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anti system
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Default Masons in new political party

I got into politics for a few years with the faily new English Democrats Party, only to find that they seem to have quite a few Masons in them, even at the top!

I was concerned about England and the English, and am quite patriotic and wanted to make a difference in finding justice for the English and England in the unfair political system, which is dealing the English and England a very unfair deal at the minute.
I was very dissapointed and concerned that this party and some of the English nationalist movement around it seem to be sprinkled with members of the Masons.

I soon found, fidleing of figures, sleeze and career politcians amungst this party, which isn't surprising is it.

I now fight the system on my own and fight for justice for the English and England on my own, but mainly fight for change on a local level, fighting against PC, the nany state, police state etc
We must stop being divided by what we don't agree on, and start being united on what we do agree on, which is freedom for all of us.
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masonfree party
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The only solution is to set up a MASON FREE PARTY...its so obvious...they didn't kill William Morgan back in the 1800'S for nothing..

Anti-Masonic Party
Encyclopedia Article
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Anti-Masonic Party, American political organization founded in 1827-1828, chiefly as a result of the mysterious disappearance of William Morgan of Batavia, New York, a Freemason, who was planning to publish a book revealing the secrets of the order. Morgan, an itinerant worker, was arrested in 1826 and charged with stealing and indebtedness, apparently as a pretext for seizing him. Convicted and jailed, he was reportedly kidnapped shortly afterward. Although his actual fate was never learned, it was widely believed that he had been abducted and murdered by Masons. This incident touched off a wave of anti-Masonic sentiment.

Opponents of Freemasonry, including sections of the press, churches, and antislavery elements, joined in the condemnation of the order. Thurlow Weed, publisher of the Rochester (New York) Telegraph and later of the Anti-Masonic Enquirer, led the press attack on Freemasonry and endorsed anti-Masonic candidates for New York State offices in the election of 1827. When 15 of these candidates were elected to the state Assembly, an Anti-Masonic Party was formed and in 1828 held its first state convention. National conventions were held in Philadelphia in 1830 and in Baltimore in 1831. At the latter, William Wirt, who had served as U.S. attorney general under Presidents James Monroe and John Quincy Adams, was nominated for president in opposition to Andrew Jackson, who supported Masonry. Wirt himself was a Freemason. The convention required a three-fourths majority to nominate, thereby setting a precedent for the two-thirds rule used by the Democrats in subsequent national conventions for more than 100 years. In the 1832 elections, however, the Anti-Masonic Party carried only the state of Vermont. It did win a considerable number of seats in the 23rd Congress (1833-1835). The party survived until about 1834, when several prominent leaders founded the Whig Party or shifted to the Democratic Party

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Unlike many others it seems I do see value in a new political party. Your experience would be useful. Have you any aspirations to 'try again' properly from a grass roots start? Based on truth, transparency, individual rights, true public resource ownership, a proper monetary system, inclusive of all etc.
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