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Default Secret Detention Camps in Australia?


Robina Camp is apparently the name.

Pic from: http://loveforlife.com.au/
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Not sure about that one, but a DVD I saw a few months ago on NWO does show a large empty state of the art detention centre just off the coast of Australia capable of holding thousands. Possibly a concentration camp just waiting to be filled at the right time!
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Skilled Stadium detention center ?

HTML Code:
Skilled Stadium is purported in this web page to be a detention center up and ready with stadium rail compounds etc.

Robina has a railway station on the Gold Coast Line of South East Queensland, Australia. It is part of the Queensland Rail City network NOT ROBINA STADIUM and is the site of a medium sized out STABLING YARD, capable of storing 10 electric multiple units.
This station was the terminus of the Gold Coast line before a 4.1 km extension south to Varsity Lakes opened in December 2009.

I took it upon myself to investigate further upon the web page purporting a claim that this sports arena was built with a prison grade steel mesh fence covering the stadium with 3 meter razor wire to keep people in and guess what I found folks?
Well just listen , but decide for yourself .
You be the judge and tell me if this railway compound is for rounding up people against the NWO to be exterminated. or a Stabling yard.

Further more I challenge to author of clean air and water to retract his preposterous miss information claim this rail yard or skilled stadium is a detention center or prove it with evidence.
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Not to be flippant about these things, but what are the security plans for the London 2012 Stadium? Is there any hint of barbed wire, CCTV and train connections?

Also in the UK we will need football/rugby fans to give us info on any recent "special" security additions to their own stadium/park. Points of interest for me will be London football stadiums, Edinburgh sport stadiums (Murrayfield, Easter Road, Tynecastle) Cardiff, Manchester, and Liverpool.

Also not to be paranoid about these things but this reminds me of the "Concordia" sub plot from season 2 of the V at the moment. Sports stadium are big enough for any sort of large craft to land in and take off from. Someone correct me if i am wrong but didnt they use football stadiums to "process" POW's in the yugoslavia war?

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In the Rwanda genocide they used sport stadiums has a place to round up, herd them, to process them and massacre them;


In April 1994 President Habyarimana restated his commitment to the peace and power-sharing agreement which had been signed the previous year, a commitment which alarmed extremist Hutus.

On 6 April the plane carrying President Habyarimana was shot down near the capital Kigali killing both him and President Cyprian Ntayamira of neighbouring Burundi, also a Hutu. The blame was immediately placed on Tutsi insurgents and attacks began against both Tutsis and moderate Hutus who supported the peace agreement including Prime Minister Agathe Uwilingiyimana. Massacres of political opponents and Tutsis by the Rwandan Armed Forces and the Interahamwe began.

Agathe Uwilingiyimana, her husband and children sought protection from the UN forces stationed in the country, however on 7 April the Prime Minister and her husband left their compound and were shot and killed by the Presidential Guard. Their children escaped and took refuge in Switzerland. On the same day the Interahamwe set up roadblocks and started to round up and kill Tutsi men, women and children. Most were killed by pangas – machete-like weapons.

The UN forces on the ground were forbidden to intervene to protect people, instead they had to ‘monitor’ the situation. On 21 April, while mass murders and attacks including the rape of women and children continued, 11 Belgian soldiers were killed. As a result the UN reduced their forces from 2,500 to 250. The UN Commander General Romeo Dallaire, was ordered three times to leave the country. Each time he refused. Eyewitnesses report that he drove into towns at night and rescued people.

As the murders continued many people sought refuge in what they believed would be safe havens – churches, hospitals, schools, sports stadia and community centres. The Interahamwe, knowing that people were seeking refuge in these places deliberately targeted them. On 15 and 16 April, between 5,000 and 10,000 people were massacred at the Nyarubuye Catholic Church. 4,500 were murdered at Kibuye Football Stadium and 3,500 at Gatwaro Stadium.

The Government and Armed Forces encouraged civilians to carry out the murder of their neighbours and friends. Hutus who refused do so included local officials, priests and nuns. They were then targeted and attacked. The murderers used a variety of weapons such as machetes, clubs with nails embedded in them, axes and nails. Guns were also available for use however they were not preferred weapons as they were too quick at killing victims and the bullets were too expensive.

Despite the horrific scenes taking place across Rwanda there were also acts of great bravery. Sula Karuhimbi was an elderly woman who lived alone on a small farm and had knowledge of natural medicines. When the genocide began she hid more than 20 Tutsis in her animal shed and fed them from her small stock of vegetables. When attackers came to her farm she used her reputation as a witch to frighten them off and protect the people hiding.

While the massacres were continuing the United Nations debated the situation. They refused to call it genocide. On 17 May the UN agreed to send 6,800 troops and policemen to protect civilians – although arguments about who would cover the costs of the operation and provide the equipment delayed the deployment. The Security Council passed a resolution saying ‘acts of genocide may have been committed’. It wasn’t until 22 June that the UN agreed that the atrocities were officially genocide. Troops had yet to arrive in the country.

On 17 July the opposition Rwandan Patriotic Force troops reached the capital and the genocide finally ended.
In the 100 days of the genocide between 800,000 and 1,071,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus were murdered. Many more were maimed and scarred for life. Women and girls who had been raped were infected with AIDS and continue to live with the consequences today
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