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Default Fluoride removal using grass??

Recently a friend told me that a few blades of fresh grass put into a litre of water (or something like that) will absorb the fluoride in the water within a couple of hours. Sounds amazing - I'd like to test it for myself by having water samples with and without grass analysed for fluoride.

This information apparently comes from Ann Wigmore (raw food pioneer and healer who specialised in the benefits of green soups and wheatgrass), who had different water samples analysed and found that the water with grass in it was fluoride free.

I found something else Ann Wigmore said online, on a related topic:


Page 62

"A few years ago, I ( Ann Wigmore ) asked Dr. GH Earp Thomas of the Bloomfield Laboratories in High Bridge, New Jersey, to do an experiment for me. He placed a small amount of wheatgrass juice in a jar of regular tap water and he tested it for fluoride and other chemicals present in the water... Both of us were surprised by the results! He concluded, "Fluorine rapidly combines with calcium phosphate and other kinetic elements to lose its toxic properties, and harden teeth and bones. that is why fresh grass would act as a catalyst to speedily change the acid fluorine into a beneficial component with a positive reaction... By using wheatgrass, which is comparatively rich in calcium phosphate, it would remove any free fluoric acid and change its negative charge to an alkaline calcium phosphate fluoride combination with a positive reaction". I was amazed! Not only did wheatgrass neutralize the toxic effect of fluorine but it converted it into an ally in maintaining healthy bones and teeth! I don't recommend that you drink tap water, though; pure spring or purified water taste better and is much better for you. But if you cannot obtain spring or purified water, pour a little wheatgrass juice into regular tap water, and it will make it more healthful..."

book info: The Wheatgrass Book: How to Grow and Use Wheatgrass to Maximize Your Health and Vitality (Avery Health Guides)
Author: Ann Wigmore"

Can anyone else shed light on all this?
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would love to see the results too, but pretty sure it costs hundreds to thousands to test water for fluoride.

And doesn't look like there are any other reliable sources to confirm or deny this.
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Originally Posted by egozero View Post
would love to see the results too, but pretty sure it costs hundreds to thousands to test water for fluoride.

And doesn't look like there are any other reliable sources to confirm or deny this.
Yea, me to. I cannot believe it could that simple. How could I be sure if the flouride is gone?
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If you go to www.NaturalNews.com and www.GodLikeProductions.com they have articles on removing fluoride and (other?) heavy metals from your body by taking chlorella, spirulina, blue Green algae and iodine.

Both sites have a search function where you can type in 'fluoride removal' or whatever.

I think it costs around $100.00 USD to test your water. Just call the local water tester (look in the phone book) and ask them, it might be less.
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