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Default all seeing eye of saturn=satan,lucifer


Saturn was regarded by all mankind as the supreme god.

The old word for Saturn was EL. Hence the word Bab-El or Gate of God (Stargate)

They arrived on this planet and were called the fallen angEL's or the ELohim or the nephELim. In the movie Superman they came from Kal-EL. Kal-EL refers to Saturn.

So we now have the ELite, holding ELections, hoping to get ELected, so they can ELevate themselves. They are the all powerful ones that control the four (5) ELements. Their magic number is ELeven (911 ritual). They are as powerful as ELectricity and control everything down to the tiniest ELectron. They are the ELephants of the human jungle. And now they are searching for their ELixir to give them eternal life in israEL.

Ancient Rome was called Saturn and still has the ruins of many temples dedicated to this planet. Another name for Saturn is Lucifer.

They are now building the Lucifer Project at Bab-EL (Iraq).

This is why all Freemason and Luciferian temples face to the east, to face Saturn (Lucifer). This is why saints have halos - to depict the religion of Saturnalia.

All the mystery religions are dedicated to Saturn.

In 2012 they want to explode Saturn (Lucifer Project) so it will outshine the Sun (where the REAL creation force comes from - the real source of our light)

About 7,000 years ago Saturn exploded and the Solar System went through a series of Catastrophes.

The Planet Venus along with 4 other planets burst out from Saturn, this is what destroyed Mars and caused the floods on Earth etc.

The earths sky was blackened and it was impossible to see Saturn (this is where the tale of the Osirian mystery comes from - that Isis (Jupiter) had to search the whole of the universe for him).

The Death Star in Star Wars is actually a moon off Saturn.

This is the Source of the NWO and the mystery religions.

Dec 21 2012 is their Luciferian Halloween Night

The solar system was organized by forces operating inward from the great ring of the Saturnian sphere; and since the beginnings of all things were under the control of Saturn, the most reasonable inference is that the first forms of worship were dedicated to him and his peculiar symbol--the stone. Thus the intrinsic nature of Saturn is synonymous with that spiritual rock which is the enduring foundation of the Solar Temple, and has its antitypc or lower octave in that terrestrial rock--the planet Earth--which sustains upon its jagged surface the diversified genera of mundane life.

— Manly P. Hall; The Secret Teachings of all Ages

The seventh fairy [in Sleeping Beauty], who represents Saturn or Satan, the spirit of materialism, curses the child with death, which is commuted to a long period of sleep. [...] because of the intervention by Satan, humans gradually lose any consciousness, and eventually any memory, of their time among the heavenly hierarchies: 'Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting.' In this story [Sleeping Beauty], then, the party at the beginning of the narrative must be understood as taking place in the spirit world, and it is only when Beauty falls asleep that she is alive on the material plane. When she awakes, she dies!

— Mark Booth; The Secret History of the World

In Genesis the Evil One's attempt to nullify God's plans at birth, the first act of rebellion of a Thought-Being against the Mind that emanated it, is dealt with in just one short phrase, but, as we have already suggested, the Bible is not here dealing with a scale of time we would recognize today. Saturn's tyranny over Mother Earth, his murderous attempt to squeeze all potential for life out of the cosmos, continued over vast periods immeasurable to the human mind.

His tyranny was eventually overthrown, and Saturn, if not entirely defeated, was kept in check and confined to his proper sphere. Again, Genesis tells us how this came about: 'And God said Let there be light, and there was light.' Light was pushing back the darkness that had been brooding over the waters.

— Mark Booth; The Secret History of the World

If an individual entity can exist through time, then by implication it can cease to exist too. This is why Saturn is the god of destruction. Saturn eats his own children. He is sometimes portrayed as Old Father Time and sometimes as Death himself. Because of Saturn's influence everything that lives contains the seeds of its own end, and it is because of Saturn that what feeds us also destroys us. Death is in everything in the cosmos - woven into the bright blue sky, a blade of grass, the pulse of a baby's fontanel, the light in a lover's eye. Because of Saturn our lives are hard. Because of Saturn every sword is double-edged and every crown a crown of thorns. If we sometimes feel our lives almost too hard to bear, if we bruise and if we do cry our to the stars in despair, it is because Saturn pushes us to our limits.

— Mark Booth; The Secret History of the World



Saturn (Lord of the Rings)

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them

The character Sauron from the magnificent and ageless works of Professor Tolkien, symbolizes the archetype and personality of the Roman God and planet, Saturn.

Saturn was also known as Cronus to the Greeks, Adonis to the Syrians and El to the tribes and people of the Levant and was also associated with Ba’al and Moloch. He was the God of the Harvest and sacrifices were performed in his name, in order to ensure a fruitful Summer and the falling of the Spring rain.

The planet Saturn is very important in theology and religion and its roots go back into the ancient world of the Phoenician and Canaanite cultures, whose tentacles still reach deep into society today.


Father Time and the Grim Reaper are a simulacra of this mysterious and ancient God, based on the fact that time will eventually lead mortals to their death and rebirth. A title attributed to Saturn was ‘The Greater Malefic’ and his domain consists of patience, stability and maturity. His lessons are learned slowly and over time.

The colour Black symbolizes the energy of Saturn. He is the God of Chaos and Destruction and rules the enclaves of Law, Banking and Government. This is why judges and priests wear black robes, to show that they are agents of Saturn. Ninjas and Assassins cover themselves in black owing to the fact that the God can grant the patron invisibility, swiftness and stealth, a mighty force indeed.

When Saturn comes knocking on the door you had better listen good, otherwise you may end up paying dearly! The aura of this ringed God is associated with limitation, restriction, death and decay. Saturn symbolizes the death and rebirth cycle.

Saturn’s number is six as it is the sixth planet. The ancient Phoenician/Canaanite symbol for Saturn was the six-pointed star, also known as the ‘Star of Saturn.’ The same star is found on the flag of Israel and on Sheriff’s badges.

Within our own beings, the sixth chakra is the 3rd eye which connects into the pineal gland, which is the inner Stargate. When the 3rd eye opens, it is said you are developing your Sixth Sense. Now you see why there has been such a stigmatization of the number 666 which is the symbol of the three sixes. Seems as if there has been a deliberate agenda to thwart the personal path to knowledge.

Saturn is also symbolized by the black cube which is found in Mecca. The term ‘black box’ which is used to record flight data on craft alludes to the fact that the God of Occult Law, Saturn is in charge. When you graduate from college and university you wear the black mortarboard which is a symbol of Saturn and Freemasonry and shows that you have gained ‘knowledge.’ In truth chances are that you have been taught nothing of value. True education comes from individual study, as time has shown that the systems of the world (education, religion, political, law) are nothing more than sewers, where depravity festers and true knowledge dies. Have no fear as true knowledge is re-borne from within.

Saturn is given a place of honour within society as Saturday (Saturn’s day) and there are many symbols which represent Saturn; Nike, Nissan, EarthLink (EL) and Nortel Networks to name a few. Chances are that if you are married, you have a ring on your finger. The ring is a symbol of Saturn, a token of the lawgiver bearing witness and blessing the union. Ear-rings were worn in the ancient world as a gesture that you had the God’s ear. The Yarmulke worn by Jews is a symbol of fealty to Saturn, meaning that you are under his Word.


it is saturn where the truth is hidden





sickle of saturn and hamer of thor










symbol for saturn is red sun



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Saturn was also known as the ‘Lord of Two Horns’ pointing to the fact that he has been merged with the power of the Moon. In ‘Lord of the Rings’ ¹ the eye of Sauron sits between two horns. Saturn’s symbol is the cross and crescent Moon (horns.)


so somehow st. Peter represent saturn who holds the key to heaven

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I do enjoy a bit of Jordan Maxwell but I'm of a similiar opinion to Bill Cooper when it comes to this.
It's not thats it's necessarily true, it's the fact the elites genuinely believe this bull which is the point

it is a guilty pleasure though I've spent some time on it too, thers some great free PDF books online and google video lectures to disappear into for a few hundred hours...but ultimately it's a distraction
www.vactruth.com -
"Through my extensive research I have discovered that vaccinations are causing impaired blood flow (ischemia) to brain and body. I have reason to believe that all are being affected and all vaccinations ARE causing the overwhelming rise in autism , specific learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, sudden infant death, gulf war syndrome, dementia , seizure disorders, some cancers it would appear, and much more"Dr A.MOULDEN

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Default Lucifer-New Vatican Telescope

I know there is a post on this on the forum that the Vatican named it's latest telescope built in South America - Lucifer - I wonder why?
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jordan maxwell- down of a new day
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