially world saving device with mankind because ‘They’ aren’t ready for it,’ and yet on so many levels, the food they eat being one of them, they are hypocritical to there own ideas and beliefs. It was beginning to look like the same old story, Money and Religion breed corruption. Money definitely plays a big part in this community’s religion.
. After lunch, Viktor had arranged to have us watch a video about the Testatika, the same one that was made for a Swiss science convention, when Methernitha was asked to publically demonstrate the Testatika. We were led to the community’s day school, which housed no children. Outside there were some fairly major construction works going on.
We were sat down in front of the 40 inch plasma T.V in the lounge and we watched the video. I got that same pain in my neck as I’d gotten in the kitchen. How was it right that on the one hand these folks possess a media lounge with a 40 inch plasma screen on the wall yet on the other, the world isn’t ready to accept free energy yet, because of their desire for money and material wealth? I remember Viktor telling us that they couldn’t allow the Testatika device to go to mankind because if they did, man would use it for materialistic, money-driven reasons, and that Methernitha would be just as guilty and morally accountable for any wrong doings by giving this to ‘them’. It seems very strange that a community based around selling filing cabinets to corporate businesses (and God only knows what is on the paper stored in their cabinets) could take such a moral high ground. Taking Methernitha’s views on keeping the Testatika private into account, is this community not just as responsible as their customers for the ill deeds caused by what is stored in the filing cabinets they sell? Also I couldn’t help but wonder just how much blood was sat up there in that 40 inch T.V. How many Ugandan orphans sweated in the crystal mines for that to be there? Is Methernitha not morally accountable for that as well? It just seemed really strange to us that the main reasons given for not allowing the Testatika’s release was that they did not trust the world’s practices and orientation toward money, and that they did not want to be responsible for betraying their ‘friend Nature,’ by giving it to this described world. It was blatantly obvious that the Methernitha community’s own lifestyle is not much different. There is a lot of good things going on within Methernitha, but at the same time there is an awful lot of moral compromising (or to put it bolder, ignorance) and out right hypocrisy.
I guess the biggest matter for us is the fact that, despite originally deciding a ‘free energy’ device was necessary for this community’s energy needs, despite nature ‘giving up her secrets,’ despite building and demonstrating this device on several occasions, and despite withholding this technology from the rest of the world for over 20 years on moral issues, the simple fact that the community doesn’t even use the device poses some very baffling questions! All their electricity needs are met by a couple of wind generators and they buy whatever else they need from the grid, just like everybody else! The big question of this machine’s capability still remains satisfactorily unanswered.

Our proposal is, whether the Testatika exists or not, that the information we have uncovered be used to barrage the Methernitha community with more direct questioning. Their whole philosophy is there, plain to see on the footage we got, and there are huge gaping cracks in their reasoning for denial. This needs pointing out to them. We would like to follow up this story with more questions and to open up a debate, argument if you like, with the people of Methernitha. As many people as possible should visit them and email them but with genuinely well thought out ideas and arguments. If you would like to email us with questions to bring to Mr.Viktor Bosshard and the rest of the community, email us at [email protected].

You can contact Methernitha at [email protected]

Please leave comments as this story is far from over!
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Well written. I think it is unfair to point the finger at them for possessing a 40 inch TV and whatnot, it is their lives and depending in which way they live and how they use these "materialistic" items is up to them, it seems like they are all good people and each have the right to survival and the perks that come with living in this age.
Have you considered the climate and environment they live in for growing organically? Would they be to busy? Perhaps buying food is convenient?

I have been researching free energy systems for a while now and according to Dr Steven Greer (http://freeenergynews.com/Directory/Greer/index.html); whose purpose is to uncover these systems and protect the scientists behind them, they are very well out there.

The problem is that the 'secret' government generally bribe or 'spook' the people behind them as the release of something as astronomically revolutionary as a free energy system would completely change the economy and the way technology works ie money.

I have read from multiple sources that these energy systems will be released if all goes to plan within 4 years, leading up to 2012.
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