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Default Pyramids in Croatia?

As I was searching through bosnian forum about pyramids, I have found interesting site from some man in Croatia. He claims that nearby popular vacation city Opatija (Abbazia) are pyramids. He says that he discovered it while he was driving by hill towards tunnel Učka, and it was on his left side. It appeared like peak of pyramid because it has straight sides, which is very rare in natural shapes of hills. When he came home, he checked on google earth, and found amazing similarity. On his photos are obvious two rows, which are shaped like two lower sides of pyramid. The thing is that right on that spot on google earth photo, two shots are combined together so you get appearance of diagonal line, but it's not. He claims that one google earth photo is right on that place where pyramid is, blurred or stained. The questions is - is this done purposely or accidentaly by google. The pyramid is place by villages called Rtanj, Matulji and Bregi. He supposed that near every bigger pyramid are smaller ones, and there is also on one photo other peak, which looks like peak of smaller pyramid nearby bigger one. Furthermore... while he was driving there, he found strange material peaking out from ground, which seems to be part of the hill, and it looks like smeared stones or gravel mixed and connected with clay. It's very hard and it cannot be easily tear apart or smashed. You can see it also on photos on his blog.

Here is that blog (please don't mind about advertisments on page ):




I'm often there in Opatija, and now it will be 10 years as we are running bussines there. So we are spending much time there, living there for summer etc. But I have never noticed it. But I cannot say that I didn't noticed strange attraction towards that place same as many other people who visited this place. It gives you strange feeling that you want to stay there for a long time and you don't know why. The place is know also in times of Roman Empire.
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